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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. I not a Mum I never will be. That was my choice. I have wrote this before. I was not that brave to have kids. I love kids. But I know by own late Mum and my two Sister’s their is nothing they would not do for their kids. But I thank full to my Mum who sent me Sunday School she was not believer in Jesus. I don’t know before she passed away did she ask Jesus into her heart. I did pray for her Salvation. My Mum didn’t us bring up in Christian home. But we did get to hear the stories of Jesus at Sunday School. Not like my Mum sister kids. Who never got where sent to Sunday School now none of them believe. I believe alot of why I am saved today even though I am the only one saved in my Family my Mum Sister’s side of the Family is because I was sent to Sunday School as Child. But I am very glad I was sent. I am glad one of my Sister’s that has kids even though she and her Husband are not saved. Send the kids to Sunday School at least like me they are hearing the gospel and the stories of Jesus and the stories in the Bible. I pray that will have impact on their we lives on day like me they will get saved. As I pray for their salvation like I do for all my Family on both sides. But I also feel for Kids who have Mother who have problems. Mentality. We are not judge them but pray for thoes parents and single parents bringing kids up on their own especially if Father of that Child or Children don’t want to know them it can be hard. That child can be builed at school. We as followers of Jesus have to pray for thoes Mothers and their kids. That they will get the help they need. Kids if the Mother have any health problems mentality. No matter what it is or how the Mother got there. Ours is not Judge in God eyes but pray that their kids don’t gow up to follow in their Mother’s foots steps. As kids sometimes they copy their parents and their up bringing. Pray for kids in schools not to cruel bully them. Thoes other kids to thank full they have parents that love them that have no problems. They are brought up in home normal home. Children should be taught to do as it says in the Bible Honor thy Mother and thy Father tought to pray for them. Pray to be brought back into schools. It lovely when a child from the day it brought into the world if it brought into a loving Christian Home with Christian parents. Then that Child will see it Mother and Father pray over it. Teaching it to pray when old enough to read Gods word the Bible and Pray themselves. Plus go Sunday School. Know its Mother and Father love it. Know its Mother’s love. Then on Mother’s day if old enough they can show it back. When get old enough they have kids of their own the Love will grow on to their kids and they can if hopefully saved. Show their kids Jesus. Send them to Sunday School. Tell them how to their kids when at school love all kids like Jesus did not hate anyone. Do what this kids song says. Jesus Loves all the Children of the World Red and Yellow Black and White. Teach them we are all. The Children of Jesus no matter what age we are. Love today’s reading. Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  2. Anna – thank you! I’m sitting here in tears, because this is the first time I have seen acknowledgement in the Christian world of a mother who has lost a child “to red tape.” Our loss is felt no less deeply. Our loss is no less significant because “you still have 3 other children.” Our loss still hurts after 14 years have passed, and after the birth of another baby. Our loss is still a loss. Thank you for seeing us. Just … thank you.

  3. So beautifully written, Anna. I am a BLESSED mom of one after many years of trying/treatments….and a mom to 31 fourth graders in my classroom (which now is through computer—Google Classroom and Screencastify!) I think EVERY kind of mother is covered in your writing….so thoughtful to every end!

    My daughter is a 2020 graduate from high school in south Louisiana. Please pray for these graduates—born during the terrible sadness of 9/11, survived Hurricane Katrina, survived the terrible flood of 2016, and now….
    What a strong group of children to endure and learn so much from adversity. Disappointments/disruptions are HUGE now though. Thank you for prayers, All, for hope and peace and resolve for these high school graduates with little certainty to hang on to now.

    Can’t wait to get the book…

    • Andree,
      Lifting you, the graduates, and all the folks in your area up. If Perseverance was a class in school, y’all would get an A+. May they all turn to God as the only certainty – the only Rock amidst shifting sand.

  4. Anna,

    This book sounds like it was written by a true mom. One who understands motherhood as she has lived it. Thank you for thinking of the unsung heroes of our culture. Our society values beauty, hard work (careers), & power. Being a stay at home mom-or even a working mom is hard enough. Now we’re adding home schooling to the list of duties. No one really gives shout outs to the moms with little ones. It is high time we said a huge thank you to all the hard working moms out there. They wear so many hats-teacher, healer, cook, driver, cleaner, etc. to name a few. Their days start early & end late. They run on caffeine & grace. Yet they are doing one of the hardest & most rewarding jobs out there with little to no pay. Thank you moms!!

    Blessings 🙂