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Simi was born in India and moved to Dallas, TX at the age of 7. Simi is a speaker, author, and full-time physical therapist. Her calling is to the local church and her passion is to equip women to know who they are and live faithfully right where they are....

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  1. Simi, thank you for those words. I do hesitate at “in a better place” since I am well aware, at the moment of grief, not many can really visualize the perfection of heaven.
    Your post will stay with me.
    As a pediatric PT, I always love seeing your writings. Thank you for your many talents.

  2. So true!!! I am growing in my capacity to listen without the “what am I going to say next” rhetoric running commentary in my head while another speaks. It’s ironic I get labeled a good advice giver the less I speak. Being heard is a gift we can give each other. I wonder who I need to bestow that gift to today & pray I will obedient to do just that. Blessings!

  3. Thank you, Simi! I am trying to be better at both these skills. I always need reminding.

  4. I have a person in my life who has been driving me nuts because there are ways to reduce some of their pain but they just… won’t… do the equivalent of going to PT and doing the work (in part, I think, because if some of their pain could be reduced, then maybe all of it would be seen as invalid or their fault somehow? Which is not the way reality is, but it is the way some people think), and I am very tired and I have a chronic illness that responds negatively to stress and I would *really* like it if other people could do what they can to reduce their load before putting their load into my life. (and it’s especially hard to be willing to carry extra weight when a chunk of it is junk weight – blaming the wrong people, being angry that expectations weren’t realized when the expectations were… a little excessive to begin with, idolizing other situations which *do* have perks that are missing from this situation but which have hazards and problems *also* missing from this situation, etc.) (and the weight translates into direct physical pain for me and I would rather have this person and the pain than not have the person and not have the pain, but when there are two separate mechanisms by which the pain would be *less* if work were put in or if reality were addressed, I have very much wanted to try to make things be less painful.)

    But yes. You’re right. Listening. Not our job to fix people.

    Thank you for this reminder.

    • I struggle with this also- but I have to recognize that I can’t carry it all, I just have to listen – that’s where healing begins for them, not when I give them things to fix and change to solve it. We are not meant to be their savior, rather we are called to sit with them.

  5. Simi thank you for today’s reading. Yes Love is to stop and listen to what others are going through and not just think of ourselves all the time especially if saved. As Jesus always put others first before himself. He took time to listen to what they were going through and show he cared and even pray with them. That is what we are to do as his followers today. Show we care and show his love to others and be Jesus hand’s and feet in this world to a hurting world. Especially when people loose love ones close to them like a Mum Dad Brother or Sister. We might not know if they were saved. Until we if we are saved get to Glory to be with Jesus on day when we leave earth. But if we are saved all we can do if we don’t know if they are saved we can’t tell them they need to be saved as they tell us to keep all to ourselves what we believe. All we can do is pray for their Salvation. That they will see the Love of Jesus in us by the way we live our lives and then want what we have if not saved that is to know Jesus for themselves. Keep showing them the Love of Jesus by the way we live our lives if saved. I don’t know if my late Mum was saved. But I kept living my life for Jesus in front of her. Plus kept praying for her. I do hope to when my time up on earth to see her in Glory one day. That will make me so happy and then I know my prayers have been answered. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Yesss! Thank you for sharing! It is easier to speak and share…but listening helps us learn about the person and trust God to be their savior.

  6. Simi,

    Listening seems to be a lost art. No one wants to take the time to listen & really hear another. If we are to be Christlike in our interactions, then we must take the time & effort to truly hear others. Ask a few questions if necessary. Let them know that they have been heard. I have a few friends that I call & check on every now & then. When I call I must be ready for a lengthy conversation. They want to tell me all about their past & what’s going on now. These are older widowed women. I make time for them & allow them to talk & sometimes repeat themselves. It makes their day.

    Blessings 🙂