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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Aliza,
    What a powerful post and it is hard to be thankful in the crucible of suffering, but perseverance produces character (what God is more concerned about than our happiness) and character hope, and hope never disappoints or puts us to shame…Amen! I am still hoping and praying for both of my adult children to have a softening of their hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit, a renewed faith, and eventually a restored relationship with me. Thank you in advance for your prayers…
    Bev xx

    • Lord, hear Bev’s mama-heart and draw those kids to yourself. I pray that you would work in them, be the hound of heaven to them, and bring people and situations into their lives to renew their faith and to turn their hearts toward home.

      • Lord I echo Michelles prayer for our sister Bev. Bring her children near to her, strengthen their bond and bring them into your fold Lord. May the Holy Spirit remind them of their upbringing and spark that relationship alive in each one of them with you. I ask these things in your name, Amen.

      • Can I ask for prayers for our financial situation I have an appointment with the bank to maybe put some debt reduction on to our mortgage so we can breathe again. It is a way out from all the stress. I have been praying for a miracle from the Lord and I am hoping this may be the answer.

        Dear God I pray for all of my sisters requests here. We all love you and ask that you attend to the needs of your children as you see fit as you are a loving and merciful God. I ask these things in your precious name Amen

        • Dear Lord, please hear our prayers for Jas and her family. Please bless them with release from these financial worries. I’m asking that you answer her prayers in a very visible way today. And help her to stay on solid ground in the days ahead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

        • Jas,
          Praying for you and lifting you up right now. May God give you wisdom in your financial troubles and make the right path very obvious. He is your rock and solid ground…keep leaning into Him.
          Love and prayers,
          Bev xo

        • Jas,

          Continued prayers for you my sweet sister. May He send the needed financial help & alleviate some stress. Praying also for a good job to come your way & for your thesis to get written. He is with you on this journey. He will answer in His perfect timing. Keep on hoping & praying!


        • I can sympathize with your situation and I’ll be praying for your family m!

      • Lord, I agree with Michele’s prayers for Bev. We are believing You for a miracle. Thank You, Lord!

    • Agreed, You are the same yesterday, today and forever and nothing is too hard for You Jesus. All Glory to You.

    • My sons Salvation. Me to trust GOD as I wait for his decision to choose JESUS.

      • Sweetie Wife Jemney,

        Dear God,

        Please hear this mother’s prayer for her son. He is not saved. Help soften his heart towards you. May he hear the gospel message over & over till makes that decision. Give hope to his mother as she waits. Waiting is hard. We are an impatient people down here. Please send us your love & help us to trust in your timing.

        Blessings 🙂

    • Bev,

      Continuing to pray for your family. May the God of miracles work one in the hearts of your children. I’ve heard it said-pray one more time. You never know when the Lord will work. I will continue to pray for all your situations.


    • Bev hi love in(in)courage it gives hope. I to have issues with my adult children i for restored love. Family members on my husbands side have told many lies. My children had no contact with their side for many reasons. Now they have opened up relationships with them taking them to slayer , lamb of god concerts, wasn’t sure about the bands so i goggled them the bands are anti-Christ bands they have songs about the devil etc. my children are not minors so not much i can do☹️ I pray things get worse . Need prayer I don’t want to loose faith but some days it hard.

  2. I have not spoken to my sister in years I hope for a reltuonship with her again beginning today

    • You are the God who makes all things new, so we join today in praying for Karen and her sister. Please break down the barriers that hove formed over the years. Help Karen to know how to proceed, what to say, and how to say it–what to do and how to do it. By your grace, Lord, we pray that this relationship could be healed.

      • Lord, I agree with Michele’s prayers for Karen. We are believing You for a miracle. Thank You, Lord!

      • Yes I’m praying for you and sister today! I have bare bones relationship with my siblings and now one of my children will not speak or share life together with my 2 other children.. siblings are special and blessed to have each other, yet I’ve seen this as almost common in a broken world not to bond ,& I love when I see siblings sharing lives together as they did as children! I’m praying that you and me reach out and say I love you to that sister today! Blessings in Jesus Christ and Peace ❤️

    • Praying for you and your sister, Karen. May God bring healing! Please come back and let us know how it goes. It sounds like you might be trying to make a connection with her today?

    • Father, I have seen your hands working miracles in me and my sister relationship issues. Those were really really hard years with lots of tears, but you saw us through, and you gave us the grace and courage to try again and again and again. I pray today that you heal and restore Karen’s relationship with her sister, and take it to a level that honors and glorify you. Amen

  3. Hope is such a complex dance of letting go and hanging on. Isaiah wrote about his stance of trusting in the Lord God, and like Paul, he knew that he would not be ashamed in the end, but oh . . . the wait.

