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  1. I love that line about hospitality. I am a single woman and while I’ve tried to do some “entertaining”, providing a big meal isn’t in my skill set! But, I’ve had a few friends over and put out cold cuts and the makings for sandwiches, and a nice salad. I’ve hosted a “tea party” for two friends, their moms and their daughters… I need to remember to do things like that more often! I think hospitality isn’t always about food, either. Stopping to chat with the “new” person at work, making them feel like part of the team…that’s important too! And don’t forget the single adults you know…not very many invite us over, to be honest. The young people at church? Yes, it’s “fun” to host a young people’s evening. But the 50-60ish single woman or man? Not so much fun. It’s one reason I think singles need to do the asking!

  2. Ah, hospitality. When we do the small things it makes it simple. We humans always have a tendency to complicate things. I was able to show hospitality to a neighbor this past summer by picking up some fruits and vegetables at our local market. She was pregnant and confined to home with Covid floating around. It was something simple for me but meant the world to her 🙂

  3. In Courage,

    Most people think hospitality is about hosting people at your house. We feel we can’t do that unless our house is perfectly clean. Kind of reminds me of Martha vs Mary. Hospitality is simply doing for others. Being there in some form. Last month my pastor & his wife were preparing to move her mom down here. Knowing all the work involved in getting the house ready I made a chicken pot pie & some bread for them to enjoy. Last Saturday I made cookies for a local Loaves & Fishes missions to help feed homeless & less fortunate. Also helped a man there make some food boxes.

    This year an RN & I helped an RN co-worker move. For a housewarming gift I made a large baked spaghetti with meatballs for us to eat that day & for her to have while moving & working. I also made some blueberry bread for her & her dad to eat while dealing with aging dad’s cancer. Made some pumpkin bread for another couple who are both dealing with cancer. I enjoy cooking for others & want to help them in any way I can. I think of it as being the hands & feet of Jesus. Truth be told it doesn’t take much effort.

    Blessings 🙂