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  1. Trusting God right now for peace and wisdom as I enter my final year of homeschooling with our youngest son.
    The parenting journey is always lived in faith, and transitions are the rule rather than the exception.

    • Well….. My husband was hurt on the job and no longer could work. He had always been a very hard worker, loved helping others too. He had to apply for Disability which hurt his soul. The enemy always tried to destroy us with thoughts & fear of the future. One day my husband was walking to the mailbox and God spoke to him, It is Well, everything will work out. It took 2 years and God supplied our needs and he received his Disability. He is always with us, for us and It is Well with our Soul! Amen

    • My family has been hit hard by the enemy. My father has been in and out of the hospital with critical issues but no answers are ever found. Our new home is a month behind schedule. My son has a diagnosis of Autism and wants to hide in the world of video games. I have several rare diseases. My Mom and I spend time with God each morning. Together, we armor up with our Papa’s truth and love so we can face the enemy head on. I know it can seem impossible but God is fighting for you.

    • I trusted God after losing my husband to brain cancer, after several years of believing and hoping for healing – God called him home. I was left with children to raise and a broken spirit – I had to trust God moment by moment.
      One of my many “go to” verses: Isiah 43:19 See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

    • Michele, many blessings this year with your son finishing high school! Last year my youngest of four – my only daughter – graduated. Which meant I was graduating too from 22 years of homeschooling. You’re right: transitions are the norm. Today my house is so quiet as we delivered her yesterday to her new home away from home, a lovely small university dorm to start her first degree toward Optometry. For homeschool moms ‘empty nest’ has a unique meaning. But we have so much to be thankful for! And so much to look ahead to in trust as well. Many mixed emotions. My nest is not empty though as Jesus is very present with me and my husband. Be strengthened in this your final lap as a homeschool mama as you’ve known it.

  2. I’m facing something this morning that causes a lot of anxiety. As I brewed my coffee, I felt it welling up inside of me. Then, I sat down at my computer and read this. I know that all will be well. Thank You!

    • My family is broken, harden hearts, unkind words said by all. I pray for relief, from the sadness my heart carries. I’ve recently wrote a love letter to my daughter, i pray her heart will be open to receive the love , she is 24.

  3. Several years ago my husband was driving me to our nearest emergency room. What I thought was a heart attack turned out to be a severe anxiety attack. On the way to the ER, I prayed for God to give me a calm spirit. That spirit settled over me like a wave. What a gift from the One who knows our needs every minute. He continues to send that calm spirit whenever I feel an attack coming on.

  4. Almost every day, I deal with anxiety that shows itself physically by making me nauseous. Every day I have to say again, Lord you are good. I trust you.

    • Alicia, I encourage you to learn from the Holy Spirit all you can about the anxiety you’re experiencing. I’ve come through an intense season that started 5 years ago with the loss of my / our parents. My head burned and I was weakened physically and nauseous. It started me on a journey of reaching out for help and understanding about what was going on with me , my mind, body and emotions. As I’ve learned how anxiety takes it’s toll, it has gradually diminished and I pray this will be true for you as well.

    • Alicia, anxiety is the enemy, filled with lies, i too suffer , many sleepless nights . 1peter5:7

  5. A fellow Houstonian, I remember 2 years ago… Hurricane Harvey’s biggest tornado ripped the roof off of our home and tossed around furniture in several rooms. Our roof was covered in blue tarps when the flood rains started. I remember kneeling at the flood water line as it approached our home and placing my forehead on the ground next to the water- praying ‘Lord, you didn’t bring us this far to let it all wash away. But if it does wash away, keep us safe and please don’t let me be that Mom on the national news being rescued by the National Guard from her roof. ‘. 60 inches of rain later, the water stopped rising within feet of our home. Miracle. And… I didn’t have a nervous breakdown with my Mother sheltering at our home for 10 days. Miracle.

  6. His perfect timing. Although we haven’t had a hurricane ransack our home, we recently uprooted and transitioned from KC to Florida after being led by God to do so. On most days I feel His peace but there are days I am grasping to hold on to His beautiful truth. Thanks for reminding me that it truly is well with my soul! Beautiful.

  7. Many years ago, my little four year old cut the tendon in her ring finger. We live in the Peruvian Amazon, so taking her to get surgery involved a canoe trip with a monkey bouncing on her head, a walk up a steep embankment to get to the clinic. Then taxi to airport…..putting my five other children in care of others etc. Long story short, yes she needed surgery, but my husband was in the US with meetings and said he would not be able to come at that time. I felt very much alone in the hospital, friends gave excuses that they would come by after their lunch. I hadn’t eaten for a couple days, and felt so alone. I had to call out to the Lord, finding the Lord a ever present help…..answering in small ways and then thru the next coming days seeing Him work out details. I grew in my love for Him because I wasn’t leaning on others but only God. Yes, He made me well with my soul!

  8. Last year, when my son was 7 weeks old, I had the first of 6 strokes that left me unable to walk, talk, read, or write. Over the past year, being a new mom all while trying to navigate the deficits that my strokes left me with have been so hard. But like you say, the enemy may have won a few battles, but my Jesus has won the war. He tried to take me out, but couldn’t. Our community came around us during this hard time, providing babysitting, meals, or friends to talk to. And now, even with anxiety, depression, and fear that it could happen again at any moment, I know it is well!

  9. I certainly embraced this 12 years ago as I battled breast cancer, but now in my 60’s, I know I must claim this daily through the sorrows and good times in life. It is well with my soul, no matter what else is going on, Jesus gives us the victory.

  10. Just coming from morning devotion time with the Lord, I looked at my phone. The title of this devotion caught my eye. I have been struggling this morning with unexpected tears and turmoil. I think is a wall between my daughter and myself mostly. The Lord gave me many reminders of His love and forgiveness, but stopping to read this devotion added so much for me. Thank you for sharing your hurt and your heart!

