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  1. Mary,
    I took the quiz, and my suggested word is “rest”. Since that was my word for 2019, I’m taking a slightly different approach and am choosing “simplify” as my word. I believe that I try to cram way too much into my days. I am a “jack of all trades – master of none” kind of person. In trying to do too much, I become stretched too thin and I burn myself out. By simplifying, I want to try to cut out what is not absolutely necessary and concentrate on people and activities that are life-giving. I tend to continually pour out without taking time to refuel. Rest is certainly part of trying to simplify. I have physical limitations that require rest and too often I neglect what is necessary in order to do those things that I think I “should” do. In simplifying, I’m going to drop the tyranny of the “shoulds” and instead Ask God to prioritize what I need to be doing or not doing. By going with His marching orders and not the world’s, it makes life a lot more simple. Here’s to the simple life!
    Bev xx

    • My word is REST. Somehow, someway I’ve got to figure this one out. I need a good Bible study on rest.

      • Janice,

        One good Bible Study is Lysa Terkeurst’s “Your Best Yes”. She talks about being able to say no to certain things in order to say yes to others. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to do it all. One quote from her book “Saying yes to everything won’t make you wonder woman. It will make you a worn out woman”. You won’t have anything left ti give to others.

        I pray this suggestion helps!

        Blessings 🙂

      • Janice,
        I recommend the book, Whispers of Rest”, by Bonnie Gray 🙂 It’s a beautiful!
        It’s a guided 40 day journey, encouraging God’s rest for our lives.

    • I took the quiz and my word is “abide.” With several stresses in my life this reveals to me that I must keep trusting, keep depending and never stop believing in “HIM”. AMEN

    • Bev,

      Yeah for simplifying. Have you read Lysa Terkeurst’s book “Your Best Yes”? She states that saying yes to everything won’t make you wonder woman. It will make you a worn out woman. You won’t have anything left to give to God or those you love. I sense God telling you to take time daily to just rest in Him. Slow down some & take in the beauty around you.

      Praying you had a great Christmas & a wonderful New Year filled with God’s blessings of peace, prosperity & health.

      Blessings 🙂

      • Thanks Beth…
        Yes, I have read “Your Best Yes” and it is great in helping to prioritize and say “Yes” to only those things that are of God and are life giving. I guess I’m realizing that I can’t go at the pace I used to and I need for my days to be less consumed by extraneous stuff. Right now, I still head up a non-profit foundation, I am a crossing guard in the am and pm and love both of these and then I write my weekly blog. That and just trying to keep the house together and fix meals is plenty. I need to prioritize time to be in His word and simply rest. Thanks for your prayers, care, and concern!!
        Bev xx

  2. Gather- Wow! this is so God!! I have several wood signs and plaques in my home that have this word. I have been struggling with this, this holiday season. I get so overwhelmed by having people over to my home because I just want to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of, house is clean etc etc etc. I pray that God will open up my heart and my home to family and friends and I would take the time to enjoy every moment and person instead of stressing about the things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

    • Gather – my word too. I feel just the same when I have people to my house….just wanting everything to be right…do I busy myself beforehand preparing and then I am tired when they are with us..think I need to focus less on the preparation and more on when the family /friends are with us. I have got to the point where having visitors was too much so we don’t often have people in our home. …I so want to change this. A

  3. My word is ABIDE. How precious is that? I just pray for the grace and strength for whatever comes next. Facing a medical challenge.

  4. God gave me my word (and verse!) for 2020 a couple of weeks ago. My word is Light and my verse is Matthew 5:14-16, which, in The Passion Translation says, “Your lives light up the world. Let others see your light from a distance, for how can you hide a city that stands on a hilltop?[a] 15 And who would light a lamp and then hide it in an obscure place?[b] Instead, it’s placed where everyone in the house can benefit from its light. 16 So don’t hide your light![c] Let it shine brightly before others, so that the commendable things you do will shine as light upon them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.” I’m excited to see how He uses my word and verse this year!

  5. “Bloom”
    2020 will be a year of transition with big life changes in 2021… I’m trusting God will lay the path and guide my direction.