    But the Lord God helps me;
    therefore I have not been disgraced;
    therefore I have set my face like a flint,
    and I know that I shall not be put to shame. (Isaiah 50:7)

    • Thank you for your beautiful post, reminding us of the hope that we have in Him. It is so easy to look at our circumstances that seem impossible and get discouraged. But we can instead put our Hope in Him alone who is working all things together for our good! I would like prayer for my unsaved son and a long distance relationship he now is in. That he and girlfriend would have clarity and make right choices in this relationship and Gods will be done. Thank you for your prayers and being my Sisters in Christ. Blessings!

      • Children can bring joy but they also bring pain i pray for your son to make god his heart and both his girlfriend and him come to follow Jesus being a parent is tough i my self am in a huge storm with my adult children wow! Never saw it coming.

  4. I hope so much God will heal my ear and I can be freed from the constant deafness, pressure and dizziness so I can walk again and have no fear in going out anymore.

    • Praying for healing for you today, Jo — may God heal you fully, removing all deafness, pressure and dizziness… and may He be your source of courage so you have no more fear.

  5. I have prayed for years for the Lord to work on my marriage and bring restoration, joy, intimacy and love. I hope for my heart to be changed so I can see what God would have me to do to bring healing.

  6. I am a recent widow and need to move closer to my family in another state. I am hoping for the sale of my current home and the purchase of the right home near my family.

    • Praying for your house to sell and that you find one near to your family. I was widowed at age 45 and eventually I needed to sell my home. That set in motion some fairly horrific stress induced illnesses in me. I pray for a peaceful, non-eventful sale for you, with as many God given mercies as you can handle, during the sale, packing, moving and traveling afterwards. One day at a time.

  7. I pray for my daughter, her husband & 3 year old granddaughter. They moved in with us two months ago, and are expecting their 2nd child any day! As exciting as this can be, my husband and I need the faith, energy and patience- we LOVE them so much! Please pray the Lord will make Himself real and present to them, that He helps us in this time of sacrifice and great joy. “Let the children come to me…” for He truly has done great things for us!

  8. I called upon the LORD 28 years ago in New York when I was an alcoholic and drug addict through The Christian Broadcasting Network, and then The LORD opened a door to begin working in TV. I got laid off three years ago from a production job at a local NBC affiliate after being there 20 years. I am hoping to work with The Christian Broadcasting Network, and live near the ministry, but there has been some major spiritual opposition to being considered for employment there as a camera operator. I am hoping to be considered for employment with them since I have 27 years of live broadcast experience, and know that I can do that job with excellence as unto our Heavenly Father.
    Thanks for praying, and may Abba bless you all in Yeshua’s Name!
    Russ J. Colombo

  9. I am so thankful to God for your words this morning. I often read incourage (alongside my Bible readings) to find strength in the day. I also had a headache that wouldn’t go away last year. However, it wasn’t a migraine, it ended up being encephalitis (still no explanation of what caused it). I am almost certain part of it was stress from my job. I am now in the process of looking for a new job and each time I think i’ve found what i’m looking for something goes wrong. I need this change in my life. I am prayerful and I have not yet lost hope but I am overwhelmed. Could you please say a little prayer for me that I find a job that is good for me and my family? I am a teacher and I am still searching for a different teaching career in a new system. Thank you for you words and encouragement.

    • Tammy, I’m praying for you now. That must be very overwhelming and stressful. I am grateful you have a diagnosis, but praying for healing and a job that is right for you and your family.

    • Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” In the original Greek language it’s more accurately conveyed: ‘Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking and the door will be opened.’ Be persistent and the door will open for new employment for you. May The LORD’s peace be yours. I am praying for you Tammy.☝️

  10. I’m praying for our daughter and her husband to reunite. One week ago he left this marriage & 3 children for a co worker, who hasn’t told her husband yet…May God’s light break through this dark time and they see Him clearly as we’ve prayed for their salvation 20 years now

    • That is so, so hard, Sadie… praying for our God of redemption to redeem and heal your daughter’s marriage. And through that healing, I’m praying they both see Jesus in a way they haven’t before. <3

  11. My husband has lost all hope. Many things have transpired in the past 4 years to deplete him of all hope and trust in God. 1) My 22 year old son committed Suicide 17 months ago due to mold toxicity 2)My husband has Chronic Lyme disease for past 4 years and he also has mold toxicity due to excessive mold in a house we purchased 4 years ago.3) Due to all of the above we are broke…. we are self employed and he cannot work more than 20 hours a week. We also had to repair our home $80,000 so far and we still are finished, but ran out of money. He has anger and cannot understand why God “killed” my son and allowed all of this to happen to us. I do not feel this way and have hope, however, he keeps bringing me down. I have 2 daughters that do not even want to come here to visit because of his negativity. He only finds joy playing soccer on Sundays(another bone of contention).Please pray for him/us/our family.

