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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Holley,
    Your post reminds me of the saying that worry is like rocking in a rocking chair – you’re doing something, but you aren’t getting anywhere. I’m prone to rocking. If I listen to the news or medical reports too long, I can feel the anxiety rise up, tsunami-like, from my toes. The best remedy, for me, is to turn my eyes to, and think upon whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy. I need to go to His word, claim His strength, lean into Him, and continue to praise Him. That, to me, is the only fail safe recipe. Thank you for the reminder of that truth here this am.
    Bev xx

  2. Worry is hard work, but it’s completely unproductive. So ironic that it’s my default when I have the option of prayer–which lays my concerns at the feet of an all-powerful God.
    Thank you, Holley, for wise words that reset my thinking.

  3. Holley,

    Beautifully articulate- I have gained a sense of comfort from your words. I need to go and share my worries my burdens with Jesus. I cannot nor should I try to work this out on my own! Life is very strange at the moment. We are all in lockdown and this does bring feelings of worry and anxiety about many things none of which we have any control over. I know where I’m headed straight to Him with my concerns.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your words of comfort. It is so easy to allow worry to creep in with the current status of our world. Everything I have read this morning through scripture and my devotionals reminds me to turn the worries over to God. He can handle it. Faith, trust, love.

  5. yes.. worry decieves us greatly into thinking we have some emotional control over horrible situations. we don’t.. I have come to learn that building up confusion and anxiety leaves little room for God to speak. it silences his voice..it shuts him out when we have to be on top of things, even in our own destructive way.
    I’ve learned to stop.. think..clarify the situation without emotion.. then think on what I’m facing. then before all else..pray.
    I have lived thru alot and clarifying the situation without wound up emotions always gives God room to move in it.
    remember the enemy loves chaos !

  6. Needed this reminder this morning. As a firstborn, I tend to carry the weight of feeling responsible for the hearts of my whole family. We’ve had some heart ache recently with losing family and not being able to care for my elderly mom in assisted living. I’m having to give it all to the Lord again everyday. I know that He is far more capable than I am, but I still struggle.

  7. Thank you Holley. I never thought of worry as a distraction from Jesus, but it certainly is. I love when Jesus talks about sparrows, for they are just little brown birds that don’t call much attention like the dramatic colorful ones, yet He is mindful of them at all times. God bless you

  8. Thank you,
    Holly for reminding us not to worry in the midst of what we’re all going through, in the midst of this uncertain times. It is normal for me to be thinking ” are we going to have enough funds to cover the bills?” What if?… what’s going to happen next?
    But the good Lord takes care of us all, even the sparrow “who doesn’t sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns”. The Almighty Father feeds them. We are more valuable than sparrows, therefore we should not fear.
    I thank God for this reassurance! And thank you Holly for being a messenger of faith!
    May God continue to bless us all!

  9. I’m the person who can carry worry like a champion. My mom was the same way. However, my shoulders are not wide enough or strong enough and I am learning that much of what I think I should carry is God’s to hold and take care of. I appreciate the reminder that it is hard and takes multiple times of letting it go to God to finally release it. Thank you, Holley, for these words today.

  10. This is a very timely message, and perfect for all the chaos happening right now! Being in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a bit hard not to worry right now. I love where you say, “Worry is seductive because it feels like control. If we are worrying, then we must be taking action.” That is how so many people are thinking right now; if I do this, or don’t do that, then I will stay safe. But life doesn’t work that way.
    Trying desperately to stay in control of our lives and the world will leave us exhausted and disillusioned. As you say, the only thing that really works is not to chase worry and control, but to go to God, the One who can comfort us, and the One who is really in control! Thank you for this message!

  11. Holley,

    We women, especially, are prone to worry. We hear something & think the worst case scenario. Fortunately I’m not prone to doing that. When my dad had to be put in geriatric psych hospital for second time-I could not stand going through that again. The next morning I got up found You Tube & clicked on Stephen C. Chapman & started dancing in my kitchen. I didn’t want to think about what he was going through. It calmed my soul & I had worship time. Right now people are in panic mode. Truth is all they need to do is pray to God & let Him handle all this. Have a healthy respect for the virus & how to stay safe. Time for prayer asking him to make us whole & back to normal.

    Blessings 🙂

  12. Holly I have good friend in fact my best friend who bought me a plaugh. It says Hang on the Cross. With other words. Like if you have a secret sorrow a burden or loss, An aching need for healing
    If worry steal your sleep
    and make you turn and toss,
    If your heart is feeling heavy. ..
    Every obstacle faith
    or doubt you come across ,
    Every prayer unanswered
    For Christ has borne our brokenness
    and dearly paid the cost
    To turn our trials to triumph. …
    How true this is. It speaks alot to me what it says is so true. Especially in theses days we live in. As we serve a big big mighty God. Who want us to Hang everything on the cross. Plus also say JESUS JESUS JESUS IN THESE DAYS NOT CORONA CORONA CORONA. SING HANG IT ON THE CROSS OF JESUS. PLUS MORE READING JESUS WORD THE BIBLE AND PRAYER ESPECIALLY IN THESE DAYS. NOT LET WORRY FILL OUR MINDS. LIKE THE DEVIL WOULD WANT US TO DO. Love your word today Holly. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  13. Holley, thank you for the reminder to worship instead of worry. A number of years ago, Ruth Graham wrote, “Worship and worry cannot exist at the same time in the same heart. They are mutually exclusive.” Worship reminds me that God is in control and He’s much more capable than I am to plan and carry out the best outcomes.

  14. Well, this hit me like a ton of bricks! I never linked worry and control, yet it makes all the sense in the world. When I think back on years of worry, I can see now it had everything to do with me attempting to orchestrate a solution and ultimately failing. Holly, thank you for this message at just the right time. I am grateful.