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  1. We don’t have as you call Thank Giving. In Northern Ireland. Some people in Northern Ireland might. But not that I know off. Were I come from. But I have been blessed in so many ways. With people’s help. In different ways. Like one year my neighbour who is with Jesus now. As we were my Husband and doing nothing on Boxing Day. My Family and my Husband’s Family. Didn’t mind staying at Home. They both Family’s of our were going to other houses for boxing day of their Families. As Christmas day had been so busy. We if the truth be told were tired on Boxing Day after Christmas day. At my Family. So I was not in the mood for cooking or doing anything that day. So our phone rang a few days before Christmas. What are you doing on Boxing Day. My Husband said to our Neighbour who rang. We will be taking it easy after Christmas day at Dawn’s. So our Neighbour said why don’t you come in and lunch stroke tea. With us. My Husband said no to his neighbour. You ok no need to bother. Thank you for asking us. But our Neighbour said do please join us. Who is with Jesus now. We like you to join us. I not taking no for answer. See you at 4pm. I think was the time to be at her house. To have a meal on Boxing Day with her plus her Husband and two kids. Then our Neighbour said see you at 4pm. Then she said we will be waiting. So we had go. Even if we had not wanted to. But we were shocked too be asked. Plus very great full. Then when we thought about it and our Neighbours kindness. We were shocked to know we would not be left sitting in our home alone on boxing. God was good. Even though we wouldn’t have minded at all. As we would have just stayed at home and rested. As Christmas day is such a busy day with my family. Me doing desert. Plus helping with the dishes after lunch washing them and putting them away. Playing with my Family’s kids too. So thought we have a quite Boxing Day. No God had other ideas. He wanted us to get to know our next Neighbour and the family. We had a brilliant evening with them. Plus lovely food. We are usually the ones helping others. Even in our family. Plus church making tea after the service. As we have tea most Sundays after the service. But not now because of Covid now. Just the Church service.
    We stay to help tidy up as well. After tea when it was on after Church. So we were doing it on to God. The helping and making tea back then in our Church. But now God was blessing us. By our Neighbour having us for Boxing day when she was alive with her family. So we both just thanked God. For the blessing. Love today’s. Podcasts. It was brilliant to here Aliza for sharing your story of how you helped your neighbour. God will bless you for that even if your Thanksgiving dinner would have been late. The fact you took the time out of your time to help your Neighbour. Even though you had million other things to do. You did it. God had a perpous. It was his way of you getting to know your Neighbour. Like us helping at tea in our Church. We didn’t have too. But we did for Jesus and the love of the people in our Church. So God blessed us then by our Neighbour having us s for a meal Boxing Day. I believe it was also a thank you from God for being kind help with the tea at our Church. You Aliza if not got your blessings for helping your Neighbour. When you could have been getting your Thanks giving dinner ready. You will get it in God’s perfect timing. Especially for thinking less of that Thank Giving dinner and doing good. Helping your Neighbour. Love Dawn. Ferguson-Little. Xx