  6. My word for 2020 (which is so crazy, wow!) is “rest”. I was excited to get this word, but then I had to chuckle. My husband and I are having a baby in May, so I feel like not much resting will be done in our house as we prepare for the baby’s coming and then raise our little one. But I got to thinking… this doesn’t have to mean physical rest. A lot of times, I push myself too hard, take on a huge agenda, always schedule time out of my day, and fear to sit down and prop my feet up on the couch because I could be missing something. I ran around like a mad woman all year. This year, I’m excited to embrace my word and embrace what God is doing for me in 2020 and all I can do for Him. When I leave my schedule open, I’m sure God can fill in the gaps with something amazing that I can do to further His Kingdom. I need to not rush ahead and run myself silly. I need to be still and rest, and wait on God.


  7. I’d already selected my word for the year: GRACE. But Dayspring gave me BLOOM which I also like because it’s been challenging for me to live fully in the season I’m in. Putting them together, I’ve settled on “Bloom in Grace”. Looking forward to all He has for me in 2020!

  8. After taking the test, my word is “abide.” In order to be more productive in God’s will (loving and caring for others) and to live the life God wants for me, I know I must abide in Him daily. Anxious thoughts assail me and I need to abide in God and His strength. Other words I might have chosen would be trust and faith. Each morning as I read my devotions and pray I will remember to abide in God.

  9. Stand. My word from the quiz is Stand. It’s fitting, really, that I head into 2020 remembering that I can – and do! – stand on the promises of God. He’s been faithful before; He will be faithful again. My family just moved from middle Georgia (our hometown) to Memphis. My husband has been in Memphis since early September, but our three kids and I just came last week! We’ve had the most special Christmas in our new home, just us five. But as we look towards the New Year, I recognize I’ll be standing on God’s promises as we begin our lives in our new town!

    • My word is Stand too!
      I’m in Memphis. This is my hometown!
      Praying you feel welcomed!

  10. My word is rest. Oh how I need it in every area, even in, maybe especially in work at church. I am reminded this morning that my rest can open an opportunity for another’s service.

  11. My word is gather. I am not sure what God has in mind. I’ve had a burden for many years to reach out to others. This new year will be an adventure ….seeing where God leads and what He will accomplish! To me it speaks of being pure and clean so that He is able to use me in whatever way He desires. Also I will be more aware of looking for ways to help others along in their journey of life.

  12. My word is Bloom. I’m wrestling with this a little wondering if it means I need to trust God more, if it’s linked to confidence which was my word a few years ago, or is it something else all together.

  13. “Bloom” in 2020. The year 2019 was a doozie – mostly wonderful, but emotion packed. So now I will take that introspective growth and let it bear some fruit. I will take what I’ve learned and dealt with and help someone else along the way. Just as I’ve received flowers as congratulations and condolence, I will try to shed some softness and companionship to those I am journeying with. I will also strive to stay well watered so my bloom doesn’t wilt.

  14. My word is Abide. I need to remain in God’s presence, so that I will not be overwhelmed by life.

  15. The quiz results suggested the work “gather.” After much prayer and thought, I think I will choose the word “hug” instead. I have just recently finished reading the book How We Love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich and have confirmed that I have a pleaser and an avoider love style. As a child I was not allowed to express my negative emotions, was never told I was loved or rarely given any affection. Now as an adult and teacher, I find it difficult to express emotions or give and/or receive hugs. With God’s help, I am going to ask my husband to give me at least one hug everyday, and hug and comfort my students more when they are struggling too. (-: Kerry

  16. My word for 2020 is ‘stand’. I know God is encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and step out in my faith. It will be a challenge for me that’s for sure but I know I can do it!!!

  17. My word for 2020 is “bloom.” I am firmly planted in Him. It is time for me to open, flourish, and thrive.

  18. Last year my word was brave and as this year has been at going at a crashing pace I love my word for 2020. It is rest and the verse is Psalm46:10. I am ready to slow down and simplify and rest at His feet. I need to learn to set boundaries varies and not feel guilty for that and listen with my to God’s whispers.

  19. My word is REST. Honestly, I know that is what I need in the coming year and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds for me!

