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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Handwritten notes are worth their weight in gold!
    I received a sweet and specific thank you note recently on a day when I had convinced myself that I wasn’t worth much. God orchestrated the timing on that mail delivery!

    • Oh, I love that, Michele! God can use a timely word from a friend to speak truth to our hearts exactly when we need it.

  2. How timely it is to be National Encouragement Day on a day that my husband continue to grieve the anniversary of his mother’s passing from cancer and also the day that we are scheduled to do further testing on my oldest daughter to rule out seizures! Woke up to this word and words from friends that said “ I’m praying for you”. That was reassurance that God has us perfectly in his hands! I’m encouraged!

    • Nikeia,

      Praying for you today. May your husband have peace about his mom’s passing. May you both feel God today when you go for testing of your daughter. May you sense that God is near & holding you tight. Praying for good results. God’s got this & you all!


  3. I value the power of encouragement. I’ve seen it change people before my eyes. This week I was on the receiving end of some timely, God sent encouragement. I see you, daughter, He said. His words came through another person. That lightened my load. Changed my perspective. Created space for Him to live more fully in me. We must tend to heads and hearts in His garden.

  4. Becky,

    I am the encourager. At work I try to say thank you, nice job or looks good to those cleaning rooms & stocking our floor. Sure it is their job, but also nice to know that someone cares & notices the job they are doing. Always say hello to those I see at work. Ask patients or families if they need anything. This world is so full of sadness & darkness that I just want to spread some sunshine in an otherwise gloomy place (hospital) & just about anywhere I go. People have sent me notes in the mail, hand held birthday cards, etc. make my day.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. One of my older friends is 85. She has always been a source of strength for others. She is a role model for putting her faith in God during the hardest trials. Now she is beginning to experience a change in her energy level, her memory and her physical sense of balance when walking. She expressed her personal concerns to me a few weeks ago. At the time, I was unable to express all that I wanted to say to her. I need to send her a note sharing what her model of faith has been for me ~ a word of encouragement for her to know that she has been and will continue to be a blessing.

  6. Kind words are a balm to my soul!! Happy National Encouragement Day! I was having a terribly stressful couple of weeks, and God knew I was weary. Over a few days, I received handwritten notes from my boss and a co-worker, telling me that I am doing a great job and making a difference! Those notes are in my desk because they mean the world to me. Kind words – Thank you, Father God! <

  7. At a time when I was struggling with self-esteem, a woman I didn’t know came up to me and told me my make up looked nice. I still remember it all these years later. You never know how a random comment might boost someone’s day!

  8. We have many elderly people in our church congregation. Sometimes they cannot attend church due to health issues. Sending a card of encouragement and saying “I missed seeing you at church” can brighten up their whole week! It is easy for them to feel forgotten — especially if they have been ill — a note of encouragement can feel like a hug to them. It only takes a moment to encourage someone in the name of Jesus Christ.

  9. I am blessed to know about Proverbs 31 blog and I am thankful you all are in my life.
    Thank you. Have a blessed day!

  10. I love cards and notes. This week my prayer partner sent me a cute little card to start my week. I loved it and I knew someone was in my corner.

  11. May this day be a blessing to all encouragers. Funny how many did not remember how they first encountered this website, nor do I. However, it came to my attention at a troubling time, a God thing for sure.

  12. A couple of coworkers told me they appreciated the work I’m doing with the students I work with and that meant so much! It’s easy to get discouraged in the teaching field so any appreciation is truly appreciated!! I try to pay it forward with encouraging words to my coworkers as well.

  13. I am coming out of a very dark time in my life. So many people (especially people from my church) lifted me up and supported me. I really want/need to send them personal notes to let them know how much their encouragement helped me not only to survive but thrive.

    • Elizabeth, I’m so glad God sent you those people in your life when you needed them. Thankful you are coming out of the dark. You are loved and we’re so glad you’re here.

  14. I am blessed to have In Courage in my life. I thank you for your hard work in sharing God’s love, word and encouragement to us daily.
    Thank you. Have a blessed day!