  11. Our first year or marriage my husband and I were ready to buy our first home. It was very stressful with the market being so competitive and the pressure of our lease being up. It seemed we would never find a home we both liked. Finally we found what we thought was the perfect home. Everything was going well, but when it came to the home inspection they discovered something was wrong with the foundation. I was devastated when we had to decided to not pursue the house. A few months later though we found another home and we liked it even more than the last one. It was even in a better location for us, shorter drives to work and closer to our families. It was very hard though in those months in between to not be frustrated with God and His timing. I had to pray all the time for patience and peace while I was so stressed. But as always, God works for the good!

  12. i had my 1st PTSD attack on sunday August 18 and i was so scared for my life, my husband rushed me too emergency because i couldn’t stop thinking & wanting to end everything, just so i wouldn’t feel like that, in my moment of darkness i remember asking God to help me, and let me be ok…it was all very surreal, what seemed like days was only hours..i am still here.

    • Dear Jesus, thank You for Priscilla. Please surround her with Your tender love. Envelope her in the coziest crook of your underarm, and let her know that You intensely love and adore her. Keep her safe Father, protect her from the enemy. Amen.

  13. My husband and I have been trying for a sweet baby for what seems like an eternity. While my body is still “young”, my spirit often feels ancient. This was a battle that I never imagined I would face. For everyone else in my family, it has seemed like a cakewalk to grow their families – why me? I spent so many months asking the Lord that question. Recently, the Lord has been taking me on a journey of discovering the purpose that lies within my pain. Not asking “why me?”, but seeking out what the Lord desires to birth in me before I birth our child. I have faith that as I rest in the knowing that it is well and that my sweet Jesus goes before me, the Lord will comfort me and continue to reveal himself to me in the midst of this journey. “You might have won a few battles, but through Christ, I will win the war. “

  14. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for encouraging so many who walk this journey of being a female who chooses to wear a lot of hats. My best job is motherhood. I know my spouse may disagree with me, smile. In January of this year I had a bilateral mastectomy. I found out about this challenge in December, 2018. I did not second guess the issue, the Lord and I decided to have the surgery.

    I know it was a VICTORY, because I did not need chemotherapy or hormone replacement or radiation treatment. The Oncologist, Bob Graham was a seasoned physician who was very kind and patient when he gave me his diagnosis. All is well.

    I am an overcomer in many ways but I represent one of the character traits of enduring as a good soldier.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  15. In Courage,

    I had a scary time with my aging dad years ago. He had been on hospice in assisted living. We had to put him in alzheimer’s unit. The first day in there (first Friday 2016) he went psycho on me. I didn’t know what to do. I was at bank about 40 minutes away when the call came. I was scared & wanted people around me. We had him in ER for exam. Finally docs told me I had to put him in a geriatric psych unit to get diagnosed with that illness. He was transported to yet another hospital & we waited for psych to evaluate him & decide he needed “New Leaf”. Once in there he had good & bad days. Some days were so bad I left there & sat in lobby crying to God. On one occasion he put his fist to my face. I ran out of there ugly crying. Had to sit in lobby for a while to calm myself down. I asked God to take him if this is what’s left of life for him. Fast forward about 1 month & dad was well enough to leave. God saw fit to fix some medicine issues (back on thyroid med & give him psych med). He was fine & back to normal for 1 year. Then he relapsed. Back he went to New Leaf. This time God took him home.

    Blessings 🙂

  16. So thankful for this encouragement this morning.
    We are in the midst of struggles with our precious adult daughter with disabilities. Everyday we lean hard on our faith.
    Thank you for honest and hope-filled devotions.

  17. Thank you for sharing your story!! It reminds me how subtle the enemy can be and how we need to be on constant watch and be ready in prayer to combat him. Oh yes through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Lord God Almighty we are victorious!! Thank you Jesus

  18. I learned heavily on God when my first husband was unexpectedly killed in an accident. It happened exactly 2 weeks after 9-11 so much of the aftermath of that event was a blurr. When he retired, he answered God’s call to become an ordained minister. I worked for our local church. I knew my time there was part of God’s plan for our lives serving others. After Dan’s death, I was upheld by my church family but there were many times I was laid low and crying out to God. I carried on but mostly on autopilot. These words, and words from other songs, reminded me that God had me in His care, just like He had Dan. 19 years later, I am still working for the church, remarried and still trusting God for my next steps.

  19. I turned 60 this year and it scared me half to death! I always felt viable and now all of a sudden with one click of the calendar I felt invisible, useless and old. My father was always my spiritual encourager and he passed away leaving me feeling alone. My husband and I moved 8 1/2 hours from our nearest child and even further from the other 2 and their spouses. I can’t tell you the countless hours I cried out to God for a purpose and what my position is supposed to be in this life. Over and over I have repeated scriptures… He has not given me the spirit of fear, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, now unto to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ask or even think… In my vast loneliness I can honestly say I can still feel God‘s presence! As I cried in my bed, in the shower, in the car and even in public places behind my dark glasses I realized and I keep having to realize that God is always, always, always present and it is well with my soul! Faithful is he who has called us, and he will bring it to pass! I am realizing with each new day who I am to Him and that is beautiful, wonderful, and loved! My prayer is that each and every person who reads this beautiful devotional will see with new eyes the faithfulness of our Father and know that it truly is well with their soul when they place their very soul in His mighty hands! Thank you for the reminder of who we are!

  20. I lost my home of 30 years to fire. My handicapped son lived on the first floor and I on the second. I was devastated.

    As I worked through the process of sorting through soot to create an inventory of my life I mourned the devastation and the memories of working on the delipated house my former husband bought in a bar. I worked hard with my children as a single mom to fix that house into a home for us. As it sat there in ruins, I had a certain peace come over me and I knew All would be well. The material things were replaceable and that the pictures of our lives could be held in our memories. The plan that God laid out for me is something that I could not conceive. Even though I did not understand the door that was being opened, I walked through and All is Well with Him.

