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Dawn Camp shares God’s gift of essential oils in her newest releases My Essential Oil Companion and It All Began in a Garden. She is a photographer, essential oil slinger, Mom to eight and Mimi to five. Dawn enjoys movie nights with her husband and steaming cups of Earl Grey.

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  1. Your encouragement that God’s love is given not earned is compelling! For me the phrase “God is bigger than my successes” is even more challenging. So often I’ve equated my successes with His enabling, His favor, His love. Never thought about it being even bigger than that! Shame on me for not seeing His vastness. Thank you for sharing so I might be encouraged & challenged to expand my view of His awesome love!

  2. The Enneagram is not of God. Faith and trust in God to reveal who we are is the only way to find out. The Enneagram is new age teaching, just like Tarot Cards and Astrology. Please pray that God will keep you from all false teachings and idols.

    • Lily (my youngest daughter is named Lily!), my trust is in God, only. The Enneagram has helped me recognize some things about myself, but I would never make an idol of it. Thanks for reading!

      • Do the research! In fact, the website I left on this page did not “show up”. You also didn’t respond to my personal email….No, you’re trust isn’t in God only, otherwise you would have had to take the Enneagram test. He reveals all we need to know to us as we need to know it.

        • Hi Lily,

          The settings on our comment section don’t allow links, so that’s nothing personal. 🙂 I appreciate you reading today and sharing your concerns. I think this is an area of freedom for believers to agree to disagree. Like Dawn, I have found the enneagram (as well as other tools like Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder) to be a helpful structure to better understand the beautiful complexities and differences God created people with.


          Becky Keife
          (in)courage community manager

        • Lily, I apologize for not responding to your personal email. I’ve been at a recap meeting for families from my son’s recent mission trip these past two days. Becky’s response summarized what I would say. Thank you for reading and commenting here at (in)courage. Blessings, Dawn

  3. Yes and Amen! I too am an Enneagram 3- I do, I fix, I manage, I perform, I please. Well… at least I think I do. As much as I trust and believe that God is in control and loves me despite my fears, mistakes, failures , etc. I still have a hard time shaking off the shackles of shame when I don’t succeed, achieve or excel. Thank you for this important reminder. I return to the word that I am called to serve and share my faith, not perform.

    • Jodi, you nailed it, that feeling of shame when we don’t achieve (especially when we don’t meet personal expectations). We don’t have to perform!

  4. I agree. I have researched this enneagram and as a Christian we are not to have any part of it. Do your research. That’s how satin can take a foothold. Pray and ask God’s wisdom. 🙂 <3

    • AMEN! Please note people who read this article and the replies that “glory” is being given to the Enneagram, not God.

    • Hey there friend,

      As I said to Lily above, I appreciate you reading today and sharing your concerns. I think this is an area of freedom for believers to agree to disagree. Like Dawn, I have found the enneagram (as well as other tools like Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder) to be a helpful structure to better understand the beautiful complexities and differences God created people with.

      Certainly, as believers, we must be careful and mindful of using Scripture as the lens through which we judge other teaching and information we receive. And you’re right, Satan is cunning and always looking for ways to twist the truth and get Christians focused on something other than Christ. I’m so grateful we have the gift and power of the Holy Spirit to be our Counselor and guide as in making wise, life-giving choices that honor God. And I’m also grateful for Dawn’s article today which ultimately points to the fact that God’s love is lavish and available and so much bigger than our limitations.


      Becky Keife
      (in)courage community manager

  5. Yes we are fully loved no matter what! AND yes I was nodding…lol
    and yes I do this:
    “Occasionally I force myself to do things that will make me look or feel foolish so that I won’t miss out on a fun, group experience”
    I’m currently helping in our church announcement ministry, and oh boy do I get flustered and nervous. I feel like the words I’ve memorized all fall out of my mouth like a newly opened box of puzzle pieces!
    I love you reminded us, just as God reminded Moses..
    “Now go! I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say,” he replies, “Please, Lord, send someone else” (Exodus 4:12-13 CSB).

    • Janet, glad to know I’m not the only one putting myself in those uncomfortable situations. Sounds like you’re saying yes to what God’s calling you to do!

  6. Dawn,

    Why is it we feel the need to earn God’s love? Why all the striving & constantly doing? His love is given generously & free for the asking. All He asks is that we use the gifts He has given us to -further His kingdom. I’ve done that a lot lately. Our music director seeing me do a few signs to some of the songs asked me a few years ago (me in front of people eh not so much!). I readily said yes & asked God to help me. Over the years my fear has dissipated & I’ve gotten better at it. I volunteer with Relay for Life (Cancer). Last year they asked us to make a video telling why I relay. My voice on tape sounds like a young child, but I did it anyway. This year I have gone out & done some fundraising-getting 200.00 dollars. Things I would never have done before. I know God is working with me to accomplish these things. I don’t worry about failures or successes. Just how much I’m doing to bless God & show the world His love.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. I have a hard time (really hard time with public speaking). I have yet to figure out why….My Enneagram is 9 and 6. Yesterday I had to share something in church (like church announcements) and for the life of me, I just dreaded it! Like Moses, “Please ask someone else.” But I felt like I needed to stop saying no (truthfully I say no to the pastors all the time) and even if I messed up who cares? Ironically, I listened to Sunday’s sermon from my old church and this was the message, God’s love. I didn’t earn it. He just loves me!

    • Areum, I hear you! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we’re not analyzing every word other people say, so we shouldn’t assume they’re doing it to us. We just have to ask God to equip us to do what He calls us to do.

  8. What a great reminder !

    I need this reminder every day and sometimes throughout the day. I hope that this is being taught in Sunday Schools and in Bible Studies.
    God’s love is so wonderful and we cannot earn it and we cannot lose it.
    Humans are given this love through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

    If I could have just accepted this faith principle as a new Believer, I don’t think I would have experienced insecurity and immaturity as much in my young adult life. It’s so important to know this faith principle and never, never let anyone take it from you. Keep it in your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth. God has a plan for each person’s life, and we can accept it by faith and ask God for guidance. He may even send a person or church member alongside you as you grow in your spiritual walk with God.

    Never give up on your journey, God’s Word says He will never leave us or forsake us. Keep your faith and trust in God. Jesus is the example we have to live a godly life.

    Here is a nugget of truth I have learned from experiences, you cannot change the heart of another human being even if you love that person. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us the truth and help us change our inner person. It does take a determined mind and sticktoitiveness. Never give up ! ! !

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