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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. My husband has left our marriage and with him goes all of his family who have been my family for 17 years. I am alone this Christmas and desperately searching for God’s meaning through this terrible grief. It feels like life is over. Thank you for your prayers and I pray for other hurting souls this Christmas.

    • Oh, LORD, hear this broken heart. Thank you that Andrea has her eyes on you for the comfort and joy that this season promises, and yet she is very alone. Looking squarely at the grief, help her to rise above fear in the days ahead. Lead her to a community of support and healing, and help her to find a way forward. Show her, please, that her life is NOT over, but that your steadfast love never ceases. It is new every morning. By faith, Lord, help Andrea to lean hard into your promised faithfulness.

    • I am praying for you Andrea. Divorce and separation are brutally heartbreaking any time but the holidays can make it feel even more devastating. I don’t know what area you live in but there is a program called DivorceCare that I went through years ago and now lead at my church. It is a wonderful ministry that allows Gods healing and also brings you into a group that understands what you are going through. If you go to their website they will list churches in your area hosting the program. I have seen it through God’s power offer incredible solace and direction.

      • Tonya;
        Thank you for what you are doing for God’s children going through divorce. I, too, am a leader in DC and have seen many broken, hurting, abandoned people who can belong and be heard, and feel a sense of worth after attending. May God’s face shine on you and bless the hands that heal.

    • Andrea, I am praying for you and everyone else who feels alone. I am so grateful for God’s unceasing presence and love.
      If you are in the St. Louis area, you’re welcome to be a part of our family this Christmas!

    • Andrea,

      Sweet sister, praying for your healing. God hear this brokenhearted woman crying to you. The holidays are hard enough let alone being torn away from all family. Send some friendly support her way & help her know life isn’t over. This isn’t the end. There are better things around the corner. Shower her with comfort & peace she desperately needs now. Help Andrea lean hard into you & your promises. Again send a support group of people to her. Ones that can walk with her down the journey she is on.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Andrea,
      Oh how I feel your pain. My husband left after 25 years. I am an only child and to feel immediately abandoned by what had become my family….yes I understand that life feels like it is over. It will be a journey. Lean into God. Crawl into Christ’s lap and cry. It is a grieving process because it is the death of a marriage. The meaning I found is that God is right there in the crucible for me and with me. He never let go of me, though others did. It served to truly deepen my relationship with Him. The perseverance built strength, courage, and ultimately hope. I know the weeping will endure for the night, but I promise joy ultimately will come in the morning. Lifting you up right now sweet sister.
      Blessings and ((Hugs)),
      Bev xx
      ps. Your identity is found in God alone….not one man’s opinion.

    • Sweet Andrea, my heart breaks for you. I’m also separated from a husband who no longer wants to be a apart of our family. The grief is extra sharp during the holidays. Sending you a long distance hug and praying for you today.

    • My heart and prayers go out to you Andrea. I have been there and it is very hard, but there is life and beauty and blessings on the other side of this journey for you like there was for me. Through the pain and suffering you will find new strength and joy and meaning. You can only get there by going “through” this but the Lord is there with you every moment. We are all praying for you and I’m proud of you for reaching out. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. You can do this I promise. You can do “all things through Christ who strengthens” you…. Proverbs 3:5-6 above is my all time favorite verses. Jeremiah 29:11 is also very good. Lots and lots of love and prayers for you

    • Andrea…You are NEVER alone. I know it may seem like you are but your not. God is always there every moment with you. At a time when ive felt alone i just start talking and carrying on a conversation. My grandaughter said grandma are you talking to yourself again i say no,God is always listening,and since she hears me i tell her she must of been listening too. So please remember you are not alone. I sometimes have that feeling still. So if we work together and pray together. We have so much prayer power,as we also have everyone at incourage praying as well. Your never alone…

    • Andrea….I walked this path 6 years ago! The process of it just sucks! But I know that God is faithful! He provides for me every day! I remember the first time I had to spend Christmas without my girls I told God it wasn’t fair because my ex walked out. God lovingly provided me a place to spend Christmas with friends from church. Loving and gracious Father, hold this dear daughter close to your heart this season. You see her, you see the brokenness and pain. Give her the strength she needs to face this season. Walk with her. Show yourself to her in tangible ways that she may see you. Heal every emotional wound. Place people in her path that she needs. And protect her heart from anger and bitterness. In your Son’s name, the name above all names, Amen!

