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April is a Southern girl and a former Certified Financial Planner turned seminary graduate. She is a podcaster, speaker, author of Made to Shine: 90 Devotions to Enjoy and Reflect God’s Light, and the founder of Reflecting Light Ministries.

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  1. This was such an awesome devotion and I’m thankful for God leading me to read it this morning. He knows our voice and because of that, we can rest assure that we are known by him. The word tells us that and so I’m thankful on this day.

  2. April,
    I used to be very intimidated by the fact that God sees me and knows my every move…every thought. Does He know even “those” thoughts?? Won’t He want to disown me? Our friends know us, faults and all, and love us anyway. But, God – He’s beyond friend, beyond spouse; He’s the lover of my soul. Yet while I was still a sinner He sent His one and only beloved Son to die for me. He made the ultimate love sacrifice for one who is so unlovable. He created me for the sole purpose of having a relationship with me. He knew what He was getting into, yet did it anyway. What a treasure it is to be fully “known” and still called friend! Lovely post!
    Bev xx

    • Indeed He does, Bev! Your comment makes me think about how grateful I am for his deep agape love. It’s like no other. Thank you for your insight!

  3. What a great reminder that God knows us intimately and we do not need to fear coming into His presence, but can share openly and honestly with what we are going through!

  4. In our 9th week of pandemic lock down, I need some sparkle and shine! Thank you for this reminder that He brings His strong light into our darkest times.

  5. Thank you for this devotion today. To be fully known is what we long for. To be truly connected . I just recently found out that I had eight half siblings . I am getting ready to meet a dad I have never known. I feel very nervous, but yet complete knowing that someone will finally truly know me.
    God has known me and shown Me what a Dad really is , as the earthly one who raised me fail short of anything close to being something lovely to me.

    • He is good Father! Praying for you, Tina, as you meet your earthly dad that you will feel the presence of your Heavenly Father in your midst.

  6. I sometimes think I understand the concept of God knowing me… but it’s overwhelming to think about what it truly means that He KNOWS me! Psalm 139 goes into such great detail about His intimate knowledge of us. I agree that “this wondrous knowledge is beyond me.”

  7. Thank you so much for this devotional thought. It was very encouraging. I often struggle with finding the balance of friendship with God! Thank you for your thoughts!

  8. Impeccable timing for this devotion. Needing all of his light to surround me and our world. God Bless.

  9. “Living day to day, going about your routine, checking off your list, yet feeling tired, dull, and ordinary.” There could be no better description for self-quarantine. As an older person living in this uncertain time, it’s hard sometimes to think beyond today, to see the tomorrow that I know lies incubating. While I absolutely believe God is doing a new thing and that there are blessings arising from these trials, maintaining enthusiasm and passion for the day can take a backseat to the loneliness and drudgery of living what feels like a lather-rinse-repeat, day after day existence. This book sounds like the custom-fit message we’re needing right now.

    • Thank you for your comment, Deb! I have a devotional called “Uncertain Times” in Made to Shine that speaks exactly to what you are saying. He is a God who brings light to the darkness!

  10. Thank you for this devotional. Early this morning I was reflecting on intimacy / being known by God and by my mom. She went to be with Jesus on Friday night. Your words comforted me.

    • My deepest condolences to you with the recent death of your Mom. May God wrap you in his arms and sing over you, bringing peace and comfort to your soul.

        • What a wonderful reminder. Thank you!
          The enemy sure can push our buttons and whisper in our ear all of our short comings as reasons why we should hide or distance ourselves from God. We NEED to remember His loves for us and desire to use us for His glory regardless, even because of who we are!
          Thanks again. Shine on

    • So sorry for your loss! I pray you feel God’s comfort and peace during this time. God bless!

    • Robin,
      So sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort draw near and wrap you in His arms of love.
      I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. (John 14:18)
      Love and gentle hugs,

    • Robin,

      Oh so sorry sweet sister. May God’s peace surround you now & always as you grieve this loss. Praying for you to feel His loving arms around you & His grace & mercy come upon you. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18. Asking Him to comfort you.

      (((((((((((Hugs from Watauga, TN))))))))))

    • Robin, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my brother in a tragic car accident years ago and it was a dark time for me and my family. But like a faithful Savior does, He wrapped His arms around me and filled me once again with His glorious light. When you get Made to Shine, check out the devotional “Praising through the Pain.” Praying for you during this time.

  11. I love Psalm 139. It’s one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. I have such a hard time with trust and vulnerability/transparency. To be fully known is scary and hard. The irony is He already knows me fully, and He still died for me, still loves me, still wants me. Yet I still struggle to bring all of me to Him, in trust, in surrender. I want to. I want to fully abide in Jesus. But I still hold back. I don’t want to. But I do. I want to live a life fully surrendered, fully trusting, fully abiding in my Jesus. Thank you for this devotional! And thank you (in)courage for always pointing us…pointing me…back to Jesus.