    • Reading all these dear women give their Testimony this morning, puts in to perspective the hurts and often what we think impossible situations.
      I too have climbed one devastating mountain and basked in (eventually) the Lord’s Grace. Then another one showed up.
      In all of this I can say” It is well, with my soul” Our Savior, our friend, who stays closer than a brother, Never leaves us or forsakes us. To all you Stalwarts today , you have brightened my day here in Ireland.
      When sorrows like sea billows roll, Whatever my lot You have taught me to say
      It is well with my soul. Praying for all of you, for peace, babies , homes, children small and grown. Praise God for Sisters in Christ.

  21. I got layed off in January. But couple weeks before that, I went for my first mammogram. They wanted me to go back for 2nd testing because they had seen something on one of my breasts. I was already stressing about that and then I got layed off. I was worried because my insurance would only cover till end of the month. I was scared, worried, crying. But God came through. My 2nd exam and biopsy got all done before my insurance ended! And biopsy came back good, nothing cancerous. It was rough, but God kept telling me to trust him, that he was and is my hope. That he has good plans for me. I’m glad he got me through. I still have not found work yet, but I’m hopeful something will come up soon.

  22. the enemy’s lies can be powerful but NOT more powerful than the truth which we have in Christ. I KNOW the warroom and the lies, the battles.. but when we pause, breath and soak in His love and truth we are reminded of the VICTORY that He won for US!!! and then we find peace and it IS well with my soul <3

  23. Nothing of eternal value is at stake. It is well with my soul. My daughter was diagnosed with a brain cancer two years ago and since then we’ve walked through surgery, radiation, and a year of chemotherapy. Cancer changes you forever and I would never wish this fear or pain on anyone. It’s only by God’s Grace we know it is well and can look to our future with hope.

  24. In January I was getting ready to leave for the mission field in Africa when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was not a time throughout diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries that I did not feel God’s peace over the situation. Because of His presence I keep an incredibly positive outlook on the situation. On August 14th I was released from all of my doctors, and I will be heading to Africa in a few weeks!

  25. There are literally too many to count. Most recently, it has been through my mom going into the hospital for what we thought were heart problems. Now the more we learn the more we find out that it may have been a fluke with it going off as it did. This year I also changed churches and that was a “big” one where I had to trust the Lord to guide and direct me. So, so many examples since my divorce seven years ago. But this is my favorite song! Thanks for the opportunity to remember answered prayers.

  26. When my son passed away in a car accident at the age of 20, I was broken. I pulled everything from within that I had to attend the funeral, burial and to take care of those around me, when I was hurting myself. I was was blessed with my son telling me in a dream that it was beautiful where he was and he was happy. It was then that “all became well with my soul”.

  27. This is a lesson I need to be reminded of day after day! Trust in the Lord … It is well with my soul.

  28. Erica, I was heartbroken and emotional as I read your story. We also were affected by Harvey. Well, thank God, not my home, but our Daughter’s. They had just bought their first home, moved in it in April. It needed some remodeling, so we were there many late nights, well into the early morning hours. They ( we all) had worked so hard and spent so much to make this home their own. It was practically redone.

    As we heard of the hurricane, which they were saying wasn’t going to affect us here much. We had an evacuation plan, either way. On 8/25, my daughter’s birthday, we went to celebrate at her fave local pizza place. By the time we were done eating, the winds started up outside.

    We decided to drive to their house to check on it and grab /move some things. They lived on the bayou and although the neighbors told us in over 30 plus years, it’s never flooded. We were nervous but didn’t think it would be the disaster it ended up being.

    We did also end up evacuating. Upon arrival, they were unable to get to their home. They took off to rescue others in Louisiana with their boat. They stayed with us as they returned. Finally, we were able to get to their home a week or so later. But, as you can imagine, it was heartbreaking, to say the least. The water had totally destroyed their home. But, funny, as you experienced, I had bought them a wall hanging, ” Bless this home” saying. It was still hanging in the dining room, by one corner.

    I know that was a message sent from God.

    I hope that you’re home is back in order, Erica. I can imagine the PTSD. We lost power a few weeks ago and needed to use the generator. Hearing that sound, freaked me out as I automatically thought about Harvey and several other Hurricanes we have struggled through. God brought us through them all, safe. For that, I am grateful.

  29. We also planned a move after much praying and planning to facilitate our health care. It has been a bumpy road with several delays. In the meantime, my husband has been in 4 hospitals and 6 rehab facilities in the past 5 months. We don’t understand God’s timing but we trust His heart and are keeping our eyes on Him. We know we will see the victory in His timing. It is well with our souls!

  30. Someone very close to me is going through an unimaginable journey of faith as he trusts that he is in God’s Will despite the sorrow, emotional and financial destruction this plan appears to be in the natural. I continue to support him and trust him as he follows His Guidance, and am doing my best to honestly believe that such loss is really His plan; His good and perfect plan for him. It’s so hard to comprehend. I want desperately to believe in him and support him the best way I know how, but this loss hurts and affects me too. Please join me in praying for his resurrection in this nightmare and that all this suffering will become a beautiful testimony to God’s Faithfulness and His Goodness. Humbly I pray, Amen

  31. In the midst of it now, as my 2 daughters (19 and 24 years old) and I are living in the car. Even though it’s challenging I know that God has a plan for us and that even now It is Well!

  32. The time that really stands out to me is when my Daddy went to Home, 23 years ago. The time leading up to that was a long road, and it seemed like I didn’t know how/what to pray, and I know the only way I got through those last few weeks was that Jesus was carrying me. Then, after, through those next days, especially Father’s Day, which was just a few months later. Even now, as caregiver to my Mom, I know that some days it’s Jesus carrying me that gets me through, and I know He’ll continue because of my past experiences.

  33. I have chosen to stay in an unhealthy marriage as the Lord has given clear direction to do so. Each day I have to trust Jesus and make a choice to let my soul be well so I can give unconditional love with healthy boundaries, grace without co dependence and be a instrument of peace where there is anger and woundedness.

