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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Excellent encouragement! As a senior I am secure in what God calls me to do and I have to constantly look up. It’s when I look around and the “number” hits me that I can be distracted. This post was filled with reality and truth. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Patricia for putting into words what I so often feel and reminding me that God is not finished using me despite my age and sharing the verses from Psalm 92:13-14. I do not ever recall reading those verses before but they will become my rallying cry as I continue in the work that God has laid on my heart.

    • I’m so grateful, wonderful Robin, that my humble words inspired you — and also those verses in Psalm 92. God is not through with you yet. May you find excitement and joy as you discover and live out the next chapters of His plans!

  3. I love your post! Thanks for sharing. Too bad your friend has age issues. Clearly her loss.

  4. You are amazing! I am undone, pulled apart with wonder and put back with superhero encouragement by your uplifting message from God !! He alone decides our fates no matter what our time-lines suggests.

    • Our times, indeed, are in HIS hands. May you enjoy His wonderful grace and blessings, amazing Angela, as you keep walking, following, and listening to His timeline! I’m excited for you!

  5. Thank you I needed to hear this. I’m 41 and we’ll I feel useless in the waiting for God to speak or show what is next in my journey with him! The enemies lies have been infiltrating my beliefs and confidence. Enough !

  6. Oh and I’m sorry you were treated in that way by your friend! You are worthy and a more seasoned mind has more to offer, a different view, a valuable view.


    • It surprised me, but reminded me how much I needed to seek God about my relevance and worth. So, I learned important lessons to also share here. God didn’t waste it. So grateful!

  7. Oh and I’m sorry you were treated in that way by your friend! You are worthy and a more seasoned mind has more to offer, a different view, a valuable view.

  8. Patricia, There are more of us beautiful baby boomers now showing the next generation how it’s done. I’m grateful for your post as I continue to ask the Lord for His very best for me, His child. As I can see He’s certainly not done with you yet! I have a coaster on my coffee table with Psalm 143:8 written on it. Cause my life to count for you Lord. May it be said for all of us regardless of our ages. Soldier on Patricia!

    • Thanks, amazing Dee, for sharing that scripture! I just looked it up and it says:

      Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
      for I have put my trust in you.
      Show me the way I should go,
      for to you I entrust my life.

      It’s so beautiful. Thanks so much for inspiring today. Your best in Christ is yet to come! Peace and joy, Patricia

  9. Hi Patricia
    All I can say is AMEN! I too had been feeling and seeing the same. Yet as you reminded us the Lord provided some great examples of “elders” being called to do some great work at would seem past the prime years. In all that is going on in this world, I believe He is still doing a great work and using whatever vessel will acknowledge the call at whatever our age. Oh and those hearts desires, long awaited prayers, being answered!

    • Well said, amazing Deanna. The Lord is using “whatever vessel will acknowledge the call.” Regardless of our age. Thanks so much for affirming this message. Onward in love!

  10. Thank you so much, wonderful Rita. In fact, I forgive my friend. Her reaction led me to seek God on these matters. Our culture says only the young matter. God’s Word says we all do. I thank Him for affirming that! Love and blessings today!

  11. I needed to read this. I teach at a Christian school and also teach at a dance studio. I am, by far, the oldest teacher there at 60+ years of age. Talk about an area where age is “important “. I don’t tell the kids how old I am, but several of the other teachers know. When we go to conventions, I am the oldest one there. It’s difficult to not feel out of place at times. Still, God continues to let my body do (mostly) what I love. I made getting back into my pointe shoes a bucket list reality at age 60. I still have a lot to give – and gain – and I thank God for that. Those days when I get down on myself, I try to remember that He has given me this gift and the ability to still share that gift with the students – and myself. Thank you for more affirmation from the verses you shared.

    • You’re on your pointe shoes–and I love that, beautiful Diane. May you keep dancing and inspiring in His name. What an empowering gift. Thanks for sharing today. Much love and thanks!

