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    • The word that the Lord has given me for this year is Abide. Wow! It’s been an amazing year where I’ve had to daily abide in Him and with Him and through job loss and stress, etc. This has changed my daily walk as I’ve learned to truly abide in Him.

  1. My personal word for this year is BLOOM, and our family word for this year is DARE (as in, dare to believe God). They’ve both been incredibly sustaining words in this intense season we all find ourselves in!

  2. My word for the year 2020 has been “abide.” In these times of uncertainty with COVID, fires, storms, and social unrest, it is easy to slip into despair or fearfulness. Having the word “abide” has helped to keep me centered on God ~ abiding in Him and trusting His plans.

    • Shar, I’ll be praying for you today. It is so easy for us to tell someone else to have faith, or to keep the faith. It’s quite another thing to hold on to that faith for ourselves. Losing a job is a great loss, and I am sorry for your loss!

  3. Surrender…how I long to fully give my everything to God. I struggle daily with my self worth. I know He’s there with me, I just can’t feel Him. Please pray for me.

    • Praying now for you, Janice—focus on this verse to remind yourself you are forgiven when you ask God and your self worth is from Jesus. God has made you for a special purpose. Psalm 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”

  4. Remember: remember who He is, what He has done, what He has taught me and who I am because of that!

  5. Thank you for reminding me this morning that our God is big enough! That is all that matters today and everyday! Peace.

  6. Love is my word as the hurt and anger seen in our news media and the world around us has impressed on me that I need to do all things with love, patience and a willingness to forgive.

  7. So true what you say about asking questions of God, but never staying still and quiet long enough to hear His answers. I’m working on this and I know in my heart He wants to speak to my questions. My word of late is “Diligence”. I’m in a season where I’m losing Focus and being diligent to stay the course is so important.

  8. I have two, because this year has been a doozy… Trust and ultimately – Heal…

  9. My word for this year is abide. I am trying to abide in Jesus alone and not on the things/people around me!

  10. Contentment- it’s I’m just so hard in today’s world. We are always looking for something more and the next best thing.

  11. Stability … seems laughable in the midst of such an unstable year, but I’ve told myself I will stay committed to my responsibilities and that I will stay here and grow roots even before COVID-19 hit. I am committing to this word in the midst of the current uncertainty for the rest of the year.

  12. Hope! I have needed the encouragement from God’s word that He is still in control and has me in His hands no matter how disappointing and challenging life has become.

  13. I’m focusing on the words “be still” this week and today’s emphasis reminded me to be still BEFORE I speak. Silence is often more articulate than a hurried word.

  14. Several words in 1 John have hit home this year – love, believe, overcome, know

  15. Hope.
    P.s. I loved the line, “My joy is not up for grabs.” I’ve been through so much heartache and so many trials. That’s something that I too am learning. Thank you for this, Cleere. And, Congratulations!!

  16. Bloom……. because I’m 65 on 9/11 . I thought at this stage of my life I was a botanical garden! No way. I am still a seedling planted in the fertile soil of God’s handiwork. And so I await.
    Congrats Cleere on your book!

  17. Cleere I have a post up on one of my Kitchen cupboards. It is says this. “CHRIST is the centre or our home a GUEST at every meal, a silent Listener to every conversation”. That is so true. Jesus know us he is guest were ever we are. The silent Listener to not only or conversation but or thought’s as well. He knows us better than anyone. As he chose when we be born who our parents would be. What part in the world we live in. What color of skin we have etc. God’s knows us better than we know ourselves. As he made the world we live in it you if read Genesis. It talks about God making the world and Adam and Eve. Yes he is big enough to get us were we want to go. Only if he Jesus thinks and knows it good for us. He will let us go there. We first have to Pray and seek his will in it. Listen to his Holy Spirit. See what Jesus through Prayer and his Word the Bible is saying. If Jesus says no. Then trust he knows best why he is saying no for our own good. We his Children might not like it. But like a Young child. Sometimes a Mother has to say no to their child for a good reason. At the time the child might not like the no from the Mother. But later on the Child will realise it was for their own good. Same with Jesus through the Holy Spirit saying no. But if said yes he will lead you there all the way. All you do is have to keep your eyes focused on Jesus. You will get there no matter how long it takes. Love today’s reading. Thank you for it Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  18. Thank you Cleere for this post it is so uplifting to me and I know God is in control of everything. Lord Bless you!


