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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her most recent books are Breathing Through Grief and Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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  1. A common phrase in my prayers is for our faith roots to grow fat & deep. The first time I prayed those words in our small group, the whispered amens was a loud chorus. We long for deep roots yet do we put in the time & work for them to develop in us? As you so beautifully write they need to be developed before the storms hit. May we actively tend our roots in Him & not settle for the latest get healthy quick scheme the world has to offer. Blessings!

  2. Dorina, I love it when you write about Central California. It was my home for so many years and your words take me right back! I love today’s devotional. My word this year is “rooted” and it really spoke to me on a personal level. So, thank you.

    • I love how God makes a message personal for each one of us! My stories are rooted in place. I’m glad you can connect with this one!

  3. i love this and you’re right! that tree is a whole preacher and a whole sermon! i need to be rooted so the storms of life don’t take me out.

  4. Amen! My family and I have been going through a very hard stormy valley! It’s like everything hits at once and keeps piling on. Would you please pray for us? (Linda, AmaTHa, Jimmy, Dean)

    • I will pray for strong roots in God over you and your family, Amanda. May God bless you with all Son-Shine in the stormy valley you are walking through. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  5. Thank you Dorina for your post today.
    It reminds me that the more I come into
    the presence of Jesus, the more I read and
    memorize the scriptures, the more conversation I
    share with my Lord, the deeper my roots below
    the storms of life will prevail. I may be buffeted
    by disappointments, feelings of loneliness,
    chronic illness, etc., the roots that I put
    down with Jesus will ultimately hold.
    And even when I feel that I have been
    completely shattered at times, there will
    still be a “little pink blossom” blooming in my
    Blessings and love to all of you, dear sisters
    in Christ

  6. Dorina well spoken about we need to be well rooted before the storm come. I live in part of the world we don’t get storms like you do in your part of the world. Yes we can get tress down. High winds but no were near as were you live in your part of the world. But I am thankful on to God for that. I do pray for people like you have storm that are so bad in parts of the world that even destroy their homes and businesses and roads and bridges etc. I ask God to make them see if not saved how important it is to be saved. Be with those in theses time let them know you Lord are close to them. Especially people who have lost loved ones in theses storms. Especially if not saved to see how important it is to be saved. As no one knows from the minute we get up to we go bed at night if we will see another day in Gods beautiful world. That why it is so important to be saved. I thank God for every day we are alive in his beautiful world. I pray for those who have survived that they will see how and be thankful they are alive. In times like this and time we go through hard times. We need to rooted and grounded in the word of God. Before the storm comes. So as when we face the storms. No matter what they are should they be a weather blizzard or suitation in our lives that has happened. We can stand on the word of God to help us through it. Know God will do what that word of his says and prayer. Trust God is going to hear our prayers and do what the verses we stand on say. To help us through our storms. No matter what they are should they be a weather blizzard or suitation in our lives. I say Amen to that. As we have mighty God were he here our prayers and is there for us. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Love today’s reading xx

  7. Good morning! I agree storms “reveal our roots”. Being uprooted in a storm is the only way to reveal our deep good/bad roots to the light known as ‘suffering for Christ’. We personally get to see ourselves and witness the Holy Spirit’ redemptive grafting into Christ. It seems we have little to no roots/supports left from the storm but we learn to eternally hang onto Christ as he restores all your supports to himself. He does it for our good. Romans chapter 11 is fascinating read. This is a very necessary article. God bless you.

  8. This message seems very important today. I’ve kind of felt disconnected and freefalling lately.

  9. Dorina,

    We need to be anchored & rooted in Christ. Simply attending church on Sunday mornings isn’t enough. Everyone needs personal time with God. Take time to pray, listen to worship music, etc. For me I do the above but also watch Steven Furtick (TV preacher from Elevation). His sermons provide much needed nutrients to help me stay rooted. Great analogy.

    Blessings 🙂