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Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a TEDx and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte, NC, 2017). As a former college professor, she designed the popular ‘beginners’ course and study guide, What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. She is the creator and director of the Brownicity.com...

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  1. Well, I know what my next Google search is going to be! Can’t wait to hear your talk . . .
    Thanks for sharing the road to your dream and for encouraging readers to risk dreaming big, according to the size and ability of our God.

    • I know I’m a dreamer but wondered at times why I dream so big because it truly scares me thinking “I’m just being silly … how can it happen”. Instead I default to planning. This article made be take another look at dreaming and the limitations I have placed on myself. I need to find a mentor to help guide but also ask if you have any suggestions or resources to seek out to help me to continue to move forward it would be much appreciated! Thank you for being brave and not giving up and wiring this article !!

  2. Lucretia,
    Like you, I was/am a planner. I liked being in control and I knew my abilities and my limitations. Also, like you, I got to the end of my rope and was forced to truly lean on God. The saying is true….”You don’t truly know Jesus until Jesus is all you have.” I began dreaming as well and my dream was to do something?? that would give God the complete credit and total glory. Be careful what you ask for. “God, you want me to do what? Start a Christian school in the enemy’s back yard in the Middle East? God, I love you, but you’re crazy!!” Yes, our God is crazy….crazy in love with His children whom He wants to reach. That was seven years ago and yes, after I first ran like Jonah, God had me (in His power) begin a school that is now thriving with 75 orphans and impoverished children in a dangerous country for Christians. That wasn’t on my bucket list, but if we dare to dream, God may call us to something only He can perform through us. My other dream is to publish a book I’ve been working on. We’ll see what God has in store for that dream. Thanks, Lucretia, for daring us to dream and then hold onto your seat, because God works in amazing ways! Be sure to give us a link to your Ted talk or a heads up when it will be aired!! I am confident 🙂
    Bev xx

    • Bev,
      Your reply scared me!! WOE!!! That is incredible! I think that most of us would opt out or even be too afraid to surrender to the unknown of a life exclusively shaped beyond our control. I was humbled by your story. I am taking a deep breath in order to surrender greater. Thank you for sharing.

      And like you, I am constantly saying to God, ‘YOU are crazy!!”…lol


    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Thank you both for sharing your journey! I’m in the mist of walking out a God assignment as well, so this is encouraging.

  3. Went immediately to find your TED Talk. Loved it!

    What an important message and you did such a great job!

    • Thank you so much for watching my talk! And thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Lucretia,

    I’ve learned from Lysa Terkeurst’s book It’s Not Supposed to be This Way that trials & disappointments will come to all who live in the messy middle between to Edens. The by product of these trials is growth both spiritually & emotionally. God gives us dreams in our hearts. Some are as simple as family getting baptized. Others like yours can be big & audacious. I know if God gives us a dream He will equip us for it. I had a mini dream of a good part-time job that paid good & used some skills. This year God saw fit to allow me to be laid off from one job. Shortly thereafter He gave me a good 2-day a week job at a local hospital. I use my clerical & medical knowledge to help patients & nurses. We all have dreams of various kinds. Mine now is to have a “faith based” Relay for Life- Cancer. I want the whole community involved someway. Money to be made for cancer society to help find cures. Each day more & more people are diagnosed with cancer. We do need to risk dreaming big. Our God is bigger than anything & He can make our dreams-His dreams come true. I believe like in Joseph’s case that most dreams come from God.

    Blessings :

    • Beth,
      Thank you for expressing hope-filled aspirations for a cancer cure! My extended family has endured many cancer diagnoses and deaths. I long for the cause of cancer to be widely exposed, known, and eradicated.


  5. Oh my! You struck me deep in my heart! I am a super planner. It provides me the false feeling of control. I never realized that I don’t really “dream”. You’ve inspired me to look more deeply into this topic and be willing to “dream”.

    • WOW Sarah!
      Thank you for sharing. I know this is selfish, but I am slightly relieved that I’m not the only one. You and I can bond over our ‘plan vs. dream’ struggle!….lol. We can cheer each other on!


  6. “Dreaming take courage.” So true! God calls us to be courageous (as we learn through stories like Joshua’s) where plans cannot even come in play! We can just take one step at a time. Thanks for taking your courageous God directed steps, blessing and teaching His word and ways.

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for reading and thank you for dreaming!

  7. Lucretia, thank you. I’ve never been a dreamer, either. Figure I’d outsource that to God. (Sounds good, right? Lol) But your post is making me think that maybe we’re meant to take “foolish” risks far more than we might consider. Who knows what blessings we rob ourselves and others of when we don’t? You’ve got my wheels turning… And I’m looking forward to hearing your TED talk! Congratulations!!!

  8. So good… I was in the blog world some years back and God size dreams was the theme of that time… I bristled under it… it rubbed me the wrong way…. but I respected the women who where writing and risking for their God size dreams… my closed heart start to open… to consider it might be ok to dream with God… God and I were in a huge transition together… some really bad theology about who He had made “my god” very narrow, exacting and small… so my thoughts did fit the size of the source… as my view of God has expanded and continues to grow… so is my heart to dream… I am 61… and I am believing now… it’s never too late to change… to dream for the first time… because … “dreams befit the size of the source”!!!

