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Jesus writer by day. Mystery writer by night. Patricia Raybon, an award-winning Colorado author, writes on faith, race, and grace. Her debut historical mystery novel, "All That Is Secret," drops Oct. 5, 2021, from Tyndale. Join her on the journey at patriciaraybon.com.

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  1. Patricia,
    I once did a study on this verse: ““No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).” I wondered what it meant to be “more than conquerors”? What I learned was, in battle, if you conquer someone else’s territory, you are temporarily victorious because nothing says that tomorrow, those whom you conquered might rise up and retake, or conquer back, their territory – thus making them victorious. When we are “more” than conquerors, God says that when we are “in Christ” and we derive our identity solely from Who God says we are when viewed through the blood of Christ, then we are PERMANENT conquerors. We are victorious. No one can come back and reclaim what is now ours. The battle is over. We are permanently victorious. What security and safety to know that when we are hidden in Christ, no one can overtake us. With Christ in us, we are forever victorious; our salvation and our identity are sealed. ,Joining with you in dropping ALL the human labels – good, bad, or otherwise and claiming the Truth that we are MORE than enough! Loved this!!
    Bev xx

    • Thank you, Patricia, and thank you, Bev. I really needed to be reminded of this today. It’s so easy to believe those ‘labels’ that others have given us throughout our lives, and those I have given myself too. To learn the whole meaning of being ‘more than a conqueror’ is amazing! Thank you, Jesus!

      • Dear wonderful Bev, thank you! What a glorious reminder — that we are PERMANENT conquerors. The teaching you experienced says it far, fat better than I did here today. It’s easy to latch onto a scriptural word or verse, and not grasp the fullest and deepest meaning. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful wisdom and insight. I’m so grateful for your contribution today. With His great love, Patricia

      • Amen, dear Barbara! Yes, thank you, Jesus! My husband and I were just discussing your point — that, with the Lord’s merciful help — we all can let go of those “labels” from others and walk as Christ ordains us. What a release! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

    • Hi Bev! Romans 8:37 is my “ life verse” so I really liked your expounding on it! Thanks!!

  2. Christian yoga?? Are you serious? Yoga means yoke with spirits that is an abomination to the lord

    • And yet, The Lord met her there. Jesus meets us where we are in this New Covenant with Him.
      I encourage you to not let this condemnation take root in your heart. He loves you and asks us to Love one another – Jesus says its our greatest commandment and encompasses all. With love and grace. .

      • However Tannis Hemeyer is right.
        The greatest commandment is “love one another” but that doesn’t mean to accept wrong as right. Especially if you love someone you’ll make sure that that person stays save and you’ll warn that person if she gets on dangerous territory.

    • Dear Tannis,

      I’m so glad you chose to pull up your chair to the (in)courage table this morning and honor us by sharing both your time and convictions. In this space, there is just that — space. Space for us to come together as sisters in Christ and build one another up in what we agree on, and space to respectfully disagree on areas that are not black and white in Scripture. I absolutely know godly Christian women who practice the physical exercise and meditative discipline of yoga with Christ at the very center of their worship and focus.

      I love this article and that Patricia invites us into both her personal story and Word of God to understand more of who we each are in Christ. Let’s be women of courage who call out the good and give grace for that which we have differing opinions on.

      Becky Keife
      (in)courage Community Manager

      • Dear Becky,

        Our belief is not based on our experiences, even if they seem Christ focus. Our belief is based on the Scripture and the Scripture is our guidance. We can have good experiences but if the Bible says it is wrong it is wrong, nothing in between.
        It is not that I condemn Patricia, it is just a warning to her and other sisters to be carefull and do research.
        It is the same with mindfullness. Mindfullness comes from the wrong origin, and just naming it Christian Mindfullness doesn’t make it allright. Also christian yoga doesn’t mean it is oké.
        I really enjoy Incourage and will keep reading it but as sisters it is also our responsibility to warn each other if necessary.

        kind regards,

        Sterre from the Netherlands

        • Sterre, I appreciate your thoughtful response. Thanks for being a valuable part of this community.


          P.S. And I love knowing that you’re reading from the Netherlands! Such a gift to be connected to sisters in Christ all over the world.

  3. “may the glow of our path tell the most about our Christ.” ~ beautiful, Patricia! So appreciated your timely words and thoughts this morning. This week and next I’m walking a new path that is bubbling up all my insecurities, and I don’t want my insecurities to sabotage my service to those the Lord has placed in front of me during this time, or to not be truly myself. Thank you for reminding me of my security of more than enough, which releases me to simply walk and let “… the glow of (my) path tell the most about (my) Christ.”