  20. My word was Abide. Not sure exactly what that means to me just yet. I wondered if I had selected a different choice when I was torn between two if it would have made a difference, so I went back and took the quiz again…same word. I have Mike Ashcraft’s book “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word”- guess I need to pull it out and read it again!

  21. Last year my word was “peace”. I so enjoyed each day praying about my Lord pouring His peace over my life. 2019 was a challenging year. His peace was my saving grace. I was thinking I would just use the same word again in 2020 but This morning I decided to take the quiz. Guess what my word is “Bloom”. Aww my Lord is so faithful. Now it is time to “Bloom” and share with my friends how “peace” can only come from our Heavenly Father”. Thank you for this encouragement. Merry Christmas and May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you each day.

  22. I got the word bloom. I never would have come up with that on my own! I was going with confident…but I guess those 2 go together pretty well. Bloom has more action which really excites me deep within.

  23. In Courage,

    My word for 2020 is bloom. God gave me an exciting, challenging new job in 2019. It has taken me a lot of time & energy to learn this job. Changes had to be made at home also. Started out working just 2 days a week. It quickly grew to 2 days then 3 days the next-mostly. Now I work any where from 2-5 days a week depending on need. Have put in 45 hrs one week-so much for part time. My focus this year will be to bloom right where God has me. Don’t look around & see what I don’t have, but be content with what He has given me. More than that I want to grow more & share His light & love with those I work with & our patients. Encouragement is my talent. I plan on using it as much as possible. Letting others know how they are impacting my life & the lives of others around them.

    Blessings 🙂

  24. My word is BLOOM! In 2020 I turn 60 and I am so excited by life. I guess it’s never to late to bloom and blossom.

  25. The word I received from the quiz was Abide. I did a Bible Study this fall titled Abide. It pretty much sums up my desire to grow and stay faithful to my Lord and Savior. To Abide in Him.

  26. My word was “STAND.” It is fitting for me, as I need to remember that He has never failed me yet, and I can stand firm in that truth as I go forth. I’ve been in a season of waiting for a job for months now. I have finally received a great job offer, but it means a 4 hour move for my husband and I, and my husband would need to find a new job as well. Standing strong in the Lord’s truth and promises will be what helps get me through a season with lots of changes and tough decisions.

  27. My word came up as Abide. I will need him more than ever this year. My circumstances have changed, things tougher than ever. God is all you have, I dont mean that in a bad way, it’s just, even though you believe and trust in Him you , I still have that do it myself problem. I cant do it myself, well has run dry and I’m not young nor do I have lots of people to help me. As I said this year should prove interesting. Donna Kelly

  28. My word is BLOOM! I think that’s very appropriate for being in a hard season, but needing to see the presence of God in it and grow in spite of my challenging circumstances. And I’m hoping one way I’ll be able to do that is to continue sharing through my writing how God is growing me in a hard season of illness. 🙂

  29. Happy Day After Christmas Everyone!
    My quiz revealed the word STAND. I am intrigued and motivated at the same time. I had picked for myself the word WELLNESS for many reasons, not just health-related, but as a general reminder to be well in mind, soul and body. This quiz causes me to consider how I need to actually STAND in the promises God has for me regarding wellness and health in all aspects of my current season. It reminds me that my root issue is actually one of TRUST so, therefore, I am choosing to STAND in the Word of God this year, to fix my eyes on Him, and to TRUST His promise of WELLNESS in my entire being.

    Thanks for the post! I am encouraged!

  30. At first I was skeptical that a quiz could determine my word of the year. But I decided taking the quick 7 question quiz certainly wouldn’t hurt, so I did. My word was ABIDE. And I actually love it. I think that’s probably exactly the word I need!

  31. My word is “Rest.” I find this very fitting as I am a high school teacher as well as a mom and wife. My day starts at 4:30 and ends late at night. I definitely need rest and a reminder that through Jesus-he is my rest and through him-I can find peace and be filled up with him. When I rest in him-I can meditate on his word and be at peace knowing that he will be with me through my busy days.

  32. my word is Stand! The verses are perfect for what I feel God calling me to in 2020. I’m excited to see what God has in store and to focus on this word as He guides me!