  15. I work with a precious lady that has loved and encouraged me so much. It’s been a rough few years for me. My brother committed suicide, then my father committed suicide, then again when my mother-in-law died. This person has prayed for me and with me even at work. She has lifted me up even when I didn’t realize I needed it. It’s so wonderful to have a Christian friend at work. I love the power of the written word and writing little notes of love is a beautiful way to show someone just how grateful you are for them!

  16. I wish to encourage and bless my precious daughter. Like her namesake, she demonstrates a grace that inspires those around her to see the beauty in all of God’s creation. She lives her passion and desires to see others, particularly young women and teenage girls, living an abundant life for Jesus. I honour her today and pray she is blessed as she blesses others to the Glory of God our Father.

  17. I have handwritten sticky notes, texts and voicemails too!! To God be the glory for kind words spoken at just the right time in life. They are a life line and reminder that I am lived not only by the person, but God himself.

  18. I am a high school teacher with a stressful job-yesterday a student told me” I was doing a great job and enjoyed my class.”

  19. I love this post!! It is so easy to brighten someone’s day with a simple “thank you” or “great job you are doing”. I am a sender of cards and I know that every time a send a card to someone, God is working in it. I don’t always know what a person is going through, but God does and He allows the cards that I send to reach people at the perfect time when they need to hear from Him. I love that today is National Encouragement Day, but as God’s children, we should be encouraging someone every day!
    Peace and love

  20. Becky, my daughter (23) is in a new job and they are putting her on a track to management. She called last night to tell me about the ‘next step’ they walked her through yesterday. Although I encouraged her over the phone last night, I’m going to write her today to reinforce my support and excitement for her. Sometimes, we need to hear it more than once 🙂

    • I have a card ministry and so often hear the words came at just the right time. We serve an awesome God!!

  21. When recently feeling unequipped to be the mom to my teenagers, my husband came along side and reiterated I was the mom God chose for my children. To finish it off he said you are an awesome mom and we are grateful for you. I needed to hear that and especially from the father of my children. Reinforcing the qualities and gifts I have been given to love on my family. It’s just what I needed that day!

  22. I love encouraging others and always have (I’m a former school teacher)!! I have a group of friends, ranging in age from 57 to 84 that I send cards to weekly, just letting them know they’re loved, thought about, and prayed over. I’ve been doing this about two years now. Some I hear back from occasionally and some I don’t (but it’s okay). God placed this in my heart to do and I do it for Him. I rarely get personal mail from anyone, until this past year! I reconnected with a friend I had known for close to 40 years, after making a move to another state and I am only an hour and a half away from this friend now. In the past year we have met for lunch about eight times, which I have dearly loved! She has surprised me time and time again with the most thoughtful cards in the mail telling me what joy I bring to her life. Being on the receiving end now, I realize what happiness I may be sending out through the power of my written words to others!

  23. Words of encouragement give each of us strength to look ahead, courage to move forward, or persistence to attain a goal. Looking back, I have found that it isn’t the successes or milestones themselves I often remember and cherish, but rather the encouraging words I received that provided the steadfast courage to persevere. The words themselves were the most remarkable.

  24. Singing in front of a crowd in a less than ideal environment, I felt very inadequate and lacked confidence. It was supposed to be an outdoor concert and it was pouring rain. I mean pouring. Playing an electronic keyboard in the rain is not a great scenario, so they put us on a narrow trailer in the hopes that our equipment would not get wet. As I started to play and sing, I asked God to help me focus on what mattered most—reaching these people with the message of the Gospel. Right then, someone from the crowd yelled out, “We love you, Denise!” Oh, how timely those words were. I don’t know the person, but I know the One behind that message. Those words encouraged me greatly and gave me the courage to press on. Sometimes an anonymous encouragement can have great power.

  25. You ask us to share a time when we received a word of needed encouragement. I was immediately taken back to my high school days when I (notoriously shy) shared my thoughts about some long forgotten issue in my choir class. Later that day I found a very nasty note in my locker. I shared it with my mom. While I’ve forgotten her exact words, I still remember how comforted and affirmed she made me feel. It’s one of my favorite memories of her.

