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(in)courage is a virtual living room where we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage.

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  1. I love incourage me! It’s the first thing I read every morning before I start my day. Having had a traumatic start in life (left in an orphanage at birth in Berlin, Germany) my life has been amazing! It’s never too late to have a wonderful childhood. Your daily posts have helped me grow.

  2. Becky,

    There have been many times I doubted what I could offer. My thoughts went like this “I’m not good at fund raising, how can my little make a difference?” God has been doing a work on me lately. He has shown me that my little with Him can make a difference. For instance I was trying to fundraise for caner society. I called my insurance agent & asked for a donation & got a check for $100.00 on the spot. Each of us can do our part & the job will get done.

    Rahab hid the spies which allowed them to spy out the land. In the end she & her whole family got saved. Her one courageous act saved her entire family & helped Israel.

    Blessings 🙂

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