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Chara Donahue is the founder of Anchored Voices and loves to engage God through writing. She seeks to be faithful to Jesus in all she does, cherishes time with her family and church, and is honored to spend her life ministering to women.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. That image of Jesus welcoming us to His table when we are too sad to spread out the feast ourselves is so dear. Whenever grief barges through the door during the Christmas season we don’t know what to do with it, forgetting that the incarnation is a story tinged with blood and marked by Simeon’s prophecy of a sword of grief through Mary’s heart.
    May God grant you amazing peace and joy during this last season of celebration in your family’s heart-home.

    • Thank you Michael for what you wrote it is so beautiful. So true. I am finding Christmas strange this year as first year without my Mum. We did shopping together every year. But you know what you wrote is so true and has made me smile. Thank you.

        • Michael we might not have our Mums on this earth. But we have good memories of all the nice things they did for us. It is so good to be saved. Have a Savior who is with us and never leaves us even when we are sad. We might not have or Mums on this earth again. But at least we have not lost them forever. When our time up on earth. No matter how much we miss them in person. If was just old age or sickness like sickness we see them in glory with bran new body’s. No more suffeing. When are time up on earth with Jesus. That also gives me something to smile about. Even though. I miss my Mum like you do on earth. Plus hearing her voice seeing her in person. I will pray for you. Thank you for what you wrote again it gave me a lovely big smile. I llive in Northern Ireland. Dawn God Bless xxx thank you for you lovely reply.

  2. This was just a beautiful piece and reminder. It is difficult each year yet there is also joy. The tears stream down our faces and although we mourn for those who have died, there is happiness and tears of joy.

  3. Thank you I needed this message. Jesus is with me helping me put on brave face make the best of Christmas. As that is what my Mum would have wanted. Jesus is the best present we can have or give anyone this Christmas. Especially all who have no one or lost someone close.

    • Dawn, I am praying for you this morning. That you would continue to be comforted and strengthened by our greatest gift. I too am so grateful for our wonderful Jesus.

  4. It will be tough first Christmas for me. Loss will always be painful no matter how fresh or how long ago it was. We must remember that one day, we will see each other again. I know it is easier said than done. I have my real good days where I am super thankful for all the memories given to me and then the next day, I am struggling to find joy, barely able to face the day. It is an endless process and still I have hope that in time, the pain will soften like a scar. It is still present but slowly healing and in its place, a new skin to cover, a new healing to the heart. I missed you and am thinking of you Zer Cha and knowing that you are with your momma and most of all, The Prince of Peace makes me smile… Thanks for sharing this Chara.

    • Maylee, I am praying for you this morning. That on your good and bad days your knowledge that God is with you would bring joy even in the sadness. Thank you for reading.

  5. I totally relate to this. Last year my mother sold and moved out of my childhood home, and I grieved for all the reasons you mentioned (happy memories, sad memories, milestones, etc). Christmas feels very different these days. Yet I know how blessed I am and that family isn’t just a building and it’s not just the family members who remain with us on this earth; it’s about the whole body of Christ which will be united one day.

    • Claire, it’s always nice to find someone who relates. 🙂 It does mean new memories and I am trusting God for what that looks like. What a great hope it is to look to the whole body united. Thanks for reading.

  6. Chara,

    This will be a super hard holiday for my elderly neighbor. Earlier this year she lost her last living son. Now both her sons, hubby, & most of family are gone. She is left with just her grand daughter & grand son-in-law. Sad as she is getting dementia & has diabetic neuropathy. I feel sorry for her. This could well be the last Christmas for my in-laws. FIL 90 has stage III bladder & prostate cancer. MIL 84 is doing fair. Both my parents are gone. Mom died 9 years ago & dad March 2017. For me it is “weird” in a way. I don’t have to go & see anyone. No more hospitals or assisted livings for now. I was ok for years, but this year is different. I guess I feel a little sad. Missing what was. I realize they are better off in Heaven. Praying for you & your family Chara as you grieve the loss of the family home. Have a blessed Christmas with all the loved ones you have left.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for reading, Beth. I am saying a prayer this morning for your neighbor, your in-laws, and you. Praying for God to meet all the unseen needs and speak comforting whispers to all of your hearts. Thank you for reading.

  7. You’ve expressed so beautifully how God’s love sustains me. Loss occurs in different forms. I am mourning the absence of my daughter this Christmas, praying for her healing and that her heart will be open to His love.

  8. Thanks for making me feel validated about mourning the loss of a house even when there’s so much worse that could happen. <3