  12. I can relate! I remember hovering on the edge of a large writer’s conference afraid to go in the large meeting room. I even called my DIL who reassured me with “Mom-dive on in there-those young gals need you”. As I entered the room full of young women writers talking and laughing at round tables, I saw a young woman sitting alone and headed over to her. We had a wonderful, God appointed conversation. I agree with you that the enemy would have us believe we have nothing to give, but the Holy Spirit within us can provide the strength and confidence to realize-hey baby, I’m just getting started (I’m 71!)

  13. Oh, Patricia .. thank you so much for this post. You cannot believe how much I needed to read these words of yours. The enemy whispers in my ear daily .. why bother you are too old .. its too late..if only you were younger you could make difference. Even though I realize these thoughts are not from God, they still run frantically through my mind damaging my spirit. I am so sorry about your friend’s reaction and the hurt it caused but, please know, you have inspired me this morning! God bless you!

    • I’m deeply grateful that this inspired you, Jane. Maybe it’s our culture that makes people over a certain age doubt our relevance, or even God’s use for us. What a lie of the enemy. May you resist that deceit by leaning on God’s truth and love. To Him be the glory. May He show us how to heed and hear him and to serve! With His love!

  14. Thanks, Patricia, for this affirming message. At 63, I’m contemplating how I can best serve God well into an active old age. I don’t aspire to a stage. I’ve never been on Instagram, I don’t have an email list or a platform. But He has entrusted me with the timeless message that He does not disappoint those who take refuge in Him, and I trust Him to create opportunities for me to share this message within my sphere of influence.

    • Your trust in Him, Antoinette, is deeply inspiring. I love that you’re looking to the Lord to create opportunities for you to share Him. May He point you in His appointed directions to bless and share. Onward in love!

  15. That was a great read! I turned 50 a couple months ago and have had this same feeling… thanks for putting it into perspective and making me realize that I am not washed up and old….

    • You’re not washed up at all, Tammie Kay. May you find excitement and joy as the Lord shows you new paths to grow, lead, and share. His joy and blessings!

  16. A few years ago when I stopped coloring my hair and let it go gray, a friend said to me there is no way she’d want to look in the mirror and see an old lady looking back. I wanted to run and color my hair again that minute cos her words stung, but I didn’t.

    I do believe God has something for us in all phases of our lives and it’s all part of our journey with Him.

  17. Good word this morning Patricia ❣️
    God says in Psalm 31:15… my times are in your hands. It’s His time we are living and doing His will and carefully how we walk making the best use of His time.. you are a beautiful example of that truth! Praising Him for your ministry and talents.. and yes I’m Medicare aged and being used by God more than ever in my life ❣️Oh happy day all

  18. You I inspire me, Patricia! I’m so excited for all the ways you are continuing to partner with God. You are absolutely relevant, needed, and welcomed—here and in the kingdom of God! Love you.

  19. I know we are not supposed to have favorites but you are one of my favorite writers to read on here when you post something. You exude a compassionate spirit also accompanied with great wisdom!

  20. Thank you for sharing this, as I was unaware this could be such an issue for some women and it has led me to pray for all the women on here who commented they feel likewise.

    I ended up being a “non-traditional” student during the ages of 30-34 and learned to become quite comfortable being the older one in class. And I met some very lovely young people who didn’t seem to mind I was older and a mom. So perhaps I was lucky. Plus, in my early 20s, one of my dearest friends was a woman in her 40s (and likewise today vice versa – where I’m the one in my 40s and my friend is in their 20s). My point being, as Patricia stated, don’t believe the lies! The wisdom gained in your life-experience is of VALUE. And there will be those who are young that will cherish and respect that.

    Also…embrace being a late-bloomer if that’s what you are. I just realized I’m an artist during 2020 and going with it! Because who knows how God will use my art! And just keep in mind…Julia Child didn’t venture upon her cooking career until she was in her 50s. 🙂

    • Julia Child! You’re right, Arian! Thanks for mentioning her. Sincere thanks also for describing your age-neutral journey with friendships across the spectrums. What a glorious blessing and joy. Then, next for you–being an artist. Only God knows how He will use you, indeed. His wonderful blessings on your exciting journey! With His love!

