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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. Bonnie,
    Your post really speaks to me. My “word” for 2019 is “rest”. After many weary years of surgeries and lingering illnesses, I felt God’s call to really truly rest – not just for a few days or even a month, but to rest for a year. We are so unaware of how our souls become depleted when we keep pouring out, keep persevering, keep on keeping on at a frantically busy pace. When God created the world, He took the 7th day to rest and He called His creations “good”. He included the rest in what He called “good”. Rest is meant to be a crucial part of the rhythms of our lives. I wholeheartedly agree that writing our prayers and writing our story is redemptive and refreshing. Just this week I wrote a post entitled, “Have You Ever Just Let Yourself Be Loved?” http://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com. I have always thought that I had to be “doing” something in order for God to delight in me and rejoice over me with singing. The fact is, He loves us when we are just sipping our hot cup of coffee or tea and simply doing nothing. I am learning to bask in that love and breathe the breath prayers that you speak of. Like you, I believe we ALL need to quiet our souls and if we don’t our body will tell us (through anxiety, depression, exhaustion, fatigue, illness, and many other forms) that we need to slow it down and be human “beings,” not human “doings.” Wonderful post!
    Bev xx

    • Learning to be loved and rest into that is a beautiful journey you’re on. May God continue to nurture you, as you heal body and soul. Thanks for sharing, Bev!

    • Thank you, Bonnie, for this timely message. I love how you shared simple things to spark joy in our sometimes dreary days. I had a bone marrow transplant last January 2016, and in August 2017 had a disappointing relapse. I am doing fine and being monitored by my doctor. I know God is healing me.
      You are an encouragement and an inspiration to many!

  2. Lent is a perfect season in which to rest in God’s love as we affirm our need for Him and let go of all the “other” things that we put in His place.
    Blessings to you, Bonnie, and may you lead many to know the God of peace more deeply.

  3. I needed this. I have been so busy in life, I don’t know myself at 26 and drive away everyone who is close to me with my instability. I’m learning that I don’t have to do anything for people or GOD to love me and I can be myself. It feels good to rest in my daily life. I’ve been so lost and so hurt, I hadn’t realized the affect it had on me as a young woman. I feel like I can breath now. I’ve been praying asking GOD to assist me and show me and he has.

    • Thanks for sharing, LeCreea! It’s wonderful you’re feeling drawn to rest as a young woman! I know you would love reading Whispers of Rest – knowing it’s your desire to let God’s love touch you more as you rest in daily life! I share daily soul care tips that are hands-on things you can do, that are simple and powerful. Be sure to join in the Whispers of Rest Lent series on my blog !

  4. This post is well timed for me. I wrestled with sleep in the wee hours of the morning as I tried to navigate some overwhelming challenges of my life (most especially those surrounding being a single mother after getting out of an abusive relationship). I know God is inviting me to rest in him as we work our way through the court system and try to find a resolution.

    • I’m praying for you Elizabeth, lifting you up to the ONE who delivered you \0/ from abuse… from the pit.. He did it for me 30 years ago and has restored the days with mercies, peace and love like I’ve never known.. His love never fails.. stay calm and JESUS on!! Blessings.. Lizzie ( my daughters name) love that name Elizabeth!

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m sorry it was such a sleepless night for you. But, you’ve taken the amazing brave step of leaving an abusive relationship – and that is SO powerful although so very hard. Now that you’re safe, your body and heart are needing the nourishment to heal and refill all that was poured out in your soul and spirit. It’s time to prioritize taking care of you! I know you would love reading Whispers of Rest – knowing it’s your desire to let God’s love touch you more as you rest in daily life! Please do get a copy! I share daily soul care tips that are hands-on things you can do, that are simple and powerful. Also, be sure to join in the Whispers of Rest Lent series on my blog – it will be nourishing for you! hugs to you, friend!

  5. Bonnie, Your posts always touch my heart. But this one resonated deep within my soul. I spent most of my childhood being told I was the one to fix things and make people happy. And of course when life didn’t go that way, I took it hard and felt to blame. When diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and I couldn’t fix my physical and emotional pain, I really didn’t know how I would survive it. But loved ones and through the Lord’s guidance I somehow squeaked through. There are times now when those same feelings come back and I feel so inadequate in how to move forward. I’ve always been a Type A person, so the idea of self care and sparking joy, just never was my jam. But I am purchasing your book and will go on the Lenten journey with you. I am hoping that this will help me to feel peace and maybe become unstuck and move on from the same negative comments swirling in my head that say: never will be good enough, never pleasing people enough, or what I say won’t matter. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your faith. Your heart and strength truly shine through and inspire me to flourish as well <3

    • Thank you for sharing such a tender part of your heart and story. I’m so sorry that the people who should have loved and cherished you weren’t able to love you the way God intended. Now, it’s your turn to prioritize taking care of you! and YAY! you’re getting Whispers of Rest – you are going to LOVE it — I’m so excited for all God will show you on this jourmey – and I’m excited I get to encourage you everyday through the book to do something loving for yourself and spark joy again! So happy you’re going to be in on the Whispers of Rest Lent blog series with the book! Get a journal ready to capture all God has for you!