  34. YEARS ago, the whole world seemed to be on its way to a nuclear implosion. We lived literally across the river from an Air Force Base where most of the nukes were stored. I was ready to move far out west – ready to hunker down and wait out the nuclear holocaust. Seriously – I was making lists of all the things/foods/medicines/seeds we would need! I was sitting by my bed one day when God said one word to me – “WAIT.” So I did. Within 3 months, the Soviet Union had fallen apart, disarmament began, and the world began to settle down. One word. That’s all it takes.

  35. Everyday for the past 6 years since my divorce; married 18 years. My son decided 2 months into the divorce he wanted nothing to do with me at 12 1/2 years of age.

    Each day is different, I put one foot in front of the other and know that only God can give me the peace that He does. Learning to live in the current life I have an not living in what could have been.

    PTSD is a real thing for every one, as we are all different and things affect us each a different way – small to one is big to another and vise versa.

  36. Wow! This blog was used by God to speak to me and show me He answers prayer. My thirty -three year old daughter who loves the Lord, AMEN! moved out recently and purchased a condo. I prayed for God to lead her to the right place and everything fell into place for her new adventure. We all thanked God, but after just two days on her own, her upstairs neighbor had a terrible accident and broke a main water pipe and three hours of rushing water filled and destroyed my daughter’s condo. This just happened a few weeks ago and we are all lifting the situation to God. Today before I received this email, I was majorly calling out to God to speak to me about this trying situation and give me guidance and peace. Just yesterday I was wondering like Erica did I misread God’s guidance for my daughter. Well, twenty minutes after my very earnest plea to God, came this email. Erica’s story so parallels what we are experiencing as we wait for insurance and for the rebuilding of her condo. “It is Well with my Soul” is a favorite song and reaffirming thought so for her article to be called this, is definitely more confirmation.
    Thank you , Lord for your answer to prayer through Erica’s email. Thank you for her story and encouragement.

  37. Over the last year and a half I had been working for a company that consistently made careless decisions, resulting in financial and unethical behavior with their employees and customers. I had came to the realization that my job, a bookkeeper, was coming to a dead-end and I knew it would only be a matter of time before my job ended. A couple weeks ago, the owner had scheduled a Monday morning meeting; the weekend before, I was getting restless and an uneasy feeling about the upcoming meeting. The night before, as I was making my way to bed, I prayed to God for the deliverance of the bondage I’ve been in; strength and guidance for myself, my coworkers and the owner(s), and asked him that if my workplace isn’t the best for me, then to put me in a place where he knew it would better benefit me. As Monday morning made its way, I prayed again driving into work. As a result of the 2-1/2 hr meeting, the owner said that he would be closing this location after the first of the year and told me that he suggested I start looking for another job because he knew my husband is disabled and we depend on my paycheck. With a sigh, I felt at peace and thanked God for the clarification!
    The following Friday as I was making my way into work, once again, something didn’t feel right and I didn’t know what it could be. At 5:00 pm (closing time), I was asked to join the manger in his office and that’s when he proceeded to tell me that he had to let me go, I needed to turn in my keys and clean out my office. I was in array of emotions and a bit shocked, but I done what was asked, I thanked him and smiled as I made my way out the door. Later that night, my husband was comforting me and then he reminded me that it was what I prayed for and I realized he was right. God delivered me and broke my chains!
    Earlier that day, while I was on my lunch break at work, I was searching job’s and came across one in particular with a well-known service company; (the same company we sold our business to a couple years prior) the position they were hiring for matched my skills and experience, so I applied for the job. Fast forward to the next day, I was telling my husband about the job that I applied for and when I tried searching for the job listing, it had been removed. I thought to myself, that was quick, in less than 24-hrs it had been posted they’ve already filled the position. The following Monday (last week), I receive an email from the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) about the job I applied for, requesting me to send him my resume and list my availability time. I responded to him with my resume and explained to him that my position was terminated on the Friday before and that my availability is immediate. Later that evening, as we were headed to an out of town Revival, my husband suggested I email the owner of the company personally, requesting a formal meeting with him and his CFO about the job position and how I would benefit his company. Just as I finished the email and hit send, I received an email back from the CFO stating that the position would not be available until Dec. 5 at which time I would attain the position, as I was the only qualified applicant for the position. Furthermore, with the owner/CEO being out of the States conducting international business, I was offered the position of his Personal Assistant, leading to the opportunity of attaining a full time position upon his return in December.

    It was then when I realized that Friday, God was working in the background and already had something bigger and better for me. He delivered me from a place that kept me in bondage and put me where he knew I would Thrive.
    My prayers were answered and
    It Is Well With My Soul!

  38. After living in a city that I had been praying to get out of for over 10 years…going thru the ugly roller coaster we faced trying to finally buy a house and get out of the old one…I lifted it all up to the Lord and Praise the Lord…today is the day we sign the closing documents…as well as on our 19 year anniversary…so with that…the peace and answered prayers…It is well with my soul! Amen!

  39. My son is currently in the last weeks of Basic Training for the Army. When he first started making preparations to join this mama wasn’t happy. But I prayed. I prayed for God to give me peace if this was his path and for God to redirect him if it wasn’t. I was sitting in Sunday school the weekend after he had gone to MEPS and had taken his oath when my Sunday school teacher read the scripture for our lesson that morning Genesis 28:15 I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.
    I KNOW I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me, telling me “This is My promise to you for your son.” I knew then and there God was going to take care of him and that this is what he’s supposed to be doing. I’m so thankful to serve a God that cares enough about me to put my fears at rest and give me the reassurance I need.

  40. I felt that the carpet had been swept from under me as I sat in a meeting and heard the school line manager throwing accusations at me about my professional conduct. I knew that it was unfair and unjust and had come from the enemy using people who wished to undermine me. I was so devastated I could not fight it and left my school after nine years there and after teaching for more than 40 years.
    I sank in the months that followed but saw the blessings of my husband and daughter’s faithful, loyal support and encouragement to lift me up. I also went to a Bible Study where I have met ladies who are prayer warriors and who have embraced me!
    So.. . I would never have left my job, but there is another world and God still has a plan. I trust Him now for a new place where I can earn and be in His plan.
    It is well!