  26. I am a funeral director and there are a lot of times that my job feels overwhelming when working with a lot of grieving families. Some days it takes a lot of conscious effort to not get pulled down myself. Its important that I stay encouraging and calm in order to help those who are in the midst of really hard emotions. It is always so uplifting and encouraging when I receive a note or a phone call from a family member telling me how I was helpful and kind to them during such a difficult time. There is also a lady in our office who encourages me often. God has certainly blessed me with a lot of people who encourage me! He called me to this ministry and He provides what is needed to do that to the best of my ability!

  27. I received a handwritten note this week from a dear friend. Her lovely handwriting and well-chosen words were a balm to me the other day. I was instantly encouraged to not only feel better as if a few drops of honey had landed right where they were needed but to send one myself.

    Sitting and reading the blogs and comments each day helps me feel a real connection to a real community. Blessings on this work.

  28. I didn’t know it was encouragement day and now I will let all of my team know how I appreciate them. 🙂 Thank you!

  29. Oh I love to send encouragement cards and notes. It’s a gift i have received from God. I am blessed to be a blessing and if I can encourage at least one person daily i’ve Done well. We live in such a crazy evil world and we all need a little encouragement to get us through each day. That little note that says everything is going to be ok. Hearing from friends sharing a song or a scripture to remind us of God grace. So timely always. I pray to encourage daily. I have been encouraged too.

  30. My sister-in-law, Marilyn, sends me cards and notes often “just because”. She tells me I’m special and wonderful. And sometimes I even believe her. A little. I try to remember to do the same for her, but I know I can’t compete. She has this gift. But she inspires me to try. So blessed to have her in my life!

  31. I am a veterinarian and was told by an owner that what I do really matters. When you are rushing around, and often hearing complaints rather than positive comments, that one sentence of encouragement brought tears to my eyes and meant the world to me. The encouragement changed my entire perspective for the rest of the day. I would love to pass that on to another today. I plan to call my friend and also encourage her by letting her know that she means so much to me and I am grateful for her friendship in my life!

  32. I am blessed to have a boss who is also my mentor and friend. She is a source of great encouragement to me, and she loves to send handmade cards. I am very much an electronic person (ecards and texts of encouragement), but reading this has pushed me to send her a note in the mail today. THANK YOU!!

  33. After spending SO many days in the hospital this year, it warmed my heart and soul to have received a beautiful note and card from my young niece. It made my day, month and year! Truly honey for the soul!

  34. This is such a powerful post! I was blessed to receive a message from a mom who has already stood in the path I am currently on: sending my first child away to college. There have been some struggles as this new chapter unfolds, and her words to me were like honey. Our words can be such a blessing to others. May we use our words like honey to encourage others everyday.

  35. I love to encourage people when they are needing it. The most recent encouragement I received was by a group of new friends. We went around and shared gifts that each person gave to the group, and it was so awesome to hear all the different ways we loved each other over the course of a week we spent getting to know each other. I have the words from that activity, as well as other notes those friends wrote me throughout the week, to read whenever I need the reminder that I am loved and valued.

  36. I was visiting some seniors at a home after my mom passed away. Several of them had no family and no visitors. Others had very few. Once I walked down the hall. A lady was in a bed gown and waved at me. I waved back. She said something, so I went into her room. I found out she had not been out of bed for years. I was concerned, because the people who stay in bed, get little stimulation , activities, interaction, other than personal care . Her roommate was mentally unstable and accused everyone of stealing things and saying odd things relentingly
    .They had said she had a stroke and wasn’t doing so great. She said, she can’t read anymore. However, I saw she had verse pictures on her board, that were colored. I brought different ones. She started memorizing them, and praying with me. This went on for a few months. When I returned from vacation, she was sitting in a chair, dressed nice, her hair done, make up, her nails done… She had been trying for several years to get hold of her brother. The state got involved. Now she is trying to get him to be her guardian instead of the state. Her wall is covered with postcards from her brother, that writes her. Now she remembers things like her SSI number, everything I said, her old phone number, and a bunch of other things. She ants to read herself, but her hand is messed up. I felt like I watched someone be raised from the dead. Its called, HOPE people !!!! I moved away recently. Pray that” Holly” still gets treated better.

