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  1. I am thankful He is holding it all together because I certainly can’t at this time of my life. My prayer is: Father God, please forgive my unbelief. Please remind me to turn off the TV and talk to you or read your Word or go for a walk or enjoy nature or sing along with some beautiful worship songs. Nature reminds me of how powerful and creative you still are. I sit here and remember that the God who made this amazing body of mine is still here and ready to bring me through all of this in victory. His victory banner over me is love. Nothing is impossible with my powerful God. Thank you, Lord Laurel

  2. The pandemic is the least of my worries. After 17 years of a 28 year marriage being multiple adulteries, my husband packed up and moved out for his next victim last night! So yeah, there’s that! Who knew the bible could be read in weeks, rather than waiting a whole year?