    • Me too, Tara! Such truth power packed into one chapter. To be fully known is one of life’s greatest blessings. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

      • Love the Made to Shine theme also. Light is usually my focus when I share my testimony because my story is about bringing dark things into the light. I’m sure a lot of women have a similar story to tell in their lives. I have always been drawn to light. I love the stars. I love a dark night pierced by the light of a full moon. The sun beckons me outdoors. When I envision joy, I picture brightness, light, and vivid colors. I think we are all drawn to light because the one True Light is Jesus. He is the light that shines in this dark world. Even in the abyss Jesus shines. Thank you again, April! 🙂

  12. I love the title Made to Shine – yes to shine bright for Jesus daily! What a good reminder! Thank you!

  13. The timing of this was perfect, and something that I have struggled with for a while. It echoed my own wanderings many times over. Thank you!

  14. wonderfully true. I see that in my life God consistently has walked with me and became my friend at a young age. it’s a wonderful thing to be known by God and to have that level where we feel him near us.

  15. I loved this devotion. It made me think of my husband and closet friends. They know me, they know my heart, but no one knows me quite like our savior.

  16. Recently my 4 yo son (and only child) was trying to understand how to pray on his own and I told him how much God loves him and just wants to hear from like a friend. Two days later he woke up and raced downstairs to tell me he talked to Jesus after so left him at bedtime. When I asked what they talked about, he said “I was just saying how there’s nothing to do in the middle of these sick days…and I told him he’s my friend.” My heart was literally singing. Here this sweet child, in his loneliness quarantined home with 2 full-time working parents and separated from his friends, spoke to his friend Jesus. May we all feel like we can be known and loved by our Friend and grow in our relationship with the Lord, especially during these uncertain times.

    • Andrea, I love this so much!! I wrote in Made to Shine about the faith of my youngest daughter in the devotional “Light for Little Children.” It’s amazing how our kids don’t complicate God like we do or put Him in a box. They just talk to Him like a friend. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  17. Thank you for these words of encouragement and light, April. It is mind boggling to know and understand that Father God wants to be our Friend. It is hard to truly grasp that the God of the universe LIVES in me! Scripture is filled with truth about Light. Jesus , the Light of the world. One of my favorite quotes sticks with me:
    People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within. –Elizabeth Kubler -Ross. And Mother Theresa said, Words which do not give the light of Christ, increase the darkness… From John1:5 — His life is the light that shines through darkness. We are truly blessed to be His vessels of light. Blessings on your day.

    • Hi Nancy! Thank you for your comment. I put that exact quote by Elizabeth Kugler-Ross in Made to Shine, but I haven’t heard that particular quote by Mother Theresa. Thank you for sharing it with me. You were Made to Shine!

  18. What a great way to start my day – knowing that Jesus knows me! Thank you for the great reminder and encouragement!

  19. What a sweet experience to be remembered unexpectedly! I love when human kindness touches our hearts in surprising ways. Thanks for sharing.

  20. To be honest, my favorite part was that the barista said “Honey” and “Sweetie.” I say that because I am a fellow southern girl, and that was the connecting language of the first 18 years of my life. Then I left for college in Missouri and later moved to Colorado with my man and children to live in ministry here. And as great as all that (with its ups and downs) has been, I so miss feeling known everywhere I go. AND, I miss making people feel known instead of being looked at like I’m either too presumptuous or a spy. (Culture is different all over the U.S.) I didn’t realize how I had always been made to not just feel a part, but be a part of people’s lives until I left the culture I grew up in, but God has faithfully challenged me to take that and live it out wherever I am at, no matter people’s initial responses. So, love the southern-culture connection, which, of course, is just a a fingerprint of God among His kiddos.

    • This tickled me! I had to go back and see if I actually wrote out “y’all” in the post because I say it so frequently. It’s probably all in Made to Shine and I didn’t even realize it. Lol! Y’all were definitely Made to Shine!

  21. Thank you, April, for this beautiful devotional. I’m so thankful that I am fully known by the Savior and that, in spite of my failures and shortcomings, He calls me His friend! That is so awesome. Blessings on you.

  22. Thank you, April! I am reminded of that little song I learned many years ago: “This little light of mine…”. And we are told when we have spent time with Jesus, our faces will shine! This is such a dark time for so many. May we have a close relationship with Jesus that will make us shine in this crooked and twisted world.