    • Praying for Andrea now.
      My mother is dying. Our family is fractured. Please pray that we can all unite, and momma can make her transition to heaven peacefully. This is so painful, and even worse with family drama and discordance. Thank you.

      • Dear Terri,
        Sister in Christ! I hear your heart. I have been there when there is such deep sorrow and loss and what you so desire is for our family to join together in our mutual pain and it doesn’t happen. This is a second grief on top of the first! This is not the way it should be, but often it is the way it is. I am so sorry. I love you my sister and am praying God’s strength for you right now and for a true feeling of being connected to Christ. And I pray many cherished times with your mom.

        • Tina,
          With tears, and a hurting heart, thank you. We do not have a magic wand that can “fix” families, or mend broken hearts. Oh, how I wish we did! I sense your empathy. Thanks so much for your prayers.
          Blessings to you,

      • Terri,

        Sweet sister-so sorry mother is dying. I pray God can comfort everyone in this time of grief. May God bring peace to the family. I pray you can all come together at this time. May relationships & problems be put aside for the sake of family. Praying for strength, love to be showered on everyone.


    • My husband left after 17 yrs of marriage. We have two daughters and the enemy has stolen our great testimony. It has been the hardest season of my life and I have fought more for our marriage now then I ever have in the past. God has spoken over us through many people and I’m just not understanding any of this. The last 6 mo have been hard on all of us. Please pray for God’s will in all of this. Of course I want my marriage to be restored and hoping that God intervenes before the d is final.

      • The difficult struggles are just impossible for us to understand, Dusty. I am sorry for what you and your daughters are going through. Just keep your eyes on Him, trust Him, lean on Him. Know He loves you and will see you through this time. Don’t let the enemy take that from you. Praying for you!

      • Hi Dusty:

        I will pray for the restoration of your marriage -as God’s will – is from the beginning …Is is and was for man and woman to join in His Holy Covenant of marriage and raise children. The world evil plague against families right now is separation and divorce — the evil one comes to “rob steal kill and destroy” but what God has joined together, let no person put asunder.

        I have had the most horrid separation experience and separation & divorce is an ongoing death that keeps being resurrected on every occasion – in every direction.

        I have recently gained strength in God leading me to : “the Lord God will fight for you; you need only to hold your peace”.

        For me, this means trusting God in His Word and praying to Him for “His will be done”. We know that divorce is never His will – except for adultery (even though God’s healing Goodness can “make all things work together for His Good” – we know God has Love and compassionate arms for those that have had to face the separation and have experienced divorce)

        I don’t want to divorce. I myself am and want to believe and pray to God for the Miracle- and pray to Him deeply for my husband and children …for Healinf and reconciliation- Jesus’ main comment in the NT confirms that divorce comes forth only because of human circumstance but He says that was never God’s will.

        I will lift you up in prayer as I am on a path to believe God to resurrect my marriage and do His Mighty Work.

        He will get all the Glory. I just keep praying his scripture and moving forward in His Love – asking for His Strength to pursue full family healing – believing He will do and give “exceedingly beyond what I could hope for or imagine”. He says if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we will say to the mountain “move”.

        Full forgiveness and understanding must be initiated…the Holy Spirit gave me wisdom and has made me so aware as I sought him in prayer. I have surrendered every sin to Him (ever done by mistake or on purpose) and I would like to recommend that you sit with Christ and let Him Lavish you with His Love. “the kindness of God leads us to repentance “ and Repemtance frees God to answer our prayer. Any bitterness or anger or venomous thoughts need to be surrendered for God to do a healing work as He is “changing the heart of your husband”.

        I would like to believe in God for His Miracle in my life and family and follow Him down that pathway in prayer and HOPE.

        A recent scripture He placed in my heart path to reach out for is “FAITH is being sure of what we “HOPE FOR” (marriage healing) and ‘certain of what we do not see.(yet)” God’s fingerprints of Majestic and Miraculous healing are all over His Holy Word. He constantly DID the impossible. And it began with a prayer or a movement from a person believing the “Impossible “ actually it is believing in He who does the Impossible.

