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  1. We are all sinners saved by grace. There are times in our lives as Followers of God we mess up. By saying and doing things we shouldn’t. Like if someone annoys us or makes us cross. Even if not our fault. We can react in away that makes us sin. Then afterwards when we stop and think about our words. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that as follower of God. Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. Even though the person was in the wrong. I should Pray and ask God to forgive me for my words. If I said anything through my words to that person who was in the wrong. Even though they annoyed me by what they done. We as followers of God have to be very careful with our words. Even if in the right. Say to ourselves God would not want me to be nasty with my words especially if annoyed. To the person in the wrong. God would want me to show them I am different. I forgive them if it something they have done to me or said about me to someone that is not true. Just go to the person and say I forgive you for everything you done and said about me that is not true. Then pray for them and leave them at the foot of the Cross. Or you know someone that is like the women who in today’s reading that washed Jesus feet. Because she had sinned. Wanted forgiveness. You be big and brave and tell them you forgive them and you are Praying for them. Plus that God also forgives them. Like the women in today’s reading Jesus forgive. As I told someone who had done wrong and it was something big. It hurt alot of people at the time. I said to the person. I forgive you. It in the past. If I didn’t I might not be able to speak to you today. It would still eat me up. God help me with an Atc of Courage to forgive them. Now I am praying for their Salvation. God I know was pleased for me for doing that. Like Jesus did with women that washed his feet. He forgive her and her sins. I know when this person gets saved. Their sins will be wiped away too like the women who washed Jesus feet and had her sins forgiven. Love today’s reading. Love all incourage reading. Praying for you all. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  2. “But the Pharisee, unsure of Jesus’ power and perhaps unwilling to admit the depth of his own sins, hadn’t experienced that same grace and therefore could not comprehend offering adoration with such abandon.” I love this. Until someone has experienced God’s grace, they can’t comprehend it. As lovers of Jesus, we’ve got to keep this in mind. Ignorance isn’t a sin if you haven’t encountered the grace offered. This is a great reminder to me that by extending grace to others, I could be opening a window for someone to see who Jesus is.
    -Kellie J.

  3. I love this story of the woman’s unabashed emotion in Jesus’ presence. I inherited from my sweet sweet Dad a tendency to cry when I pray. He was always “embarrassed” when he was the “Deacon of the Day” at church because that meant he would have to pray in the service, and he knew he would cry. But I realized that it was just a sign of my Dad’s thankfulness to Jesus for saving him, and how this just swept over him every time he would pray. And this story just reminds me of him and gives me comfort that when my tears flow as I pray, my heart is not embarrassed about anything. Just thankful for all my sweet Jesus has done, and incredulous at how lavish his love is for me.

  4. I purchased the (In)Couraged Bible and started my first reading tonight. I decided to start with the first reading study guide….Brokenness. And then I joined the FB group to find today’s posting about the very same reading from my Bible this evening.

    Sometimes….ok…a majority of the last few weeks, even months, I’ve felt lost and broken. And I began my journey tonight to healing.

  5. In Courage,

    I’ve often quoted the scripture: He who has been forgiven much loves much. He who has been forgiven little loves little. We’ve all been forgiven of ALL of our sins & get to enter the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus. My little church has a communion meditation & takes communion weekly. I love this because it forces me to remember all the agony & pain Jesus went through just for me. There have been weeks when I sit quietly ruminating that & begin to cry. Asking God why He would do that for little me? I realize just how much I owe Jesus & how much He truly loves me. When I hear certain songs I will raise my hands palms outstretched in authentic praise to almighty God. I want to give Jesus the praises due Him.

    Blessings 🙂