  23. Thank you for this wonderful article. It caught my eye this morning, and I just had to read it all. I think of my 4 close friends that wish we could have our Tuesday morning Bible Study and chats, but not right now. Beside the social distancing and self isolating, one is battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo, and another is struggling with migraines. Some day the “Peeps” will be back together. I’m going to share this article with them. We have to keep encouraging one another. I also love Psalm 139 in all it’s parts. I’ve tried to memorize it many times. I can get about half way through. It’s a favorite. BTW, I’m an April gal (born in April).
    Thanks again, the book sounds great! Would love to have one.

    • Thank you for your comment, Carol! I will be lifting you and your four friends up in prayer. It’s hard to be apart from each other, especially when we need the light that community brings. Praying it won’t be long until you are meeting together face to face. I’d be so honored if you all read through Made to Shine together and when you do, let me know your thoughts. 😉
      P.S. Read “Prayer Posse” first.

  24. What a blessings it is to be known by God. Thank you from one April to another for sharing this message. Peace and Blessings to each of you.

  25. Thank you for offering a giveaway on this devotional. We all could use more Light, especially these days!

  26. Man I needed this today! It’s a good reminder that there is no shame because He knows and still loves. It’s so hard to keep in mind that God is not only GOD but he’s my friend. I love this timely reminder.

  27. I’m so grateful Jesus loves me unconditionally, all the time! I just need to remember it – all the time! Thank you for your message!

  28. I so desire a closer walk with Jesus! Just like you, April, my relationship with my husband is close, but as time goes by, we know a little more about each other. That’s how I want my walk with the Father to be, always growing closer. Who knows me better than Him? Thank you for this devotional!

  29. Thank you for reminding me that God knows my every thought, needs, and desires. Last year my life almost fell apart. My husband of 38 years had fallen off a very high ladder and almost died;broken neck, r, 8 ribs, back, fractured face, brain bruise with a left frontal lobe TBI. I have been his caregiver for over a year while teaching full time, part time volunteer law enforcement and then trying to end the year during a pandemic! Who knew? God did. He knew what I would need just when I would need it! We just celebrated one year of survival. There are still many struggles even though the fractures are healed but we take them one day at a time knowing God knows what we will need!

    • Wow, Reba! What a testimony!! My husband had two back surgeries last year and before then I underestimated the role of the caregiver. Now I always pray for those who are hurt AND those caring for them. I am so thankful that the Lord has been faithful to supply your every need. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  30. Thank you for sharing. Although I am divorced and often feel like a failure, I know that Jesus loves me and always has and always will. He truly is my best friend.

    • You are not a failure, Linda! Keep clinging to the Light and know that He says you are “good enough” and “chosen.” Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  31. All I have been doing for a long time is “going through the motions”. It is a very lonely place to be. Thank you for sharing this devotional today.

  32. Beautiful and true words! Oh, that we would always shine just because HE loves us with an everlasting love. ❤️
    Congratulations on the new book and thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  33. This is so in line with a text I just received from someone I sent a card to. The messages of this and of her text went totally together. I needed this reminder, thank you. I get so stuck on performance-based faith and she also just texted me telling me that Jesus loves me for being me! Thank you for your encouraging words! It has been a hard time because all of the things that gave me fuel to keep going are on hiatus either due to the virus or simply because the summer schedule has started with several of my obligations. I get a big sense of my worth from “doing” and mistakenly take that into my relationship with the Lord. You don’t even know how timely this was for me. THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Heidi! I love the perfect timing of the Lord! This has been a tough season for me as well, but I am so thankful to serve a God who brings light to the darkness. I wrote a post called “In the Middle” that I think may bless you. Check out aprilrodgers.com/in-the-middle/ Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  34. Thank you so much April. His Timing is perfect, you are His Messenger of Hope*
    Bless you right back 🙂

  35. Sometimes pouring out to God verbally is difficult, it could be the environment, it could be of own pride, it could be of anything. But it never stops me to communicate with Him through quietness, tears, walk and utter my deepest feelings to Him silently in my heart.

    • Linda, I feel you right now. It’s been in those quiet, tearful walks with the Lord that I’ve poured out my heart to Him. Keep pressing forward. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  36. I love this.. He wants us to be the best we can be.. He loves us!!! He will shine in and through us.

  37. Made to Shine! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. My light has been dim lately, especially to my family.

    This devotion reminded me of how important staying connected to the source of all Light is.

    Be blessed.

  38. I needed this today. Since Mother’s Day I have felt a little down. I felt special on Mother’s Day, but it felt like instantly my family slipped back into “normal”, with me carrying a large portion of the load – without them even realizing that I carry a load. It is nice to think about someone knowing my struggles, thoughts and desires, without me having to ask. It is also a reminder that Jesus paid the ultimate price for me and carries the “load” of my sins and he did it sacrificially, not expecting anything in return.

