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Becky is happily outnumbered by her husband and three little boys and thanks Jesus for coffee daily. She’s a blogger, writer, certified life coach, and speaker with a Master’s Certificate in Discipleship. Becky loves encouraging God’s daughters to embrace their precious worth and live fully loved. Visit her at

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Becky,

    I’ve never been a mother. One thing I know is that we were created for community. God wants us to be with others & carry their burdens. We can’t do that if we don’t know about them. Emily P. Freeman said it best in her book “Grace for the Good Girl”: we need to take off our masks & be real. No more pretending to be perfect. We aren’t perfect by any means. Go ahead tell me about your pain. Allow me to be there for you, give you hugs & pray with & for you. It is my pleasure. You won’t get a platitude or quick answers here. Just a huge dose of God’s love. I have a friend who lost a baby. To this day it hurts. The whole family grieves some. Every time they see a butterfly they think of the little girl that wasn’t. They did have a son & he is the light of their lives. This doesn’t diminish their pain. I love on them & try to be a good Christian friend to them!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you Beth for your kind words and wisdom. I think we all need to show each other our pain… it’s a step towards healing and feeling God’s love.

      Blessings to you! 🙂

  2. When I read stories like yours, I wonder how many women my age are still remembering their own personal September 11th as their growing up kids leave home and they look at graduation and wedding pictures of the kids they got to raise and argue with and pack sandwiches for. Thank you for sharing your tender story–I think a lot of women carry this silently and need to know they are in company with many others who would understand their tears.

    • Michelle, I totally agree. So many women bury it deep inside, when Jesus wants us to bring it into the light so we can heal fully. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      Blessings, Sister!

  3. I am 62 and was never pregnant so I can’t really share the pain of what women who lost a child have been though. I know someone who had at least one miscarriage and a stillborn child before finally giving birth to her only child. I know of someone who adopted two Korean girls because she couldn’t have her own children. Another friend had difficulty becoming pregnant but did have one child. I was very surprised to hear that Michelle Obama didn’t realize how common miscarriage can be and so she felt probably even worse than she should have when it happened to her. All that said I do have a heart for children so I want to say that for any woman who has gone through a miscarriage or still birth that I hope God brings comfort to your hurting heart.

  4. Dear Becky, Thank you for bringing this into the Light. It’s important for us to share our stories, especially since there is no public ceremony in which to share our grief. The gut-wrenching pain and loss I felt with my miscarriage of our first baby has not, thankfully, been equaled in my life. We have an incredible daughter who loves the Lord fiercely, and she would not be here if I had carried our first baby to term. She is a palpable example of how God brings beauty from ashes. But I still love that first little one whom I knew for such a short time. The Lord gave me a vision at the time to help my healing, showing the spirit of my little one being carried by an angel to His arms as He sits upon the Throne. His Love through this loss has been a gift to carry me through other hard times, a gift that is given through an unwanted experience but made sweeter because of His compassion and grace because He restores, making us stronger in Him after the pain.

    • Oh Keri!
      *All the tears*. Thank you for this encouragement and for sharing your beautiful vision. He is so kind to give us glimpses of heaven when we are experiencing heartache. Praying for your heart as well, Sister.

      All of God’s best to you,

  5. My miscarriage happened 40 years ago, and yet every year on Mother’s Day… the day my unborn baby’s life came to an end… I still pause and grieve… it brings me comfort that this little one was given to me, even if only briefly by my heavenly Father, and by the knowledge that he lives already with Jesus… thank you for sharing your story…

    • Dear Leanne…
      I’m sorry for your tender loss. It really is a pain that never goes away. But you are completely right, knowing our babies are in the safest, most loving arms EVER gives us a sense of comfort and peace. Blessings and love to you, Sister!