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  1. In Courage,

    People think they have to go overseas to make a big impact for Christ. The fact is they can do it right in their own neighborhood. Simple acts of kindness for others will help shed God’s love & light in this dark world. For me it looks like making cookies for “Feed the Multitude” & going down to serve up the food. I take some of the left over casseroles, & other food to my in-laws & an elderly neighbor who basically lives alone. You can shine God’s light by sharing a smile & a simple hello. Send texts, emails, cards, or just call friends & see how they are doing. It doesn’t take much just a little effort & time. You’d be surprised by the effect it has on people. Simple encouragements will brighten someone’s day thus shed more light on this sin dark world. Go do what you can & brighten someone’s day!

    Blessings 🙂

  2. I tweeted this. Been right with my train of thought lately. Thank you. We don’t need to prove ourselves with words, but with active love!

  3. This is right with my thinkng lately. We don’t need to prove ourselves or Christ by our words, but by active love. Thank you!

  4. We can let people know we belong to Christ by the way we live. By the things we do. Living as Jesus would want too do. Speaking as he want us too do going the extra mile for people. Especially thoes no one would want to know. As we that are saved are the hands and feet in this world of Jesus. If we see someone needing help we can help that person if able too help them. We should go help that person. As we never know what a blessing we could be too them. They might be too shy to ask for help. Or they could feel they have to pay us and not have the money too pay us. That is why they never ask for help. It might only be we small job you. But mean the world to them that you stepped by to help them. Out of your love for Jesus. They might not be saved themselves. You never know your kindness could lead too them wanting what you have and that is Jesus for themselves. Jesus will bless you for being kind too them. Then by this Everyone will know you are a disciple of Jesus. Just like today’s excellent reading. As that person will tell someone of the good deed you did for them. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  5. lovely message ! in my life I have to come to know it’s not just those in need physically who need Jesus. I have ministered in a rich area…the most sad miserable people with all the money ! people over look the wealthy and think just because they own things they’re happy
    . no..marriages are broken ; there’s sadness and despair. they refuse to set foot in churches who have used them….. broken people are in ALL areas . it’s the heart we minister to..the rest God looks after. all people need to know God. brokenness is in every income level . there’s always someone needing love and care .

  6. I have found satisfaction at volunteering at a local nursing home. Many of the residents have poor eye sight or other problems that prevent them from reading. It takes very little time to drop in on them in the mornings a read them a devotional for the day. It also makes them aware that someone cares for them. Helping out at the local food bank is usually always needed.