  41. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    Many years ago, the Lord audibly spoke to me “Satan is trying to destroy your marriage.” As a Christian couple, with 2 small children, ‘we’ were doing everything right – or so I thought. Going to church, reading our Bibles, seeking Him, etc. But, oh! Our beloved Lord knows all!

    Fast forward about 10 years and things weren’t ‘right’ in our home. Nothing I could explain, I hadn’t really changed but my beloved had begun to act unusual – distant. Mental health issues complicated by sin made life miserable for him. He became suicidal and abandoned our family. He got the help he needed, so I thought, and life began anew. His Christian walk was cyclical and determined by his mental health at the time – not what Jesus Christ had done on the Cross for him.

    My prayers for my spouse and our marriage went on in this cycle for 17 long years. During this time, I was told by Pastors, counsellors, lawyers, family members and well meaning friends to leave him. I continued to cling to the words God had spoken to me so loudly and prophetically that day, so long ago, in my farmhouse kitchen. Gloriously, our marriage is now restored, Praise Jesus! My husband now receives the mental health care which is appropriate for him. But, more importantly he seeks regularly the great Physician! Our 37th anniversary is this weekend. God’s grace is good – always!

  42. This was so timely as I’m trusting God right now for a miracle healing for my sister-in-law. But if not, then for peace and strength for my family to know that God sees the bigger picture, and it is well with our souls as long as we cling to Him. Please pray with me for healing, and for salvation, strength and peace for family. Thanks so much!

  43. As I read all of these comments it confirmed my belief that God is in control- that he cares for the details in our lives- and that trusting HIM is a moment by moment happening. He is our strength. May He continue to strengthen each of us!

    • Me too, I am going thru some really hard things with my husband and his mental illness. I have to remind myself that God is in Control and that he will make a way. I must lean on him and trust that he is working things out for our good.

  44. As my son continues to have seizures every time he tries to sleep I continue to believe no matter what I see or feel, it is well! I don’t feel it neither do I see it but I will continue to speak that it is. Trusting in the One who can calm the storm.

  45. This was so great, and timely! The pipes under our house burst last year in May, and we are still dealing with holes in the walls and in the floors. I walk through the house and we have cement bags and grout bags on the floor. We have both of our bathrooms working now – thank God, and our kitchen, but the rest is a mess – I completely understand the feelings, especially the ones of indifference. I’m hoping once everything is finished (so much still left to do), that I can find my bearings again. God bless!

  46. I get devotional emails everyday, but I don’t always take the time to read them. When I saw that subject line for the one I received from (In)Courage this morning read “It Is Well with My Soul,” I thought that maybe I should take the time to read it today because so many things don’t feel “well” with my soul.

    This story really hit home. My husband and I moved to New Orleans in June of 2005 so that he could attend seminary. We had both just graduated from college and he was beginning his seminary education while I was working on getting my teaching certification. When Katrina hit in August of that year our entire lives were turned upside down. Because of the mess that New Orleans was in after the storm we were not able to come back in to even assess the damage until October. We knew we had received over 10 feet of flood water in our first story apartment based on where we lived in the city. Thankfully, at the time, we had not had children and the contents of our apartment were those that you would expect young people recently out of school to have. Other than some nice pieces of furniture we had been given and a few pieces of art we had collected there wasn’t all that much there. We did lose it all, but what was most devastating was that we lost the plan we had made for our lives.

    Because we had no where to live in New Orleans my husband took an interim position at a church back home in Alabama while we waited to see what our next move would be. We lived in Alabama for about 9 months until it was clear to both of us that the Lord was calling us back to New Orleans and to the seminary. We had planned on paying for seminary using the money from my teaching job (which I had started 1 week before Katrina with a temporary teaching certification…I was in a year long program that would have resulted in a permanent certification after my first year of teaching). That was no longer an option because in leaving the city for an extended time I also left my certification program. When we returned to the city I was pregnant with our oldest daughter and going into teaching when I really had no idea what I was doing while I was 6 months pregnant didn’t seem like a good idea. I took a clerical position at the seminary, which I loved, but we struggled financially and after 2 years were forced to make the decision to leave because we just could not afford to pay for classes and support our family. This process repeated…in total we moved to the seminary 3 times and were never able to make it work. My husband has taken various ministry positions and tried to continue his classes but he still has 2 classes left to take to complete his Masters in Divinity. We now have 3 children…I have been a full time mom for the past 9 years and we are still struggling.

    Its been really frustrating because this plan that we had and that was derailed 14 years ago has never gotten back on track. I feel like we are so far behind where we should be financially. I live in chronic anxiety over the impacts of something that I could not have controlled and have not been able to overcome. I trust the Lord…I know he knew what he was doing when his placed us where he did at the beginning of our adult lives and he knows what he’s doing now.

  47. Going through my son’s addiction, not knowing what the end results would be, brought me closer to the Lord.

  48. I had postpartum depression with my third child. It was a hard time I had never felt so burdened and with out strength. My trust in God was far from strong. I had a rally that I attended with other women we worshiped, prayed and had a wonderful time. At the end of this rally they prayed over all of us ladies there and it was as if she was reading my thoughts. Jesus broke the chain of my postpartum depression and I felt new! God is good all the time.

  49. What a horrific event Hurricane Harvey was to Houston! I have lived here all of my life and have lived through many hurricanes. When I was in elementary school, my parents bought a brand new home and had almost completed the decorated phase. During the summer that followed the buying of the new house, here came Hurricane Carla. We’d cleaned out one of the bathtubs in order to fill it with water to use for flushing and for boiling water. We had only candles for lighting and a tabletop cook top for heating food. We were without power for days. There was water all around, up the sidewalk that led to our front door and lots of roof damage. Mother Nature can play havoc at any time. But God was there to see us through.

