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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Thank you for sharing all of this. Your tip about reading the Proverbs… I have never heard that, and now I hope I never forget it. Also, I especially like this part “When we make space for others to speak and when we use our own voices to stand against injustice, we become part of the reconciling work Christ began.” When speaking of already marginalized communities, making/giving room to speak is important work. Praying I can find ways to use those words in meaningful ways.

    ps I just finished For those who Wander. Couldn’t put it down, your words resonated in so many ways. Shared with my MIL.

    • Bonnie! You’ve made my day several times over. It was actually my husband (boyfriend at the time, over 30 years ago…!) who suggested the Proverb-reading practice to me. I just read him your comment and told him that I remembered that from our dating years and had written about it…and now it would impact others. xo Thank you for taking time to process these thoughts and consider how they might apply to YOU. (I’m praying for you, too, right now.)

      And, thank you, too, for letting me know how For All Who Wander impacted you. Having a book release just before COVID closed us down is odd timing…and to learn that its message is finding people no matter what is encouraging. Be encouraged, dear one!

  2. Robin,
    Defending the cause of the oppressed and needy was and continues to be my rally cry for starting and overseeing Redeemer Christian Foundation, (http://redeemerinc.org) which brings Jesus, education, humanitarian aid, and safety to the orphaned and impoverished children in Pakistan. During the pandemic, our students were denied food and humanitarian aid by their government and NGO’s because they were Christians. If they converted to Islam, then they would have been given food when they were hungry… my faith? or food? It made me think about how we all marginalize and judge others who are not like us. I have asked God to show me where and when I need to accept unconditionally, and not insist on someone meeting my “qualifications” to be considered worthy. Jesus certainly didn’t do this, nor should I. Thanks for a needed reminder.
    Bev xx

    • Bev, your point is something we all would do well to consider; at its heart, to ask God to give us the ability to LOVE without condition, and truly, to consider others. Your heart for ministry is inspiring.

  3. Robin thank you for the excellent reading. It reminds me of a song. That teaches us as followers of Jesus. To do as the songs says. It not sang that often. But one of my favourites. It was taught to me as child at Sunday School. It is “Jesus Love Me This I Know For The Bible Tells Me So” how true that is. Plus the words of that song are. If we listen to that song. It reminds us about his love it goes on to say. Little one belong to him they are weak but he is strong. Yes Jesus Love Me This I Know For The Bible Tells Me So. We his Followers to the same. When it comes showing the Love of Jesus to others do as the Jesus did in the Bible. Jesus helped all people of all walks of life. If we can we are to follow in Jesus footsteps. Do the same. By showing Jesus love to even just one person. Who we know could need it. Even if that means taking them for coffee. Listening to them. If they know they can trust you. If they need help you know we’re they can get lead them to it if they ask you for it. Telling them you will pray with them if get the chance to say that if not saved. That person might not have the money to go for coffee so you taking them my be a treat they hardly ever get. You are showing them the love of Jesus. Especially if no one else would bother with them. They feel alone you could make their day. As Jesus always wanted to be with people no one else wanted to be with. He loved them and was friends with them when no one else was. We the followers of Jesus are to do the same. You never know doing things like this can make a big difference in a person life. If not saved they could ask what it is you have. You can tell them the Love of Jesus in you. Everything you do you do. You do for the Love of Jesus. As it is right thing to do. Jesus even helped a Samantha woman by showing her love and who he was. In John 4 we find the story. Jesus didn’t care who she was he showed the Samaritan woman love. Nor what had happened in her life. We the Followers of Jesus are to do the same. Not Judge people for what they done or who they are. Plus we are too always do the right thing pray for them and love them like Jesus did be friends with them. If we do that we in turn will be blessed. Not Judge them. Jesus would not want us to do that. Love today’s reading. Another good one Love Dawn xx

  4. Thank you, Robin! I, too, struggle with some parts of Proverbs 31. Leave it to you to find a portion that points us in the right direction! Using our voices to support others is certainly part of our assignment as Christian women. A reminder and an encouragement to move in that direction!

  5. I was surprised “Because we are loved by God we are empowered to love others.” wasn’t the highlighted sentence. (Not that there weren’t plenty of great truths to highlight). Because God loved first we can do all things as He enables us. God set the standard of not marginalizing, of valuing, of loving justice & mercy for all. Thank you for the reminder and maybe if we keep Prob 31:8-9 keyed in the rest of the chapter won’t seem so daunting. Blessings!

  6. Robin,

    My job allows me to love on others easily. I get to help RNs, CNAs, patients & their families. It may be a simple smile, getting furniture they need or making appointments for when they leave the hospital. Each little thing I do is important in the grand scheme of things. I love Stephen C. Chapman song “Do Everything”.. Chorus: As you do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you ‘Cause He made you to do Every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face Tell the story of grace with every move that you make And every little thing you do.
    God delights in work done with Eternity in mind. I believe my job is a ministry. I get to spread some of God’s love to ICU Step Down.

    Blessings 🙂