        I encourage you to find some marriage healing people or couple or groups. Stay focused and resolute and keep saying “God’s words back to Him”. One thing He has impressed upon me is to Speak Life and Speak
        His Holy Word to Him.

        My favourite comment from Christ is: your faith has saved you. Go in Peace.

        For all those separated, I am about to lift all in prayer for the restoration and resurrection of our marriages – with us it is completely impossible- “with Christ, all things are possible.” After the devastation I have seen during our separation, I will gladly follow Christ in asking Him to do what only He can do. And asking Him for His Miracle or family Healing.

        For those who have endured the pain of divorce, there is “no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus”. Bless all who have experienced the horrible pain of loss and hurt and loneliness – through devastating divorces. God can make all things work together for good for those who love Him.

        Jesus said :” the evil one comes to rob, steal, kill and destroy (prey on us) but we can “PRAY” to Him and give thanks that Jesus came to “give us life to the fullest”.

        He visits all and there is “Healing in His Wings”.

        May the God of HOPE fill us (with His Life to the fullest) with all joy and peace in believing- that we will abound in HOPE through the Power of the Holy Spirit”.

    • Andrea, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Let God be your strength through this time. He will see you through. Look what He has done for you today! He sent all these beautiful people to share their similar stories, to show you that you are not alone, to uplift you and pray for you. He loves you so much and He is walking right by your side. Joining everyone in praying for you!

    • Lord please help Andrea feel your presence. Please comfort her and draw her to You. Please put people in her life that will encourage her and love her. Please hug her and feel Your strength!

    • I would like to have prayer for my husband to turn his heart back to God and let God finish the work he started in him. Please heal his heart and restore our marriage. He left our marriage of 32 years over a year ago but we still live in the same house but as housemates, not husband and wife. I don’t know why he did this because he will never tell me. I am so confused and hurt and it’s is taking a toll on me physically and mentally. Pray for my strength in the Lord.

    • I am praying for you Andrea because I know the pain you are going through because I am going through almost the same thing but God knows and He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Keep trusting and believing in Him and He will see you through. May God bless and keep you during this difficult time.

    • Christmas has always been a sad time for me since I was a teenager. I was brutally rape and had given birth to my 1st. baby girl, named Christine. She was put up for adoption without me ever seeing or holding her.. My life was never the same. Later on I was blessed through marriage with three children and nine grandchildren.. In the spring of this year we found Christine. I communicated with her via email for 2 months until she decided it was best for “her” to only communicate with her younger sister (my youngest). She wishes me no ill will. Please pray for all of us.. I truly know that everything and ever reason happens in Gods time..
      God Bless and Have a Wonderful Holiday, Lynn
      p.s. Many prayers for you, Andrea..

      • Lord Jesus, I thank you for the marriage and children that you’ve blessed Lynn with. Thank you for hearing her and seeing her. I pray for your comfort and wisdom in this situation. I pray that you’d guide Lynn in her words actions to her family. I pray for you to help her receive your grace for this past trauma. I pray that your love, peace and joy fill her heart and cover this wound. Thank you for your transforming love and work to release us from the chains that bind us. Amen

    • Praying for you Andrea and all who feel alone this Christmas. I too feel alone as I am divorced and both my adult daughters have started arguing with me misunderstanding my intentions and conversations have been twisted and I am left confused, misunderstood and alone. I feel saton firing weapons at our already fractured family. Please pray for us and for me to find God’s direction through the pain…. (thank God for this ministry)

  2. Jennifer,
    Continuing to lift you and your husband up in prayer! No, we can’t even begin to understand God’s reasoning and why we must go through the crucible, but He is good , and He is faithful. I could relate to the line you wrote about our trials not seeming “fair” to us. I’ve recently come off my 6th surgery in as many years and relationships with both my adult children are severely strained right now. Things have taken a turn backwards instead of moving forward. I pray that they would take responsibility for their problems vs. casting blame (especially in my direction). Their words and actions are so hurtful. I was a good mom and I don’t understand their attitudes. Desperately need them to wake up and grow up.
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      Praying for you sweet one! It is hard to know why children “stray” & behave as they do. We must continue to pray daily for them. Praying that one day they will be like the prodigal & return home to you. May God also send complete healing your way & no more surgeries. God alone can send healing both to you & your children. I pray you have a sweet peace & comfort during the holiday season. Praying also for you Redeemer Christian School.