    • Blessings on you Andrea! Your new opportunity sounds amazing. May the Lord strengthen and bless you to “know and walk in all that you are in Him” — indeed, to walk in His grace and love. In Him, you are more than enough! With His love, Patricia

  4. Thank you for this blessing you have so graciously shared. We are “more than” in Him. What a grand truth and promise.

    • Blessings, dear Barbara! Thank you for your kind affirmation. Being “more than” is, indeed, “a grand truth and promise.” So well said. Thank you and God’s great blessings on your journey with Him!

    • Blessings, Kathy. Thank you so much. It took me a couple of sentence rewrites to hand on that “nugget.” May the Lord use it to bless us all! With His love, Patricia

    • Yes, Kathy, I thought so too!

      Thank you, Patricia, for sharing this vulnerable moment in your journey and calling us all to find our “more” in Jesus!

  5. Hi Patricia
    Thank you. I constantly struggle with enough. “More” never crossed my mind. It brings a slight smile and a tension release to my body and brain.

    With gratitude

    • Oh, Kim. I’m so grateful these words blessed you today. The Lord is so gracious. May His encouragement to be “More” in Him bless you sweetly and always! Kindly, Patricia

  6. I love being apart of the Incourage ladies devotion, have for years and thank God for you all and how uplifting it is. I have noticed on a couple of occasions yoga being mentioned. I have done research on yoga and it is NOT Christian. It goes against the teaching of God. I don’t know what Christian yoga is, yet I would encourage everyone to research it. Some churches even teach it! We all need to seek the truth with Christ as we are to test and approve as God says in His word. I pray God would reveal to each of us His Truth. God Bless.

    • Dear BC,
      Thanks for your thoughts today. You are right that yoga isn’t “Christian.” The problem for me is that when I took the class, I didn’t test the Spirit regarding the experience. In fact, I could’ve declined to take the class. My hosts were a Christian organization, however, and so I took part in the activity. When I went ahead, however, the Lord showed me what I gained didn’t match up with His Word. That’s what I tried to show in my column today. Indeed, the Lord showed me a much deeper truth that I might not have learned otherwise. In our global society, I pray that God will show us how to interact with different cultures while we let His light shine. I pray that happened when I took the class. He taught me something far deeper, which I tried to share here today. May He bless us in this community to share honestly with each other and learn, for His glory. Thank you, indeed, for reaching out. I’m grateful you and I had this opportunity to share and connect today! Love and blessings, Patricia

    • Dear BC and Sterre,

      Thank you for pulling up your chair to the (in)courage table this morning and honoring us by sharing both your time and convictions. In this space, there is just that — space. Space for us to come together as sisters in Christ and build one another up in what we agree on, and space to respectfully disagree on areas that are not black and white in Scripture. I absolutely know godly Christian women who practice the physical exercise and meditative discipline of yoga with Christ at the very center of their worship and focus. (Holy Yoga is an organization I trust; you may find this explanation of how yoga can be practiced in line with Christianity helpful: https://holyyoga.net/about/what-we-believe/)

      I love this article and that Patricia invites us into both her personal story and Word of God to understand more of who we each are in Christ. Let’s be women of courage who call out the good and give grace for that which we have differing opinions on.

      Becky Keife
      (in)courage Community Manager

      • So glad to see this. Yoga is, at its core, a physical and spiritual practice, so I’ve never understood how it “can’t” be used by God to reach His people. In fact, if you take a look at modern day missions, the most effective way seems to be understanding, then contextualizing a culture’s beliefs and demonstrating how God relates to it (either affirmatively or in opposition to). It is not ‘accepting’ someone’s practice; it’s about using cultural conduits to help others understand God or, in the case of yoga, reflect on Him and his word.

        I think the disconnect is that the term “yoga” has connotations, and perhaps some readers have a different perception of it. Meditation on the Scriptures is encouraged by Christianity, and is still meditation. For many Christians, yoga is a physical exercise that they can then meditate on Scriptures with, or even use it purely for the pure physicality of it (I use it for the stretching aspect that forces me to slow down and relax). ANYTHING can be used for or against His purposes. I have friends who play tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, for example, yet they are the deepest, most committed Christians I have ever met and know and believe the Scriptures inside and out, as well as live them daily.

        Ultimately, I believe it comes down to your intent. Yes, yoga can be used in other monotheistic belief systems or in polytheism. God is larger than our understanding of it, however, and just as he has used (and then reshaped for his glory) beliefs and practices for the entirety of human history, he can do the same here.

        • Shelly, thank you so much. You added thoughtful and helpful insight here, and I appreciate both your information and wisdom — and especially the kind tone in which you shared. In our global society, where cultures can collide simply because something looks “different,” may the Lord help us to discern how to engage with one another with understanding, wisdom, and love — closely following His Spirit.

