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God’s grace through trial is a daily reality for Christina, author of Sweet Dependence and full-time caregiver for her father. The deep joy of knowing Christ fuels her writing and continues to sustain her. Christina loves to laugh, wander through the woods, and get lost in a good book.

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  1. Christina,
    I totally agree with this: “…the grace of God extends far beyond only plucking us from hell!” Amen! Like you, I used to believe that grace ended after salvation was accomplished. Then, it was more of a “God helps those who help themselves,” attitude. I now see how far off base that thinking is. Similarly, I have found that the sweetest honey of God’s grace is found in the crucible of life. When I have gone through the toughest trials, that’s when I have seen God’s most tender mercy. His grace doesn’t make everything magically easy, but He draws near and gives us strength for our next breath, or our next step. Grace urges us to not quit or give up. He promises to walk us THROUGH the valleys and not leave us stuck there. The valley may be long, like your father’s progressive illness, but God will be faithful to bring you both through to the glorious other side. Awesome post!
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! YES ~ the sweetness of God’s grace truly comes through in the midst of difficult times. I continue to be blown away by the Lord’s faithfulness and sufficiency; He is so good.

      The same gracious God who is leading us daily will bring us home, “the glorious other side.” Beautifully said.

  2. How true that we spend our days here on this planet in the space between crippling grief and abundant grace. I love the way you are choosing to live in the grace God pours out–and as Eugene Peterson has said, it’s not just “enough grace to get us across the threshold of heaven. He is lavish!”

    • Michele,

      Indeed, the tension between our grief and His grace in this world is very real. I love the quote by Eugene Peterson ~ thank you for sharing. Praise God for His lavish grace!

  3. Oh what manner of Love the Father has Give on too us. When he sent his Son Jesus to die for us. Now what Grave is that. That is such amazing grace. Like the song. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a reach like me. It is so amazing. Jesus also did an amazing thing he when he left this world that one day he will be back to. Didn’t for get his Children like me and You. Who are saved. With such grace and love he left us his Holy Spirit to guide us and show us how to live as his Saved people one earth until he comes back. If we are still alive to see that day. Or until we leave earth to go home too Glory to be with him. I say Amen to that. Thank you for another Excellent reading today. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

    • Amen!! Such amazing grace we have been given and continue to receive from the Lord. What joy we have because we are His children! Thank you for this beautiful declaration of God’s truth, Dawn!

  4. Praying for your father and your family tonight. As others have said it is great you are choosing to wrap yourself in Gods grace right now and seeing this time you have with your Dad as pockets of grace. He is right there with you and has used your circumstances to spread his word and grace to us all who read your words. Thank you for this heartfelt reminder of the goodness of our Creator and his constant presence with us his children and his grace.

    • Thank you for your prayers, Jas! The Lord brings such comfort when I remember that people are praying on our behalf. What a blessing it is to be in the family of God together! I am grateful my story points you back to the grace and nearness of our Lord ~ all glory to Him.

      • Christiana, helping your father a beautiful way to show your love for god, and your father on earth. Loving a parent as they age is truly something the kids of the 90,s to present don’t seem to get. They live for themselves, very sad!! I m currently going through the uncaring with my adult kids 20,s. I hope they change before i really need them, prayers for your dad, you.

        • Maria,

          Thank you for praying! Caring for my dad isn’t always easy, and some days I don’t “feel” like helping, or I wish our situation looked different. But I do believe that when God calls us into a particular role, like caregiving, He prepares us and gives us the strength to carry it out. I pray that if you need care in the future, the Lord will give you support from your children or help from friends. Whatever comes, the Lord will be faithful to provide!

  5. What a beautiful description and picture of God’s grace. Thank you for sharing your story of how God is meeting you with grace in a difficult situation. So much of life is hard, but so much of life is also good, and God is faithful to meet us in both. Praying for you and your family now as you continue to traverse this life journey.

    • Yes, yes, yes! “He is faithful to meet us in both” ~ what a truth to rejoice in. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Ann; your words are such an encouragement to me.

      Thank you for praying as well!!