    • Donna… I am so sorry. I can’t imagine the pain you and your husband must feel. I am praying for both of you, as well as your two daughters. May Jesus wrap his arms around all of you. Praying for peace and relief from the financial stress as well.

      • Thank you so much for your prayers. I have not shared this with many people, but I am at my whits end and need prayer warriors lifting me up.

    • Wow that is a lot to deal with it hard to have faith when the storms rage on. I m praying One step at a time, god is close to the broken ❤️.

  12. Gods promise brings challenges and faith and hope are the continued gift with patience. Thank you sister in Christ. I pray my marriage is reunified and it is in His mercy and grace hold on to. I pray for the softening of hearts in this marriage. Thank you all for your prayers

  13. My mother died in December. Her hope was that my only sibling, and I would find peace. I truly have tried. I was my mom’s caregiver, as well as the legal representative. Unfortunately, in these situations, things can get sticky. I only want peace. I want a sibling. Although my mom may not know on earth, the pain here is difficult. Please…. pray. Thank you. I miss my precious mother, and my family.

    • I am so sorry, Terri. Grief is so hard, and I can’t imagine how much you miss her. I am praying for peace, for you to feel Jesus’ presence today, and for restoration with your sibling.

      • Aliza,
        Thank you so much. I cannot put the pain of the loss of my mom into words. And then to add the other craziness….Some days become unbearable. I know our GOD is always there. Be blessed.

  14. Sometimes God doesn’t heal us right away. When we like. Even though his word say by his strips we are healed. We stand on many of his promises for healing. Ask people to pray for us for healing. Believe by his strips we are healed. But still we feel the pain. Say to ourselves why God have you not healed me. You healed that person over there. We can reck or brains asking all theses questions why? But only God know the answers. Maybe it because we have some sin in our lives we need to get rid of first. Or it just God why of getting us to stop say. No you don’t need any other person to pray for you. You just need to go to me direct and ask me and pray to me first. Then trust the Promises of my word the Bible for your healing. Then you can ask others to pray for you believing for your healing. Then go the Doctor if needed. As some time God heals himself some times he uses Doctors. Some time we wonder why people on this earth don’t get healed when alive. But we will never know all the answer until we go home to Glory when our time up on earth. We just have to trust God no matter what. Love Dawn xxx

    • Amen, Stephanie. Me too. Praying for you today, that his light breaks through. Something comforting to me is the verse in Psalm 139, “Even the darkness will not be dark to you…” I thank God that even when our lives feel pitch black, we can hope in His light. Praying that over you today!!

    • Yes, God sees each one of us, and he is working in the midst of our circumstances even when we don’t see or feel him.

  15. Aliza, what a powerful post! I have had a rough 8 months. I am hoping God will heal me of feeling like I don’t matter to anyone and to heal my marriage. A few weeks ago I had convinced myself to leave my husband and I quit my job. But I quickly found out that is not what I was supposed to do. I feel like I have been under attack from Satan for a very long time and he had almost succeeded in me making the biggest mistake of my life. I also lost my walk with God along the way and I am desperately trying to find it again. I am hoping that he will take me back and he will guide me to where I am to be. I hurt my family in this process, but they have forgiven me. I am doing better and I still have my job, but I am still hoping that God will continue to help me not feel like I don’t matter to anyone here at work. My friends seem to have kind of started to leave me out of things because of all that has happened and this is what started all of this. The attack I was under! I don’t ever want to feel like this again and I am hoping God has a new direction for my life. I am having a hard time in knowing when he is speaking to me.

    • Gina, I am so sorry. I am praying for your marriage today. But I want you to know — Jesus Christ is looking at you with all the love in the world. There is nothing you could ever do to risk that love being taken away. I am so sorry you feel like you don’t matter. You matter very, very much! I am praying the love of Jesus overwhelms you today — that He would remind you in a fresh way of His love. I am praying that your identity as a beloved child of God is solidified in the depths of who you are. Grateful for you, Gina!

  16. I was returning home from hospital after profuse sweating ,body chillness and nausea and suddenly I took my mobile and your article was seen by me. It really encouraged me. 5 days back I was in hospital due to profuse vomiting, severe diarrhoea and dehydration. For the past 23 years I have been hospitalised like this for many times.One side sickness and the other side unfaithful husband. I had the same question why God hasn’t healed me. After reading your article, I developed the thought that I should live in hope. Thanks for your article.
    Jemima Samuel, India
    Please pray for my healing.