  21. Thanks, amazing Dee, for sharing that scripture! I just looked it up and it says:

    Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
    Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.

    It’s so beautiful. Thanks so much for inspiring today. Your best in Christ is yet to come! Peace and joy, Patricia

  22. Thank you for this!! I have been feeling it for a while. In fact, just this last week as I am working on an expressive dance interpretation for church, I said to myself and God- “I am too old for this, won’t be able to do this soon”. God’s response was silence for a bit, so I thought he was in agreement with me. However, I have been hearing other wise and your post is one of the things He used just now to let me know, He does not agree with me.

    • The Lord our God is good! His mercy and lovingkindness abound!

      Thank you Dear Sister for this much needed message!

      I too struggle with this issue of “aging out” of usefulness and feel much of the time that my purpose and calling has an expiration date that has come and gone!

      This encouragement could not have come at a better time!

      It is just the light I need to dispel the dark lies.

      • You’re so right, dear Yvonne. Those lies are an attack of the enemy. I’m so grateful for God’s Word that shows us His truth–that in Him, there’s no “aging out”–instead there’s purpose and power! In Christ, we have work to do. In our homes, families, neighborhoods, churches, communities, and in the world! His wonderful blessings as you walk as His salt and light!

    • I hear you, wonderful Marilyn–and I can relate. I was confused about “age” until I went back to God’s Word and was reminded how He used so many servants when they were past their “prime.” But with God, every day is another opportunity for Him to use us. At our church, one of the oldest liturgical dancers was past 100 when she finally stopped dancing. Every time she served, she inspired from the rooftops! So, His blessings on your dance ministry and beyond. I’m so excited for you!

  23. Being past “retirement age” I have been also concerned about how my age affects my effectiveness in doing publications for my church. I just want to let someone younger and hipper do it sometimes! But God has given me the ability to do these things and hasn’t given me an ok to retire yet, so I soldier on. Reminding myself as some of the other commenters did that some of the servants in Scripture were way older than ! I also teach 2yo Sunday school with an eye to getting to know and serve some of the younger families in our congregation that hopefully will be serving when I am gone! God is good to allow this even in the midst of the pandemic and kept me healthy and well!

    • What a beautiful vision for your ministries, amazing Angie! Of course, I’m biased that you do church publications. I did that for years, working with a wonderful team to produce our church magazine and Lenten devotional guide. I love that you’re also teaching Sunday school to 2 year olds. What beautiful gifts you are sharing. May the Lord bless you to keep serving and sharing! With His love!

  24. Super! Thanks so much for this — bet you are younger than me — we love you Patricia!!!!!!!

  25. I love this, Patricia! By the way, you seem like one of those “forever young” sorts of people anyway. Dream big! Go big! And, at 69, I will try to do likewise.

    • To God be the glory, beautiful Irene! I’m probably inspired by my Mom. She was a swimmer and swam laps every week for exercise until her late 80s. She also taught Sunday school for decades and did other volunteer work at church. God will use us if we let Him! No matter our age. His wonderful blessings on your 69th season! With His love!

  26. Approaching 65 “chronologically”, the plethora of Medicare information mail has been startling. Designating a basket for this, there are literally DAILY envelopes, flyers and postcards on this topic tossed inside. With a very diverse age grouping of friends this is the first time I have felt old. And if you let it, those voices that tell you “You are done.” “Step aside, it is for the youth now”, etc., will wear you down. THANK YOU for this reminder, and for sending me to Psalm 92, to remind me that we still bear fruit no matter our age. The timing of me reading this was perfect.

    • I hear you, wonderful Lani. (I too remember that Medicare onslaught—although I’m grateful now to have it. May the Lord lead and guide you on making good choices and decisions.) In the meantime, you’re not done with life and serving. Not by a long shot. May you continue in Christ to bear fruit at every age and stage. With His love!

  27. Thank you for your words of encouragement that went straight to my heart! My 9-year-old Grandson called me elderly yesterday. I reminded him that he struggles to keep up with me when we go on walks! At 61, I’ve started writing and needed your words today!

