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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I can’t do the Bible Study. As I have to get the book on it. I live in N.Ireland. It says Dollors. To pay for it. But that is why I just love the Podcasts. That I can listen to your Voices. Here each Postcast. I learn so much on Joy. Today’s reminds me of the Joy in the Sadness of loosing my late Mum 3 years ago. Past in January this year. I don’t know if Mum said the saviour prayer to ask Jesus into her life before she died. But I know she was the kind of person. Who would have said Dawn please in a nice way don’t say to me I need to get Saved. My late Mum was the type of person. Who asked questions about the Bible and who Jesus was. Some of the things and the thought. You had say why Mum to yourself. Do you say that or think that. But she did ask me Dawn do you go Church and read your Bible. My answer was because I love God. You are the good one in the family. I said back to my Mum one day. God has me hear for a reason. He has me go to Church and read my Bible. My Mum did know I was saved. I am the only in my family saved. Bar my Husband. I pray for them all. But my Mum and Dad did send up to Sunday School which I am very glad. Even though they if ever or hardly ever prayed or read the Bible. Or Hardly ever went to Church. Now and then if a Wedding or we when small through Sunday School were talking part. They go to Church then to see us take part. But when my Mum did die. Yes I was sad. Still to this day I at times cry she not here. Ask questions like. Why did she have to be taken when she was. Why God did you not give my Mum more time with us all. I asked all these questions and the one will I see her again in Glory. Then a Person in my Church said Dawn you never know she could have said the saviour prayer. Before she died. Got saved. But trust and believe she did. You will see her in Glory again with Jesus. When your time up on earth. That gave me a joy in my heart. Like never before. As before that person in my Church said that. Even though I not say it or show it to anyone. I had this Sadness in my heart. Plus kept wondering at times. When I leave earth will I see my Mum again. She never in my life said Dawn I have said the saviour prayer and asked Jesus into my life. So that is why I used to get sad. Wondering will I see her again. When my time up to go to be with Jesus. But that person made me see things in a different light. To just believe she said my Mum the saviour prayer. Got saved she is with Jesus. I did that and that has taken away my Sadness. Of that question will I see my Mum again. It have me a real piece. Yes I still miss my Mum and always will. That Joy now I have in my heart. To know I might see my Mum again. Is just wonderful. I also stand on the promises of God word and Psalm 118 verse 24. Which says. This is Day the Lord has made lets us rejoice and be glad in it. To no matter what you go through or don’t go through. To remember each day is the Day the Lord has made. We should rejoice in it. No matter what. Give God the glory for it. Plus fill our minds with the Joy God made it. We are alive to enjoy another day in is beautiful world. Gof made even if it is being destroyed by people who do wrong. Don’t believe in The God who made this world. I also sing the song today and it is so true for us Adults today. You get it on YouTube. He Got The Whole World In His Hands. He Got Me and You Brother In Hands. How true that is. That should fill us with Joy. No matter what we go through. Thank you both for sharing your heart’s on the Pod cast about joy. I got so much from them. I pray for you all incourage. Ask God to bless the good work you do through incourage for him. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xxx

  2. I tried to get the podcast notes and every link or download click link only gave me a .jpg file. Can you possibly give me direct link to the podcasts notes, (pdf form if possible)… I like using notes because it meshes my thoughts with the speakers thoughts … they grow together and form a new perspective. I am truly grateful for the (new) Podcasts … hearing the voices of the writers makes it a more cohesive approach than just reading… plus listening works well with a busy schedule… hearing plus reading gives me more points of understanding that increases the likelihood of a higher level of memory and revelation.