  17. My husband and I have begun two huge journeys recently – trying to start a family and trying to buy our first house. I was diagnosed with PCOS 9+ years ago. The mere knowing that we may potentially have complications conceiving immediately birthed fear into my spirit. We’ve been speaking life and believing for a miracle all the while, fighting to have hope in this situation. Between these two huge milestones, we often find fear fighting our faith. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It encourages me that my hope is an invitation to the Father to have his way in my circumstances. Blessings!

    • My daughter has Crohn’s disease. She became pregnant over 3 years ago. She had a severe complication during pregnancy (that resolved with God’s help). Now she and her husband have a beautiful lively 3 year old daughter. God performs miracles every day. And my daughter has enjoyed 3 years of relatively good health. You can trust Him for miracles in your life. Peace to you. Put your hope in the Miracle Maker!

    • Courtney, I am praying that there will be no complications — and also that there will be no more fear! May God give both you and your husband a kind of courage that can only come from Him. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Like you, I am in the crucible of suffering, holding on to hope. I have been living with a debilitating chronic illness for three years. It has robbed me of my balance, and my hearing. I and deaf in both ears. Doctors tell me I will not regain my balance and hearing aids will eventually not help me. My eyes are constantly jumping, and experience motion sickness constantly. My life has changed drastically. But I remain joyful in hope and trust in God promises. I know God is using my pain so that I can look more like Him. I am hoping that the Lord will heal and restore my hearing and overall health. I am believing that my testimony will be a birth of a ministry in helping others dealing with chronic issues.

    • Lynn, I am so sorry! That sounds extremely hard. Your outlook and hope in Jesus is absolutely beautiful, and incredibly encouraging. Praying for your healing… thank you so much for sharing this part of your story.

  19. I left an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. Court has gone on so much longer than I had hoped. If we can’t agree, then we are headed for trial. I’m hoping that we are able to come to decisions that are best for our daughter.

    • Elizabeth, I am so grateful to God that you are no longer in an abusive relationship — but from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that you went through that. I am praying for healing for you and your daughter — and that this legal process is handled quickly and wisely. Thank you for sharing today! <3

  20. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for the declaration of prayers for the needs. As well as so many, I need this very much. Please pray that the hearts of the parents of our grandchildren would be turned to their children as Malachi and Luke says, and escape the snares of evil that they ate trapped in. They have chosen very destructive parenting philosophies and practices for their children. And please also pray we can be with these children more. Thank you so much.

  21. My hope is that God will continue my path of employment with the company I am currently interviewing with until they hire me.

  22. I hope my daughter will be able to graduate this year and win over her depression and anxiety. I know God has plans for her and I pray that His Will is done in her life.

  23. I have not had a relationship with my Mom and brother in many years (since my dad died). I pray and hope God will become part of their lives and change their hearts.

  24. I pray & hope for God’s healing AND EVERLASTING CALM as I leave in 1/2 Hour to have major dental surgery. It’s been in the making for months & I KNOW there will be pain; but nothing like Jesus endured. I pray for God’s grace & love to carry me through the next 4 months & that I don’t get angry & frustrated. Lord, help me to remember, WITH YOU, there is ALWAYS HOPE.

  25. Thank you for this message!!! I needed that scripture and encouragement today. I am divorced and have been single for 7 years. My hope and goal is to fall in love with Jesus! I would very much like a male human partner in life but am SO aware of Gods hand on me and His provision for me that I know that now is not the time for that. I just want to recognize God as Father, Christ as redeemer and friend, and the Spirit as my compass and guide. I want as much of Him as i can get. Please pray that i find balance in my schedule and the proper attitudes that will lead me closer to the Lord, while working and going to college and running a household solo. Thank you!!!

    • Carrie,
      I have walked the road you walk and I know that God will be delighted to answer your beautiful prayer. When we ask Him to draw us in…He WILL answer. Praying that your heart will be opened wide that His love will pour into you. I believe God has a special place in his heart for women in divorce as they fly solo, trying to make ends meet, raise kids, and run a household.
      Blessings and prayers going out,
      Bev xx

  26. My son who has epilepsy has been having seizures every time he goes to sleep for the last year and a half. They went from when he’s awake to only when he’s sleep. Not only him but my husband and I are having our sleep interrupted. He’s on 3 seizures meds and just recently in September had surgery where a device was placed in to help stop them…although they have lessened they are still happening. So, I’m like the woman in the article I’ve been praying and believe without a doubt that God can heal, yet He hasn’t. I know He sees us and I believe He loves us but sometimes I wonder what if He chooses not to heal. All I know is that we’re EXHAUSTED!! I’m trying with everything in me to keep believing, hoping, and trusting in the God who’s the same yesterday, today, and forever! Just pray our strength and that my faith fail me not. Thank you!!

