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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. I’m fighting for my mind, thoughts, and life. Everyday is a battle. It is effecting my relationships. I’m struggling to be the wife, mother, and believer I’ve been called to be because of the hopelessness and unworthiness I feel. Please pray for me.

    • Father, I thank you for Andrea and her desire to be fully surrendered to Your purpose for her. I break every curse and lie in her life that says she hopeless and unworthy. I bind every one of those thoughts. I release the truth that she is loved and valued. She is worthy because You created her. I release destiny and purpose into her life. I speak peace over her thoughts. Speak Your truth and promises to her mind. Holy Spirit, fill her with Your joy and strength. You are her hope. You are the source of her life. I speak an abundance of grace in her life…for herself and her family. Increase their capacity to walk this road with her with Your compassion.

      • Karina, I’m fighting to release , hurt filled words that were spoken to me as my words came out also that were hurtful i want to live by JAMES1:19 SPEAKING TO QUICKLY CAUES PAIN TO BOTH PEOPLE then journey to heal is a long road.

  2. I am asking for prayer not just for me but for both beloved husband. We fight a fight for grace and mercy love and tenderness to walk more in the Lord. Thank you for this amazing lesson. God bless you and yours

    • Thank you for sharing Diane!

      Jesus, You are the source of all things good and true. Fill Diane and her husband with Your grace, mercy and love. Create space in their lives to camp in Your presence. Speak mysteries and revelation to them. Give them Your dreams and vision for their lives in You. Holy Spirit, move as only You can…in power and authority. Give them eyes to see each other as You see them. Give them servant hearts to regard each other as higher than themselves. Pour out grace and compassion in their lives to overflow.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  3. I dearly want to ask for prayer for freedom from envy and comparison, and establishment of my worth in Him. I long for a new perspective fixed on who God is and a life that aims to bring Him glory.

    • Thank you Barbara for sharing!

      Father, I break every lie from the enemy that says Barbara is not worthy. I curse every spirit of envy and comparison. They have no place in her life. I bless her to know her value in You. I release wholeness into her life. I bless her to know that all she needs is found in You. You are her source. In You there is more than enough. You have purpose for her, a purpose that can only be accomplished through her. I release a freedom in her life to chase every God-sized dream in her heart. I bless her with favor, divine connections and open doors of opportunity to step into her calling.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  4. I am fighting for the freedom of my husband who has walked away from God, our marriage, our family, our church, his ministry, and been taken captive by the enemy over four years ago.

    • Amy,

      Father God,

      Help us break the enemy’s chains he has on Amy’s husband. Bring him back to the family, marriage, but mostly to the church & his calling. Change his heart, mind & soul to love you as he once did. Show him revelations & visions. Strip him of everything till he has to look up to you. Bring peace & contentment to His life. Give Amy a sense of healing grace & mercy. Bless them richly with you love.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing Amy!

      Father, i break every lie in Amy’s husband’s life. I curse every root of a lie. I break off every spirit of doubt, unbelief, fear, apathy and anger. I bless his eyes to see himself as You see Him and I bless his ears to hear Your voice. I bless him to see a glimpse of Your purpose for him. May he know beyond a shadow of a doubt how loved and valued he is by You for his family and in his calling. Give him unwavering faith to trust You in every season.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  5. Karina,

    My fight is over “language”. When I get tired or upset I tend to use the wrong language. I know I need to tame my tongue. Constantly pray about it. Want to go back to the good Christian I was before.


  6. My husband and I are in the process of getting divorced and I’ve known for awhile that I”m not really free or at least I don’t feel free. At first I didn’t even want the divorce but as time passes and I look back on everything, I see that this is what I need to be free and move forward with the life that God has planned for me but now we find out that to legally be who I am again it is going to take longer than either of us want it to which makes both of us feel trapped and not free in certain ways. Would you pray that the legal part of this process doesn’t take as long as it could? I know God can make miracles happen so I know this is possible. We don’t have children and there is no chance of reconciliation and I’ll be moving to a different state soon so I’d love to just be . free and not have to travel back here and disrupt life to re-open an old wound. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing Kimberly!

      Father, I thank You for the work that You have done in Kimberly’s life and in this hard situation. I thank You for being with her in the middle of a mess. We thank You for bringing beauty out of ashes and joy out of mourning. You are good and faithful. I bless this legal process with a supernatural ease. I speak speed and no loose ends. I bless this process with peace and closure, freedom and hope for the future.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  7. My boyfriend and I are both Christians and have both been married before (currently divorced). We definitely struggle in the area of purity, and I know that is not how God wants us to live.

    • Thank you for sharing Robyn!

      Father, I break every spirit of impurity in Robyn’s life. I curse every lie that says they need to hurry into intimacy. I curse every lie that says they have no self-control. The fruit of Your Spirit is self-control. I bless her with an abundance of self-control. I bless her mind to be stayed on all things pure and holy and lovely. I bless Robyn to walk in discipline and set up healthy boundaries. I bless her heart to want to please You knowing that there is much fruit and freedom on the other side of her obedience. May they walk in patience and agape love for each other.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  8. I’m fighting for freedom from fear. Fear of pain, being rejected, letting others down, and making choices that don’t line up with God’s will for my life. Please pray for me.