    • Sorry… I did t think this went through so I sent another one… feel free to delete this one

  9. This is so good!!! I spent sometime in the blog world a few years back … and the theme of that time seemed to be God size dreams… so many people were writing and risking for their God size dreams… I found myself bristling under this notion… because I respected these ladies… I couldn’t just dismiss this new idea to me… my heart started opening more and more to this new idea… God and I were in a huge transition at the time… some really bad theology had made “my god” very small, and exacting narrow god… so my thoughts fit the size of the source… It’s been quite a journey… and at 61… I believe it’s never to late to change… and to let your heart start to dream… my view of God is every expanding… so now … my thoughts… dreams fit the size of the source!!

    • Ro!!!
      YES!!! It’s never too late to DREAM. Thank you for being on a healing and dreaming journey. I celebrate all you have done and continue to do in order to overcome bad theology and move forward. I can appreciate the complexity and nuances of that process.

      Peace and grace to you!

  10. Thank you for so wonderfully articulating the difference between being a planner and a dreamer. I’ve been reminded through your post today that when God drops a dream in my spirit, my response should be to start moving, when my human tendency is to look at what I have access to with my eyes and start doubting if that dream is something I’ve conjured up myself. I’m so proud of you for going for it and thankful that you shared your story with us today! Just last week a big dream took over my thoughts something fierce and I’m pretty sure He is using your post to confirm some things for me. Wow!

    • Kellie!
      I can totally relate! I am always placing my inadequacies above GOD’s infinite power and possibility! ((SIGH)). And, GOD loves me anyway! I am glad to know that GOD purposed my story to resonate with you! Thank you for sharing.


  11. Lucretia,

    I learned from Lysa Terkeurst’s book t’s Not Supposed to be This Way that living in the messy middle between two Edens we will have trials & disappointments. God allows them to mold * grow us into His likeness. God is the author & finisher of our dreams. He gives us the ideas & then supplies the strength to follow through. Planning is good, but don’t make it about being in control. This year I got laid off from a part-time job that was ok. I had a dream of a good part time job that would use my knowledge & skills. God far exceeded my expectations. He put me in a hospital two days a week making more than before. It uses my clerical skills & medical knowledge. I feel blessed to help the nurses, doctors & patients. My next big dream is to have a faith based Relay for Life – cancer. I want the whole community involved & to raise a bunch of money & awareness about this disease. I pray people will be educated about the various cancers & how their causes & cures. Dreams come in all sizes- from family getting baptized to curing diseases. It may take disappointments & trials to have that dream realized. If it is from God then He will see it through. Thank you for daring to dream huge out of the box dreams & encouraging us.

  12. Lucretia, I LOVE these words!

    I’m a big dreamer, but there are days when I wish I wasn’t… lol. Because you are right! It’s scary and uncomfortable and usually not “safe.” But God plants these sweet visions into our hearts, and when they finally do come true, we are inspired to dream more and dream BIGGER! Thank you for all of this and sharing your TED story. If that isn’t encouraging, I don’t know what is!

    Dreaming with the you, Sister!


    • Becky!
      You are too kind. Thank you for your encouraging words. Please send some of your ‘big dream’ capacity my way. I want to get better at it!!


  13. I’ve never known how to dream. I’m 57 and have always been a planner, but when the plans didn’t go as I expected, I would shrink back and stop. I’ve often read about dreaming and realized I don’t know how. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Lynne.
      I totally understand. I had to quiet my tendency to control (disguised as planning), surrender, and then invite GOD to show me His vision for my life. And because GOD reveals only what we need and can handle at the time, I was given peaks and notions. I had to courageously lean into the unknown and trust GOD to give proVISION for the VISION.

      May GOD to teach you to dream. May GOD stretch you beyond your capacity to plan.

      Grace and peace.

  14. I have never thought of the difference between dreams and plans. And yet it made so much sense. Like you I grew up planning, never dreaming. Love that your dreams came true with a lot of hard work. Keep dreaming.

  15. Thank you for this, it really spoke to me! I also need to learn to dream – like you, it scares me, but I’m reaching that tipping point where all the low-risk planning isn’t really getting me anywhere…

    • Rebecca,
      You are welcome!
      Hopefully, our desire for dreams fulfilled will outweigh our comfort of low-risk planning. Let us be catapulted into taking those audacious hope-winged leaps!!

      Wishing you the best,

  16. Lucretia, I’m so glad God gave you the courage to dream! I love the way you juxtaposed planning and dreaming. I too have discovered that planning is often a practice in self-reliance, whereas dreaming opens me up to trusting God and taking steps of faith for what I cannot yet see.

    • Becky,
      I agree!!! Sometimes, having to trust God takes my breath away.
      Thank you for reading and sharing.


  17. Hi Lucretia, I just want to share that I have a song I wrote called Dream and it actually has this lyric:
    “it takes courage to dream, when you’re lying there with the pieces of your heart”
    God has spoken to me a lot in the past few years about Dreaming and about Courage.
    Please have a listen.. you can find me on all the music streaming sites: Ashley Sykes and my album is Dissonance.

    Thanks for challenging us and encouraging us to dream big!

    • WOW Ashley!
      “Is it okay to dream when all your dreams have fallen apart?”
      So powerful!!! All of the lyrics are beautiful.

      Thank you for sharing!