    • Praying for you, asking God to hold you, strengthen your faith, restore your hope and heal your son. Amen

  27. As an older, single without children, in a new chapter of life, I yearn to receive and pursue God’s unique direction for my life. I don’t seek to understand why my life has been different from most of those around me; just want to fulfill what God has created me for in His plan this side of eternity.

  28. Like Bev, I hope that my 2 grown children will see their need for God and His influence in their lives especially since one is now a mother. I have prayed (and continue to do so) for years and I am still hoping. Thank you for your prayer support.

    • Laura,
      Coming alongside you and praying for ALL our children…may Jesus keep pursuing them with His furious love and may their hearts, minds, and eyes be opened to His great love. Praying for hearts devoted to him and relationships restored.
      Blessings sweet sister,
      Bev xx

  29. I have hope that my brother will come to Christ and leave a life of addiction forever, and that his relationship with me and especially with our mom will be restored. And that my mom and I will have the strength and courage to do what is right and that God would guide us in all we should and should not do.

  30. My hope has to be birthed in Jesus for my 48 year old son who by all terms is an alcoholic. He has dabbled with it since a teenager. Even went to Teen Challenge in his 20’s. Alcohol is a stronghold in our family on both sides. We warned our kids not to drink but sadly our son was above that warning! I need hope that is in Jesus for a mighty deliverance when my son comes to the end of himself. My daughter-in-law if three years is devastated! My heart hurts for both of them. Lord God help them!

  31. My son told us 6 weeks ago that he is gay. I was crushed. To my knowledge he is not in a relationship with anyone. He was prepared to be single and celibate, but the urge to find a partner caused him to tell us. He is a Christian and I pray that Satan not be allowed a stronger grip on his heart, that he not believe his lies, and that God will prevail and bring the healing his heart and soul need.

    • Beverly, I am praying for you and your son. This information has probably come as a huge shock to you, and you’ve only become aware of it so recently, but your son has been carrying this knowledge for a very long time. I am pleading with you to be very careful in your response to him and this revelation. It took unfathomable courage for him to tell you. When you assure him that you love him, please don’t attach any “buts” to that statement. Christians who deal with same sex attractions also deal with so much shame; they don’t need any additional shame heaped onto them. I am married to a wonderful man who shares your son’s attractions, and God has given us a heart for families like yours. If you, or your beloved son need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact me at terri@longingforeden.com. My heart is with you and your family!

    • Beverly, I hope that you see these messages. I have been praying for your family and am wondering how everyone is doing. Nobody else replied to your comment, so I wanted to reach out again and offer a safe place to talk, not only for you, but for your son as well. I posted an email where you met teach me in my last comment, and I am also on Facebook under this name, if anyone would like to message me there. Your family has been heavily on my heart since I read your comment and I cannot tell you how important it is to have support and a safe place to talk about these things.

  32. Praise God! This testimony is exactly whst I needed to hear. The experiences are so close to mine, substitute migraines with sinus/ respiratory issues. I am hopeful that my sense of smell and taste will be restored. I am hopeful that my son will be healed of epilepsy.

  33. Prayers and hoping to improve my relationships with my family , it feels a little distant lately and that scares me. I have hope that it will improve ….

  34. Beloved Sisters in Christ, I pray for healing for all things. God is still in the miracle business. So many of you desire better relationships with others so I feel led to give you a devotion that Rev. Charles Stanley had based on a powerful message he preached. He encourages us to personalize Scripture.  One lesson he taught was from Colossians 1: 9-14.  He asks his prayer partners to pray that for him every day and he recommends we use it for our loved ones.  Here is the Amplified version for your loved ones:
    For this reason we also, from the day we heard of it, have not ceased to pray and make special request for (name—-)  that (s)he may be filled with the full (deep and clear) knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom (that is, in comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God) and in understanding and discernment of spiritual things.
    That —- may walk (live and conduct herself-himself) in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him and desiring to please Him in all things, bearing fruit in every good work and steadily growing and increasing in (and by) the knowledge of God – with fuller, deeper and clearer insight, acquaintance and recognition.
    We pray that —- may be invigorated and strengthened with all power, according to the might of His glory, (to exercise) every kind of endurance and patience (perseverance and forbearance) with joy,
    Giving thanks to the Father, Who has qualified and made us fit to share the portion which is the inheritance of the saints (God’s holy people) in the Light.
    The Father has delivered and drawn —- to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred —- into the Kingdom of the Son out of His love.
    In Whom —- has her-his redemption through His blood (which means) the forgiveness of her-his sins.

    • I want to believe in hope. However, I’ve had one health problem after another for the past 12 years. I’m really struggling not to lose hope and faith. I just want life to end.