  33. My word for 2020 is ABIDE. This fits very well with the current season I am in—wanting to find joy in the little things and yet facing some uncertainties in areas I didn’t expect, so needing to trust and rest in God and His faithfulness and live for me. Oh, and I love this idea of having a word to focus on all year long!

  34. My word is “Gather”. Every year I consider choosing a word and most years I never do. I look forward to what 2020 holds with the word “Gather” and all that God has planned to work in my life this coming year.

  35. My word is “Grateful”. I survived an incredibly tumultuous year. Despite all the hardships I endured, I realized that Christ continued to supply me with strength, courage, acceptance, and abundant “hope”. I will strive in this new year to be grateful for tender mercies, both big and small! Thanks to all the ladies of our Dayspring family who helped me to renew my faith each Day. May God bless you all in the new year with abundant joy, good health, strength, peace, love, and faith!

  36. My word for 2020 is Abide… I know there is work to be done…. Walking into 2020 with a new perspective and hope.

  37. My word is Bloom. It perfectly sums up what I look forward to doing in 2020 be it in my Faith, my home and professionally. Thank you (in)courage.



  39. I had already chosen “live”, meaning no more waiting and no more being simply dutiful. The quiz suggested “bloom”, which I like, too. Perhaps I’ll combine the two: “Live blooming!” 2020 will be a year to open and flourish beautifully, as God intended. Time to bear fruit joyfully.

  40. I knew what my word was – felt God speaking to my heart. My word is REST. I am so delighted to have it confirmed through the 7 questions.

  41. My word after taking the quiz is Abide. And I know it’s something I need to do much more of. Being still enough to truly feast on His presence and so that whatever work of service I do for Him would bring glory to His name since I would be led only by Him. Sometimes fears and anxiety gets in the way and I don’t stay still long enough. But daily seeking to abide longer in His presence will put everything else in focus and perspective.

  42. Dayspring’s Word of the Year questions gave me the word “STAND” as my word of the year. I believe it goes with my 2020 word “CHOOSE”. I’ve been struggle to have the courage to go in the direction that Gods seems to be showing me. The career and life path I believe HE has laid out for me; I’ll need to go back to grad school at 48 years old and with several health issues. I want to remember to CHOOSE to STAND on GOD’s promises and HIS word that HE is with me.

    • Hey, Peggy!!! I got ‘STAND’ as well and am 48 and see the writing on the wall for grad school…I know that’s what He’s carved out for me to be obedient in, but, geez, after sooo many left turns, I’m looking to get some right turns so I can make sure this is what He wants.
      I’d really just like everything spelled out sometimes-lol;)


    • Hi Peggy, my word is also STAND. With the new year being 2020, I have been thinking about 20/20 sight and visual acuity which led me to the words CHOOSE (like you!) and FOCUS. I’m looking forward to seeing things through God’s sight and will be praying for you to do the same. God bless!

  43. My word after taking the quiz is gather. The word I have for 2020 (and sort of this year) is inspire.. They oth go together well and I look forward to seeing how God uses me in 2020 gathering people to inspire them. I shared in church recently about doing community better in 2020. Looks like it is a goer. I would like to gather and inspire people firstly by sharing recipe ideas and friendship. Thank you for the challenge.

  44. My word is ABIDE. I had chosen FAITH previously so abiding in God is appropriate. I am in a very difficult time with extended family. It is affecting me, my husband, our children, and our family as a whole. Does anyone have any suggestions of books that I could read to grow in this area?

  45. My word is Bloom. It encourages me because of the “wilderness” I have been journeying through in the past year. Will be interesting to see what God does in 2020b

  46. My word is GATHER. Every year I want to pick a word but never know how to exactly do it. Thank you incourage.me for helping me out. God has opened doors for me to get certified in life coaching. I have a desire to gather women together and equip them to pursue their goals and dreams. I started group coaching already this year but I believe the Lord is calling me to step out in faith and develop this ministry. I’m excited to see this word in action this coming year!

  47. My word for 2020 is Stand. Stand up for what I believe; stand strong in His mighty power and holy purposes; stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord; stand by while the Lord passes by. I have some important things to do this year and I believe Jesus will be standing by me every step of the way!

