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Jenny Erlingsson is an Alabama born speaker and author of romantic fiction and creative non-fiction. When she’s not ministering in Iceland with her Viking husband or mothering her adorably feisty kids, she can be found writing and reading in the margins, with a side of Icelandic chocolate.

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  1. Jenny, perfectly timed encouragement! Due to a short staffed day instead of my work from home position I’ll be helping out in our medical equipment retail space. I feel the need more acutely away from home yet what a blessing He is there even in the home setting as well! Blessings! (((0)))

    • I love how on time God is! Every setting is definitely an opportunity to meet with Him. Thank you for sharing a part of your day with us.

  2. Jenny, this was so comforting. I feel like I am a place where I need to just stop from all the demands I allow to be put on me, from myself and others. In my rush to the next task, I am making some poor decisions and am exhausted. This is a good reminder to sit and listen.

    • Girl, I am with you on that! I think I’ve said to things that were not necessarily intended for me in the rush to please. I’m thankful that the Lord is reminding both of us to sit and rest and refresh at His feet.

  3. Definitely much needed reminder. I have that anxiety I get after Spring Break and Easter. Must go! Must do!

  4. Jenny, thank you for the reminder that our to-do lists can wait, that we’ll never get everything done. Time with God can lessen our stress, redirect our steps, and give us strength to get through what we need to do.

  5. I read this and noticed my breathing seemed to intentionally slow down and take more lingering pace just to recognize the moment this devotional gave to me. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

  6. Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 KJV

  7. Welcome Jenny! This was very encouraging and I look forward to hearing more from your life in Iceland. I’ve never known of anyone who lived there. It’s very interesting. I browsed around your website to learn more and signed up for your newsletter. I’m all about starting the day spending quiet mornings with the Lord.

    • I agree it’s very interesting to receive Jenny’s wisdom and encouragement from Iceland, as well as learn more about life and culture in such a faraway place!

    • Thank you for the welcome and for roaming around my website! I still can’t believe that I live here sometimes, lol. It’s definitely been a very interesting and challenging journey.

  8. From one Alabama-born-and-raised woman to another – great blog post! Thank you for articulating what so many of us deal with. If you practice slowing down and taking more time to be in His presence, I promise you that it eventually doesn’t make you feel as guilty. I still find myself worrying how God sees me in those moments as being lazy and how others might view that. You know what my kids say? That they NOTICE it. They NOTICE me studying the Word, praying, and talking with God. So – that’s good!

    • Hey fellow Alabamian!! I have to struggle my propensity to strive DAILY so you are so right about the more time we spend with Him, the more we won’t care about what others think. And what you shared about your kids is so encouraging!

  9. Tucking your question into my heart as I begin my day here in Colorado: “Friend, what moments will become a meeting place for you today?” And thanks to your blog post, I’ve already had one.

  10. Amen and amen. I love to linger in the moments after I absorb God’s Word in the morning. I listen to two Bible apps for a double dose of encouragement and wisdom and then spend time in quiet praise before starting to tackle my to-do list.

    • Yes I do similar! I read my Bible and then a devotional or vice-versa and then listen to a devotional app while I cook or do the dishes. What apps do you listen to?

  11. Dear Jenny, your words are a balm to my morning quiet time! Even though I’m retired and my kids are grown, I have a long to-do list also. I will linger here in the quiet just a bit longer. Thank you!

  12. Dear Jenny, thank you for such encouraging words! I have suffered seasons of depression and anxiety. I’m in a good season now free of it praise God! I have always been an active woman, but I have problems with my back now and unable to do much physically. But I spend the first of the day in prayer with the Lord. He visited me recently in the night, all night long with peace and comfort. When I got out of bed I was refreshed and strengthened like never before in my life. He knew I needed it! He is so faithful always! How wonderful He is and will never leave us nor forsake us. May you all be blessed with His wonderful Presence!!!

    • Thank you for sharing this, so encouraging to hear about how the Lord encountered you. I pray for continued healing for your back and that he will continue to strengthen you out of the overflow of your time with Him.

  13. Culture today insists we do more, more and more! If we could all learn to slow down and spend some of the “more” time with God, we would have such a better existence on a personal level and so would all the world! Loved your words today Jenny, and like others would love to hear more about Iceland! Blessings from East Tennessee, Jenny!

    • That is the truth! Our hustle and busyness, although necessary at times, can be an idol if we let it. I know that too well! And what part of East Tennessee? I lived for several years in Knoxville as a child and then I attended UTK (Go Vols!) for undergraduate.

  14. Jenny! You know how much I love this and you!! “You are as close as our next breath. We will linger and meet You there.” Amen and amen! Your honesty and encouragement are a gift to our hearts. So so grateful we get to hold space for you and your words here at (in)courage.

    • So thankful to be in this space with you and how you (in)courage all of us Becky! This community is a beautiful breath of fresh air.

  15. I’ve been drawn to that scripture, too, that says after Moses left the tent, Joshua stayed on in God’s presence a little longer. That sounds like a good place to linger.

  16. Jenny, Thank you so much for this. I will have “to sit” on the Exodus verse when I feel the need to move.

  17. Jenny,

    Society tries to tell us to rush rush rush. Do the next thing always be busy God says “Be still and know”. He applauds our efforts to help others. He also wants to have quiet times with each of us. Praising Jesus for shed blood & torn veil. Now we can go to Him directly. Just take a few minutes driving, at work, when you rise or go to bed & speak with Him. Better yet Be still & listen for His still small voice.

    Blessings 🙂

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