  37. A couple of weeks ago, some of my daycare children graduated to Kindergarten. All of them said their byes and thank you but there is one thing that resonated out of all. One parent thanked me and explained why she (and her family were so thankful) She said that she is thankful for the times that I wiped her child’s tears, times that I gave her hugs, times that I wiped her noses, times that I out bandaids on her scratches. She is thankful for the times that I spent with her since she was a baby— and being the role model that I am esp when she was mostly absent. She said a lot more but that’s the idea.

    I sometimes think that being a child care worker (or being a mom!) isn’t a profession and I am “just” taking care of children. But God has entrusted me to take care of these little ones for His Kingdom!!

  38. A couple of weeks ago, some of my daycare children graduated to Kindergarten. All of them said their byes and thank you but there is one thing that resonated out of all. One parent thanked me and explained why she (and her family were so thankful) She said that she is thankful for the times that I wiped her child’s tears, times that I gave her hugs, times that I wiped her noses, times that I out bandaids on her scratches. She is thankful for the times that I spent with her since she was a baby— and being the role model that I am esp when she was mostly absent. She said a lot more but that’s the idea.

    I sometimes think that being a child care worker isn’t a profession and I am “just” taking care of children. But God has entrusted me to take care of these little ones for His Kingdom!!

  39. I can’t even count all the times I have been struggling with something and the (in)courage devo was so specific it was like God-balm to my soul. That alone has been amazing, but then add in other random occurrences: a certain song on the radio, a scripture in my daily reading, a FB message shared by a friend, a text or phone call. Even a get-together with a friend in which you share your heart thoughts and they “coincide”! I call that God-inspired encouragement and it is spectacular!

  40. What a fun idea! This post so resonates with me. I’ve been an (in)courage fan since its inception, and it is the first website I open to read with my morning coffee. I always find some fuel for my soul here. I’m also an avid “snail mail” sender! Even though it seems like a dying art, I feel that snail mail is such a tangible and personal way to reach out to people. I try to write at least one card a week to someone that God places on my heart. Usually the recipient will say something like “Your timing was perfect!” or “That met me right where I needed!”
    I love that God can prompt us to encourage others. I always hope to be obedient when He does.

  41. Feeling seen is a huge one for me. There are probably too many to mention right now but I’m now part of two Bible study groups that greatly encourage me. They’re full of ladies and now that I’ve stuck around for two years, I know people when I come back to the start of it each Fall. It’s been encouraging to be asked to get involved by giving a testimony and share what the Lord has done in my life this year.

  42. Love the fact that it’s national encouragement day. Every day should be this. I love these blog posts – they so often speak words of encouragement to me just when I am feeling at my lowest. Even reading the suggestions of what to encourage a friend felt like I was being encouraged through that. Having a day where I feel overwhelmed with all that goes with having 3 wild children, a full time job and a youth worker husband. This has encouraged me to pull myself out of my place of pity and despair and to encourage others instead. Thank you for your community and for the blessings your ministry brings. Lx ❤️

  43. Our church is in need of a music minister, and in the meantime, our keyboardist has stepped up to the plate – planning the services, running choir practice, practicing the praise team and band – all with a huge smile on her face! I’d love to send her some encouragement and thanks for all the work she’s done!

  44. Honey is sweet honey is stickey. We are to sweet like Honey with our words to people of all ages. Plus be careful what we say. As our words to that person will stick like Honey. Either make their day or hurt them. So we want as Gods people to make them smile not make them sad. Pour sweet sweet Honey into their soul with nice kind words that will stick like Honey in their souls and make their day. Not be people who put them down with our words. As Jesus would want us to be kind and caring in all ways even with our words. Like Jesus was as we read in the Bible with his words and everything he did. Just like this kids songs says. Jesus hands were kinds hands doing good too all. I say Amen to that. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

  45. Years ago I was far from home and in trouble. I went into a church to pray. A woman who had been up lighting a candle by the altar, walked by me and then doublebacked to me. She put her hand on my shoulder and sincerely said “Don’t worry Dear, everything is going to be alright”. I took such hope and encouragement from that stranger/angel’s comment. Eventually, it all was alright.

