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Tasha is a Korean American melancholy dreamer, wife to Matt, mom to three wild and wonderful humans. She writes about everyday life and cultural and ethnic identity, and writing has always been the way God has led her towards the hope of shalom. Her first book, Tell Me The Dream...

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  1. This is awesome!! Thank you for putting a name to something I experience often too: the ministry of wonder. I too love the NatGeo documentaries and learning about the world around us with books. I’ve felt silly before just how much they sometimes move me. When a certain explorer found a herd of elephants—and I’ve seen plenty on those programs before—it was like I was finding it too and the awe and joy was also mine. Wow!
    “Wonder leads me back to God and my own belovedness.” How incredibly true!

    • Amanda, I totally get it – I’m so moved by some of the documentaries I’ve seen as well. In many ways they all remind me that we belong to one another and that’s such powerful thing to be reminded of through the natural world.

  2. I believe this is why when I surround myself with trees as I walk in the woods, I immediately feel more connected to our Father.

  3. Wow, this was a powerful message to me in this season that I’m in. We are going through much brokenness in our family that seems like a huge mountain that never move. I have to believe that my Jesus is interceding for me and fighting the battle. that is too big for me, there’s a lot more going on that I don’t see or don’t hear but my Lord does today I put my trust in him and give him full control. Amen.

    • J, I’m so sorry things have been hard and that the season you and your family are in, seems never-ending. I hope you can find moments to be reconnected with your belovedness despite the questions that linger and don’t seem to have any answers. We are glad you are here.

    • J,

      Father come along side J & her family. Move the mountain of brokenness. Send peace & calm to them. Give everyone a discerning heart & mind to come back to you.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. The “Wonder Of It All” puts meaning to the faith I have in God.
    Thanks for bringing it to the surface for reflection and thankfulness.

    Too often I allow my focus to be drawn to the overwhelming injustices brought about by selfish decisions on the part of ourselves and others…….it’s difficult to find the balance.

    Allowing the scales to weigh in on wonder is the better path.

    • Christine, I get it – my attention easily goes to those places as well. And they matter so much us as they should… but also to God. May you find wonder in your day/week that buoys you amidst the realities that cannot be ignored.

  5. This was so beautiful Tasha. Thank you. I remember hearing about The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben years ago.
    I’m grateful I can bring my honesty to God again and again and He doesn’t get worried or flustered with my honesty because He knows me!

    “I’m so glad for their company and for the hand of God in every part of creation that waits and makes room for the kingdom of God alongside the wild aches and hard questions that remain.” I love that God talks to me through nature \0/

    • Same, Janet. It’s been such a beautiful book. I’m still working through it slowly and what a gift it’s been.

  6. I cannot tell you how much I love this. As someone who has a passion for nature and sees God in it most of the time, even I can get lost on that track of bitterness or only hold on to the wonder for a moment. Holy wonder and God’s poetry are all around us not only in creation but also in the people we interact with daily and in the tapestry of our lives. Zephaniah 3:17 tells us that He sings over us and takes great delight in us. Sometimes we need to stop and truly let those words sink in. It’s like a breath of fresh air combined with a hug!

    • Amen, Ashley. It is such a gift. In nature I am finding an expression of the tensions we hold – the hard and wild, along with he beauty and wonder. It helps so much, even if we still have the walk through and witness what easily can lead to bitterness. I’m grateful for the love of God that offers us such a balm as wonder.

  7. This spoke volumes to my heart. The pandemic changed so much in my world. During lockdowns my darling Momma fell and fractured her pelvis. There were other emergencies that she has since healed from but at the age of 91 she needs constant care. I’ve struggled to move on from the pandemic because my isolation in so many respects remains. I work mainly from home now to be here for her. I’ve seen my world shrink in ways my heart has yet to comprehend and accept. My heart cries out to God for understanding in my fear and loneliness. Then I open this devotional and hear God speaking to me through your words. Thank you!!

  8. Your words give me reassurance that I am not alone in my quest for understanding. I am comforted by this concept of the ministry of wonder. I am encouraged to keep moving forward and letting go of all the hurts of the past few years. I have to believe that God is working through it all and declare his joy is my strength. Thank you so much for this reminder.


  9. Thank you, Tasha! This brings my mind to the bigger picture God is in charge of. I am a small speck, but still important to Him.

  10. Tasha,

    God sure speaks to me through nature. When feeling down or depressed all I have to do is look outside at the beautiful Smoky Mountains. In fall they are splayed with a rainbow of colors. Blooming flowers, birds singing & stars shining all point to a God who care immensely for us. Bring your questions to God. Tell Him how you feel. Then let the wonder of God created nature fill your soul & minister to your heart.

    Blessings 🙂

  11. Your post/story came to me at just the right time; for I have been struggling and your writing has touched my heart, as if Our Lord God was speaking to me through your message. So, thank you ♥️ ☺️