      (((((Hugs & Blessings )))))

      • Thank you sweet Beth….
        You have been my oh so faithful prayer warrior. I don’t understand God’s plan, but I continue to trust. We had to set some firm boundaries with my kids and of course there is fall out….We’ve sought advice from a professional Christian counselor and I just pray the Holy Spirit will do a work in their hearts!
        Love you,
        Bev xoxo

    • Dear Lord I pray for Bev right now who is in the midst of deep sorrow. It is likely she loves her children more than anything else in the world. I ask that you would give her hope. I pray that you would give her wisdom and patience with her children. Help her to wait at your feet. I pray these words of Jennifer’s bring her comfort:
      “The cross He has given us to carry is meant to move us toward who He wants us to be.” Please impress upon her your great love for her, may the gospel be fresh in her spirit.
      Pls pray for my son Chris who is recently divorced. He is only 28. He is very sad. He has moved to a new city to pursue grad school, & has found a church, but goes off/on. Pls pray that he would make new solid Christian friends. Thanks.

      • Shelly,

        Praying for you & your son. May God bring Him back to the church & Himself. Divorce is never easy. This time of year is especially hard. I pray God sends good Christian friends His way to guide him on his journey. God please be with Shelly’s son. Help & guide him on this journey. Send some good Christian friends his way to help ease the pain of divorce. Help Shelly wait at your feet & lean hard into you & your wisdom.

        (((((Hugs & Blessings )))))

      • Shelly,
        Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. Lifting you son, Christ, up in prayer right now. Divorce is SO hard at any age. It’s not unusual to become disenchanted with God when you need Him most. I pray this is temporary and that your son will find His way back to God, His comfort and healing.
        Bev xo

    • Oh it is so painful when things seem to be moving in the wrong direction, Bev. I am so sorry for the pain being caused to you. You have such a loving, uplifting, dedicated heart here and we are so grateful for you. Praying for you and your family.

  3. Praying for you Tony’s that the Lord gives you His love, peace, & hope this Christmas season & beyond. I’m asking for prayers for my newborn son who is still in the hospital with some complications. I’m scared & I want him home!

    • Laura,

      Praying for you & your son sweet Laura. God can send healing in His perfect timing. Lean into God right now & trust Him. God please hold Laura & her son in your arms. Help her to feel your strong arms around her. Comfort her during this trying time. I pray you feel God with you all the time. He is your comfort & peace.

      (((((Hugs & Blessings )))))

  4. Dear God, I pray you will be with Tonya, Michelle and Andrea. Lord continue to bring healing to Tonya through the hard times she has faced. Please show yourself very strong, near and dear in her life.
    Please be near Michelle also as she had reached out an encouragement here. Keep her in Your Prescence and help her always walk close by Your side.
    Please touch Andrea with a special touch from You. Lord, this devastation, this overwhelm, this brutal pain all during this BEAUTIFUL holiday season. This season where we are once more reminded of how Jesus gave up all the grandeur and glory of Heaven to come to earth as a helpless babe. Lord, You know this heartache and this lonely like none other. Please Lord minister to her heart. Please give her a deep sense of Your love, power, Presence and peace. Please Lord send her little miracles every day. Be very near to these dear women. Amen.

    I would ask for prayer for a family sold-, out for Jesus. For God’s help in relating to church and family through illness and misunderstandings. For God’s help and grace to follow Him the whole way no matter what. And for healing as He sees fit. And for a weekly helper we can afford. Thank you

  5. I am struggling with the ending of the relationship with my daughter’s father who was emotionally, mentally, and verbally abusive. Please pray for my healing and that I am able to discern God’s will for my daughter’s best interest.

    • Elizabeth,
      You are doing the right thing. God does NOT want His daughters to be abused in any way (physically, emotionally, verbally). Think that you are ceasing to model to your daughter that this is how women are supposed to be treated. She needs a healthy role model of a relationship. Praying for strength for you and I know God has your daughter in all of this.
      Bev xx

    • Praying God’s strength for you, Elizabeth. You are already on the right path in searching for His will for your daughter. You know how important that is. You are being a wonderful role model for her. You can get through this, He is with you!