    • You’ve started writing! That speaks to my heart, wonderful Heidi. May the Lord use and anoint you to inspired many, including your precious 9-year-old grandson! God’s blessings on your journey, your writing included! With His love!

  28. Thank you for sharing this important insight. I struggle not only with my older age, but also with the cultural stigma of never having been married. God’s voice was heard through you today, Patricia.

    • I hear you, Susan. That’s a lot of judgement to bear, especially due to others’ expectations. I pray God’s blesses you with His Word, His presence, and His assurance that He knows your name and He loves and accepts you right where you are. With His peace and love!

  29. Based on your picture, Patricia, you look like a Spring Chicken! What is age anyway? An older friend lived to be 97 & when she was 90, she moved from her home into a retirement home for seniors & had opportunities to do things she never had before & often told me “Don’t think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”. For many years, I heard When are you getting married, then When are you having babies..good grief! I did get married at 27 & had my first child at age 30. I am now 84 & in my second time getting cancer treatments; however, this time is bone cancer which there is NO cure..it is a killer. I learned long ago not to worry..just take Moment by Moment with God. Let’s praise Him for each moment we get, especially to encourage others to hang on to Him no matter what! God bless you with many more days & years to do that!

    • What a beautiful testimony, wonderful Frances. If we’re willing, God will use us all of our days. May He lengthen yours despite cancer or any other circumstances and concerns. He is our Healer and Keeper, and He holds us in His powerful right hand. To Him be the glory. With His hope and joy!

  30. Thank you Patricia!
    From one in her 3rd act of life, I am comforted and encouraged by your words. My amazing mother died last year at 96 and her mother lived to be 98, so I do believe I have longevity and purpose in my genes; not to mention a rich legacy they’ve left me.
    It is mine to stay focused and attentive to the Spirit’s gentle nudge and do the next right thing. When I look around me I can become overwhelmed. Like the Apostle Peter, I am to fix my eyes on Jesus and stay in my lane.

    • So well said, beautiful Cathy. As you feel the Spirit’s nudge to do the next right thing, may you follow Him closely as you share His light. You shared it well here today! Thank you so much. With His love and joy!

    • Love this article!!! I just turned 60, lost my job after 13 years due to the virus, and wahlahh! God saw to it that I got a new job, and believe me, it was scary! I am young at heart, love to be outdoors and gardening is my passion! I am resilient (although I have my moments of fear and doubt) but who doesnt? Lol. God blessed me at 56, when my husband and I lost our home in a fire. It was devastating but the Lord got us through it, built us a brand new home and I give Him all the glory! I know when times are hard, it’s easy to lose faith, but just holding on to His promises, we forever have hope! He never stops blessing us and using us, no matter what our age! In fact, I thank God for the lean years because that is where He has grown me! My favorites are Jeremiah 29:11, and Joshua 1:9. Also, “Don’t Stop Believing ” by Journey! (Now I’m showing my age, lol!!!) God bless you and keep on blessing others with your encouraging and sparkly attitude!!!

      • Don’t stop believing! Amen, Sierra! (I remember that song!) Your positive and hopeful attitude leaps off the page. May God bless well you for believing and inspiring. As you stated, “Forever have hope!” What a beautiful outlook on life. Thanks so much for sharing your joy here. With His great love! Patricia

  31. love your reflections.
    I tell everyone that I am 84 going on 16. God has been so good to me . I’ve had sorrows and health issues but he is still in control of my life. he knows the plans he has for me. this world is not my home I’m just passing through.

    • Oh, I love that, Bonnie! You’re 84 going on 16! What an inspiration– and a beautiful outlook on life. Warmest thanks for sharing your joy here today. I’m smiling! With His peace and love!

  32. I do believe I am older than you but nevertheless I can honestly say that we still have value and use or we wouldn’t be here. We each have a purpose and when our purpose is finished and no sooner, we can be called home at His discretion. So dear sister we, you and I and others at our stage of life, have more work to do so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it. Let’s roll!!!!