    • Hello Annette! Thank you for your comment. I wrote about this exact thing in Made to Shine in a devotional called “Commit to His Way.” Here’s a little excerpt:

      David instructs us in Psalm 37:5–6 (HCSB),
      Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act, making your righteousness shine like the dawn.
      What’s surprising is that the word commit means “to roll away,” as in the way a camel kneels down and allows the load it’s carrying to roll off.
      When we commit our works to the Lord we allow the load of work, deadlines, ministry, motherhood, or whatever it is that is weighing us down to roll into the hands of the Lord. And what capable hands they are! They created us after all.
      What’s even better is that once we allow all that weight to roll off of us, it frees us to “shine like the dawn ” Trusting in His way is a sure way to shine in our everyday lives!

      Hope this blesses you today. You were Made to Shine!

  39. Lovely words, April! And your book sounds like the perfect anecdote to these uncertain times!

    • Hello Irene! There is actually a devotional within Made to Shine on “Uncertain Times.” God has perfect timing, doesn’t He? Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  40. As a barista, I really relate to this post. I work hard to make my regulars feel known and heard. So, to think that God, King of the universe and Maker of everything, does the same thing for me is really incredible and touching to think about. I am seen. I am heard. I am known.

    • I love this, Emileigh! I bet you are a fantastic barista! You are right in saying that you are seen, heard and fully known. Keep shining bright for Him.

  41. Tired? Dull? Ordinary? Um, yes, yes, and yes! In fact, before reading your post I prayed nearly those exact words in a plea for purpose beyond prayer during this pandemic. Comfort in being known, but purpose feels cast out. I suspect there are more who feel futile and mundane even in their spiritual walk. Made to Shine? While that may be true, just now I could use some polish, with a very soft cloth please!

    • Thank you for your comment, Myrna. You are not alone. The quarantine has proven to be a dark time in history but I am so grateful that He is a God who brings LIGHT and PURPOSE to our everyday lives. Praying that you feel His presence as He polishes you with that soft cloth. You most definitely were Made to Shine.

  42. It is such a comfort to know that God has “searched me and known me” and still loves me. I cannot imagine living through these times without his knowledge of me – my sins, my fears, my anxiety, my prayers. Thank you for a most inspirational devotional today.

  43. Thankful for friends that know me and love me well. Praising my Father for loving me well and wanting to have fellowship with Him. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yes! And I also love what 1 John says about how “fellowship” and “light” are intertwined. It’s actually the 2nd devotional of Made to Shine. Thank you for your comment, Terri! Shine on!!

  44. Dear April
    As a 64 year old woman I need more than ever to hear such encouragement and evidence of the Love the Father has for me! I teared up imagining being known by a barista because behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us! Zephaniah 3:17 is one of my life verses. He shouts for joy over us! He takes great delight in us. Thank you April for your story. Well done.

    • Dianna, Zephaniah 3:17 is one of my all time favorite verses! I declare it often over my life and my daughters’ lives. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  45. This reminds me of my own experiences at my local coffee shop. How great it is to be known by those around you as well as God Himself.

  46. Your words were exactly what I needed to read today. To remind me that I am known by my wonderful savior and He calls me by name. That no matter what I am facing or going through right now, He is with me always. Cheering me on and loving me unconditionally. I praise His holy name. Thank you for this today. God Bless.

  47. I was just singing “He calls me Friend” this morning – trying to remind myself that I am His and He cares for me . .. when I opened my email to find this wonderful reminder that I am known by God . . .. something so needed and revelant to me this morning.
    Thank you! The Book “Made to Shine” sounds great too!
    Who am I that you are mindful of me – that you hear me, when I call . . . . Is it true that you are thinking of me? how you love me? It’s Amazing!!! . . . . . . I am a friend of God! I am a Friend of God, I am a Friend of God, He calls me FRIEND!”

  48. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of how much we are loved by our Lord. When friends or spouse don’t listen, I love that I can pour out my heart to my Savior and Friend. He comforts and strengthens me with His Word and His Presence. And I know He calls me “Honey” and “Sweetie”!

    • Yes, He does!! And He’ll be saying, “Y’all come over here and rest in My presence for minute.” Thank you for your comment, Kerry. You were Made to Shine!

  49. Thank you April for penning these words for us. I guess in my heart I was cringing at first and ready to defend your choice when the barista made u a different coffee rather than the new frozen coffee you wanted to try. It bothers me when people think they know me and what I like but then they’re way off. But I guess that’s just a sensitive point for me. Glad it turned out great for you. My relationship with God I tend to neglect but I would like that to change. A new devotional might help me. God did remind me yesterday that Jesus is still the same God who calmed the Sea of Galilee and can also calm our hearts during this virus storm we are all facing in some way. Reading affirming, truth-reliant words helps.