  6. Prayers for my adult children who have no interest in or connection with a church or faith community. Both raised in a Christian home, with 2 clergy parents…it hurts to think they have turned away from who they were born to be. Also, the wife of son & boyfriend of daughter seem to have great influence away from the faith as well .

    • Rachel,
      I’m praying for your children to come back to their faith. I too have a daughter that has turned her back on her faith. I know how much it hurts to see your children pushing God out of their lives.
      I am also dealing with heavy metal toxicity. The road to healing is long. God has been faithful but I often get weary from the wait.

  7. Oh Andrea! I am sorry for your pain! You are loved and special to God, and he will show you better days.

    Lord, I pray that you make yourself known to Andrea. I pray that you show yourself through others in her life, so that she knows just how you are working for her. I pray that Andrea knows just how special and loved she really is as a daughter in Christ. Amen

    I ask for prayers to put a fire under me. I am feeling lacking these days. We have had such a rough couple years and things appear to be moving forward. But I feel like I cannot do enough or I don’t have time enough to get what I need done. And all the things I had started seems to always be placed on hold for a future time. And whether it is true or not, I cannot shake it. Thanks!

  8. In Courage,

    Jennifer – praying for you and your husband on this journey. You are a strong couple both physically & spiritually. You are spot on with this: Pray. Believe prayer is powerful. Invite God in. Hold on tight. We must believe in our prayers. Don’t just do pharisee type prayers with flowery words or rush through the list. He wants a relationship with us.

    I have a friend whose grand daughter is not treating her daughter right. The grand daughter has gotten off course from church. It tears the family to pieces. Pray that grandma, great grandma or niece could help raise this child.

    Also my elderly neighbor lost her last living son earlier this fall. Her husband & eldest son died years ago. She has one sister in a nursing home & just a young grand daughter & her husband to care for her. Also she is diabetic & just got diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. She hasn’t driven her car in over a year so stuck at home all the time. Sad situation.

    Also hubby could use prayers for a different job. He works weekends (12-13) hr. days in hospital CT. The job is hard & frustrating. Also not sleeping well. Hates his job. Pray God would open other doors for him. Hard since there is only 1 hospital group here.

    Thanks Prayer Warriors!!

    Have a blessed Sunday & Advent season!! 🙂

    • Beth,
      I love hos you care for others and I am lifting them up in prayer right now. Praying for your hubby that he would be able to find work that he enjoys and is rewarding. Spending that many hours at something you detest is draining. You are are so faithful to lift others up….lifting YOU and your requests up right now.
      Love and blessings,
      Bev xo

    • I was thinking what Bev was, Beth… you are so faithful praying for others and lifting them up. I know you have long prayed for me. Thank you so very much. Praying for your friend and your neighbor. Praying for you and your husband.

  9. Jennifer, I’ve known your story from a distance for so many years, and reading this raw, unflinching post reminds me of the dailiness of your family’s challenges and how I always see you clinging to God in your need. These words bring a powerful message of HOPE and yet, a hard reality check as well. Thank you for pouring out your heart and life into this space. This was my favorite paragraph of all:

    “We have come to learn that life is not all about the healing that we want. It is about living through the trials we are given, learning to be completely dependent on Him. It is not about what we want; it is about what God wants for us. It is not about having an easy life; it is about living a life meant to make us holy.”

    So meaty and true….


    (and as I scrolled down to leave my own message and read of ALL THE GREAT needs, I offered a prayer for all these hurting friends in our community who need God to reveal Himself in their own hard situations. xoxo)

  10. Oh Andrea, my heart goes out to you. My ex-husband also left our marriage at 17 years and with 4 kids to raise. I remember that first Christmas and how God came through in amazing ways. I know he will for you as well. It’s been many years now since I went through that but I can tell you how Good was so very faithful. As hard as it was, in many ways I wouldn’t trade it because my dependence on the Lord deepened and I got to see and experience God’s faithfulness. I will be praying for you. Arla

    • You share such a truth, Arla. Through these most difficult journeys, our dependence on Him becomes something it never would have any other way. Thank you for sharing your experience to encourage others. God bless you.