  33. Age is only a number and if people get stuck on that they miss out on who you are and it’s their loss. I’m sure that you are entirely wonderful❣️My mom was one of my best friends and she wasn’t my age but could add experience and grace and love. Sometimes we don’t even get those things from people at any age. So love you and let God love you and don’t worry about your age

  34. Love this article!!! I just turned 60, lost my job after 13 years due to the virus, and wahlahh! God saw to it that I got a new job, and believe me, it was scary! I am young at heart, love to be outdoors and gardening is my passion! I am resilient (although I have my moments of fear and doubt) but who doesnt? Lol. God blessed me at 56, when my husband and I lost our home in a fire. It was devastating but the Lord got us through it, built us a brand new home and I give Him all the glory! I know when times are hard, it’s easy to lose faith, but just holding on to His promises, we forever have hope! He never stops blessing us and using us, no matter what our age! In fact, I thank God for the lean years because that is where He has grown me! My favorites are Jeremiah 29:11, and Joshua 1:9. Also, “Don’t Stop Believing ” by Journey! (Now I’m showing my age, lol!!!) God bless you and keep on blessing others with your encouraging and sparkly attitude!!!

  35. The only reason I care about my age is the aches and pains can be overwhelming. Not once have I doubted God is not done with me. We’re all works in progress; God is ever present and if we ask for guidance on our journey, we will receive. We are contemplating an across states move in our 70s! Sometimes I doubt I’m up to it, but I’m letting God decide the details.

  36. Thank you Patricia, this has brought me to tears. I am 47 and finishing my Master’s in Biblical Theology this very month. I have wondered what and where God will send me, use me but even as I write those “doing” verbs it makes me stop and remember, God has given me the sweetest gift these past 3 years….to know him better. I do pray I can minister wherever our family goes (we are also military and my husbands about to retire from the Navy (also at the ripe old age of 46 ;-). He’s got new things on the horizon too. God can do anything I believe. Lord, help me overcome my unbelief!

    Thank you for pouring out your heart. This passage ministered to me and I had to text my friend immediately. She had had a prayer/vision a few months ago about me and all she could discern from the prayer was that Palm Trees and me were connected in some way. When I read this I wept. Bless you Patricia, Cindy

    • A palm vision!! I love that, wonderful Cindy. I’m so grateful this reflection spoke to your heart and soul. (And I’m grateful I was led to share that scripture. God knows what we need before we do.) His great blessings on all your new chapters. I’m excited for you and your husband–by faith! With God’s peace and love!

  37. I’m still pastoring a church at age 64 and wonder at times if I should be there at this age. Thank you for your encouraging words of wisdom about “aging”. I remind myself that all of my mentors were much older than me, and were still serving in ministry, and a few still are. Blessings to you!!! Those young writers are blessed to have you!!

    • Thank you, amazing Sandy. I can relate to how confusing “aging” issues can be. I’m so grateful for the Lord’s Word and His anointing and appointing of willing servants way past “prime time.” His wonderful blessings as you lead and serve your church. I’m excited for you! To Him be the glory. With His peace and joy!

  38. Love your devotional. At nearing the age of 60 and a whole slew of health issues, I find myself shying away from doing things for the Lord. We have to keep working for the Lord until He comes or calls us to our heavenly home in glory. Like the song We Will Work Till Jesus Comes! Also, wonder if we by chance might be related? My grandmother’s maiden name was Raybon! It was my daddy’s middle name too!

    • May your health be restored and all issues resolved, wonderful Becky. Who knows, indeed. We may be related–well, my husband’s family. His granddad grew up in Tennessee and “took” the name Raybon from “somewhere.” Nobody knows all the details. My husband has used Ancestry.Com to try to trace some background, but the trail grows cold. If you have any Tennessee connections, please let me know! Meantime, the Lord’s wonderful blessings on you and yours. With His peace and love, Patricia