          Some people here were offended I mentioned “yoga” (when the column isn’t about yoga). Nevertheless, my response is to hear these objections in love, understanding, as you say, that anything can be used for or against the Lord’s purposes — and intent should be examined. Gratefully, the Lord still spoke into my experience and taught me a larger lesson, which I attempted to share here. Of course, He speaks into all of our situations when we take time to listen. I’m grateful, therefore, that He led me back here today to find and hear you. Thank you so much for taking time to teach, encourage, and share — indeed, for such a time as this. For His glory, Patricia

  7. Patricia,

    We are definitely foreigners & strangers here on Earth. I have felt that more lately. Yearning for my heavenly home. Love Romans 8:37-39 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[b] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. We aren’t just conquerors. We are overcomers. Through the shed blood of Christ we have attained mercy, grace, a heavenly home & power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing this we need to throw off the negative thought, putdown & comment thrown our way. Through Christ we have over come that. We are more much more than enough. We are loved by a Holy God who gives us strength to conquer any & all demons. We need to concentrate on what & who God calls us. He doesn’t see our mistakes or past sins. He sees us through the shed blood of Jesus. Washed white as snow. Remember you are more much more then enough! You are a child of almighty God.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. yes actually all yoga was founded in the middle East to do with other religions not Christianity. sadly it’s creeping into the churches as a feel good time. I think knowing that we don’t serve 2 masters will help women who wonder if they are ok in getting involved in this.
    I appreciated the message it was good and inspiring ; your heart is in it . i pray more and more women do research into things before getting involved. we are supposed to be in the world but not of the world..

  9. Thanks for this message. I struggle with this daily…. off and on most of my life. I seem to recall all the negative and its cruelty from childhood.

    Peace and Blessings,


    • Blessings, dear Tonya. I can relate to what you have gone through. It seems the best way to bury those negative words from childhood is to turn our attention to what the Lord declares over us. He loves us, he calls us His own, He gave His only Son for us, He even sings over us! May He remind you everyday just how much you are loved! With His joy and blessings, Patricia

  10. Dear Professor Patricia Raybon,
    The piece you wrote was excellent, It sadden me to hear the negative comments you were exposed to. If I had known you all those hurts ago, I would have befriended you and stood beside you no matter how nasty and cruel those ignorant people were. I say ignorant because they were taught by ignorant people and simply followed the crowd. In my family, there were six siblings and my wonderful God fearing mother who raised us to love all people and that was that! She work hard to keep us together in an era where many families were separated because there was no one there to support them. My mother worked two jobs and made the ends meet. I remember praying every night and thanking God for every thing. I honestly believe we would have been best friends and I would have been by your side though every insult and unpleasant event. We have never met but I read all of your works and I love them just as I love you. Maybe I could have been “Your second white friend.” You are a treasure and I am still telling people how you told the Mountain to Move.
    With love,
    Carol Conway CMCH NJ

  11. Blessings dear Carol. And thank you! Your kind spirit flows through every word you’ve shared here today. You reflect the beautiful upbringing your mother provided for you and your siblings — not just working hard to take care of her family, but also teaching you how to love others. What an amazing gift from a loving parent. Priceless actually. May the Lord bless all of His sons and daughters to learn His way of love and kindness, and then to walk in it. I still have so much to learn about loving without limits, but with God as my helper — and people like you reflecting His light and acceptance — I pray I’m making progress. Thank you, indeed, for your kindness and “virtual” friendship. You are deeply appreciated AND admired! Thank you for being like Christ in this world. You are making a difference! With His love and blessings, Patricia

  12. Please reconsider yoga.It definitely opens yourself up to the enemy. I know the “whole world” things it is awesome,even in church(incredible how the enemy has deceived everyone).Have to say it………………….truth in love! Many years ago I was into all kinds of things I shouldn’t be. When we were growing up we didn’t understand how dangerous it can be.It caused me many issues for so long.Don’t want harm to come to anyone else.Remember he comes as a angel of light!

    • Blessings, Pam. Thanks so much for sharing your concerns! This article was not a promotion for yoga at all. May the Lord bless you, however, for speaking out and sharing your heart. You are heard and appreciated! With warmest thanks, Patricia

    • Kaitlyn, getting to know everyone was a joy and delight. Your thoughtful kindness and generous spirit were SO appreciated. Thanks for continuing to reach out in friendship. May the Lord bless our ongoing journey in Him! Onward!

  13. Patricia, thank you for pointing us to who we are in our Jesus. I love what you said… “We aren’t just enough, we are MORE than enough in Him.” So good for my heart to hear.

    Blessings to you as you walk out your moreness. 😉