    • Kathy,

      As I read your words, I can’t help but be excited to walk through many more years with Jesus. His grace strengthens us, indeed, every step of the way. May we always be proclaiming, “Look what the Lord has done!” Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Kathy.

  6. Dear Christina,

    Thank you for the privilege of reading these words. I just stood weeping and praying for you all. So much truth.

    I “lost” my Mum to glioblastoma multiforme 5 years ago. Helping to care for her in my parent’s home on the other side of the world from my own family was the most beautifully excruciating thing I have ever walked through. Ours was a shorter walk of 5 months, but we too were met by so much grace. So many sweet and tender memories. The peace of our Comforter and Counselor was palpably in our midst. It’s what showed me who God truly is and what brought me home to Him after 20 years of running from a frightening idol.

    I am praying not just for these days of caring for you but for the days afterward too. May the peace and grace of our LORD Jesus Christ continue to wrap around you all. May you entertain angels in your midst, who shower you in the compassion of Jesus. And may this song bless you today:

    Much love in Christ,


    • Anna,

      Your response leaves me with such a full heart. I am very sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. Even after 5 years, I pray that our Lord’s peace and comfort will be yours in abundance as you remember your mother. Your description of caring for her deeply moved me ~ your words are so true and echo what our Lord has been kindly revealing to me. I know Jesus as I never have before and have received an overflow of generous compassion from others. I am so grateful.

      What a rich and beautiful song! I love Audrey Assad’s music ~ thank you for sharing. “No storm can shake my inmost calm.” YES.

      Thank you Anna! Your prayerful support means so much to me. I am very glad the Lord crossed our paths in this way!

  7. l am caring for my husband who is in a similar situation, l am 83 he is 84 but God is our strenght en our refuge
    this desease is difficult to understand but GOD knows all and we can trust Him. Please remeber us in your prayers
    because l feel alone our 3 children are to far off and not on the same golflenght
    Thanks for your testimony may GOD bless you


    • Anny, prayers what a hard journey for the both of you ! I wasn’t sure if your adult children were helping? My kids are in their 20,s all they care about is themselves, I’m not in need at present, but i worry this will be me, older and have to struggle on my own. Kids from the 90,s to present don’t have the old- fashion caring we were taught, the world tells them it all about them and what they want and need . I pray for you and your husband the comfort of the lord surround you both i wish i lived in your area i would bring a meal for us to enjoy together. My life verse is 1peter5:7

  8. Anny,

    Yes, I stand with you in prayer! Lord Jesus, would you please strengthen Anny today and fill her with your joy! May the fruit of the Holy Spirit overflow as she cares for her husband. May the peace of your presence fill their home, Lord. Please bring friends to encourage Anny and help meet her needs. Please give her wisdom and clarity to make decisions; we know You are guiding her every step of the way. Thank you for being our strong and trustworthy Savior!

    My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and your family, Anny. The love you have for your husband and your trust in the Lord is such an encouragement to me. May God bless you!

  9. Christina,

    Praying for you & your family now sweet Christina. You need Gods grace & love t sustain you during these tough days. Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love. I know. I took care of both my parents-dementia. Mom was bedridden for two years. I would visit each Monday after work & see what needed to be done. Dad had geriatric psych twice. It was my pleasure to quit my job & be there for him till his passing. It was only by God’s grace & mercy that I survived some days. He lavishes it on us extravagantly. One song that comes to mind is “Leaving Heaven” by Matthew West. It talks about how nice it is in Heaven, but the world being dark needs light. He’s leaving the splendor of Heaven to show us how much we are worth. We are the reason He left Heaven. That love & grace is so amazing. How could someone love us like that?

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,

      Thank you for your prayers! I love your reminder that we have the greatest example of sacrificial love in our Lord Jesus. What strength we find in turning to Him and asking for His help to persevere! I am so sorry to hear of your parents’ battle with dementia ~ it is so difficult to watch those you love slowly slip away. But the opportunity to care for them and allow the love of Jesus flow through you is meaningful beyond words. I know the Lord will continue to supply His grace and mercy each wonderful-painful day. Thank you for reminding me of that!

      I am grateful for your encouragement, Beth!