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  1. I’m grateful yo my God for giving me a job. It is a temporary role at the University, full time for 3 months. It’s NOT what I want to do as a career however it’s an answer to many prayers and it’s money for our family. I’m so very grateful for his provision and I’m so happy to know God heard my prayers.

    I know that after this role God will provide a role linked to my Masters somehow that Is in His plan and in His perfect timing. For now I am grateful just to have a job and stability into next year!!

    Thanks incourage sisters for all your prayers!! God listened and has provided. He is such an amazing Lord!

    • YAY! Jas!
      Praising God with you!
      You are right – His plan…His perfect timing. Trust in His big picture thinking for you.
      Thankful for a position and income to pay the bills…giving you your daily bread!
      Will continue praying for 2020!
      Blessings sweet sister,
      Bev xo

    • Good morning Jas,
      Congratulations! I am graduating with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling this coming December. I am praying for a job to be linked with my Masters too! May God bless our efforts and job search. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

      • Kamilah,
        Lifting you up in prayer that God will bless you and us both with connected roles to our respective Masters in his plan and timing!! IJN Amen

    • Jas that is so great to hear that you have been provided a job! Praying God will use you right where you are and will provide after your done this position. He knows! Such a wonderful Father He is!

      • Thanks Darlene, Our Lord sure is good! He never leaves us even when we can’t hear him…He is still there working his plan for us in the background. Love him!!

    • God has given you a foot inside the door and who knows what connections you will make there. I saw a colleague last night who is at the moment not an RSSW by profession but doing maintenance and also being a shipping and receiving clerk. He also has a family to support. God’s richest blessings and congratulations Jas.

      • Thank you Cathy! You are right! This job in purchasing is not my first choice but maybe there is a connection or something I am yet to learn. God s awesome and I’m simply trusting in Him!

    • Jas,

      So glad God has given you a job. Celebrating with you today! Who knows this job may give you contacts & lead to something much bigger & better. When I went back to work part-time I got an ok job close to home. That job ended January of this year. God has given me something so much better than I could have ever thought. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you & not harm you. To give you a hope & a future”. He has great plans in store for you. Praying for something much bigger in 2020.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Gratitude is so important, but sometimes when you’re sitting in a hard place in life it can be difficult to be grateful. In those moments, I’ve found it’s helpful to start small — I’m thankful for running water, my child’s smile, or the fact that I have food to offer my children when they are hungry. Starting with gratitude for these simple moments helps to build gratitude naturally, and eventually nurtures a spirit of continual gratitude as well.

    • Yes you are so right to be thank for the water on to God. One day a Young lady in Our Church she said a prayer. It made me sit up and think. Just like you about the water. God she said help us it was so simple. God help us not to waist electricy. When people don’t have any in our world. I thought how true. Just like your we prayer to do with the water. There are people in our world today with no clean water. We don’t give God enough thanks for all he gives us. As it God gives us everything we have. The money to buy food put buy clothes pay or bills have the lovely homes we have. How often do we stop to thank God for theses thing he has bless us with. When alot of people don’t have roof over their heads or food too eat. We sometimes Grumble over the simplest little things. We should be tbank ful for what we have. Say God thank you when we have all our meals. Plus thank him for our water and clothes. Plus the roof over our heads. I am very guilty of not thanking God enough for things like this. You Jenni talking about the water reminded me of this. Thank you so much. So lets start and thank God more for all he gives us. A song comes to mind you get it on Youtube give thanks with a grateful heart. A lovely true song do listen to it if get a chance. Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  3. Yes lets be thank full on to the Lord for everything. As without the Lord we have nothing. It is him who wakes us up to see and be able to breath to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. It is he who has made us. No matter if we are in pain or with some sort of sickness or depression. We should be still thank full we are alive. When there is some one out there breathing their last breath. Some family going into morning for loss of that person. Or that family or that person being told they have illness they will never get over. Or their Chid will never get over. Their worlds sinks. We with our pain or sickness yes we our suffering or depression. We still have alot to thank Dr God as I call him. For the fact we woke up we can are alive to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. Knowing that he loves us. He is by our sides. He will never leave us no matter how bad or pain is or the sickness or the depression. We can know we can go God in prayer to his Word the Bible and stand on the promises in it. Be thank full we are alive. Keep looking up on to one who made us and is The Lord the creater of Heaven and Earth. Start praying and praising God for our Brothers and Sisters alot worse of than ourselves. Plus putting on praise music. Reading the Psalms out load to let God know how thank full you are for all he does for us. Like Psalm 100 all of it. Psalm 118 v 24 which says The Is Day The Lord Has Made We Will Rejoice And Be Glad In It. So lets be glad no matter what we go through. In Song Prayer and Standing on the Promises of Gods word the Bible. Stamp Old Statan Under our feet. No matter what Sickness Pain or Depression or Sadness we feel. As God will use all this to lighten our hearts and help us cope with all we are going through. Plus not say why me and be thank full to be alive to see another day in Gods beautiful world. That he woke us up to enjoy no matter what we are going through. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Standing on the promises of God – I love this Dawn! What a way with words you have! Thankful to God you are here and share your beautiful insights!


  4. Yes, God is everywhere. If only we will notice Him being around us all the time. Praising God for everything is a start. It helps us to focus back from a self centre life to a God focus life. Praise God for His unfailing love.

    • Yes Linda! And don’t you notice with constant gratitude to God for all he gives and does for us, for the beauty in his creation, the lighter and happier we eventually feel? The closer we feel to Him?

  5. In Courage,

    This world in this day & time makes it so easy to get down & depressed. When that happens I simply make a “Thankful list”. I put on it all things from Home in Heaven, Jesus died on Cross, Sins forgiven to small things like paper, toilet paper, laundry detergent & even paper clips. My list can include more than 200+ items. Doing this makes me realize how blessed I am. Not just at Thanksgiving, but always. These past few years have been filled with ups & downs. My FIL has had multiple health issues & has been hospitalized twice between late October & November. Praising God he is going home today on hospice. That will give them the help they need & he can stay at home. He has Stage III bladder cancer, bladder infection, trouble urinating, and had a bilateral ischemic attack about 3-4 weeks ago. He would like to be made comfortable at home. I know MIL doesn’t like traveling back & forth to hospital. She fell & broke her left hand in the interim of all this. She needs healing also. Praising God for all the goodness He provides. Hospice is a God send. Having MIL ex DIL live with them, help care for, organize, cook for & clean the house is an added bonus. God just amazes me!

    Blessings 🙂