  35. Pray for My Daughter s to want a Godly Relationship with me . They are Christians and have fallen away from God . My Utmost Prayer is that they come back to Our Lord and therefore they will come back to me ….In Jesus Name Amen !

    • I pray for Kimberley ‘s children. That by Your Spirit they come to the knowledge of our Lord and saviour,Jesus Christ . I pray that You soften their hearts in Jesus name. Amen
      My prayer is for marriage and keep my faith and hope in Christ

  36. I am in a dire financial situation that looks hopeless. There are bills due in a few days that I can’t pay, but I am clinging to hope…..

  37. I pray for Kimberley ‘s children. That by Your Spirit they come to the knowledge of our Lord and saviour,Jesus Christ . I pray that You soften their hearts in Jesus name. Amen
    My prayer is for marriage and keep my faith and hope in Christ

  38. I am trying to have hope God will heal my baby of food allergies that feel like chains to both him and I (nursing) and the severe anxiety that has gripped my body and life over the last year, making it hard to function, be a mom to three kids or leave the house some days.

    • Friend, that is so hard. My heart hurts for these ongoing trials. Praying God breathes fresh hope and healing into your life today and heals your sweet baby too. xx

  39. God heres all these prayers he might not answer in the way we want. But we have to keep looking up looking to his word and prayer. No matter what life throws at us. With our family should it be people telling us things we might not want to here. We still have to do what Jesus wouls do love that person no matter what and pray for them to see the light and trust God that one day they will get saved. Yes it hard now but believe we will see the light. Keep praying for the love one who is sick or going through a hard time. That God will be ever close to him. Never stop looking up to God and stop believing his word and prayer. Love Dawn xxxx

  40. I am trying to have hope that God will heal me of this period of severe anxiety and panic attacks.

  41. Lord God – this post has touched people to share what is making them groan in their own pain. Touch each person who has reached out and shared their need. Let them feel YOU in their lives as real as whatever device they are reading these posts on. Hold them up and give them hope and peace and surround them in your love. Lord, we want to believe you will take care of all things. We want to know you have a plan for us and these awful situations have a reason. Take away our fear and give us the ability to trust you are in control and no matter what happens – you are there beside us -even when it is so bad we can’t even think any more. Hold our hands and walk with us. We need you and the comfort only you can give us. Sometimes it feels like all we have left is you. We thank you that you love us. We thank you for this sense of being together in prayer and that you hear us and you know our tears and pain. We ask this in the name of Jesus and thank you for the answers to come.

  42. Please pray for restoration between my s husband, Scott & I. We have been divorced for 12 years. We were not Christians. Now both of us are, he has been for 3 years. He says God is not telling him restoration is His will. Please pray for my ex to have a mentor who is for restoration and that my ex would clearly hear God. I believe the enemy is tempting him with other things & he is believing the lies. We have 2 children 15 & 12.

    Thank you

  43. I’m hoping that God heals my left hip before I get an MRI done. So that when the MRI is done (for some other reason) they will see a heald hip. And I won’t need a hip replacement. I’ve had 5 surgeries in the last 10 years. I’m done with surgeries.

  44. Dear Aliza,
    Thanks for the reminder to keep hoping even in the most difficult situations. Praising God that your headache has subsided!
    Praying for all the other respondents who are going through their own painful situations. May god walk with you, Jesus comfort you and the Holy Spirit place within you that hope and peace that this will be resolved.

    Shalom, Sandy

  45. I continue to pray that my husband will come to truly know our Lord on a personal level. He will not go to church with me. He turned fifty last year and ever since then it is like he is drinking more and more. Going out all the time. He started smoking cigarettes again and is smoking heavily. He says that he is running out of life to live and he wants to get the most out his years. I said what about eternity. He thinks that he is okay and that God will judge him once he dies. It breaks my heart. I feel like I have failed him as a wife and as a friend. I have not always been the best example of Christ likeness to him. He says I come off as Holier than thou. I do not want to be that way. I want to love him as Jesus does. Please pray for our marriage and our home, but mostly please pray for his salvation.

    • Christine, that is a lot to hold. Taking these concerns to the throne room with you. Heavenly Father, you are the One who has the power to soften hearts and change lives. Please pursue Christine’s husband. Make yourself and your truth known to Him in ways he can’t deny or downplay. Bring him into a saving relationship with you. Comfort and encourage Christine in the waiting. Amen.

      • Thank you so very much Becky. I know everything is in God’s timing. I am trusting that in spite of me and my failures, God is able to do amazing things. I am so thankful for a network of prayer warriors and sisters in Christ to share our burdens and journeys with.

