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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Patricia,
    What a beautiful illustration of showing the love of Jesus even when our heart may not initially be into doing that. Jesus knows, all too well, that we need to humble ourselves. The Bible speaks often of God loving a humble and contrite heart. My father was not a warm fuzzy person either. I knew that I wanted to be loved with words….specifically him saying, “I love you.” This didn’t happen, but like you, over time God showed me that my dad spoke love to me in HIS language which was putting a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, a college education, and never having to fear that I would be without the comforts of a home. He was faithful to my mother and would pick me up after late night working shifts. This was his love language. When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, He didn’t pour on a bunch of words, He just humbled Himself in an act of service…one that would precede His ultimate act of service and sacrifice on the cross. He did it all for imperfect sinners like me. If I could take back time, I would have washed my father’s feet. Awesome post!
    Bev xx

    • Bev,
      Your memory of your beloved Dad speaks volumes to my soul. You’re so right. Our parents weren’t perfect. (Nor are we as parents!) Yet, many of them loved us in the best way they knew how. You say it so beautifully — that your dad spoke love to you in HIS language. That roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back, schooling, comforts, safety. All priceless. Thank you, Bev, my washing our community’s feet this morning my sharing your story, too. May God bless us all to follow His example — sharing our humble love so others will know Him. Glory to His Name — and have a blessed Easter! Warmest thanks and much love today, Patricia

  2. Patricia,
    I have a very similar relationship with my Mother who is 86 and has Alzheimer’s. Your words beautifully spoke to my heart as I struggle to show warmth and love to a Mother who rarely showed it to me. I am so thankful that the Lord spoke to me through your eloquent words!

    • Celia, blessings today — and blessings on your journey with your precious mother. I can so relate to your situation. The Lord’s mandate to love really hits home in our seasons of caring for “imperfect” loved ones — especially when we’re imperfect, too. May God lead and guide your every step, word, and gesture offered to your mother. May your mother somehow know and feel your love. And may God assure you that He sees your service and is well pleased! Sending friendship and love to you today, Patricia

    • Celia,
      My situation is almost identical. I am an only child, but have always joked that I wasn’t my mother’s favorite. Now that she’s 93 and living with mid-stage Alzheimer’s I provide daily care for her in spite of my history of trying unsuccessfully to earn her love and approval. This post spoke volumes to me, and I am grateful for the reminder that it really isn’t about whether she loves me or how much. It’s about how much Jesus loves me and my desire that my life reflect that love.

      • Texas Aggie Mom,

        Praying for God to send the strength you need daily!! Caring for elderly parents is never easy. Many days you want to quit, but can’t. May God carry you through this season. You will be rewarded greatly for these actions of love.


    • Celia,

      I have been in that season for a while. It’s hard to love someone like that. We know as Christians that we are mandated to show our love to them any way we can. Praying for you as you struggle to care for mom. May God give you the strength you need daily to carry on. God sees our actions & will reward you for all your hard work.


    • Oh, dear Susan. Blessings on you today, my dear friend. May the Lord lead and guide you during this time of service and selfless love. Jesus is our example. May He bless us to follow Him during these seasons and to love! Sending support, love and friendship to you today. Warmly, Patricia

      • Thank you Patricia. I thought of your story while I dried and styled Mom’s hair. It is precious time during days of confusion and memory loss. Precious. Blessings to you on this Good Friday.

  3. Thank you! I LOVE this! Takes the traditional foot-washing ritual (that was practiced in our church) to a place of meaningful beauty.

    • Blessings, dear Deb — and thank you! I’m so humbled that God would bring us to Maundy Thursday, then provide a real-life example for us to reflect on, connect with and share. Thank you for responding with such love to my memory with my mother. God is so good. May we follow as He keeps teaching us how to love. Foot-washing and all! Much love today, Patricia

  4. This brought tears to my eyes, so you know it touched a chord within. Thank you so much for your words.

    • Oh, dear Susan. Thank you so much! This memory brings tears to my eyes, too! Thank you for understanding — and for responding so kindly. Sending much love your way today! Warmly in friendship, Patricia

  5. We might not want to show love all the time. Jesus could have said the same abour us. He could have said today I don’t want to show you love. But no matter what we are all imperfect. We will never get on with everyone. But we are still to do no matter how hard it is. What Jesus would want us too do show them Jesus love. Ask Jesus to help us to do that like it says Ephesians 4 v 32 Be kind to one another tenderhearted, forgiving, one another even as God in Christ forgave you. It not easy. But we have to as Christians. Forgive as well. As Christ would want us to do that. As we are all not perfect. We all make mistakes. He loves us mistakes and all. I had to do that in the past. Love Dawn It not easy excellent reading xxx

  6. Patricia, I needed this reminder of what God’s love looks like and what it is he calls us to do: To love those hard to love people, to love my husband who isn’t warm or attentive to me. Your story also reminded me of all the ways my mom loved me. This is a sweet story and it captured my heart.

    • Dear Nancy, blessings on you today. Our relationships can really challenge us, especially when our love isn’t returned. May the Lord warm up your husband’s heart, teaching him how to show you the love he surely feels. Be encouraged in the meantime. The Lord said to love so may He help us to obey. Sending much love and friendship to you today! Warmest regards, Patricia

    • Amen, dear Susan. Thank you so much. Yes, He is the source! May He bless you and yours this Easter and you share His amazing love. Warmly in friendship, Patricia

  7. Patricia, your heart always shows up in your writing! Thank you! We’re drenched in psychology and self-awareness these days, told to pinpoint every wrong done us by parents or every offense made by friends and we’ve lost sight of goodness. Back to love, and loving well!

