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Meredith is a Bible teacher, author, and nonprofit strategist. As the Executive Director of Integrus Leadership, she helps equip and encourage ministry leaders from across the U.S. She’s the author of IMMOVABLE: Reflections to Build Your Life and Leadership on Solid Ground and lives in south Texas with her husband...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I love this! So true. I get so caught up in my busyness and to do’s, that I often don’t take time to rest and reflect. Thank you for this, you are a talented writer.

  2. Love it Meredith!!! Congratulations. I’m stealing “In the same way, we flourish when we give ourselves completely to His ways, His rhythms, and His work, trusting Him to cultivate fruitfulness in every kind of season.” Wisdom speaking thru you! Blessings, Van

  3. Meredith, thank you for being someone who walks out her faith in way that encourages us all . Great article …. can’t wait to share it. Always, Susan

  4. Solid truth and a great reminder that “All of our days matter, not because of what we can accomplish with them, but because of what our Father accomplishes in us through them.” Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me over my cup of coffee today. Blessings to you and your family. Karen ♥️

  5. Wow! What a timely message, as we all struggle to catch up from a “lost year”(2020) and a difficult week of devastating winter! Sometimes I forget to slow down and seek more time with my Heavenly Father.

  6. This was so beautiful and just what I needed It also tied in so wonderfully with my study lately in John it’s so easy to forget that God continues to work in the dormant seasons of our lives as long as we continue to cling to the vine Thank-you for these insights and reminders Meredith

  7. Wonderful reflection. Perhaps one needs to rethink this past year of quarantine, lost family functions, not being able to see friends as a year of refocus and growth. As a person who plans and schedules it has been eye opening for sure. Learning go sit back and wait has been a challenge.
    Thank you Meredith!

  8. So wonderful that the satsuma tree which was once our tree, and now yours, provided such an inspiring, thought provoking lesson. I’ve had many times when I didn’t think I was producing fruit. Thanks for the reminder that these are times when Our Father “vigilantly tends to each of us, working the soil of our lives to produce His lasting fruit.”

    • So grateful for this special tree! And I’m with you – so thankful for God’s working to produce His fruit in our lives, in His way, in His time.

  9. Thank you Meredith for taking the time to share this reflection with us, you state this truth so powerfully and with such grace. The word that came to mind as I was reading this was “elegant” – there is an elegance to living in rhythm and alignment … thanks to you I will be pursuing that elegance!

  10. Thank you for what you wrote Meredith. You spoke alot of truth and wisdom telling the story of your life too. Plus what you said so beautifully. To do with Fruitfulness in all our all lives. It has taught me alot in what you have said. To let us never stop letting Jesus be the Gardener in our lives. Any weeds of sin that need pulled out by Jesus. Our lives by things we have said our done as fallowers of his. If we need correction that is through the Holy Spirit Jesus to speak to us and let him show us the bad weeds in our lives were. We have to do that to grow to be the Fruitfulness Jesus wants us to be. So we can shine into the beautiful Flowers Jesus would want us to be for him. In this world today. Especially to the unsaved. So we can hopefully Garden there lives with the love of Jesus and they see Jesus in us and want what hopefully we have and that is Jesus for themselves. But we have to first before that get rid of the bad weeds in our lives the sin. The only way to do that is let Jesus be the Gardener. Help us kill the bad weeds for Good. Fill them with his Fruitfulness. Then we will be beautiful Flowers that smell of Jesus were ever we go. Thank you again incourage for another excellent reading. Keeping you all in prayer. Dawn Ferguson-Little

  11. Meredith,

    Lysa Terkeurst in her book The Best Yes states “Saying yes to everyone & everything won’t make you wonder woman. It will make you a worn out woman”. You will have nothing left to give your family or friends. Our world looks at the outward signs of busyness & productivity & applauds. It thinks resting & doing mundane tasks isn’t accomplishing anything. In reality it could be cultivating a one on one relationship with Christ. Also helping to refill our energy tanks. God is constantly at work in & through us. We just have to learn to go with the flow & maybe have seasons that seem unproductive. If we stay connected to the vine dresser they will reveal some productivity & growth down the road.

    Blessings 🙂

  12. Thank you for your wise words.
    It does take time to realise that Jesus lived a life based on the rhythm that included the essential one of rest. Otherwise God’s work cannot be done with the energy Jesus calls us to use.

  13. Mere this is so poignant! What a good message for this few years and even strange bizarre snowcations. Thank you for sharing personally and profoundly! So good!

  14. i loved this! this really spoke to me “What is slow and uncomfortable is good for you.” i don’t like discomfort and i don’t want things to take time. feelings that aren’t warm and happy are unfamiliar to me and i am NOT a fan. so, in this season where there is a lot of stretching, learning, growing, discomfort, and everything is not happy all the time is tough for me. but this is a reminder that just because this is where i am right now doesn’t mean things aren’t blooming. thank you meredith…right on time!

  15. Thank you Meredith! After a 40 year software development career, wanting things now, working as they are supposed to, and fast, I find it hard to wait. God has been teaching me that not getting an instantaneous answer to prayer is one way He is drawing me closer to him and that waiting for His perfect timing is exactly what I need to do.

  16. This resonates with me in every way! Resting in Him is important to produce the fruit He desires. Being still long enough is the challenge we face in order to hear His voice. Thank you for the reminders. Meredith, your words have blessed me today.

  17. This was an answer to my prayer. I had been praying, and waiting (impatiently).

    We have seasons for everything.

    Thank you. This truly spoke to my heart today. I’m in the “waiting” period now, soon I will bear fruit. 🙂