  11. Spouses may come & go but God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God has not forgotten you Andrea. Your life is ever before Him. He is in your midst. God loves you. Read Zephaniah 3:17-19. Again, God has not forgotten you dear one. Pray & know that you are in the prayers of many. God bless you.

  12. I’m asking for prayer for my son, Todd. His wife has left him. They have a three-year-old son. he worked for her dad and has also lost his job. Please pray that he turns to the Lord and that the Lord directs his path. Pray for his wife’s heart. That she would return to the marriage. Pray for his heart to be softened in that he would seek the Lord with his whole heart. Thank you.

  13. Jennifer & Ladies,
    Thank-you for sharing your story with us, I’m sorry for all that you have been through. There is so much that we can learn when we are faced with hard things including never give up on Hope. My prayers are with you, and for all that have made a request,
    I pray for all of you that as you go through these hard times that may you feel the comfort of the Lord.
    Have a blessed day all,

  14. Last April my Mom went to home to Heaven after a year and a half battle with cancer. I cared for her 10 of those months living in her home. I only went back to my home in another city 4 days every month. It was the longest my husband and I have ever lived apart. Not only did our marriage struggle but also our small business. Last May I came home and tried to pick my life back up, but instead, I fell apart with PTSD and anxiety that put me in a Psychiatric hospital for 5 days. I’m 61 and never imagined I would be in this place. We have no insurance for counseling or psychiatric care and then on top of that are now facing serious tax issues and my sister’s alcoholism. I loved this devotion because God’s answers to my cries for help have not been answered in ways I had hoped. I too am learning to live a new normal! But this time has drawn me into a deeper walk with my God than I ever expected and am so grateful! It is a daily walk of trust, dependence and surrender to His will not mine. Please pray that I can stay in the present taking one day at a time knowing He is working for my good according to His purpose for my life. Please pray for me to experience His peace that passes my understanding as I continue to cry out to Him!

    • Anita, I lost my father in June after an 18 month battle with cancer. I understand your heartbreak. I am praying that God covers you in comfort and peace and that you find joy again.

    • Anita,
      You’ve had SO much on your plate. I pray God’s scriptures of redemption over you….He will rescue you from the slimy pit and give you a firm place to stand. I pray for healing for your marriage and for your mental healthy as you recover from having watched a loved one pass. God can and will meet us right where you are. It sounds like you are leaning into Him….keep doing that. He is your burden bearer and He wants to carry this load and fight for you. I am lifting you up right now for the peace that passes understanding. President Bush who just passed always was known to say, “Keep looking forward.”
      Love and ((hugs)),
      Bev xo

    • Oh Anita, that is all so much. I am so sorry for your loss and for the struggles since. Seems the only way to get through is that daily walk of trust with Him and knowing He has a purpose for our journey. Even though it is hard. Praying for that peace for you that passes our understanding. I love the reminder of that verse so much because there is so much I don’t understand!

  15. Please pray for my family. This is our first Christmas without my dad who passed in June. I especially ask for prayers of comfort and peace for my mom who is alone after 52 years of marriage to her best friend.

    I also ask for prayer for my son. Part of his college major requires him to do five semesters in a co op. His first one is supposed to be this upcoming winter semester. He has had two interviews but has not received any offers. Since the co op is part of his education I desperately want him to have this opportunity. However, if God has something else in mind for my son in January then I pray that he reveals that to us. Ultimately, my prayer is that God places my son exactly where he wants him to be for this upcoming semester.

    Thank you!

  16. Please pray for my niece, Rachel, (age 19) who has been in ICU this past week with serious heart complications and other health issues that affect her blood pressure. She also had a feeding tube put in this week due to other health issues. Pray for wisdom for doctors treating her, relief of pain, and peace for the family.
    Lord, I pray for Andrea that you would wrap your arms of love around her and her family this holiday season. Please bring beauty from these ashes as I have seen you do for my own daughter who experienced the same type of grief earlier this year. It is clear, God, why you hate divorce. It brings such division and heartache to entire families.

