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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Aliza,
    Your post immediately reminded me of the parable about the persistent widow. Jesus tells us that we are to be like her…persistent in prayer…going continually before God’s throne…persevere in our petition to the point of being annoying! Not that every prayer takes 25 years to be answered, but I prayed for that length of time for my then-husband to love me. My first marriage was riddled with infidelity and abuse. I was stubbornly committed to my vows, but I had to learn that what I was living was not God’s will for His precious daughter. I’ve been married for almost 7 years to a loving, godly man who cherishes me. I kept on beating that drum and maybe if I’d been a little less stubborn, things would have turned for the better sooner, but I can see this all happened in God’s perfect timing. Sometimes it’s better to wait on the “right” man than to settle for “a” man. Lifting you in prayer right now. God knows and cares about the deep desires of your heart and will not let your prayers go unanswered.
    Bev xx

    • Bev – I love that parable, it has brought such comfort to me the past few months. Thank you for your encouragement… I’m so glad you have a loving husband who cherishes you. That brings a smile to my face, friend! <3

  2. I needed this more than ever. I’ve spent years beating the drums of being free of suffocating depression AND actually believing I’m liked/loved so I can believe others like/love me to no avail. I’m losing hope, but I keep trying.

    • Tracy, you ARE loved. God loves you. Never give up hope. Always keep trying.
      May God bless you today and every day!
      Peace and Love,

    • Oh Tracy, I so understand what it is like to live with depression and anxiety, but dear one you are loved by the One who made you, whole and complete. Take joy in who you are. God made you, He knows your struggles and He wants you to keep beating that drum. Don’t lose hope, and please, please if you feel like giving up reach out. Reach out to a Pastor, a Sunday School Teacher, a Best Friend and if all else fails, in the U.S. there is a National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

    • Oh Tracy – Wish I could wrap you in a giant hug. I am praying for you now – Jesus, be near our beloved friend Tracy. Gather her close, may she feel your presence like a warm embrace…

    • Tracy,

      Depression can be debilitating. You feel as though no one loves you. Those are LIES of the enemy. He wants nothing more than for you to be down & out. Sweet sister know this: God loves you so much that He sent His only son to die a horrible death on a cross. I pray you feel God’s loving arms around you always. Never ever lose Hope!! He is closer than anyone could be. Listen to parts of Psalm 139 You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. God knit you fearfully & wonderfully in your mom’s womb. He loves you that much!! Keep on beating that drum & I, too, will do that.

      Blessings 🙂 (wishing I could send a virtual hug). ((((((((Hugs))))))))

  3. Wow! I received that message this morning. I will continue to beat that drum God willing. As tears run down my face I will continue to beat that drum.

    • Sometimes it does take longer but God is gracious. I was 44 before God answered my prayers with a loving Christian man but man it was worth the wait! So many friends have gone through terrible marriages by settling for “a” man, but God’s best is best! Keep on beating that drum and trust God for his will and timing is perfect.

      • That’s how I feel too Cheryl – I’d rather wait for God’s perfect timing (although I still feel a bit impatient sometimes!) Thank you for your encouraging words today.

  4. Thank you for the reminder today that if it matters to us (no one wants a stain on their couch!) it matters to Him! I love your faithfulness in the specific prayer request for your friend. From the biggest to the smallest, I am going to keep beating that drum as well!


  5. “Keep beating that drum, dear one.” I am watching God’s fulfillment of a prayer prayed for over 30 years, and in a year of Covid, at that!! He is faithful!

  6. We are all in this together . The word is the only guide line we have . Ya nice to pray with a sister .

  7. Thank you Aliza! God also has a sense of humor. I was praying for 18 years for an older, Godly man who was rich because I was tired of paying the bills by myself. He sent me an older man, who was Godly and whose last name was Rich! Sadly my wonderful husband died 2 years ago. We were together for only 4 and 1/2 years. However God answered my prayer in His time. I have other prayers that were answered and still more to come. I know that God is faithful!

    • Trina, thank you for sharing. God really does have a sense of humour, doesn’t he?
      I am so sorry for your loss — I am praying God is close to you in your grief! Much love to you.

  8. Oh Aliza I just love this devotion today.. Thank you! My favorite part: “I felt like I could hear Jesus chuckling. Then I heard Him — softly, kindly, and with a touch of humor — say, “Keep beating that drum, dear one.”
    How spot on. How visual. How true. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve made Jesus laugh and chuckle with my millionth prayer about the same thing…lol. I’m so grateful He responds with kindness and gentleness, love AND laughter.
    Thank you sooo much. Have a wonderful blessed day sisters
    By the way…..I did also love the prayer about the spot on the couch…lol

  9. This is one of my favorite scriptures. Such a beautiful devotion today.
    I will “keep beating my drum” ❤️

  10. I beat the drum of prayer for my youngest daughter who married this spring at the age of 33 to a wonderful man she met when she changed churches from a large church to a much smaller church, and there he was in the smaller church.

    Over the years she would ask me if I was still praying and I’d say yes, as long as she had the desire to marry, I was going to pray for that young man to come into her life in God’s perfect time and perfect way.

  11. Thank you!!! I am a widow coming up on ten years. I have finally healed enough in the past few years to pray for a spouse. I have began a journal where I am writing my prayers to God for my future husband. I do certainly understand how sometimes I feel the answer to this prayer is dragging on and in. But I am trying to make sure I am focused on becoming a better me first and foremost for God. Then I will be a better wife when marriage does happen. Thank you again for the encouragement.

  12. Thanks! I needed this. I prayed 7 months for a van. God answered with one much nicer than I could imagine. I’m praying for more needs and he’s still working. Some are to personal to share but knows and is working!

  13. Yes !!! Amen sister! I am praying for a godly marriage also and for Jesus to lead me to my husband in His perfect timing. I really enjoyed reading this. I will say a prayer for you and your future marriage, friend ❤️

  14. Thank you. He has been telling me this over and over again recently.
    So – I keep knocking, asking, seeking – in persistence – even when it feels like radio silence.
    He reminded me of the woman with the issue of blood – 12 years.
    The woman who was crippled for – 17 years.
    The many deaf, mute, and blind who had been that way for their entire lives.
    He will answer in His time, with His answer.
    And that is enough to help me keep on praying.

  15. I have taken this decision to pray for marriage (me being single still) about three years ago, when a married friend of mine proposed it to me. Lately, I had moments when I wanted to give up, but thank you so much for this wonderful reminder that God cares and He knows and He continues to listen to our prayers. I admit I have no answers to His non-responses yet, but I am grateful to Him for everything else that He has given me and for many other answered prayers. I am sure that, at the right time, He will fulfill these prayers too, for both you and I.

  16. Aliza,

    Reading this also made me think of the persistent widow. He wants to hear from His children daily about anything we are concerned. Nothing is to big or small for Him to handle. God answers prayers three ways. Yes-you get the answer you want now. No-you didn’t get the answer. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t get it. He may be saying wait. He may be working on removing the dross & molding you into a more Christ like person. Don’t get discouraged when prayers don’t seem to be answered. His timing is not our timing. His ways are not ours. He knows best when & how to bless us. Also He is working in us & through us as we pray. Praying for you to find a Godly man.

    Blessings 🙂

  17. So, I’m going to buy myself a drum, I’m going to put it right next to my prayer ‘closet’! It will be a great visual reminder ofthis wonderful message. God bless all of you and may we ‘play our drums for him’. -Amen