    • You are absolutely right, Jessica! So thankful to have a God who meets us in the middle. There is a post I wrote about just that on my website: aprilrodgers.com/in-the-middle/ that I think will bless you. Hope you enjoy the book. You were Made to Shine!

  50. I can’t even remember when I lost my shine. As a caregiver to my sweet daughter for the past twelve years, I am not sure when I began to forget that I need to carve out a little time every day to take care of myself but I certainly see the results of not doing so. I made myself a promise that this year I will get back in the habit of taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m taking baby steps but I do sometimes wonder if I still have my shine, if it’s somewhere deep down inside of me and I need to find it again. My goal this year is to keep digging until I find it.

    • Baby steps are great. At 82, if I tried to take a huge step, I’d be sure to fall.

      As you wrote, “He wants you just as you are.” Just as I am, without one plea. I don’t have to do or be better than I can. Thank the Lord, He accepts me as I am.

      Thanks for your blog April

    • I feel you, Elizabeth. My daughters are 13 and 10 and it feel like I am always giving, with very little receiving. That’s why it’s such a blessing to serve a God who fully knows me. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  51. Lovely message- Thank you!

    But why are all these giveaways only for US… Canadians love (in)courage also!


  52. One of my favorite friends has recently lost her shine. Her and her husband are business owners and with this pandemic have had to all but shut down their business. They have 3 sweet kiddos and she is struggling to get out of bed each day. I have started sending her daily reminders of her worth, and the power she has in Jesus, and often email her the (in)courage devotionals. This book would be a wonderful gift for her. I would love for that sparkle of faith to come back to her eyes again, lifting her out of her fog, and pulling her into the arms of Jesus where she can feel not only seen, but truly known.

    • Kim, your friend is exactly who I wrote the book for! I’d be honored if you gave her a copy. If you want to DM me your address, I’ll write her a little note to accompany the book. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  53. The timing was perfect for reading this devotional today. Thank you for opening your heart to giving just what we need to read. God’s intimacy with us is a goal all need to have. Many fear the “intimacy” word as it makes us feel uncomfortable to thinks of intimacy with God. But it is the ultimate goal to feel so close to God that the devil has NO room to squeeze into our lives. I would love to own this devotional.

  54. Thanks for the chance for a free book, especially one with such a great message! I’m behind in reading my online devotions and in trying to catch up just read this one. It describes just what I’ve been feeling! I was just thinking how I’d like to read that book when I saw the chance to enter for a free one and I didn’t even miss the date yet!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  55. Relationships are hard for me, so thank you for this wonderful reminder. This was an encouraging post and I thank you for the chance to win your book!

    • Megan you are special a Daughter of the king and loved. Look up on Youtube the Father’s Love Letter. Type it in like that. Hope it puts a smile on your face what God thinks of you and how much he love you. Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Megan, I totally get it! That’s why I think it’s so amazing that God already knows this about you and can love you specifically and completely. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  56. I am beyond thankful that Jesus knows me deeply and intimately and loves me unconditionally! Still. Even though He knows all my faults, failures and sins. That’s the greatest thing about knowing Him and His acceptance and love spurs me to want to know Him better.

  57. Your reading today reminds me of the song. When we have lost or shine. Especially at this time when the world is the way it is. We should be singing. This song. You might not have heard of it and again you could have. You get it on Youtube. Shine Jesus Shine Fill This Land With The Father’s Glory. I say Amen. Let it be know at this time. Especially of the Coronavarius. Especially if we are save let us Be Known and Called. For Jesus and Shine in these days even more for Him. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Yes! Praise is such a large part of our relationship with God. “Always Praise” is a devotional in Made to Shine that I think you will love. Thank you for your comment, Dawn. You were Made to Shine!

  58. What a perfect devotion. So glad to be reminded that our Abba Father knows all about us and loves us flaws and all! If this a sample of the book, look forward to the other entries!

  59. April,

    This world rushes us around so. It is super easy to forget that God knows us intimately. People talk about being religious, going to church, etc. That is fine. My question to them is do they have a relationship with Almighty God? Is He your friend & Abba father? Or some being to run to in times of trouble? When I think deeply on Psalm 139-that God knows me & is with me always I cringe. He sees me doing/saying this or that & yet still loves me? How is that possible? My biggest question to Him often is why did you go to such lengths to die that horrible death for little me? WOW!! I owe Him such gratitude for everything. Thankful beyond description for such a loving, kind & gracious God in these tumultuous times. So happy He knows me & loves me. BTW: Love living in mid south (Upper E. TN on NC/VA borders). Here most people are friendly, wave at you & seem to care about you. Love hearing y’all, sweetie, honey & those great words. One day we shall say them in Heaven.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, we shall! Thank you for your comment, Beth. You are so right. There is a difference between being religious and having an intimate relationship with God. You were Made to Shine!