  46. My old car was giving trouble and I felt the Lord leading me to sell it in December 2018. I obeyed and thought He would have blessed me with one right away, because I cannot comfortably afford car payments. Initially, my hope was high and my faith was impenetrable. Now that it’s been 6 months, with no sign of a miracle car, the frustration, disappointment and anxiety has heightened. But I am again inspired to hope – thank you for sharing your heart. Love from Jamaica

    • Deidra, I’m proud of you for renewing your commitment to hope and trust in God’s provision. (I was inspired by Aliza’s post too!) Praying He will bring just the right car in His miracle timing. xx

  47. This is a good reminder that God works in his own time and not our own. Would you pray with me that he would draw my husband and two girls closer to him, that they might experience his love and grace. Also, I have a friend that was diagnosed with liver cancer and given a year to live WITH treatment. Please lift her up for Gods comfort and healing.
    Thank You

  48. I am hoping for direction with my life and career, for a good friend to look for substance over form, and for a friend relationship to grow and prosper into something more.

  49. I’m praying for my son & daughter in love to be able to get pregnant & have a baby. They’ve been trying for almost 5 years, have gone through miscarriage, testing & procedures & still no answer or no baby. I still trust & have faith & hope for a miracle for them.

  50. My husband was injured five years ago and as a result has CRPS. He has been unable to work since. We have a Disability hearing in May and are praying that we can get some help financially and with medical coverage if it is not God’s plan to heal him completely this side of heaven. I also need healing for gastric problems brought on by the financial stress and watching my husband suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis.

    • Oh, Lori. Those are heavy things. Praying for these requests and that the God of hope will fill you with strength and bring healing to you and your husband.

  51. I’ve been praying for 21 years to be married and have my own children.. I’m starting to feel stupid for continuing to pray. Please pray for direction for me and for God to confirm whether I should keep going with this.. thank you!

  52. 3 years ago I was laid off from my job due to severe cutbacks. I have continuously been scurrying the market for my field of work – insurance but coming up empty. This year has been filled with setbacks starting with my Mother in law being diagnosed with breast cancer. Need a breakthrough on all fronts. Much love and God bless

    • Lord, please give Lisa a breakthrough today. Please give her peace and help her to trust you in all things. I pray for her mother-in-law, that her cancer will shrivel up and go away, and that you would be honoured by her faith. Please strengthen the faith of all these lovely ladies. Please open up a job for Lisa, and even so, Your will be done. We trust You and know that You are God and God alone, and You are in control over all of this. Amen.

  53. In Courage,

    My in-laws are not doing well. FIL was to have a biopsy of a cyst on his bladder (Stage III bladder cancer). They tried to do it, but pain was intolerable & he started to bleed. Yesterday he had a CT to see what the problem is. MIL has vertigo, bad back & shoulder pain & other issues. They are in their 80s & 90s. We need to do what we can for them. Please pray for answers to these problems.

    Friend CoCo who is to have shoulder surgery again. There is a spot that keep opening up, oozing up & causing pain. We finally know the answer as to what the problem is. First surgery didn’t work out. Surgeon will have to redo the first surgery. Also had back pain this week & didn’t tolerate meds well. Pray for her as she lives alone & isn’t near family.

    Blessings 🙂

  54. What if I’m afraid to hope because I’m afraid that God’s answer will be no? My dad has brain cancer, and I’m scared God’s answer will be to take him home. I know I don’t need to be afraid of God, and He’s already been so faithful to me and to my family. I know He’s right here, because He’s shown me, and we have such a witness story from this, and yet . . . I’m still afraid. Please pray, and thank you all.
    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope! 1 Peter 1:3a

  55. This was exactly what my heart needed today. I quit my job of 18 years last June, so I could keep my grandson while my daughter finished college. I had a nice little job at a new Christian daycare that was going to allow me to bring my grandson with me. It’s was perfect…for 5 days and then someone made some false allegations and the state closed it down. My financial situation is now the worst it’s ever been and I’m losing hope that God is going to help me out of the mess our family is in now. This post was just the encouragement i need to keep hanging on to God’s promises! I sure could use prayers that God shows up for us soon and that the devil doesn’t crush my hope!

  56. 31 years ago while in a serious medical crisis with my 2 year old daughter, God told me that my husband would become committed because of my daughter. Two years later my daughter died.
    I have not seen God s promise yet. As a matter of fact, in 2006 my husband had a nervous breakdown but would never get help.
    About 8 or 9 years ago my husband turned his back on God still talking the talk but having nothing to do with God. So things have continually worsened. My husband is 71. Truthfully I go back and forth between hope and “I must have misunderstood God”. Prayer for discernment appreciated.