    It’s now been exactly 2 years since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and there are parts of the area that are still in shambles. My heart goes out to your family, Erica, and to all of those that are still recovering. Whatever God’s plans are – He will reveal when the time comes – His time not ours. Hold God to your heart and it will be well with your soul!

  50. Your message/devotional was so meaningful & encouraging. I’m so sorry you are dealing with PTSD but with God’s help you can certainly make it thru. If you are interested I know of a person who is doing a Dissertation on that subject & his paper may be able to help you. It is strictly Bible Based & I know him personally. He will hopefully be done by Dec. with it. With my own life there has been so many times I’ve had to completely trust Christ. The one that stands out though was when my sweet, wonderful husband was diagnosed with melanoma. He had it by his right eye & it went 3 years before the doctor had him referred to a dermatologist. He had a rare form and it appeared as a fatty tissue. The surgeon, one of the top in the U.S. had to cut all of Jerry’s nerves from his eye down to his mouth making it hard for him to smile anymore or even close his eye. Jerry has such an amazing love for the Lord & we had to continue trusting God for Jerry’s future. A few months later we discovered it spread to his lungs. I remember crying out to God while in the shower to give me the cancer & save my husband. This was back in 2006 & he’s doing well now. The cancer did come back in his intestines & stomach but in 2013 Jerry was asked to join a Drug Trial for Kaytruda & he did the best in the program with 120 patient’s. Jerry has been cancer-free for over 3 years now & we are enjoying retirement to the fullest. I’m so thankful to God for allowing my amazing husband to survive & we worship & serve a God who is alive in our hearts & home!!!!

  51. It is well with my soul even though I grieve the current California public school curriculum. I’m not okay with the direction it’s going but I’m doing what I can and know that my God is bigger than any decisions my government makes.

  52. The Lord is my constant peace as my husband has lost his job (due to budget cuts) after being recruited to his job just two years ago. We have been saving to buy a home this spring and instead, we will likely be leaving our current city. Our kiddos are being brave, but of course they are sad. And yet in the middle of this sadness and loss of a dream deferred, I know all is well because of the peace of the Lord. We will wait and trust, knowing that God is faithful to make good of this sad situation. I trust Him and know He has a plan. It is well with my soul.

  53. My husband is suffering severe back pain which has caused numbness and decreased strength in his leg. This has left him unable to work or drive. We have only one income and one driver which is me. This has been occurring for two years now. Last year my daughter had a torn ACL during soccer practice and required an reconstructive surgery, at the same time my dad suffered a brain bleed from a stroke and a brain aneurysm, my dad later lost his wife due to liver failure. All of these situations required a lot of my time and energy as I was taking everyone to dr appts and also working to provide income for our family. God blessed our family abundantly during these times. All of our needs are met. He provided people to help. Many people to pray for us. Exodus 14:14 is the scripture that kept me going. My daughter has recovered and is back to playing soccer. My dad is recovered and living independently. My husband is still fighting his health issues but we remain hopeful of the future.

  54. Thank you so much for sharing Erica. Your words truly touched me. I’m asking for prayers for peace and prayers to not give up and to keep trusting in God. Thank you so much and God bless you ❤️

  55. Trusting God right now as I search for a new job. I have a job now that I have always loved. But there have been some big changes and it has been hard. For the first time, I do not love my job anymore. I do not love my leadership. I am good at my job and I am in my comfort zone. My prayer has been to honor God where I am at and trust where He leads! Praying that I can say no matter the circumstance, that it is well with my soul <3

  56. Trusting God to heal my child from being hit by a car brought me to my knees. But the Lord showed me How Great is His Faithfulness!

  57. What a heart wrenching, love affirming tribute! Thank you Erica for sharing with us. God has loved me well all of my life…most of those years I was caught up in raising 3 children…married at 19 ~ husband left me for another at 29…I remarried at 38…husband left 20+ years later…now a single grandma who in looking back I see all the many, many, many time Jesus carried me through situations I had no idea how we would survive…

    I trust Him for everything…I get nervous when an unexpected bill arrives and He provides time after time after time…so yes, it is well with my soul and I am thankful indeed for His never ending love and provision.

  58. I had to learn and trust God when I found out that I’d be a single momma while being pregnant with my beautiful daughter who is now 19. God has never left us and His plans for our family (and Demi) have been beyond amazing and good. I’m grateful EVERY DAY and know that being BRAVE comes from trusting in Him with all of it and I do mean all of it!!!! ♡


  59. There have been many, many times in my life when I had to lean solely on God’s Word to get me out of the deep dark pit of depression that the enemy had led me into. From childhood sexual abuse, depression and anxiety, to an unwanted abortion and divorce. God has been right there…holding my hand. Like the hymn says, It IS well. Through it all, God has woven a beautiful tapestry out of my muck and proven time and time again that one person’s testimony can lead another to HIM. I am now living this out by volunteering for Proverbs 31 Ministries and Moms In Prayer International. All because of Him…It is well with my soul.❤️