  60. I love to help be a light to those around me and in my community. This devotional sounds perfect!

  61. April is so great at teaching others to Shine the Light of Christ! I love this book and her words always encourage me! I hope I win a book to pass on to someone else!

  62. Recently I have lost my shine. My old nemesis (anxiety) has returned during shelter in place. Today’s devotional was a ray of sunshine for me and a powerful reminder. Thank you.

    • Denise, I totally get it! I wrote a devotional in Made to Shine called “Just Breathe” that speaks straight to anxiety. Here is a little excerpt:

      If you can, close your eyes and take a moment to just breathe Feel your breath start to move in and out, and as you do, start to visualize yourself breathing in the Holy
      Spirit and breathing out your anxiety Spirit in Anxiety out
      Worry is such a natural part of our everyday lives We worry about what we’re going to eat, wear, drive, achieve What will our kids grow up to be? How will we afford that house? What if we get sick? Will people judge us if we let our light shine? Before long we’re all knotted up and popping antacids like there’s no tomorrow
      But what if instead of worrying about things beyond our control, we put the responsibility on the One who actually does have the power to control such things?
      I Peter 5:7 NIV says,
      Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.
      The verb cast means to “stop worrying and trust,” but it also means to “put responsibility on” another Peter is telling us that we can put all the responsibility on God to take care of those worries for us…

      Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  63. Timely message for me. This quote stood out to me: “This tells me that even my darkest thought or moment is not hidden from the Lord. In fact, as a faithful companion does, He brings His marvelous light into my darkness and assures me that He still wants to be my friend. I can think of nothing sweeter than that truth.”

  64. I, too, struggle with the kowledge that God loves me just as I am. How could he – with all my bumps & bruises? I really have to stop and realize this and thank HIm for it. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  65. What an awesome book to have written, as always encouragement needed in these times.

  66. Thank you for this post! It is just what I needed to hear. It is so nice to be reminded that God wants a relationship with us, in spite of what we’ve done in the past. God is love and he he loves us unconditionally!

  67. I was blessed with godly parents so I didn’t doubt I was loved but being shy I so wanted to be known/understood. My head understood God intimately knew me but my heart wanted a person to want to know me to. As life progressed I put into practice the adage to have a friend, be a friend. Now in my 60s I am more drawn to luxuriating in being known & getting to know Jesus more intimately. Thank you for putting my heart’s desire into beautiful words. Blessings!

  68. We have an ongoing Finding the Light challenge between me and my friends and this book would be great for it!

  69. I needed to hear your words of encouragement. The lord seems to call me to difficult places in my life to give love but not be loved. It is hard.

    • That is hard, Gloria. Praying that you can feel the extravagant love of your Father today. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  70. Oh boy! Great post! So thankful and grateful that He loves me and all my “cringeworthy” moments!!

  71. Often I don’t feel worthy of His love and sacrifice and wonder why He would want to be friends with me. Thank goodness He does! Thank you for that reminder.

  72. This excerpt was great! So relatable! I would definitely love to read this book and find encouragement from it. Love incourage and the resources offered.

  73. This post touched my heart so deeply. I feel like it’s all the things I feel and want to say, but can’t say aloud. Thank you for sharing the vulnerability that we all experience in our thoughts and hearts. I will pass this along on my social media so hopefully someone else can connect in faith.

  74. I love this devotion SO much. My daughter was a barista and she knew, so well, what people wanted when they walked in!
    Ahhh to think that Jesus knows us SO WELL….

    • To be known is one of God’s greatest gifts! Give my best to your daughter. Thank you for your comment, Melinda. You were Made to Shine!

  75. So often I feel I’ve lost my shine. So glad I read this post, I needed it today. Thank you

  76. Busted! I’ve been doing exactly what the author described – going to the motions, checking off the list, trying to earn a busy award that doesn’t exist. This morning I sat down and decided to play “catch-up” with these encouraging devotions. I’m so glad I did. I have a service appointment for my car this morning about 30 minutes drive away. God and I are going to have a long conversation. I just hope I do a better job of listening than I’ve been doing recently

  77. What a beautiful reminder! Especially about marriage. We have been together for 20 years and I needed to remember that he truly knows the real me. I often forget in the midst of family chaos!

  78. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that Jesus is my friend and knows every intricate detail about me. I sometimes forget and get wrapped up in my own thoughts of untruth. Needed to read this sweet reminder today.

  79. Just what I needed! Searching this morning still in bed…just something from Him. This devotional was a blessing. Life feels like a series of Saturday’s anymore. No more structure, no more direction. I dislike it immensely but rather than wallow I am so wanting to break free from the “funk” of quarantine. “As a deer pants for streams of water my soul pants for You, My God.” Psalm 42:1 comes to mind daily. Thank you for helping in my thirst this morning!

