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Simi was born in India and moved to Dallas, TX at the age of 7. Simi is a speaker, author, and full-time physical therapist. Her calling is to the local church and her passion is to equip women to know who they are and live faithfully right where they are....

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Thank you Simi! You’ve done it again ~ taken a familiar story & enlightened it from another angle for me. Much appreciated!
    d from Canada

  2. This past Saturday a very dear friend of mine died very suddenly. We were co-workers in a Catholic Church with about eight employees. It has been a struggle all week not seeing him, not hearing him say to me Fancy Nancy how is your day going. Ironically, he was not a practicing Catholic but he probably spent more time in our four churches than any of us. When I read the words defining kindness as Love, and then some. That was George. Every single day of his life. He exemplified that statement. I will miss him but I am going to try to live my life as he did love, and then some. Thanks for a very timely article as today’s his funeral.

  3. Simi,

    Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Jesus showed us that it is so much more. It is taking the time out of your schedule to talk with others & listen to their stories. It is going out of your way to bless people. I have an ex-co-worker & friend. She was always sharing food with me at lunch. I learned she was moving from condo to a house & another RN was helping her. Wanting to give her a housewarming gift I asked about food allergies & what she liked. Ended up making a huge baked spaghetti & meatball casserole for us to enjoy at lunch-plus lots for her to have later. Her dad got cancer & wasn’t doing good. I would make more baked spaghetti & she took some to him. He just loved it. It was my way of helping her out & showering some of God’s love to her.

    Blessings 🙂