    • How kind that lady was to put her hand on your shoulder. See God sent that lady at the right time to tell you Gina what she did. See God does not make mistakes. Gina you trusted God and what that lady said. Everything turned out ok. What a might big God we serve who never lets us down. Who does send Angels across our path. I say Amen to your comment. Xxx

  46. Recently dealing with an illness that stretched out over 3 months – I was struggling so I posted on Facebook asking for prayer. My friends chimed in with prayers, encouragement and some humor. A few days later my husband brings in the mail – and to my surprise I had hand written notes from friends across the United States – some included gift cards but all included, beautifully written heartfelt messages and prayers. Truly made my day. I cherish them for taking the time to hand write me a note!

  47. I have become a full time caregiver for my mother who has dementia. My precious daddy, who was her primary caregiver, passed away almost a year ago. It is so difficult to care for an aging parent. Caring for her has changed the course of my life and has deeply affected my relationship with my husband, we have been married for just a bit over a year. The other morning I found a note from my mother stating she was thankful for all I do for her and that my daddy would be very proud of me. It brought tears to my eyes and a joy to my heart i have not experienced in a long time.

    God is faithful and true!!

    • Melissa, as I scrolled down to leave a comment, your comment caught my eye when I saw that you have become a full time caregiver for your mother. I just wanted you to know you’re not alone. I understand what you’re going through as I am also a caregiver for my mother who has dementia along with my dad who has cancer and is on Hospice. You are so right that it changes the course of life. The past six months have been the most difficult of my entire life. And you are so right that God is faithful. There are days when you don’t think you can do it any more, but He gives you what you need and provides strength when you think there is no strength left. I also remember one day when my dad (who is not one to say thank you very often) told me he appreciated me giving him my day and that it meant so much to him. That word of appreciation went a long way. You are a good daughter and you are doing the right thing. I pray that that God will bless, strengthen and uphold you and your husband during this most difficult season of life.

      • Kathy, thank you for “seeing” me and encouraging me. What a privilege it is to be able to share our burdens with each though we have never met. I pray God’s strength, peace, wisdom, and clarity as you continue to care for your parents and strive to care for them to the best of your ability. Many blessings upon you and yours dear sister.

  48. I would love to send send a note to a sweet friend and fellow momma who moved to a different state. Even though she is miles away, she is still close at heart. There have been so many times when God has used her to be an encouragement to me along the journey, and I know she could use an encouraging word in this season. In our digital world, there’s something about taking the time to write a hand-written note that says: “God sees you. He loves you. He is for you. He is with you.” They are truly grace gifts that convey the heart of God in a powerful way at just the right time.

  49. I didn’t know it was National Encouragement Day but thanks for the reminder! I’m sending a card to my high school friend today who lost her brother-in-law unexpectedly last week. He was more like a brother to her. He gave her away at her wedding (that I was in) as her father had died when she was a baby.

  50. I would love to send a note to my Grandma. She always knows just the right encouraging words to say. She is always caring for others ahead of herself as well. She definitely deserves a note of praise and thanks!

  51. When I receive an encouraging greeting card/note from a friend, I use it as a bookmark so the words can minister to me again and again. Currently I have two such bookmarks in two different books. Affirming words DO wield much power! Thank you for the samples of uplifting things to say, Becky. Very helpful!

  52. I have been in a very long trial for 12 years. God has placed many people along the way, including in-courage me authors! I still struggle daily with rejection because of divorce & a desire for restoration. It’s the days like today where the enemy is beating me up, I open my email & see your letters & comments. Thank you for encouraging me to keep looking towards Jesus!

  53. The other day when I was doing my devotions I came across this verse: Hebrews 3:13 “ But encourage one another every day, while it is called today, so that not one of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Wow! I had to meditate on that for awhile…we are commanded to encourage one another

  54. My 15 years old daughter is in the midst of a situation that she needs a lot of encouragement right now and direction in her young life. There are 2 young high school males that seek her attention. She is torn between the 2 and I know she likes both of them. Depending on which one she MAY eventually decide she likes best (she is not allowed to formally DATE), at this time,one will possibly be devastated and the other with very hurt feelings. I am doing my best to guide her through these trying times and encourage her to seek God for His guidance and direction. She was texting me today about the situation and she told me that she loves me, something that she rarely does. I, in trying to encourage and guide her, was repaid for the help I give her.

