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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Thank you Patricia for these words. I needed this reminder to do it all in love in such a practical way and avoid those thoughts of what will someone else think.

  2. One of my buddy’s Mom would tell us “it’s not what your home looks like when you entertain, it’s how your guests feel when they are with you”. Great reminder of that advice & of my buddy. “Serve not with fancy but with faith.” Indeed! Thank you for sharing & spurring the simple with love!

    • Your buddy’s Mom spoke with wisdom, indeed, dear Ruth. May we walk in God’s permission to focus on our guests feelings, not on fancy. Thanks so much for affirming that! Much peace and joy!

  3. I just have to smile. A month ago at a memorial service for a member of the congregation where I attend worship services, one of the ladies made that very frappe’ and everyone loved it. No one counted calories that day either. We just all celebrated the life of a beloved member. Being a widow, living alone, cooking for my daughter and her partner has become such a blessing. Never any worry of it not being good enough as they are always grateful. And sharing the meal every Sunday at worship is a reminder that some simple bread, sometimes stale and grape juice is a feast.

    • Your daughter and her partner sound like such gracious and grateful guests. What a gift to you. Help us, Lord, to receive every morsel of your love with thanksgiving. Thanks so much, wonderful Madeline, for sharing!

  4. Patricia, this is a good word that I need to hear and remember, not just about hostessing but about serving others like Jesus. And it reminds me of my grandma! Thank you for posting and blessings on your book launch!

    • Your wonderful grandma! I’m so glad, Jeanne, that this post reminded you of her. Thank you also for sharing the words “serving like Jesus.” What a privilege if we accept it and walk in His Way–in every aspect of our lives! Wonderful blessings and kind thanks!

  5. Loved this today, Patricia! Sometimes the nostalgia of the thing make it the sweetest of all. 🙂
    Congratulations on your new book!

    • The nostalgia of the thing. Yes! Looking back on those times–which I know weren’t perfect–stirs so many thoughts, but the love that happened there remains greatest. Thank you, wonderful Andrea, for enjoying these memories with me! With His peace and joy!

  6. Good morning, Patricia! Yes, I’ve agonized over what to serve many times. It’s complicated by my vegetarian and “no chicken, please” daughters and their families! When my daughters and their families gather at my house, I have lots of sleepless nights over meal planning. But I need to stress less and serve “whatever” with love. Thank you!

    • Amen, Irene! My daughter and her family have food restrictions, too. At first, it felt like such a burden. But as I cook their food choices with love, every bite goes down easier. God’s blessings on you and your family as you seek to love and serve them!

  7. Happy Saturday blessings Patricia.
    Sweet memories come to mind as I share with you. Jesus taught us so well how to serve others first, in love. Thank you for sharing your sweet memory. God bless you, and enjoy your Frappe’. Congratulations on your new book. ❤ Mary

    • Thank you so much, Mary. Like you, I’m so grateful for Jesus’ love making every gathering sweeter! Thank you, indeed, for affirming that message! With His peace and blessings, Patricia

