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  1. It is hard to believe this happened eighteen years ago. Everyone can tell you where they were in the world when this happened.

    I pray for all the families left behind and the first responders living with pain and disease. To everyone effected by this horrible tragedy Lord sweep over them all with your peace and healing. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Thank Jas for what you wrote it is also so true. Jas where would be without God in our lives to help us get over days like today and get through all you wrote. Many God truly Bless you.

  2. We all remember 9/11 and were I live in County Fermanagh we all remember The Poppy Day Bomb in Enniskillen. All these days are sad. Man doing on to Man. We can as followers of God ask questions why God did you let this happen. Why did you not stop it.? But our is not to as why. Especially when bad things happen. God see all the bad that happens in our world today. These people that have done things like this might get away with it when alive on earth and cause Family’s and people sadness. Because of they have lost love ones. We have to as God people pray for them. To see the light that they will get saved see for what they have done is wrong. Hold no hate for them do what Jesus would want us to do that is love them and pray them. Not love what they have done. Pray for the family’s to see in there hearts that have lost love ones in things like this to see in their hearts. Too forgive and hold no hate in their hearts or it will only eat them up. One thing It reminds me of that it is a bit like. What Jesus said you will always have poor among you. You will always have people that do things like this among you. So our job as Gods followers is to prayer for them to see the light. Plus on days like the 9/11 and the Enniskillen Bomb pray and remember all those who have lost love ones. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little excellent reading xxx

  3. My husband and I were in DC working that day- we hadn’t even begun dating yet. Now 18 years later, that day is why he fights tyranny. He fights the evils of this world. Holly’s words are so beautiful, touching to us that were there and not there. I needed this beauty in the ashes today.

  4. In Courage,

    It seems like a lifetime ago. Ever since sin entered the world man has been doing evil to his fellows. Satan works overtime to get his agenda done. God was there in the midst of all that tragedy. God helped the plane not to crash into building. He was there in the hearts of everyone. We prayed & we continue to pray for everyone affected by this tragedy. We remember other horrors also. The holocaust, recent bombings, etc. Man seems bent on killing his fellow man – all in the name of a God. The God will not let them go unpunished. Evil doesn’t win in the end. We win. God will reign supreme one day.

    Blessings 🙂