    • Pam,
      Lifting your sweet young niece, Rachel, up in my prayers right now. Praying for healing and for wisdom on the doctor’s part and for those who hold vigil over her. Give all a sense of peace and calm that you have this.
      Blessings and ((hugs)),
      Bev xx

  17. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I will certainly be re-reading them for strength and hope over the coming weeks. I didn’t think anyone would respond so I am humbled and comforted. I pray for everyone who is going through a hard time – Christmas can be such a wonderful time but also such a painful time for those who are suffering.

  18. Desperate right now! And just read your devotion and Bible verses. Our youngest son is terribly depressed over a relationship ending. I have asked a few people to pray for him. My husband and I feel helpless. I wish there was something like this divorce care for everyone dealing with a broken heart. He describes himself as depressed, lonely, and brokenhearted. Grateful for any prayers.

  19. Please pray for my daughter, Jewel. She is dealing with anxiety and depression. She hasn’t been to school in 3 weeks and has finals starting tomorrow. She loves the Lord but just can’t seem to feel His strength, comfort, and peace.

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    At St. Andrew U.M. C. one of our ministries is the giving of all sorts of bread out to the community.
    Once a month the community is invited to come to our church and take as much as they want. There is a large following of partakers. I took it upon myself to extend this ministry to another small
    United Methodist Church by taking a few loaves of bread to their church on Sunday morning once a month. Their membership at one time was over 400 but now it has dwindled to less than 25. They recently were without any minister. The conference asked our former minister who is in retirement to fill in only as part time. He has made the statement that the Holy Spirit led him to do.
    I have been doing this for about year and they seem to appreciate this offering. I have even filled the pulpit as a visiting speaker.

    This past Saturday I came early to gather my offering for the church. They have told me they like the white bread but its quantity is usually just a few so I come early to get a couple of loaves. This Saturday I was attacked by one of our members loud, vocal and viciously that I could not have any bread to take until after 11:00 A.M. and was ordered to remove and put back the bread I had started to take. This upset me to the point that I am discontinuing to take bread to this church.
    I am a lonely child, my whole life was been being a care giver for grandma, grandpa and last my mom. I was engaged to be married but I my mother was so afraid of lose me that she blew up in front of my future inlaws that the young lady gave the ring back. Now I am retired all alone with no family. I am bitter sometimes don’t see the point of moving on. I just don’t see why God has brought me down to this stage in my life as I am terribly lonely and don’t have much go forwardness.

    • I am praying for all who are in pain, lonely, depressed anxious and dealing with loss from death divorce or abandonment. I lost my husband, my soulmate of 43 years o Oct. 7, 2018. He had an cardiac arrest on Aug 14, 2018 and I prayed and everyone else prayed for his recovery. I prayed God please restore his health back to better than it was, He was getting better, he was off the breathing machine but still on a feeding tube and unable to speak to me. He would blink his eyes on move his body when I spoke to him but his brain had been without oxygen and the prognosis by the doctors was not good. I, family and friends around the world prayed to God for a miracle and in a way He did perform one. In the ICU the doctors said he would never be able to breath on his own and now a month and half later he was.. He really seemed to be making progress but then… I visited him that Sunday morning, prayed with him and talked to him about our granddaughters first concert of the year an ice cream social at a near by church. I kissed him, told him I loved him and I would see him the next day. By the time the concert was over and we were back at home I was just about to call and check on how he was doing when the phone rang, it was his nurse from the facility “come quickly he is in full code we are doing everything we can to save him” I raced to the facility only to find it was too late he was already gone with the angels to heaven. His physical body did look at peace for the first time since his illness. I was heartbroken. My life is changed forever. Please pray for me and my family especially our granddaughter who was born on the same day and at the same time as my husband her grandpa. We are taking it one day at a time and leaning on the God for strength and guidance.
      As you pray for us I pray for you and everyone who believes in God and his son Jesus that He gives us the comfort and strength we need to get thru each day. Remember God never gives you more than you can bear and the Lord works in mysterious ways and his wonders will never cease. I can not explain it but I trust in God and know that this experience is only to make me stronger. Try listening to the song STRONGER by Mandisa. It says it all. God is love and God is good and He is good all the time . Gods blessings on you all.

  21. “God has a plan even when it doesn’t seem fair to us”. This is how I feel. I feel I’ve come to the end of my rope. I thought I would marry a Christian man and have children but I’ve just hit 45. What are you supposed to do with those things not coming to pass? The grief of it. Everyone around me their lives seems to keep moving forward every year with so much lovely things from God – I just feel forgotten.