  60. Having never been married, Jesus is my “Husband” and I lean heavily on Him to be my constant companion, provider, and source of love and comfort. Years ago my roommate moved out and my landlord raised my rent beyond what I could afford. I had no where to go and had to borrow from a friend to make that month’s rent. A friend suggested I apply for a first time homeowner loan through the city I lived in and buy something. I had no money having just spent two years not working and taking care of my Mom who died of cancer and then taking the second year to care for my Dad to adjust being alone, so I knew only the Lord could achieve getting me a home I could afford. I prayed and went looking. I found a townhouse I could buy, but I needed to get the max of $50,000 from the city. I was told no one had ever qualified for the full amount, but I prayed and got the full amount to use as a down payment, so I could afford the monthly payments. I still needed $10,000 to cover closing costs and no one in my family had that kind of money. I prayed and my girlfriend’s husband “gifted” me $10,000. I kept telling my Mortgage Broker that the Lord was taking care of me, and he just kept saying, “Yeh, yeh”, but didn’t believe, even with all of these “miracles”. The day I went in to sign papers to buy my first home, my broker said, “Someone ‘upstairs’ sure likes you and is looking out for you.” I replied that I had been trying to tell him that all along. He explained that where the bank was located that I was getting my mortgage through had the threats of a hurricane hitting there today, so they wired the money for the closing the night before. He said that NEVER HAPPENS before the papers are signed! I assured Him that nothing is impossible with my God. So, instead of being homeless, I was able to purchase my own home five months before my Father passed away. Yes! It truly was “well with my soul”. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  61. I am currently trusting God with my sweet Mama. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a year ago, underwent a stem cell transplant last December and has just found out her numbers are going back up. Today is her birthday. She is so positive, and continues to be a light to everyone around her. We are trusting the Lord that He will see her through the next treatment plan.

  62. It Is Well With My Soul reminds me of the song by Fanny Crosby. Yes even when we don’t feel like it. It is well with our Souls. Especially if saved and know Jesus. Because know matter what trials we go through in this world. We will have no more when we go to Glorly to be with Jesus. Jesus is with us through all our Trails and sorrows and everything else we go through on this earth. As it says in his word he Jesus will never leave us. Jesus never does. He Loves us too much. Each tear we cry should it be in pain of sickness or pain of happiness. He collects thoes tears and he close by through all thoes tears with us. You know it is like that poem “My precious Child” I Love You and I will never leave You During Your times of Trial and Suffering when You saw only One set of Footprints It was Then That I Carried You. That is so true. So it is well with our souls everyday. Even if don’t feel it. We have might big God. Who loves us so much. He never leaves us. Sure he sent his son Jesus to Die for us all. What greater Love could you get. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little.

  63. I quit a corporate job 3 years ago because I was suffering from anxiety.I prayed first declared and believed God was my provider . I didn’t hear His voice or saw lightning but I did felt peace. 3 years later I work side by side with my husband in our small business and God has provided more than I could have ever imagined. I hasn’t been easy but “ it had been well with my Lord “ ☺️

  64. I can think of so many experiences when God was my only hope and sustenance. In particular, last year, during the process of buying our first home, the unexpected surgery of my young son, the birth of my baby via C-section… God was present, he provided peace and strenght… He has always been there, even when I think He is not. ♥

  65. In my marriage we have encountered sickness and health. I’m the one struggling with illness. We have encountered richer and poorer. We have paused and praised God through 4 seasons of unemployment. There are so many times when I’m tempted to ask, “but why us?” Instead I shift my focus to “it is well.”

  66. It is well with our souls when we have Jesus. We all have different problems. Please don’t let them take over you. Even they are from sickness marriage to depression or what ever. Hand it over to Jesus. Ask him what to do. His Holy Spirit will speak you and tell you if you need to get trusted help Do. So as it don’t get you down and make you ill. If sickness go see a Doctor and at the same time through it all stand on Gods word the Bible his promises in it and prayer and remember God is always with you and that he will never leave you. It will be well with your Soul. Please keep looking up to God and crying on to him to what to do next. God will help you. He Loves you so much. Don’t let the Devil whisper in your ear you will never get over this no matter what it is. Yes you will. Don Moen sings a great song you get it on youtube it is God will make away were there seems no way. So God will. As God loves you and I too much. He wants us to be walking about with smiles on our faces not tears and sad faces. Thinking it will never be well with my soul. Yes with God it can be well with our Souls and that is what God wants for us. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  67. Even though God has led me to leave behind some dreams to go in a direction I can not see, it is well with my soul. Some days I find myself mourning the things God asked me to release, I find myself really not wanting this mystery He’s put in it’s place… But it is well with my soul. No matter what lays behind or ahead, I CAN rejoice and give thanks that my soul is in His hands, as well as my future and heart. All is well with Yahweh caring for and shepherding me.

    Thank you for this blog of encouraging Truth! ♡

  68. 2011 was a really rough year for me and my family, but through the storms there were many blessings. Early that year I had a cough that just wouldn’t go away. I finally went to the doctor to be told I had reflux. The next week I had a lump the size of a small egg pop up on my neck. I was sent to an ENT and told they would watch it for 30 days and if it didn’t go away it would have to come out. After three rounds of antibiotics and 30 days…..it was SURGERY TIME. Following the surgery I was told I should have the results by the end of the week. The week went without results as did the following week. I finally got a call to go see the surgeon at 4:30 pm the following Monday to be told I had an aggressive cancer. I told the surgeon I wanted to go to M.D. Anderson for treatment because both my parents had been there for different types of cancer. I was at work the next morning and received a call at 10am from someone at M.D. Anderson telling me I had appointments starting at noon the next day and I needed to be prepared to be there for 7 to 10 days for testing. Mind you I lived in North Carolina and those appointments were starting in Texas….at noon the next day. Family helped me get an airline ticket leaving early the next morning and I had to go to my surgeon to carry my medical records with me. When I arrived at the surgeon’s office the nurse told me she had been trying all morning to get me an appointment at M.D. Anderson, but was having a hard time getting through. Imagine her surprise when I told her I had appointments the next day. FYI: God set those appointments up…..there is no other explanation. I flew out early the next morning leaving my husband and young children to arrive just in time for my appointments which went until late in the night. That was a Wednesday and my testing was over that Friday….3 days of testing. Oh…..my dad was at M.D. Anderson going to appointments at the same time as me so I was able to share a room with my parents. I flew out Saturday and was home late that night and went to church with my husband and kids the next morning. Chemo began…..I lost my hair! During my chemo treatments my father-in-law passed away! I was scared to go to the funeral because of my immune system, but received approval from my doctor as long as I avoided close contact (hugs and handshakes). Loved this man dearly, but I know he is in a much better place. After chemo was over, I had to move to Texas for 1 1/2 months for my radiation treatments. My parents kept my kids 3 hours south of where I was getting my treatments and I would go see them each weekend. FYI: This was a blessing because it gave my boys quality time with my parents and I got some quality time with my parents as well that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Oh yes…..during my very first radiation treatment the song playing in the background was “ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.” My radiation tech and I got a good laugh about this after my last treatment when I found the courage to tell her she might want to change her playlist. I got back home in NC with the boys late Saturday to start work one day later. There was a bad hurricane that hit that week. And my dad passed away the end of that year. Mind you….had it not been for my cancer I would have missed out on that time with my dad. I loved this man so much, but just like my father-in-law I know he is in a better place. I am happy to say I am Cancer Free! I still have to go back for regular checkups, but God has blessed me so much. It is well with my soul….BLESSED!