  48. My word for 2020 is Stand. This comes on the hills of last years word of Brave. I have had a lot of changes in my life this last year, new state, new job, and everything that it brought into my life. I relied on God to open the door I needed to go through this year and the am thankful for the push I needed to release where I had been. Now I need to combine the two and be brave and stand where God has put me and LIVE life and not be happy to just survive it. I need to grow in confidence in my job, my responsibilities and not let fear limit my abilities and possibilities. I also need to remember my word is not run or over multi-task, so I need to make sure I don’t over commit and take on and promise too much but tend to what he has led me to, in the place that he has led me. Thank you for this reminder and for the verses. I will treasure them this year.

  49. My first time taking the quiz & choosing a word for the year. Very interested that my word came up as Gather. 33 years ago my Dad nicknamed my now husband of almost 32 years “the stray that stayed” as I’ve always been gathering people for meals & activities. We are weary from alot of serving & day to day routine demands so are trying to be intentional about not over extending ourselves. Going to be an exciting year seeing how God balances our intentionality & honing the definition of gather!

  50. Bloom.
    Although this word is intimidating to me, I feel God’s peace. I know I need to enjoy this beautiful and chaotic season of life He’s given me. I’m excited to bloom this year! ❤️

  51. My word for the year is “Stand”. 2019 was a trying year emotionally, psychologically and financiall, and tested my faith and peace. 2020 would be the closure of some goals and the beginning of new ones. As I come close to accompliding those goals I am anxious and my faith sometimes wavers. I am remimded yo be resoled to finish and finish well. Stand my ground, believe God’s Word, enter into my new season and trust His will to the finish line.

  52. I took the quiz and my word is Stand. Last year it was courage which was so fitting after a major health scare and loosing a kidney. Need to stand firm in the promises He has made!

  53. My word is REST. This couldn’t be more fitting for me as I’ve been feeling the affects of the many responsibilities that I have as a wife, business owner, and women’s ministry director at my church.

  54. “Rest” It was so hard to choose answers on most of the questions! I was really torn between two options on several & could see where that would lead. (I took it again with others to see & the other way is abide.) This is good because I worked way too many hours last year & had volunteering and leading in every other minute, so rest is needed, plus my injury requires sitting for healing and trusting God for the situation. Looking forward to what He does in 2020 & praying for a year of provision so I can actually rest.

  55. My word is “gather”. Asking God to show me how to walk in His way in the process of gathering. Blessings!

  56. How about the WORD: Jesus?
    Why do we look to a man-made idea of a questionnaire to tell us how we should think and act? Why not go directly to the One who IS the WORD?
    Keep your eyes on Jesus…all year, every year.
    In the beginning was THE WORD.

  57. My word of 2020 is STAND. There is so much about “stand” to me. To stand firm in the truth, to stand in faith, to stand trusting God, to stand in knowing God, to stand in presence of a God, to stand in courageous and to stand (be still) and know that He is God.

  58. The quiz told me “Bloom.” I like that. It makes me picture a flower in spring, coming out of the darkness of winter and opening to embrace the sunlight.
    I had already been burdened to REST in 2020, so that is the word I chose. But I love quizzes and this one was great. I plan to share it with my social media friends.

  59. The word I got was BLOOM. I’m not sure how I feel about that but looking forward to seeing where God will lead me with it.

  60. I took the quiz twice and received ABIDE. I’m feeling that’s a little more like my word for 2020. Maybe I’ll need two this year.

  61. Gather – not one that instantly brought ideas to me but one I will dig into this year and see how it plays out in my journey

  62. My word is “REST” for 2020, which gives me pause to think as that isn’t what I would have picked. I goals for 2020 though to focus around my home and family.

  63. My one word is STAND!

    1 Corinthians 16:13-14 New International Version (NIV)
    “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.”

    To stay alert and on my guard means that I will need to keep margin in my life that is for God alone. Quiet, personal, intimate time with Him is a necessity. I need to dedicate myself to strengthening my relationship with Him, so that all I do will be a reflection of His love. This also will require me to say, “NO” to things people ask and expect of me that are distractions. I am addicted to approval and I will need the strength of the Father to utter that 2 letter word. I know that He is calling me deeper and that I have to keep my focus on Him. I cannot know His plan/will if I am not in it or seeking it with my whole heart. In 2020, I will learn to STAND!