    • I have felt the same way through the quarantine, Jo. So glad that this could be a bright spot for you at just the right time. You were Made to Shine!

  80. Oh to be fully known. Our life here on earth is entirely about getting to know God, intimately, fully. We won’t “fully” know Him until we are with Him in heaven, but our desire should be to spend every moment sharing our life with Him, for Him ✝️

  81. April, thank you. I have been married to my best friend 15.5 years. We met seventeen summers ago, and I really related to the way you described your thoughts. Thank you for helping me process the “why do I shy away from intimacy with God”?
    Just as I allow my husband to know my best and worst and he doesn’t recoil, God actually gets me even better because He can read my mind. 😀
    I am so grateful for your writing here today.
    Tammy Belau

    • Perfectly said, Tammy! May the Lord continue to bless your marriage and deepen your relationship with Him. Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  82. A great reminder of the necessity of spending time with him. Just as the barista knew the coffee preference we can also learn more about and of God by spending time with Him. That is the way to begin to recognize His voice during a time when it seems all other voices are so much louder.
    Thank you

  83. “Shine” is a word that has resonated with me for many years… I frequently start my granddaughters day with the question: “Are you shiny today” thanks for all you do. Good thoughts to start my day

  84. I definitely need this reminder to shine especially during the period of isolation. Some days are much easier than others!

  85. Beautiful writing and very Christ and forgiveness centered rather than “me” and law centered.

  86. I have definitely lost my shine, my flame, my spark. How timely was this devotion to remind me that I NEED to spend time with Him. I would love to win this book; thinking it would help me shine!

  87. What a wonderful devotion book! I read the samples and thought they were great! I would love to have a copy of this book! If I don’t win one, I’ll probably purchase the book. Loved your blog post also!

  88. And I was just looking for a new devotional book for my quiet time with morning coffee!
    What a perfect time and title for the time we are all going through. It’s hard right now, but I can’t imagine going through it without the Lord and His Word. This will compliment it perfectly!

    • That is exactly how I wanted it to be used, Cheryl. There is no substitute for the Word of God. I hope the book is a blessing to you. You were Made to Shine!

  89. WOW! My greatest hindrance is when I have done something wrong or have had bad thoughts, you know the dark times and it keeps me from fellowship with God! I like how the truth spoke in this devotional thru scripture that He shines His light even in our dark times. He already sees and knows yet still wants to be a friend and help us through it! I am so encouraged right now! Thank you!

    • I love God’s perfect timing and so glad that He spoke to you through this devotional. Thank you for your comment, Debbie. You were Made to Shine!

  90. Thank you for this devotional, especially being reminder of the best friend we have in Our Heavenly Father. I am also reminder of my mother’s favorite hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, which has also become a favorite of mine, it brings comfort especially knowing that “In HIs arms He’ll take and shield thee, Thou wilt find a solace there”, so true.

  91. April has such great insights into ways in which God knows us so intimately as His children. And He has known everything about us since the time we were in our mother’s womb. He truly is an awesome God and this devotional appears to be an exceptional aid to help us get to know our Heavenly Father and Savior on an intimate basis as well!

  92. April has such great insights into ways in which God knows us so intimately as His children. And He has known everything about us since the time we were in our mother’s womb. He truly is an awesome God and this devotional appears to be an exceptional aid to help us get to know our Heavenly Father and Savior on an intimate basis as well!

  93. I enjoyed reading this and reflecting on the truth of how deeply God loves me. I know my husband of 49 years knows me and loves me no matter how I look or what I do or what I say. I enjoy seeing him everyday and being known by him. I love him so much! We work hard to keep loving each other unconditionally in our marriage. I want it to be deep in my heart that I am fully known and loved by God and have intimacy with Him, who I cannot see with my eyes but know this by faith. He died for me! That’s all I need to know! I’m grateful He calls me His own! I am reading His love words to me daily so I will radiate the love to others.

    Thank you for your encouraging words today.

    • Beautifully said, Maria! I too read His love words to me so that I can reflect His light! Thank you for your comment. You were Made to Shine!

  94. Two days ago my youngest sister died and then I found out that her twin, who works in a nursing home, may have Covid 19. I am so glad that God knows me so well, my every thought and feeling, because I have had to cling to God to get through these last few days. Even when I didn’t know how to express the depth of my sadness, the Lord knew. What would I do without the Lord by my side?

    • Karen, I am so sorry for your loss! I lost a sibling (my younger brother) several years ago and it is beyond painful. Praying for you through this season. I believe the book will be a blessing to you during this time. You were Made to Shine.