  39. Patricia,

    Welcome to my world. Most of my co-workers are 20-40 whilst I’m 56. I have lived & experienced more life than most ever will. Yet I don’t let that stop me. I am busier now than ever before. Two to three nights a week I volunteer with Loaves & Fishes-a local food bank in town-helping cook, hand out meals or making food boxes. I had the opportunity to pray with a woman Monday night. Also volunteer some with Relay for Life trying to raise awareness & funds to help cancer victims. Also check on my MIL, & others at church while working 18-50 hrs. week at local hospital. As I age my empathy level is better than ever so I can assist RNs, CNAs, patients & families. I’ve been in families shoes before many times. For me age is just a number. I have more time, willingness to get out & help less fortunate. Plus it helps me see how fortunate I am. Not letting age stop me from being active for Christ.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Amen! What a testimony! Beth, I’m not surprised that you are thriving. I just read an article this morning that said people who help, give to others, and show more empathy for others have improved immune systems–and, thus, better overall health. You sound like a walking example of how that works. God’s wonderful blessings as you continue to serve in His name. To Him be the glory! Much peace and joy!

  40. Dearest Patricia: I needed this to “fill” the “spiritual hole in my head and heart”. I’m about to take a step of faith…I’ve done that before; however, nothing like this. I’m encouraged to trust God. I’m encouraged to hold fast to his word. The saints of years gone by used to say, “I’m gonna run on to see what the end (or beginning of this new adventure), is gonna be”. Keep me in prayer…

    • How exciting, amazing Diane. Yes, indeed, run on “to see what the end’s gonna be!” To God be the glory. May the Lord lead, guide, anoint and appoint every stage and page of your next chapters. With His peace and joy!

  41. Yea for you!! I’m 72 and know what you are saying. I once made a list of people, Bible and others, who did great things at an older age. Our society as a whole thinks only young. But our God surely doesn’t!! I’m stepping out soon for our large church to address the needs of seniors.

    Also, I’m thrilled to find your books. I love mysteries but “clean” ones. Thanks.

    • Hats off to you, Susan! We of a “certain age” have too much to offer to sit down, stay quiet, and hide our lights. Thanks for stepping out in your large church. May you find allies of all ages who support and cheer you on.

      Thank you also for finding my mystery. I absolutely loved the challenge of writing a “clean” mystery series that’s also exciting and fun, but also real. (So grateful for Tyndale House for supporting the journey.) The Lord’s wonderful blessings on your journey, too. I’m so excited for you!

  42. How sad but I’ve been in that boat due to my disability. And don’t let me show up in my power wheelchair! I’m so sorry you lost a so called friend. I don’t know why this is a thing now. I don’t let it bother me because I’m alive and I have God’s work to do.

    • I hear you, Helen. Once, years ago, I was in a wheelchair in the airport because of a leg injury. I was amazed how differently people treated me–asking my husband questions about me, instead of talking to me. It really opened my eyes to how we judge and misjudge. But as you say, we’re in God’s hands. That’s what counts, indeed. With His peace and love!

  43. Oh, I love this piece. It was so encouraging to read. Thank you Ms. Patricia. The wealth of wisdom and knowledge that you have, is there for others to glean from your field. We as women need each other no matter our age. I’m glad you have not let age be a deterrent, in your doing what God has called you to do.

    Thank you for pointing out the people in the Bible who were used by God in their prime, some, way passed their prime, wow!
    The Lord put on my heart four years ago to start doing women’s conferences, locally, for now.

    You won’t find them on social media, I’m not a renown speaker (not that I would have to be to post), just a woman obeying God. I do these conferences free of charge, so women may come and be refreshed, healed, encouraged, etc. Some women have traveled from out of state (Maryland, Georgia, Texas) to attend.

    The conferences are entitled, ‘The Woman I Am’ Conference. Each year there’s a different theme. This is the third year. This year’s theme was, The Woman I Am, ‘Free To Be Me’. What a glorious time we had.
    The Lord explained to me what the Woman I Am means, when He first presented the idea to me.

    The Woman I Am, is who we are because of the I Am, that I Am. The definition of who we are and whose we are. It’s our defining moment, of who we are as women, our true selves, our identity. Too many are lost in identity crises.
    Maybe one year you will come and speak , yaaay, come on, Ms. Patricia!!!
    The Lord first placed this on my heart four years ago. I thought, “Father, why are you doing this now, why not when I was younger”? I felt so unequipped. But God is never unequipped. Thank God for using all who are willing and obedient, no matter the age.