  55. When I had cancer four years ago a family member sent me cards every couple of weeks. It always seemed to come at just at the right time when I was feeling especially lonely or down.

  56. Yesterday my husband dleivered me a bouquet of gift cards to local coffee places around where I work and wrote a note of encouragement to me. He brought it to the library where I work. He knows the days can be long and since it’s his busy season at work, I’ve been alone a lot. He also knows that words of affirmation is my love language. I hope to return this kind of fuel to someone else who may have an empty love tank.

  57. My bff carla ( 56
    Years now)frequently sends me cards, but the one that meant the most was as my mama was passing away. Her words of encouragement and even humor of how our moms would now be sitting at His feet doing Bible study together, really brought sunshine into an otherwise dark time.

  58. A colleague at work left me a thank-you note to say that the work I was doing was appreciated—a lot of the work that I do is “behind the scenes” so it was nice to be acknowledged and it did provide a lift to my day.

  59. I was congratulating a co worker on a promotion and more than being grateful for the congratulations , she encouraged me that my faith and attitude shifted her perspective in more ways than I know. We dont work together we only mostly email so it was a reminder that words are powerful even via email and that people are always watching.

  60. Handwritten notes are so simple and mean the most. In today’s quick fix, info at your fingertips society we sometimes forget that simple is best. A handwritten not of encouragement may seem like nothing, but the thought behind it is woth so much more. Right.now I am dealing with the loss of a close family member. I got into work to find that a dear friend had left me a note with the phrase ” Here.Praying.Always.” It is sort of our thing to let the other know we are never alone.

  61. I love hugs and sure appreciate hugs from others. A friend going through a trying time texted me some details of what’s going on, and she ended her text with “❤️ you!” It blessed me so much — what a privilege to be entrusted with another’s burden and to pray for one another.

  62. I recently had surgery and some friends from our new church encouraged me by texting my husband and myself to check on me and a couple of them even brought dinner to my family. Blessings abound!

  63. A friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years saw a Facebook post I made recently, and sent me the most encouraging card…at just the right time. It brought me to tears! I strive to be that Godwink for others when they least expect it. I love to send notes and cards to those I feel might need encouragement and support, and to feel God’s love and trustworthy arms.

  64. I have a stack of cards with a word each person felt applied to me. We did this activity in a group I was in. It is a beautiful reminder of our time together and encouragement to me. It is also a reminder that my internal self talk is not always an accurate measure of who I am.

  65. I have made a recent friend, after moving to a place where I did not know anyone. I am new to texting also, having just acquired my first “smart” phone. I had a mammogram recently and as a breast cancer survivor these things can create anxiety. I was surprised by a text from my new friend as I went into the radiologist and her timing was right on time. What a blessing!

  66. The cards would be a perfect way to encourage those in my small group but also my neighbor and others who I need help breaking the ice with. Recently an acquaintance from church sent me a card unexpectedly when I feeling especially low. She couldn’t have known what the card meant to me. These small gestures can have a huge impact.

  67. I had been organizing a community event for a local school for years (my kids stopped attending 2 years prior) but I loved being able to do it for the kids and make it a special day. In all the years of putting the event on, I never received any type of note, just thanks from the teachers when they saw me that day which was good. This last year however, I was handed a note signed by every teacher and it made me cry! There is just something special when people take the time to put into words their feeling of appreciation or encouragement, you feel valued and seen.

  68. I have been encouraged daily through the first 5 app and by following proverbs 31, Lysa TerKeurst, Chyrstal Evans Hurst and a lot of other Christian women through social media. I am thankful for God bringing amazing people into my life.

  69. Recently I had a friend encourage me with just the right words. She called and gave me six positive characteristics that she appreciated about me. It was perfect timing because the day before I had someone at work make me feel like I was a disappointment. Words are powerful!

