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  1. Michelle,

    A lot of churches are vastly different from what God had in mind. The people sit in pews sing songs, hear a sermon & go home. You can’t really tell if there was any true worship done there. God expects us to worship Him in mind, body & spirit. We are to go to church to praise Him for what He’s done for us. Not to be self righteous & judge others. I’ve been at women’s conferences & seen true worship happen. I believe that those who have been forgiven much love much & those who have been forgiven little love little. Certain songs hit a nerve in me & I raise my hands palms open up to Heaven. When I stop to think about what Jesus did-leaving the splendor of Heaven, coming down to broken Earth & dying a cruel death that should have been mine-I get choked up. I am in awe of a God who can love me no matter how much I mess up. I also know that true worship extends far beyond the church walls. We must go out & spread the gospel to everyone. We need to love on & show concern for others. That too is part of true worship.

    Blessings 🙂

  2. In addition to the comment above I too am grateful beyond measure at how God has forgiven me & continues to do so. I am by no means a great example of a good Christian but God loves me and leads me anyway. I think acts of worship are definitely beyond the church walls as well as in churches. Acts of kindness words, doing good works for another is that not the hands and feet of Jesus? Is that not an act of worship? Glorifying his name? I feel it is. I am by no means amazing at this either but I’m trying to follow God here and what transpires is for his glory not mine…

  3. I go to the Salvation Army. We are lively Church if we want to be. We have lively songs we sing. Like there is Wonder working power in the blood. We teach about not to going round with sad faces on. Show that we are happy people to be saved in Christ show that we are saved. Not walk round sad. As some Churches you are nearly afraid too move. You listen to the Minister Or Pastor sing a few songs or hymns. Have a few prayers listen to sermon. Then shaken the Minister or Pastor hand when Church is over. Before the Church starts the Minister or Pastor might shake hands with you and say nice too see you or leave it too the way out when Church over. That is why so may young people find Church boarding don’t want too go. Once they finish going to Sunday School that they where made go to by their parents Then Church and having too sit still in a pue listen to sermon for a hour that they found boaring. Did not want to be there. When they got old enough no wonder they most of them the young never want to get saved or go back once leave Sunday School. I did feel like that when growing up as was not always Salvation Army. I hated going to Sunday School every Sunday when small. Glad when I could stop going. Then when I had to go Church with my parents that was worse. You had too be a good as gold wear you best Sunday Clothes to Church and Sunday School. Now I go the Salvation Army I am saved so is my Husband. I love it. I have the freedom to wear what I like. Plus we can play an instrument like when the music is playing and if we want dancing along too the music we don’t have to stand still and sing to the songs. Jesus would not want us to stand still like a statue when singing. He would want us to dance if want too. Jesus would want us to move in our seats but not over do it during the sermon. As you can get stiff. Worship is about dancing and praising God. Being happy Christian not sad Christian too the world. As if the world see us sad. Then they defiantly would not want what we have that is to know Jesus for themselves. But sometimes we are as Christian sad because we need prayer because we have problem ourselves or sickness or someone has died that is different. We still or human. But we have to show the world we are other wise happy because we have Jesus. Churches should not be places you have to feel you have to dress smart or sit still stand and just sing the songs listen to the Minster or Pastor. That is it. You can’t if you feel like it play an instrument when the song is playing to show God your praise. Or move if you get stiff but not over do it. Dress any way you like but nicely with respect. As people will then especially those with little money feel they have to try keep up with the others and could get into debt. Buying something to wear to Church. God wouldn’t want it. Excellent reading. We have to make them fun paces the young people want to come too and enjoy and here about Jesus. My Mum in her day when alive said was put of my her Minster he thumped the Bible on the pulpit and scared and you had to dress in your Sunday best. You where afraid too move in your seat. It put her off going too Church she told me it was not fun it was scary and boaring. Churches have to fun places for our young plus all of any age and Full of Love. Love Dawn Xxxx