    Thank you for being willing to go forth in this season of life.
    You’re so awesome and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    By the way, at this year’s conference we had a fashion show made up of ladies of different races, sizes, shapes and ages. The eldest woman participating is 75 years old. She looked glorious!

    You are so blessed, to be a blessing to others. Your example as a more mature, seasoned woman, walking in purpose is good for those who are younger to witness.
    Ms. Patricia, keep it going.
    You are who you are, by the grace of God. That’s the woman you are.
    Thanks for being uniquely you!
    Much love, blessings to you.

  44. What a wonderful conference ministry, amazing Rochelle! You’re blessing countless women by stepping into God’s plans and not putting limits of yourself or on them. What a beautiful witness! You’re showing in real time how much you believe the Lord’s Word for how He will use us if we let Him–regardless of our age or stage. Truly, it’s remarkable. May we never forget, that as long as we’re on this side, He has plenty work for us to do! His wonderful blessings as you climb and lead! Onward in His love!

  45. Hello Patricia:

    Thank you for sharing! I must smile because recently the enemy attempted to distract me with comments about my age. God wants a willing vessel. I live my life to please God and everyone else may as well be pleased.

    • A willing vessel, indeed! You are all that and more. beautiful Dorothy–and your work for the Lord has no limits! I’m so inspired by all the great work you do for Him. Thank you so much for affirming my humble reminder to let God use us–regardless of age. With His wonderful love and joy! Blessings today, Patricia

  46. Patricia,

    For those of us of “a certain age,” your words here are refreshing, encouraging, and affirming. I’m so thankful you were willing to pen what so many of us have felt *and* need to hear. <3

    • Beautiful Robin! Thank you so much. What a joy to know we’re still relevant for the work of the Lord. I’m so blessed by your affirmation of that message. With His love and joy!

    • Blessings, dear Jennie. (Forgive my delayed reply.) Is 62 too old to write a book? In fact, it may be the perfect age to start. God’s wonderful joy and light as you write! With His love, Patricia

  47. Wow! Just when you think you’re the only one with those thoughts, even knowing deep down that you’re not, someone comes along and reminds you to think differently! Thanks for the lovely reminder. I am writing my first book now. I’ll be 70 on my next birthday. I admit that birthday is pushing me to hurry up, before I get too feeble to finish it! I haven’t had anyone younger discourage me like you experienced, so I’m thankful for that. But I do feel my body is more tired than when I was a girl and the burdens of the grownup children and the chaos of the world weigh on me more as an older lady.
    I love thinking of all those old people in the Bible who accomplished great things in their old age. Again thank you so much for the boost today.

    • Blessings today, Tricia. (Forgive my delayed reply!) What a joy to hear that you’re writing your first book. May you hear the Lord’s love and affirmation on every page! His peace and joy on your new adventure! Warm regards today, Patricia

  48. I had same experience at my first writer’s conference. Yes, I AM old, but your article of encouragement is a great help. Thank you.
    P.S. I am retired from College of Education with much work left to do.

  49. I remember the first time I felt invisible. I was in my 50’s (I am now in my 70″) and I was in line at a deli. The cashier looked beyond me to the man behind me and asked him what he wanted to order. In that moment I knew I had a decision to make. Was I willing to be invisible? Was I going to stand aside and just be another old woman? I spoke up–not with anger or frustration, but simply said, “I think I was next.” The cashier said, “Oh, I didn’t see you.” I don’t think she adjusted her way of thinking (seeing) in that interaction, but I did. I made the decision to be visible.

    Thanks for your wise reflections.

  50. Hear hear sister. I’m 59 and i say that comment to myself many many times throughout the day or when i dream of doing something different for the Lord (“Julie, lets start an encouraging Bible fitness class….wait your old and out of shape!!”). Thankyou. Thank you for having the courage to share this so those of us who feel the same can be inspired by your thoughts and actions you’ve taken since then….

    • A Bible fitness class! Julie, what an exciting idea. May God anoint and bless your plans, roll out and execution of this wonderful call. We’re cheering you on! With His joy, Patricia