  70. I’ve been with my fitness coach for over seven years and he always knows when I need a word of encouragement. Just this last month I started a “diet “ plan with him… and while I’ve struggled with the nutritional aspect of it, it has come to my attention that God has put my on this “plan” with my coach not because I need to lose weight but because he knew I would be struggling with anxiety and stress at work and I would need the positive Christ filled encouragement from my coach. I pray to be the kind of friend and motivator my dear friend is, and hope that I can lead with kindness and encouragement those around me.

  71. Just this week, my friend sent me a verse, Isaiah 51:12 that was right on time. I was experiencing tremendous “mom guilt” and she reminded me that all moms feel it at times. The verse reminded me that the Lord is our rear guard. He is always there in the details! I am blessed with her encouragement.

  72. I would like to send a note to a husband and wife in my church who have endured an extremely difficult year of battling cancer, living under hospice care, and now regaining strength but just worn out and dealing with depression. My heart goes out to them. My husband and I pray every night for them. I want to use some of your suggested encouragements. Sometimes it’s hard to even know what to say; everything seems so flimsy… the situation has been so dire. But those few words you helped us with to speak lifted my heart for this precious couple. Thanks! I’m going to use your phrases!

  73. One of my friends who is also a coworker is the world’s best encourager. She often takes time to tell people “you’re so good at that” or “I appreciate you so much.” She is in charge of a huge project right now that is extremely stressful & she has been the brunt of our boss’s unfair criticism. They are all very stressed about this project right now. I would send her a note just saying how awesome she is and how much I love & appreciate her. Actually I think I’ll do that even if I don’t win the note set!

  74. I was hospitalized five times in recent months for drug-resistant major depression. While in the hospital in May, I spoke with my boss and found out that I’d been fired from my job for time missed due to illness. ALL mental health providers, and even my primary care doctor at the time agreed that I was not well enough to work anyway. During my last hospitalization (almost 6 weeks ago now, praise God!), I worked with a different psychiatrist. He said to me…”I believe in you. I believe you WILL find another job, and you will be just fine”. Now, I find myself with 3 p/t childcare jobs that I adore! Truth is, I was unhappy at my previous job. God is so good to provide me with something I love. But, I really feel if this psychiatrist had not said what he did, I would not have even tried to apply for these positions. Work is going fantastic, and I’m back to myself, and so full of joy! A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver!

  75. A friend left a comment on my facebook yesterday telling me what a fierce woman of God I was and how I can face the challenges that I’m currently immersed in. It made such a difference in my attitude and my resolve, and boosted me up. Thank God for friends like that.

  76. A sweet and unexpected Thank You note from one of the women in my Bible study group…thanking me ‘for all I do’!!! Brought instant tears of joy…

  77. I’m in the newly create women’s ministry team for my church. (Side note: I love stationary and my love language is words of affirmations.)
    Any who, I have been asked to occasionally send women on our team notes of encouragement and I would LOVE to use these.

  78. I would send my teenage daughter a note. She has been going through too many valleys, though, praise God, the valleys have brought growth. I would use a note to encourage her that God even uses our time in the valleys for His good.

  79. Encouragement is my love language. I love sending notes to those in need of a smile, letting them know God cares, and so do I.
    This set would be perfect for me to use to help cheer up friends, family and church members.

  80. I lead a women’s growth group in my tiny living room. And I feel wholly unqualified. Three years ago, I would have never imagined this. But at the end of the last group season, some of the women gave me gifts and cards, thanking me. And their encouraging and heartfelt words ROCKED me. It was not something that gave me pride, but it was something that God used to whisper to me, “You’re on the right path.” ♥️

  81. Everyday I open my laptop and my emails, I browse my messages and read the Incourage blogs. It is a blessing to me to have subscribed with DaySprings about nine years ago. I organized a sharing group at my home inspired by the Incourage. During five years, this group of four to twelve women met monthly. Your blogs motivated me to continue writing and helped me during the grieving process during my husband death. I’m grateful to God for your contribution to my life.

  82. A friend recently had her 90th birthday. I give her an envelope with several encouraging, funny, inspiring thoughts, stories,& poems. Today she told me how much she enjoyed it and that she appreciated me taking the time to remember her that way. Sometimes the older ones among us are forgotten or neglected and that is one area where my husband and I work together to remember them. ~~Dorothy