  69. I am currently trusting God for that right now! My soon to be ex-husband and I are in the process of divorcing and splitting up the life we’ve shared together for about 13 years including selling our home and dividing all of our belongings. I have been in the process of applying for and interviewing for jobs in a different state for a few months (while packing all of my belongings, planning a solo move, and trying to make sense of all of my feelings and emotions). There are times when I just feel so alone and so lonely and question what I’m going to feel like when I am living alone without my husband. It’s a stressful time and I’m trusting God for everything and praying that I get the right job quickly!

  70. So many times I don’t feel it is well but trusting God always gets me through the day which leads me to believe it is well with my soul. And it is well with my soul. Yes, it is well with my soul!

  71. God has been so faithful to me over the years. When my oldest son was struggling with anxiety and it seemed like the enemy was wining the fight for his life I begged God to save him. There were moments that I realized that I had to be ok with letting him go because I couldn’t do anything more than pray…so that is all I would do. Today my son is healthy and will soon celebrate the year anniversary of his job…something that last summer seemed an impossibility. God carried me through that time when I couldn’t walk myself. He rescued my son from the pit and I am ever grateful.

  72. I am currently trusting God to make things well for my Elderly Beloved Father with Cancer, Also Trusting God to make things well for me at his perfect timing with my unjust unemployment situation.

  73. I trusted God when my relationship of 10 years ended,I thought everything was over with my life,I wasn’t worth nothing, who was gonna want to be with me, I was confused and hurt and he showed me differently, and is still showing me

  74. I just want to thank the writer for sharing her story. So honestly, openly and from her heart. Nobody wants to bear the uglies of ones soul. I sure can relate. Almost a year ago my life as I knew it…..fell apart. My hubby lost his job, his boss was trying to frame him, my hubby then got very ill and could not work, then our car was stolen and it took 2 months to settle and get money to buy a new one, family issues, intense challenges with our children. On and on and on. We are still not in a place of comfort. However I am in a place of leaning on Jesus. Cause He is all that I have had the past almost year. I don’t hold very tightly to job security anymore, nor do I hold tightly to trusting relationships, or things. Jesus is who I hold onto. I am learning to love people in a different way. We are all sinners, saved by grace. And we all make many mistakes. And most importantly we all need Jesus so intensely and intimately. I need Him desperately cause I am gross without Him. Ladies thanks for sharing so deeply and truly. It is life changing for me.

  75. A spirit of fear attacked me about a week ago and I was paralyzed, so to speak. Without going into the whole story, I had let myself get very run down helping to prepare at church for a wedding shower on top of all the other hats I wear. I was up working in kitchen and still had so much food to prepare but I became immobilized and sat in the dark in fear for about 4 hours. Finally at 2 in the morning a peace overtook me, after trying to recall scriptures on fear. I finally went to bed knowing God had brought me through it.

  76. So many times…so many….but one above all. In February 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one wants to hear they have the big “C”. Knowing Jesus, I was trying really hard not to be overwhelmed. I trusted my dr/surgeon and knew she was the best. I prayed, my husband prayed, my family and friends and even strangers were praying. Scheduled for surgery on March 3rd, headed to the hospital, really nervous because my sister had seen horror stories on the internet about mutilating operations. BUT GOD! From the very first person who spoke to me, every single person that I had interactions with that day prior to surgery, spoke to me of Jesus, prayed for me, told me they would pray, encouraged me, hugged me …..so so many, because I had to go thru so many steps before I got to surgery. By the second person, I was amazed…by the third, I was laughing and I kept on laughing every new worker I went thru, as they spoke to me of my sweet Jesus! I got to surgery and smiling so much my cheeks hurt. My precious dr leaned over me and told me she had been praying for me and for me to think about Jesus cradling me in His arms in surgery, because He would be. He was there the whole time, in EVERY single person I talked to. He wanted me to KNOW He wasn’t going to leave me or forsake me, just as He promised! It was absolutely wonderful!

  77. I lost my health almost 20 years ago. Illness after illness has jumped on board. I have also been through burnout multiple times. One particular day was going to be my last day, but the Holy Spirit interceded and helped me to fight the enemy of my soul. The enemy tries repeatedly to destroy my flesh and my ministry, but my soul is well because it is safe in God’s hands.

  78. I am in one of those seasons now, as I was basically told to look for a new job unexpectedly after serving at the same organization for 16 years. While it came at a complete shock I have watched the Lord provide in the smallest and largest ways. And although I still do not know what is next, I am confident the Lord will be with me each and every step of the way. It is well with my soul.

  79. It is well with my soul was the truth my cousin lived as she fought her battle with cancer. Even though she is with Jesus now, this truth that she boldly shared encourages me every time I think of it! The tea towel would be a wonderful reminder!

  80. Trusting God right now to make it well with my soul as the hospital where I work is closing my beloved pediatric unit and I am searching for my next job.

  81. Over the last five+ years, I’ve struggled with a lot of back pain and sciatica pain. I’ve clung to knowing God sees me and it is well, even in the pain. It is well even when healing hasn’t come as I would have chosen. It is well, and I am blessed, because God sees me and meets me in the midst of my daily details.