  57. Please join me in hope and prayer for my dad who has just turned 66. For God to encounter him in a personal way, and for him to receive Jesus as His Lord and Saviour. He has had a tough life since his birth when his mom tried to abort him, but failed. He never knew his Dad, and has lived with a lot of hurt, sadness, rejection, bitterness, anger all his life. He needs love, forgiveness, healing and restoration. And I know that only Jesus can fill this huge gap, and give him life in abundance down here and eternal life afterwards.

  58. I believe prayers can move mountains! Please help pray for my dream to get into nursing school. I have been waiting for God to hear me. I’ve been down and discouraged. Then I get up, and choose to hope again, beckoning God, knocking on His door. I know the prayers of the righteous is very powerful. Pray for me, my dear sisters. Help me conquer my mountain. Thank you!

  59. Oh, Aliza, your hard-won hope has opened the door to hope for dozens of others! Look at all these comments! With you and with the strength of conviction in our Lord’s compassion and power, we place our hope in him for all these prayers named here. And in the name of Jesus, look forward to seeing his perfect plan unfold in each situation. AMEN!

  60. Thanks for the encouragement. I needed to read this. Lately I’ve been discouraged with my situation because things I’ve prayed for haven’t changed. I’m commuting to a renewed hope for my ex-husband who turned his back on God returns to the Lord and that our marriage is restored.

  61. Please help pray for my sis. Since Nov 2018, she had UTI. Brought her to A & E, they did the usual testsand prescribed antibiotics. The infection cleared. But since that time, she’s had UTI at intervals of 5 to 6 weeks. Last Friday, she had it again. The doctor prescribed stronger antibiotics, but this time around, small stains are still seen on her diapers today. I’m still clinging to God for complete healing.

  62. Praying for Hope for my 15 year old son. Who has gotten in trouble with the law and now a court case is pending…. Pray for this momma’s heart who is feeling guilt and shame at the moment.

    Also, pray for a precious family in our town that the mom in childbirth lost her life and their precious baby is clinging to life at this moment. They have 4 little girls. Pray for dad/husband and those sweet girls that have all just lost a beautiful precious woman.

  63. In 15 Jan 2019, I quitted my job without first finding a job. Till now, it’s been 3 months since I’m jobless. I put all hope in Him & kept sending my resume for the job applications I could find online. Only a few responded and asked me for an interview. But till now I’ve not heard from them. Feeling very depressed and dejected. My church pastor and church members know about my situation and kept me in prayer. Pray that I’ll continue to have faith in God that He will in His time provide me with a desirable and stable job where I find pleasure in and a place where I can spread His gospel to the unchurched. Trusting that He will open a door that best fits me. Amen

  64. Thank you for this. I am hoping for a healing for my husband’s depression, which has been a weight in both our lives for so long. Sometimes I do think God has forgotten us, just as you’ve described, but your writing has encouraged me to hope afresh. Blessings.

  65. Hope…Yes that is what I am praying for. Hope for our son who was scheduled to graduate this May. Unfortunately he will not be graduating and this sadden, disappointed, frustrated, and pains me to see. We wonder where did we fail him? How did this happen? Well we know clearly that he did not complete his work as needed and so we are hoping that he will be able to work on a few items to ensure his graduation in the summer. He’s a smart and a good kid. We attempted to teach him all the things required and to have him be around people who will allow him to see what it means to be successful. Somehow, somewhere along the line, all of these things did not work out the way we thought it would. As much as we want to give up on him, we have that glimmer of “hope” that he will do the right thing and get on track with his studies. Praying for you my son and always having hope that whatever that is that God have in store for your path, we know it will be good. Even if it means, a simple left turn for the moment. Thank you for sharing this..

  66. I am hoping for complete and totally healing for:
    My body, mind and emotions that are still being ravaged by complex ptsd
    A trustworthy, safe Community to come around me and my husband
    A restored, healthy relationship for me and my husband
    Familial healing, forgiveness and reconciliations.

    I’m thankful for the healing that He’s provided thus far but continuing to hope and rest.

    Thank you for praying with me!

  67. That Jesus will Break the Addition on My husband. That god will Set him free of toxic mindsets and an overwhelming longing to take Care of Himself and his family.

  68. I hope for relief from asthma attacks that have overtaken me for the last 2.5 months. I have been praying for healing all this time, but perhaps I need to pray for hope in the Lord.

  69. HI Aliza! I read your post on rest from May 22, but for some reason I couldn’t leave a comment there – so I’m leaving a note for you here. 😉 I’m moved by your vulnerable words about rest, speaking from a place that is honest and also touched by what God has whispered to you. Rest is very special for me, so I see that I have a kindred spirit in you! 🙂 Will you be at the retreat this week? I hope so! It would be wonderful to see you in just a little bit at the (in)courage retreat and enjoy your company and get to know you better on this week’s journey, friend! 🙂 love, Bonnie