  6. Bonnie,

    Love your book Whispers of Rest. I practice breath prayers all the time. Someone comes to mind & I simply breath & pray for them. Women need to care for ourselves. Constant doing & striving only makes us depleted & not loved more. Lysa Terkeurst in her book The Best Yes said “saying yes all the time won’t make us wonder woman. It will make us a worn out woman.” Worn out depleted women can’t help or love others. Jesus loves us because He made us in His image. Nothing we do will ever take that love away. He wants us to rest in His unchanging love for us. He longs for us to be still & know that we are loved. Bask in His great love & care for us. Woman need to take time to sit still, drink some tea/coffee & just be with God for a time. We need to shut out all the distractions of life-TV, social media, constant news feeds, etc. be still with God & listen for His voice of calm & peace. Jesus himself took time away from busyness to be alone with God. Life here in the messy middle is busy & noisy. A life refreshed with God’s peace and joy is possible – even if we feel overwhelmed with everyday stress. I say a hearty Amen to that. We need refreshing daily!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, you sound like you have been blessed by Whispers of Rest 🙂 xo Praise God! Thanks for sharing so much of your ah-ha moments, Beth! beautiful!

  7. Dear Bonnie,
    Writing for a friend who is going through a crisis. Your words will help me to love her better through this time. This friend has always been there for me and I want to do the same for her. I am praying for the Lord’s guidance in how best to be present for her.
    Love to you

    • So wonderful that she has a soul care friend in you, Irene! An idea – would be wonderful for you to read Whispers of Rest with her – and together encourage her (each other) to nurture and nourish your souls – as your friend goes through a crisis, so much more important to hear God’s loving words of affirmation. It’s healing to do something loving for yourself everyday, knowing God gives us permission. The devotional has been such a source of comfort and refreshment for myself and readers from all walks of life. Please do invite her to join the Whispers of Rest Lent.

  8. I not only think rest in Lent, but rest all year.As women I feel we need to just to shut out all the distractions in the world and rest and pray with our Lord(focus on him).not other things going on in the world. He will take care of things.

    • Yes – rest is an all year round beautiful journey and calling! I can tell you are a rest-inspired woman, Debbie! I hope you can join in the Whispers of Rest Lent on my blog. I hope it inspires your heart!

  9. “When we journal our stories with God, we give Him space to re-write our stories with us.” Ah…how true. You put the words together beautifully, Bonnie, describing how God works through us when we give Him space.

    • Thanks, Lynn! Those ah-ha moments are so unexpected too, aren’t they? And I think that’s why they are so treasured. A gift that happens as we write and give God the space. Love how you “get it” – from one writer to another. 🙂

  10. Bonnie,
    Your words always have a way of impacting my heart, thank-you for doing so once again. Something recently has twice come to me clearly in a dream, and no matter how hard I’ve tried it’s been giving me unrest. I do trust fully that thankfully like everything else, that this too the Lord will help see me through.
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,

    • In the meantime, do things that nurture your soul – as it’s a prompt for you that you need that extra TLC from God. Rather than trying to solve that unrestful dream – just keep moving in the direction of what gives you peace and rest. I hope you can get Whispers of Rest and join in the Lent Whispers of Rest blog series, Penny. I think you’ll really enjoy!

  11. Bonnie, thank you for this encouraging word from God. Right now, I’m facing health issues which are encroaching on my ability to go to work, to do everyday normal things. I face physical pain each day, and some days are debilitating. It’s good to know God just wants me, not my ability to DO. It’s good to know He wants to take those moments when I’m at my weakest, and simply draw near to me, and fill me with his love. Such a good truth to know, right at this time when I’m feeling most vulnerable and a little afraid. Thank you Bonnie, for reminding me of this truth at just this season in my life♥️

  12. It takes courage to let go of the to-do list and make room for rest. Thank you, Bonnie, for encouraging us to embrace soul care–with no guilt! A new pursuit for me: Bible art journaling and experimenting with water color pencils. I am trying to preserve Sunday afternoons for art (while listening to restful music!) as a way to express my heart for God and experience fresh sparks of joy in the process.

  13. “A life refreshed with God’s peace and joy is possible — even if we feel overwhelmed with everyday stress.”

    Amen, my friend! I praise Him for it. xx

  14. Thank you for the “breath prayer” gave me chills and a smile (indicates, for me, His Holy Spirit). So In Christian fellowship, you’ve helped my unsettled heart, I’ve had since last night, and couldn’t shake! I will do this daily. Thank You Jesus!

  15. God sucks god does nothing
    I hate GOD I have a life time of proof GOD doesn’t care