  64. The quiz gave me the result of “Rest.” I had previously been leading toward “Focus” which can definitely fit with it. Instead of being all over the place, I hope to focus my time and energy better so I can better rest and rejuvenate.

  65. My word via this quiz is “Bloom”. Love it!

    I have done my One Word year for the last couple years and the last two years have been the word JOY. This year I felt like maybe JOY was still my word but it was my word as in like a light but that also didn’t seem to fit quite right. I had been spending a lot of time this week in prayer about this.

    I begrudgingly took this quiz. Like, what could it really tell me?

    And it chose Bloom and I my heart did a little leap.

    Bloom with Joy.

    I nearly cried.

    So thank you for this post/quiz from someone who looked at it skeptically. It was just what I needed.

  66. I took the quiz and my word is BLOOM. How fitting as I will be starting a new ministry on January 1st serving Burmese refugees that don’t speak English and English is the only language I do speak! God so loves to push me out of my comfort zone!

  67. I took the quiz and my word for 2020 is STAND. I have to be honest. I’m not sure what to think on what it means for me right now. However I do have faith to believe that this is the word that God meant for me in this season, so I will do some soul searching and pray on it! Happy New Year and God bless!

  68. My word was Rest. It seems counterintuitive to starting a new year, but it really speaks to me. I’m looking forward to exploring this in 2020!

  69. The word I got through this quiz was Abide. There were a couple of questions where I could have chosen every answer! I am coming through 2 of the most difficult years of my life and looking to a year of transition in 2020. (think serious medical conditions for family members and needing to relocate a family member with dementia) As I am praying and contemplating my word for this year, I keep coming back to Trust. I plan to read the resources on Abide and keep praying about Trust to see what the Holy Spirit reveals. THANK YOU for this resource. I share Word of the Year philosophy with everyone I can! Now I can refer them to this resource.

  70. Hello
    I took the quiz and my word is “stand”. English isn’t my first language and I had some difficulty understanding this word as a “word of the year”, but after reading some comments here on your blog I think I’m going to keep it. Could you maybe help me figuring out what it could mean? So far I got: stand up for my faith and stand firm in my faith.

  71. My word is abide. Lord knows I need to learn to “abide in Him” this next year; letting go of so many things I can’t control… my husbands Leukemia, my mother’s aging body and mind, my daughters emotional challenges… help me oh God to “Abide” in you.

  72. I already picked my word for the year, which is “perseverance”, but decided to take the quiz anyway just to see what it would give me. I ended up getting the word “abide”. I thought it was interesting so I looked up the definition and one of the synonyms is persist, which is related to the word “persevere”.

  73. My word is bloom. I’m excited about this. Weeks before I took this quiz I was offered a job which will start in two weeks and this job. I accepted the position to grow my career and now I get the word bloom. And after a couple difficult years I’m getting my feet under need again and gaining my confidence back in myself… Again fits with bloom. I would not have thought of this word without the quiz. Now I hope to have dinner guidance on how I can bloom according to God’s plan.

  74. I have never had a “word” before and really don’t know what to do. I took the quizz and my word is “Gather,” can someone guide me as to what I am suppose to do with my new word. I feel this is the right word for me but am uncertain as to what to do. Help, PLEASE.

  75. I was struggling to find a word for 2020. I desire for more trust and faith in God. I’m grateful for what I have but want more to help others. I lack joy often – just go through the motions. This is the year I want to take the weight off once and for all. I need to be more present in life. I feel I’m all over the place. My word given by the quiz was BLOOM and it speaks to me as it encompasses all that I am struggling with. Thank you.

  76. I chose Rest for myself, but this quiz gave me Bloom. I like the idea of blooming into the fruits of the Spirit, but I want to incorporate rest somehow. Any ideas on a phrase that incorporates both rest and bloom?

  77. My word was BLOOM. In the season I am in, this is probably pretty accurate. I have been searching for something to fulfill me and bring peace. Desperately searching for new employment but maybe I’m just supposed to bloom where He has me planted?! My heart is searching for PEACE and the only true peace comes from trusting and having a relationship with God.