  22. Andrea, it doesn’t say much for your husband’s family not to reach out to you. To you, and all who have asked for prayers – I prayed for each one of you as I read through your posts. So much suffering; and yet so much courage and faith shines through. Strong women who are determined not to let grief and pain cut them off from the Lord.
    May the Lord plant faith and love in your hearts, may He bring hope, encouragement and human friendship to you all. May He restore where a marriage deserves to be saved, or open new doors where it doesn’t, reconcile children and siblings. Dennis – don’t despair. There are many nice women out there. Participate in church functions, take up ballroom dancing, keep faith and hope alive.
    A blessed Christmas to all.

  23. Thank you Jennifer for sharing these words that resonate deeply within our hearts. I am lifting each of you up to Jesus today, asking for His abundant love to make itself known right now. I am so sorry for the pain, loss and grief you all are experiencing. I have heartache going on right now too. May we all lean in hard to our Comforter.

    Standing with you Sisters,


  24. Becky, I lift you up in prayer, as God heals the heartbreaking event you are experiencing. I also pray for everyone else, going through deep emotional valleys; for God to bring hope and happiness.
    My prayer request, God to bring more Christians into my friend network and a Christian man.
    I appreciate the opportunity to pray for others.
    May ALL of you have a Merry & Blessed Christmas!
    In Christ’s love.

  25. I was in an abusive, dysfunctional relationship and finally came forward about it for healing and repentance over my part in it. I may lose my job because I didn’t come forward sooner. It doesn’t feel fair and I love my job (in ministry). Please pray. It feels overwhelming to even consider the possibility.

  26. God always answers our prayers and it may not be in the timings we want but He comes through always. It has been a tough year for me and slowly I am learning to find joy again. I know this grief is a process and there is no set guidelines as to when it will lessen and how long it will take for me to feel sort of back to myself. Grief changes people and I have become a new me, not necessarily bad, just a different version of the person I once was. Prayers for those who are hurting this holiday season and may they be reminded of God’s love for them. Reminding everyone that there is joy in all we do, let us encourage one another.

    • Lord, please ease Maylee’s grief, and remind her that in You, death is not the end. Help her not to feel like she’s an anomaly, and please show her that You’ve got her, even when the waves feel so high they want to smother her. Thank You for teaching her all through this process. We love You, and thank You that You care about everything we struggle with. Amen. Maylee, know that you are loved and you are able.

      My dad has had a brain tumor for the last coming up on 13 years. It had shrunk almost to nothing, but then last year it grew again and he had to go back on chemo. The first two types didn’t work, and now he’s on an IV drip every three weeks. We’ll find out on the 31st if this chemo has worked. Please pray, and also thank God for how He’s strengthened us and taught us to submit to Him as the only One we can depend on.

      • Oh Emily I am sorry to hear that. It is so tough to see those whom we love going through such ordeals. Will continue to pray for healing for him and your family. My cousin who is also my best friend had a brain aneurysm this past January and two weeks after she was admitted to the hospital, she passed. She was only 46 years old and I cannot tell you how painful that is for all of us who loved her. We have known each other since probably birth and 40 years of having someone as your partner in crime, seeing you through all your phases of life transitions, it is so hard to bear. Sending you hugs to you and your dad during this time. You are right, we must lean on Him who will give us strength no matter what the outcome is and while we are in this struggle, let us encourage one another. Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it…

  27. My family is broken. For 5 yrs we have been struggling with a relative who constantly lies and schemes. Very secretive. Makes very bad choices for themselves and their child. Now we are at the beginning of a custody battle. We are so worried for this family member’s safety and soul. We are going to lose one to keep the other safe. I just want this family member to see her worth and change.

  28. Bless you darling Andrew. I shall pray for you. Please hang in there. I lost my hubby 4yrs ago and the holidays magnify. Big time. Be gentle with precious you. I cried a lot myself today. Sending hugs love Csrmel. From. IRELAND

  29. Prayer is…keeping God close.
    It’s the daily lifelong walk it’s the personal heart to heart relationship.
    And aren’t we blessed with it
    Thank you lord of all. Psalm 24:1