    • So well said, Michelle! The joy of moving forward with God simply can’t be measured. Sending warm and grateful thanks for your wise affirmation. Back to love, indeed. and loving well! May your journey on this path be beautifully blessed! With much peace and love, Patricia

  8. Thank you SO very much for this post. It reminded me of how I grew up, and though I no longer have my sweet mother, I can certainly relate… Your post brought back great memories.

    • Dear Sue, blessings today. Your kind feedback means the world! As you savor sweet memories of your precious mother, may the Lord sustain you with His grace and love. I pray His best for you today and always! In you, your mother’s wonderful light still shines! Warmly in friendship, Patricia

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your tender story about your mother and the insights God gave you. Your writing touches me to my core, and always gives me fresh perspectives. God bless you and happy Easter.

    • Eliza, blessings today, wonderful friend! Your kind comments remind me of the time I met your beautiful mother — and how your glorious spirit always reflects hers. I value your friendship so much. Thanks for always affirming. Sending much love your way today. Also, Happy Easter! Best and warmest, Patricia

  10. Dear Pat – thank you so much for this writing today. I can just picture your mother wiggling her toes and it makes me smile. Yes that was love in action. I am blessed by many friendships and memories that came about in my life by just practicing “love in action.” That’s what it takes. When I think about the friendships that I have that may not have come about if one of us had not stepped out in love toward one another. I thank God for Jesus, that he came down from heaven and bore the ultimate sacrifice for us that we can love freely and without fear, especially to those who seem unlovable in our eyes. By “sharing our imperfect love with His imperfect people,” as you say, blesses us with His perfect love!

    • Dear Linda, blessings today to you and your entire family (including your amazing sisters! As Easter Sunday draws near, may the Lord show you all the many people you bless through your “love in action.” Watching your beautiful life has taught me much, indeed, about how to show love — yes, even to “difficult” people. Thanks for inspiring. It’s wonderful to connect here today. Much peace and love — and Happy Easter! Warmly in friendship, Pat

  11. I kept looking for the right devotion this Good Friday morning and this was it. I am on my way to my mom and dads home this Easter weekend. My mom is bedridden from a botched back surgery. She doesn’t talk much due to her Parkinson’s as well so it is awkward to sit with her. She wasn’t touchy feely with her love for me but much like your sweet mom she did everything for my twin brothers and I! So, I will lover her better this weekend. God will give me the ability to love on her and my dad! Thank you for your great reminder and Happy Easter !

    • Kim, blessings — and thank YOU. I’m inspired to know you will love on your mom and dad all this weekend, blessing them as you obey the command of Christ. May your sweet parents feel you love in a special way. Thanks, indeed, for stopping by to let me know and have a beautiful Easter! Warmest and best regards, Patricia

  12. Oh Patricia, your story about loving your mother reminds me so much about my mom. I learned to love my demanding mother by doing her laundry and caring for her thru her 6 six years of dementia. God blessed me in so many ways. My three sisters also were blessed by doing her laundry.
    Caring for my mother revealed how much she loved me thru the sacrifices she made while raising her 5 children.
    Thank you for the reminder of my many, many blessings.

    • Diana, blessings and thank you so much. Your beautiful story of loving your mother — by doing her laundry — delivers such a powerful example of Jesus’ mandate to wash others. Yes, wash their feet, their hair, their bodies, their laundry. He surely knew the life-changing lessons we’d learn if we obeyed Him in this command. May He bless you beautifully this Easter as you celebrate His resurrection and how His love redeems us all — mothers and daughters included! Warmly with His love, Patricia

  13. Patricia,

    Such a poignant & timely post. It is hard to know how our parents were raised. My dad was raised in a non-loving family. Sure they had roof over their heads & food on table, but that’s it. His dad worked night shift as short order cook. His parents & one brother died early of TB. Later on in life dad became a loving person who would hug. I never thought I had a testimony to give. Now I see it differently. My testimony is shown/lived in how I care for others. Each Monday after work I would go visit my parents & see what they needed. Mom was 82, had severe dementia & was bedridden. She knew it was me & Monday around 5. Did my best to help them out even grocery shopping. After she died I did the same for my dad. Even to that end of paying his bills & taking over his money for him. Then he got to bad & wanted to move into assisted living. Shortly thereafter I quit my job & stayed home for a while. Dad’s dementia declined, plus he had essential tremors which made it hard to eat. At meals I would feed him. One day we were sitting there with two men on either side of us. I offered to feed dad & he said yes. One man plainly said “you will get jewels in your crown for this”. I knew immediately it was Jesus talking. I saw him through all that & even geriatric psych twice. Now I’m helping my in-laws. FIL has prostate cancer (second time) & Stage three bladder cancer (91). MIL has various health issues. I cook for them & gather food often. FIL isn’t an easy man to love. He can be self-centered at times & picky. God commands us to love Everyone no matter what!! I’m doing my best. That is all God can ask of us!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Blessings, dear Beth! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You’ll get jewels in your crown, indeed. As women, it helps to hear each other’s stories and experiences — especially when it comes to caring for aging relatives. Thankfully, Jesus’ example shows us the way, then He strengthens and guides us when we get weak and unsure. It has certainly helped me, however, to hear from so many in response to this post. I’m grateful you were helped by it, too. To God be the glory! Many thanks for checking in today and Happy Easter! Warmly in Christ, Patricia

  14. Thank you Patricia for this post- I’m going to ring my mum. I hope when I see her next as she lives in another country that God reminds me to wash her feet as Jesus did!