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Karen has authored multiple Bible Studies and devotionals, including More Than Sales: Seeking God’s Heart for Your Direct Sales Business. Her mission is to encourage, equip, and empower, with a heart tender for new Christians. She adores microblogging on Instagram, where Jesus, special needs parenting, pets, and volleyball collide.

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  1. Hi, Karen! Thanks so much for this frank discussion.
    As mums, I think we have a tendency to draw a line between our kids’ problems/challenges and our own weaknesses, taking blame and feeling inadequate. Maybe we’re drawing the wrong line. I’m learning to re-draw the line between my kids needs and my strengths. If God has hand picked this little flock for me to shepherd, he must have put us together for a reason.
    I’m grateful for your words here this morning!

  2. Amazing words here and just what I needed to hear right now. Mom Ming is definitely hard and we all know what I mean when I say there are some days….that push our buttons, that make us question what are we doing wrong or what should we do…or why?…how and the list keeps going! But then you get those pieces of magic, a smile a hug a laugh and well it makes it all worth it! I’m going to Jesus right now…All I can say is keep going beautiful mama xx

  3. Oh Karen….. I feel your pain! I have an 18 yr old son with Asperger’s (who struggles with faith too) and a 15 yr old son with ADHD and all that comes with it. I often wish I could go back and tell my tear-stained face with 2 little boys that eventually, they DO grow up. Differently, yes. But there’s a blossoming at some point, where just like other kids, they come into their own (I have to remind myself of that daily sometimes as the 15 yr old is not quite there yet, and I have a feeling it’s a long way off for him). Obviously, there’s a whole spectrum which can mean different things for different people….. but I’d like to tell YOU today that yes, chin up – they WILL grow up, you WILL keep going with God’s grace, and they WILL blossom into their unique selves, just how God intended them to be!!!

    With much love….

  4. Karen, yes, our Savior meets us in our defeat. Our courage comes from Him. Yes and amen. I don’t know a mom who hasn’t felt the things you’ve described. I’m so sorry for your suffering, for how your son is suffering too. But God did not make a mistake you making you his mom. You were made for this. Keep on keepin’ on. So grateful God goes with us! xx

  5. I needed this today. I have a twelve year old boy who has ADHD, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and has a mood disorder close to bipolar. He questions his faith sometimes too. My almost ten year old daughter just got diagnosed with ADHD and has a lot of anxiety also. I am afraid my youngest will eventually be diagnosed with ADHD. It is really hard right now and I often question if I am supposed to really be their mother even though it was a total God experience in how they came to me through adoption. I know God will get us all through our trials. I thank you so much for sharing. Mothering is so hard. God bless you.

    • Amy be brave mothering IS TOUGH both of my daughters are grown off making bad choices sometimes all we can do is pray. In the end GOD IS IN CONTROL HAPPY MOM DAY

  6. Beautifully said, heartfelt, and very encouraging. We all have those days that we feel like we are completely ineffective and wonder why in the world we were chosen to fill the roll of mother. Then, as our children grow and mature we find out that we really were what we were supposed to be, we grew in the ways we were meant to and so did our children. Just in the last little while my 19 year old has amazed me with miraculous examples of his maturing, despite all the obstacles he has had to overcome with Asperger’s, ADHD and ODD diagnoses. I’ve watched him prove a newfound ability to process all kinds of information he struggled greatly with before. And the kind of confidence that goes with being a success is becoming visible, rather than the constant cloud of thinking he was a failure. God was there pushing us both forward into the purposes He has for us, no matter how far away we thought He was. He never left. He did the work in us. Hang in there, He’s got big plans for you both! Don’t let the devil tell you otherwise, cause he will do everything in his power to destroy what God builds.

  7. Karen,

    Praying for you as you mother you child. Mothering children in this day & age is hard enough without the trials you have to face. Praying also for your son. May God meet you both in your weakness & help, guide you both. Everyone has days they feel like a failure. I have trials with aging parents & didn’t know what to do next. Like you said-God in His infinite wisdom meets us in our weakness & guides us on the journey. Praying for better days & strength to carry & walk this journey God has put you on. Tell your children they are not mistakes & also remind yourself God had a plan when He put these little ones in your care. He knew you could handle it. Even if only in the strength of God! Philippians 4:13 “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”. God will send the needed strength. We just have to ask!

    Blessings 🙂