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Adora is a Canadian violinist and teacher who strings words together as a hobby. She lives in Northern Ontario, where she plays Principal 2nd Violin in the symphony and is working with her local church to develop an affordable classical music program in the community.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Rejection is such a huge part of life as a creative–whether we’re stringing words or notes together, it’s inevitable that we’re going to hear a “no” eventually, and you’ve put so much love and light into this story about your own experience, Adora. Even when brokenness is all we have in our hands to offer back to God, He receives it with love and then remakes us and our dreams.

  2. Sharing your story of rejection in that moment in time for that audition can easily translate to any of us for that job, University place, end of a relationship, the experience of not being chosen or obtaining the opportunity we wanted. It’s hard to swallow a pill of what feels like rejection but I love your visual of handing the shattered prices to God hands open saying take this, I don’t want it anymore. How much better is closeness with our creator?! Who loves us immeasurably and wants the best for us. He wants us to be happy but most of all he wants us to be close to Him. Thanks for sharing!!

    • For sure, all of us will experience rejection in one form or another! And yes, I realise now how much His closeness is the greatest treasure <3

  3. Adora,

    Just loved “Please take it from me, I don’t want to desire this more than I desire You. Can You hold this for me? Can You hold me?”

    For this chronic striver whose dreams – both now and future – have been shattered by life’s ugly struggles, this is the prayer I need to breathe hope into my everyday!

    Thank You!

  4. Wow! I will now say that, God’s seemingly silent response to my prayers may be because He’s more concerned/interested in my heart growing closer to Him. He’s allowing me to replant my dreams, ultimately a gift to me from Him, as my desire for more intimacy for Him grows. Wow!
    So grateful for your sharing Adora and that Isaiah 46:4 is definitely a great prayer. It’s worth sharing too because it can mean so many different things to others.

  5. Your story reminded me of Gideon…light shining in the darkness so that His light can be seen….God bless you… I would love to hear you play!

  6. This speaks volumes to me. Thank you for such a beautiful description of placing our heats souls dreams…our everything in the hands of the One who loves us completely. I’m still learning this and I am so grateful that I know this is the only way to walk in His light and in His presence. God bless you