  19. This spoke so strongly to me. I can relate! I am close to the big three-zero , no children ( have been trying for 5 years), and trying to just get by. This really helped me to calm down and quit the clutter of thinking so much that I can’t even hear what The Lord is trying to tell me. Thank you for sharing this. I really needed it today as I’m battling with so much on what to do. What step to take next.

  20. My word is Joy. Rejoice always even in the midst of a prolonged hospital stay or during a pandemic.

  21. The word that keeps coming up in my devotions and daily life is “still”…to be still. It is hard for me to just be still and listen for God, and it is something I am working on.

  22. Faith. I need faith to know that I can do this new job that I had put upon me at work. I didn’t ask for it, and really don’t want it, but it’s mine now.

  23. “He is big enough to get us where He wants us to go no matter how long it takes us to get there. . .His grace is sufficient, and His strength sustains us all the way there.” Thank you for this, Cleere! Even at my stage of life–retirement–there is still more road to traverse, more purpose to fulfill. Praise God we can count on him to get us where He wants us to go, ALL the way there.

  24. I’m soon turning 60 and when I think about how large that number is I feel worried, anxious and just down right scared. While I am praying about this the word “overcome ” comes to me. So now I pray for strength to overcome this fear. 60 is just a number right??? Lol

  25. I have 2 for this year. My 37 yr. old daughter died in Dec. 2019. So, the first one is TRUST even when you don’t understand. I don’t need all the answers. I just need Jesus. The second became, what is my PURPOSE in this season of life?

  26. A word I have been focusing on this year is “present”. I want to be fully present in my own life and when I’m surrounded by others. I want to block out the noise and remove the distractions of my phone and other things that get in the way and be fully present with those around me who I love!

  27. Persevere…I am an essential worker in this time of Covid-19, thankful to still have my job. And working a second job. It was a choice between two words, Persevere or exhausted. I’m choosing the former

  28. You turned 30 are worry that you aren’t where you are suppose to be? Lol! I’m 65 and a widow and I’m wondering why I’m here! Thank you for this truth of encouragement! I’ve been focusing on joy for several weeks, now.

  29. Renew. Trying to renew my mind this year, and man, what a year that in itself needs renewed!

  30. Intention … to be intentional …. to live with this being a guiding thought everyday & in all things

  31. My word to focus on is intentional. There are things that I need to work on in many areas and I need to intentionally remain focused on doing and achieving them!

  32. Cleere,

    I have reached more than half a century of living. I’m no where near where I thought I would be. At times I get frustrated looking back over how I did life & the mistakes I made. It can be frustrating to see others doing so much better than myself. That is when I go & write my thankful journal. Listing all items big, small or in between that God has blessed me with. Also put down the trials He has helped me through. Then I see how much better off I am than most people. My words for this year are focus & eternity. Focus on what I can accomplish this year. How much good can I do to/for how many people. Making sure God gets ALL the glory. Eternity is a big one for me now. I’m getting tired of this life & the mess we’ve all made of it. Civil unrest, pandemic, everyone doing what they please-it isn’t like it used to be back in the 50s-80s. I’m ready to go meet my Savior. Great post!!

    Blessings 🙂

  33. Trust (in God); Leave (it in His hands and don’t keep trying to take it back); Focus (on what He wants you to do and not keep flitting from one thing to the next and not getting anything done); Listen (be still and listen to what God is saying to me); overwhelmed (that feeling I so often have and am trying to work on with all the above words as well as many others. Thank you.

  34. Cleere, thank you for this reminder! My word is grace. As in learning to enjoy grace. And relax into it vs striving.

  35. Every January I ask the Lord to lead me to a word for the upcoming year..this year my word is FEARLESS. It is always such a gift to see how my word is woven throughout my story in that year and God always reveals something different than what I originally thought around my word. Thank you Cleere for such a wonderful blog post. I am looking forward to the release of Focus!

  36. Peace—He has been teaching me over and over that HE is my peace, not that things/people around me are all peaceful. I’m learning that I can be at peace in the middle of chaos because HE is my peace.

  37. My word for this season is “yet”. As it is an embodiment of the Hope and Strength God supplies in spite of current circumstances and conditions.

  38. Word for the year is strong/courageous. Little did I know how appropriate it would be for 2020! Thankful for all He is teaching me this year and how He is helping me to be strong.

  39. Letting go have been the words or theme of my year – Let go and let God Never easy but always necessary for me to work on, every single day of my life! I thank the Lord for your post Cleere, and everyone else for your comments. A blessing to hear you all share such powerful words that God is placing in your hearts! Things like this feed my faith