  95. Oh, how much I want to shine — but I feel like I don’s know how. Thank you for your encouragement to let the light in.

    • Eudokia, I wrote the book Made to Shine just for you! There a so many examples in there of how to reflect His light. I know you will love it. You were Made to Shine.

  96. April,
    Thank you for this timely reminder, and powerful words of encouragement. They definitely hit me where I live today, feeling like the vicissitudes of life have left me lacking in luster. I am reaching out to the Lord to bridge that 12 inches between my head and my heart. I desperately want this reality of my shine to go from gnosis to epignosis! Can’t wait to read the rest of your devotional.

    • Joan, I love how God’s timing is always perfect. Thank you for your support of Made to Shine! Praying for you as you shine your light for Him!

  97. April,

    Thank you for these words of encouragement in these uncertain times.

    • Thank you for your comment, Bonnie! There is actually a devotional on “Uncertain Times” within Made to Shine. I pray it blesses you.

  98. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes. As I spend most of every day alone in quarantine I need this reminder that loneliness can’t win when I have a God who is always with me. And even more – I think how I’d love to share this book with my daughter who lost her job at the beginning of this crazy time and is home with two small children (1 and 3). I see days that dim her light and want her to find a way to recharge.

    • Debbie, I think both you and your daughter will love Made to Shine! It’s perfect for this season we’re all in together. Much love to you! You were Made to Shine!

  99. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of the fact that we are FULLY known, and FULLY loved!
    A wonderful inspiration for my day, also the reminder that we are the light, and to shine brightly! I look forward to seeing the book! Blessings!✨

  100. This sentence struck me and is a great explanation of why we should voice our prayers: “He knows it all anyway, but He also knows that life is richer when you spend time with Him.” Prayer is not a task or duty, it is time spent with the One who loves us best. Thank you for writing.

  101. I really needed to read this at this time in my life. I’m in a very lonely broken place. Feeling as though I have no one. This reminded me that I do have a friend. The best one anyone can have.

    • When I was going through a nervous breakdown I could not read Psalm 139. But now that I am on the other side of that
      Psalm 139 is one of my favourite psalms. I am so glad He knows me. I just have to get that from my head to my heart.

  102. April,

    I am intrigued by the title of you new book, Made to Shine. During these many long weeks of sheltering at home, to avoid the COVID-19 Virus, I have periodically struggled with a feeling of pure despair, due to daily news reports of the climbing numbers of COVID patients and the number of fatalities the virus has caused. The additional negativity of political rhetoric and lack of national leadership to effect a plan and adequate action for COVID testing, contact tracing, and isolation of those infected, fuels my despair and cries to the Lord, “How long, oh Lord, do we wait for you to show us a better way?” How can we be “Made to Shine” in a time of social distancing, when we can’t even join our fellow church family members for worship to recharge our batteries weekly?

    You referenced King David saying in Psalm 139:1, “Lord, You have searched me and known me.” As you’ve written about your closest friend and companion on earth, your husband, and the ways you have come to “know” each other through relationship, I also recognize the profound importance of TRUST in any close relationship. As we draw closer to the Lord through spending time reading His Word and praying, our Trust in the Lord grows stronger as we dwell on His Promises and read stories of His care for His children through the ages.

    We don’t know how things will evolve in diagnosing, treating, and protecting the world from COVID-19, but we know from God’s Word that we can trust in His care for us. I look forward to reading the devotionals in your new book, “Made to Shine”, seeking God’s guidance on ways to trust Him and shine for Him during this time of despair throughout the world.

    • You are exactly right, Kay! King David knew how to trust in the Lord even though he experienced great despair.
      I also wrote a piece called “In the Middle” that I think you will appreciate. You can find it at aprilrodgers.com/in-the-middle/
      Many blessings to you. You were Made to Shine!

  103. April- That could have been me in your story with the Barista. ❤️ That is EXACTLY how I have felt known. Such a small gesture of that Barista’s memory recall and attention to details yet the impact is mood-altering and HOPE lifting. I loves the sentence, “I am known by him because I willingly spend time with him and we share life together.” Willingly + Known = Intimate. Thank you for your devotion today ~ it blessed my ❤️.

  104. I’ve always had a problem believing I have worth. This gives me so much hope!

  105. I love this blog post. It is so true that we are all fully known through him! Also, we always need to light our light shine throughout any circumstance because that is what God wants us to do!

    • Yes! He is the Light and we are privileged to reflect His light to a dark and hurting world. Thank you for your comment, Courtney. You were Made to Shine!

  106. Love this post and idea of the devotional book! Look forward to reading it! 🙂

  107. “Lord, you have searched me and known me…” What a blessing to be known… and loved…by our Heavenly Father! Thank you for this reminder!