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  1. WORD ON \0/ the entire first paragraph speaks of my life for the past year;( But God! Yes He does hem me in behind and before.. and He rubs my back in the terrors of night, last night being one of those nights yet again. Joy comes in the morning as I run to His Word that He speaks over me in all these situations.. blessings to y’all today

    • Thank you Sadie! Running to the word! Amen! Please pray for Jennifer (below) and I as we seek to hold tight to that word this morning! God bless your day!

  2. I am in that spot now, where the darkness is totally threaten to take me over. My head knows Jesus is with me. But right now he feels far away. Please pray for me, that I feel His love around me.

    • Praying for you Jennifer! in the name of Jesus, Lord we just come to you right now and praise you for being our light in the darkness! Please allow the holy spirit to speak to our hearts and give us the promise of courage, and knowing that you will be right there beside us in the gloom of night, when our minds temporarily choose fear over faith. Lord be with us at every moment we are feeling this way. Help us to read your word, like this Psalm 139 over and over until it sinks in our hearts as well as our heads. Please be with Jennifer (and myself) in a mighty way! I am trying to make the decision after talking with my doctor this morning, if returning to work is the right choice. I know I need to go back but I am scared. Lord, put your shield of faith and protection around us. Help us to stay grounded in your word, no matter what the world may look like right now. In Jesus precious and holy name!

      • Sharon,

        Sweet sister asking God to give you wisdom to make the right decision.

        Abba Father,

        Give your daughter Sharon the wisdom to decide if going back to work is right for her. Guide & direct her on the path you have for her. Help her to know Jeremiah 22:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hop & a future.” Take away any fear she has. Put a shield of faith & protection around her. Assist her in staying grounded in your word-especially Psalm 139. Make it known in her heart as well as her head. Help her to choose faith over fear in these trying times. In Jesus Name AMEN!


    • Jennifer,

      Sweet sister asking God to make Himself known & felt by you. May you feel His loving arms around you always. Praying Psalm 139 gets into your heart as well as your head. May you know for certain that God is with you in this dark time. Have faith that God WILL get you through the valley of shadow of death-for He is with you His rod & staff are comforting you.


  3. Thank you for this encouragement. I’m going to dive into Psalm 139 right now. And ladies, it is always darkest before the dawn! Whatever you’re facing today, things will look better one day soon. Hang on to your faith and your God! Help is on the way! Help is here!

  4. I have always been at night when I go bed scared of the dark. I don’t know were it comes from. Even as small small child. Don’t turn the light of put in a bed close the door say night night see you in morning. The room dark. Even with a night light it was not bright enough. Had to have the curtains open all night. I married and even today in my married life of 27 years this month. I still have God night light shinning into the bedroom. I will go nuts if you pulled the curtains at night at bed time. My Husband can’t understand it. But he says nothing. As he loves me. So we just when in our night clothes. Before getting into bed to go to sleep always pull the curtains back. I know I shouldn’t be scared of the dark as God is projecting me when asleep. But I just feel better with Gods night light shining in the bedroom. God is in the dark so I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark. When darkness of not dark to God as it is Go who made the darkness. Had to share that with you lovely guys. As today reading Just for me. God really speaking to me through it. Love you all incourage XXX

  5. In Courage,

    These are trying times we live in. We can take heart as God is in control. We should live in a state of faith over fear knowing that He has plans for us-plans to prosper us & not for harm. Psalm 23:4-5 “Yea through i walk Through the valley of shadow of death I will fear NO evil for thou art with me. Thy rod & staff they comfort me. We have so many scriptures that tell of His unending love & care for us-especially Psalm 139. Praying we can shed tons of God’s light in this dark world. Helping others to see & know about His love & comfort.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. Thank you, I needed that today! It’s Father’s Day and while I’m a grown woman of 47, I really wanted to be with my dad today. Alas, covid has kept us apart, as covid has been keeping me and most of us apart for months now. What would have been a car trip or a train ride, something so common and possible seems so impossible now. I was supposed to be there helping my dad while my my step-mom went through her cancer treatments, this was to be the first years in years we could spend Father’s day and my birthday (June 18th) together but the world had other plans. I remember a time in college where I took a weekend and went and stayed with my dad and how happy i was for the food he made me, how he listened to what i was going through, how he prepared a place for me to sleep in his apt and i shyly told him how much it meant to have a simple meal prepared for me and how sometimes all i wanted was that and for someone to tuck me in and tell me it was all going to be okay. I was embarrassed to admit that in my mid-20s and my dad smiled and said to me sometimes we all want that :). i’ll never forget how loved i felt in that moment, how good it felt that my dad understood and to be included in how everyone felt. Sure would love to have that simple meal and my dad’s ear and comfort today and would love to me “tucked in” and know there was someone close by that cared about me . . . in writing this, i realize our Father God is loving us and accepting us, providing for us and tucking us in everyday 🙂