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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. How much this is needed in our world today! Wisdom from and of the Almighty is a gift that we should all covet. Let us all ask for this for ourselves and for our leaders.

  2. Thank you, (in)courage crew! I will need much wisdom on the day I fill out my ballot. I will pray for that!

  3. Solomon in the Old Testament ask God for wisdom. How I am guilty of this as Follower of Jesus. Not asking God to give me wisdom I need to do the right thing when people annoy me. Especially my Dad who I love to pieces. But he can be a very stubborn man that thinks he knows better than anyone else. You are as me his Daughter only saying things in love to help him. He will not listen at times. Thinking because he is older than me he knows better and he is always right. When you know the thing your telling him in love at 81 years old is to help him make life easier for him. This is were I have to ask God to give me wisdom to say it only once to my Dad and if he listens good you won him. If not don’t let it annoy me by me saying it again another time to him because he not listened to what I said in love to him to help him. Even when my Dad not going be at home for what ever reason to use wisdom here too. As my Dad wouldn’t think to phone me tell me not to come round that he not be a home. As I do home help for my Dad and walk his dog as he no longer able to walk his dog. I do all this for my Dad because I love him and on to Lord. You could go round to walk his dog and the dog not there. He and the dog away in his car. He could have phoned me to say Dawn don’t come round me and dog not going to be at home. I do his home help in the morning for my Dad as well as walk his dog. When I go round again to walk his dog for the second time he not told me. I can feel my blood boil as the saying goes. Then I feel myself saying why did my Dad not ring me to say he and the dog not be there this afternoon. Then I could have been in my own home doing things I need to for myself and my Husband. I have to use wisdom in this and pray to God to help me do the right thing here. As I can go in all blazing and give of to my Dad the next day for not phoning me to say not to come round in that afternoon when the he taking the dog with him in car. I have to in things like this ask God for wisdom to do the right thing like Solomon did in the Bible. So as not to be to hard on my Dad and give of to him for not thinking to tell me he was taking the dog with in the car and ring me. As I have to learn this and do as the Bible says honour your Parents. I have to remember when telling him not to forget to phone me if not going to be home and taking the dog with him. But I have to show him respect and love and have the wisdom to tell him in love. Hopefully my Dad will listen. If not forgets to phone me if him and the dog not going to be at home when I go round to walk her for my in the afternoon. To use wisdom not to let it annoy me. Just say the next day nicely to him. Dad why didn’t you ring me to say you and dog not be a home to save me coming round to walk her. Say nothing else. So I am learning as well to use wisdom and seek God how to use it right in situations like this. Rather than get annoyed with my Dad for not telling me. We are all to do it with wisdom learning to use it in the right way and away that pleases God to with our situations. Thank you so much for today’s reading I learnt so much to do with wisdom. Keeping you all incourge in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx