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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. Anna,
    I love your outlook! Why do we limit our celebrating to just several special days per year? Every day I wake up, I thank God for that reality. Having spent many months unable to walk, I celebrate every time I can take my beagle for a walk. I like the twist of unconventional celebrations (Friendsgiving) – especially because many of us don’t have Norman Rockwell type family gatherings. Sometimes the holidays can be bittersweet. Thanks for the encouragement to do things a little differently in order to celebrate God’s goodness.
    Bev xx

  2. Anna,

    While I subscribe to let the holidays fall as they should. I get the idea of celebrating everyday of our lives. We need to be a thankful people. Who’s to say when to put up decorations or make the cookies? Like you said if it brings you joy & happiness then celebrate big. Ours is a God of parties. The fist miracle performed was to “keep the party going”. Keep the wedding celebration in full swing. This year is extra hard on my family. M FIL has stage III bladder cancer & had a bilateral ischemic attack 3 weeks ago. Plus 2 weeks prior MIL fell & broke her left hand. We both work hard stressful jobs. I wouldn’t mind a party here or there with friends. In fact for Thanksgiving I’m going over to my pastor & his wife’s house for a potluck dinner. They do this each year at Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter. Inviting those with no one else to celebrate over to their house. Yeah~go on & celebrate, watch the movies, listen to the music. Make the heart merry. God doesn’t care about seasons. He just wants thankful people. Congratulations on mama being twenty years cancer free.

    Bessings 🙂

  3. Anna,
    I SO appreciated your view on holidays and EVERYDAY! Thank you for sharing your heart and helping put perspective around celebrations! Happy/Merry/Grateful EVERYTHING!

  4. Perfect timing on this post, Anna! The collision of holidays coming at the end of this month has me in white knuckle mode, wondering how I’ll navigate the transition from Thanksgiving to Advent without whiplash–and you’ve reassured me that it will be fine no matter what it looks like!

    • YES Michele, that is exactly it. The white knuckling and whiplashing. I’m tired of it. Right? Praying we can both take it day by day this season.

  5. You opened my eyes. I was a scrooge as I am one who loves Thanksgiving. Not necessarily for the pilgrims but just for a holiday where we can be reminded how thankful we should be for those in our circle of life.

    You did open my eyes though and reminded me that each day should be a celebration. Thank you for being so brave, congrats to your mom and her celebration of life for 20 years. I lost my best friend 1 year ago July to triple negative. Your comment about punching cancer in the face made me laugh and cry as she did till they said there was nothing else they could do.

    Thank you for your brave & lovely reminder to celebrate every day in a way that brings you joy.

    • CjB, your comment here touched my heart. Thank you for your brave and kind words. I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend; that pain is like no other. Praying for your celebrations this season.

  6. Thank you for giving me new perspective-I agree wholeheartedly to the “you do you “ concept. I have always been a fan of Thanksgiving and felt people should celebrate it first then Christmas-you have made me see celebrating in a new way.

  7. Everyday can be Christmas. Don’t get what I am saying wrong. We as the world seem to think Jesus was born on 25th December. It does not say in the Bible when Jesus was born. But it does tell the story about the first Christmas. So we can celebrate it really any time of the year. But the best present we can give someone is telling them about Jesus coming into the world as baby in a manger. That God did not choose for his son to be born in a Fancy place or Hospital but a Manger with animals. To show us that he was humbl just like me and you born with no airs and graces. That he didn’t need any where fancy to be born. He was The best present we can give someone especially if not saved is to tell that story of the first Christmas. That is telling them about the best present that ever came into the world. That God gave us that was his son Jesus. The best present the world would ever have and ask into their heart especially if not saved. So that is a present worth treasuring. As when we get a present on 25th December from Family or good Friend and we like it we like to treasure it and keep it special. So we can do the same. With God gift to us especially if not saved. Teasure it in our hearts for all our days. Then pass the Christmas story throughout the year on to others who are not saved. To hear it. Hopefully they through hearing it. If will listen to it will get saved. Treasure that gift God has given them as the best present they could ever have in their hearts for ever. Then they will live their lives for Jesus and tell the Christmas story to others not saved. Hopefully they will get saved. As it is a story to be Celebrated all year round. I say Amen to that as it one of the best stories in the Bible and the best present ever given to Us. From God with Love. Because he Loves Us his People So Much. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  8. So proud God has kept your lovely Mum cancer free for so long. May you and your Mum be blessed for many more years together. You look so like your Mum. God is good all the time and all the time God is Good. Don Moen sings that song. You get it on Youtube. I praise God through the treatment and the Doctors He used them to heal your Mum and through that she can tell her story. Through that it will make others not saved get saved and that have cancer fight it. Not give into it. See they can win. Get healed like your Mum. She can help them also get saved. If not saved. Know God is with them all through their treatment plus all they are going through. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  9. yes exactly..you do you ! if only all women knew that . I agree..celebrate and embrace life !! my tree is up right after rememberance day ( Nov 11) here. enjoy the things you can because life sure throws some hard stuff at us..

  10. JESUS IS THE RESON FOR THE SEASON (the reason why wecelebrate Christmas we don’t need to celebrate Christmas just once a year. We can celebrate it all year round the story of JESUS why he came into the world. Especially for the unsaved to hear. JESUS THE BEST PRESENT WE CAN HAVE. TELL THECHRISTMAS STORY TO THE UNSAVED. NO BETTER STORY CAN YOU TELL. OR PRESENT GIVE THEM. THIS CHRISTMAS PLUS ALL YEAR ROUND. THAT SPEAKS OF GODS LOVE FOR US ALL AS HE GAVE US JESUS BORN IN A MANGER NO AIRS OR GRACES. )

  11. That Saint Irenaeus quote is one of my most favorite! I love the way you lean into who God made you and encourage us all to do the same. xx

  12. Love your Grab-the-Joy attitude, Anna! So glad you included that Irenaeus quote too, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” To think our happy celebrations of Jesus’ birth highlight God’s glory just increases the joy. (P.S. That quote may be famous, but somehow I’ve somehow missed it all these years!)