  8. Patricia I do so love to hear your thoughts to do with the love of Jesus. Through your life. Plus in Our Daily Bread reading as well as incourage. As they alway make me smile like every one else incourage as well. As you put your words so well along with your thoughts. You at time share things from your life. That make me think about mine too. Jesus is so sweet. He the best friend we could ever have. You talked about Jesus and the meal of the fish. Feeding his people. We are to do the same as Jesus did. Feed his people. With our lives so they see Jesus in us especially if not saved. Sure look at the other merical Jesus did he showed his love by feeding 5000 plus people I say that even though it doesn’t say it in the Bible. I say because of the children that would have been there too. On fives loaves and two fish. That was Jesus showing his Father love. We are to do the same. Plus live our lives for Jesus every day. Do the things Jesus would have us do. By showing we are different. To the world and it’s ways. Especially if we are with the unsaved in our family. I know at times it might not be easy to live your life for Jesus in front of them. Especially if you see they are doing and saying things that you know are not good. But they don’t see it. We are to still give off the aroma of Jesus in times like this. Do what Jesus would do to show we are different in front of them by the way we live our lives. Hopefully they will see the difference in us. Want what we have. That is sweet beautiful Jesus for themselves. Like me with all my family bar my Husband. Who is saved. I have not kids. But my sister’s and their families and my Dad not saved. Sometimes they do and say thing that can get to me. Because they are not saved. No no better. They see no harm in it. I have to in times like this. Do what Jesus would have me do in times like this. It can be hard. I pray for them all. I have told my Dad. I pray for him. His reply was he oh you do. He was not really interested in me tellimg that. But he still lived his life as he does. Not believing. He doesn’t even read the Bible or go to Church. But yet when me and my sister’s were small he sent us to Sunday School. Which I am very thankful for him for doing that. I would not want his ways or my sister’s. I glad I live the way Jesus would want me too. That is for him. Be the sweet aroma every were I go for Jesus. All I want from my Dad who is 80. Before he leaves earth to see him saved for Jesus. I still Keep you in my prayers and your Daughter and her family too. That one day they will see the light in you their Mum. Want that sweet smell of Jesus you have for themselves. What at day that would be for you. I believe in God’s timming it will happen. Like with my family and my Dad. God bless and big hugs to you Patricia. All the way from Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Wonderful Dawn, your sweet and heartfelt thoughts bless me every time. Thank you so much for always writing from Ireland to bless us with your deep love for Jesus and to share His light that glows so brightly in your life. May He hear and answer your every prayer, especially for your Dad and family members. The prayers of the righteous avail much. Thank you for obedience to seek Him always. With His peace and joy, Patricia

      • Thank you Patricia for your sweet kind reply. If I don’t see you our get to meet you this side of earth. I look forward to getting to meet you one day in Glory with Jesus. You me will have some chats them. You be telling me how in Glory you got into doing the reading for incourage and Our Daily Bread. But it will be so wonderful if don’t see you this side of Earth. Which I can’t see happening. To meet you in Glory. As you really inspire me. With your readings. Plus the way you word them in the nicest of ways. So easy and so beautiful for us to Understand. I do amidre you. You still smile through everything. I say to myself. I want to live for Jesus. Just like Patricia. That is why I am so happy to pray for you and your family. That they will see Jesus in you. By the way you live your life. Want it for themselves. Thank you for your kinds words to do with me wanting my Dad saved. That is all I want from my Dad when he leaves earth. To know he wone for God and got saved before he leaves earth. As you can’t tell him he needs to get saved. As then he say Dawn can you keep you religion to yourself. But it is not a religion I have. It is relationship with Jesus. So I just live my life infornt of my Dad for Jesus. Keep praying for him. Like I do for your Daughter and her family. Plus my Husband cousin and her family. Who believe the same as your Daughter. Even though brought up in a beautiful Christian Home. I was never brought up in a Christian home. Yet sent to Sunday School. Which I was to this day thank full for. No need to reply back. Love and big big hugs from Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh. N.Ireland Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  9. Oh the sweet fond memories. Thank you Lord for allowing us the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of you. Praise God! Praise His Holy Name!! Amen!

  10. My Mom always made this for baby showers and church socials. Thanks for bring this memory to me.

    • Good day and blessings, dear Debbie. I’m so grateful my humble reflection stirred sweet memories! May they bless you all week! With God’s wonderful love and peace! Patricia

  11. Patricia,

    Just yesterday I took some food to people I volunteer with at Loaves & Fishes food bank. It wasn’t fancy just plain old home cooking. Something for them to enjoy. That is something I do often. Love to offer food when you/family is sick, someone died, you’re going through a difficulty. it’s my way of showing God’s love to you. I never worry about being fancy. My quote is “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here”. You get plain old me & my God given talents.

    Blessings :

  12. What a wonderful gift! Just good home cooking. I’m sure you have blessed countless hearts and souls, beautiful Beth! The Lord’s blessings as you serve. Have a beautiful week! With His peace and joy, Patricia

  13. Thank you for this reminder. Yesterdays word at church was to serve Him wholeheartedly with what we have. We don’t need to have a lot but He wants us to trust Him with the little bit we do have. Thanks again for the encouragement for today.

    • Wonderful Yvonne–what a beautiful gift. Serving the Lord wholeheartedly with what we have, big or small. I’m just noticing your comment, several weeks after your wrote it here. But it is blessing me in a lovely way. Thank you so much! With God’s immeasurable love! Patricia