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Denise is a lover of words and the Word. She's the author of #DeeperWaters and the Bible study series #WordWriters.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I want to let you know that every time I try to access Denise’s site on the link you provide, I get a warning from McAfee saying the site is not safe. Everyday I read the devotions and then visit the author’s page. Others may be getting this as well.

  2. In our home, we’ve made a game of the wise men’s journey. When my sons were small, every day my husband would hide them, and it would be the day’s task to locate them. Finally on January 6, they arrived on the shelf with the rest of the manger scene. I love that tradition, and Denise! You have given this great application, tying their journey into the unknown with our need to sit in the chair of unknowing as we approach Scripture and patiently seek the Truth that God promises we will find there.

    Thank you for this great insight! I’m coming back from a very restful blogging break, and this is one of the first posts before my eyes, and it’s appropriate as we all begin a new year of pursuing truth together and individually.
    I so appreciate your love for the Word of God.

  3. Denise, thank you for this devotional! I am so excited to dive into God’s Precious Word today and everyday. We can meet Jesus on every page – what Great News!

    Happy New Year! Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow! <

    Joy in Jesus,

  4. Thank you for this list! It will certianly help me as I struggle with really studying the Bible.

    I’m not disagreeing, just wondering. Could you share how/where you learned that the wise men came two years later? It seems to be something I heard before but don’t know much about. Was it learned through historical context, leaders at the time, etc more than actually stated in the Bible?

    • I’m not the author of this, and I could definitely be wrong, but I think the two-years ballpark is usually based on Herod ordering all 2-years-old-and-younger children in and around Bethlehem to be killed (Matthew 2:16) – he would have gone for a larger margin if the wise men had seen the star earlier than two years previous, and presumably less if the wise men had only seen the star a month ago. I don’t think we know whether the star appeared to the wise men while they were still at home well before Jesus was born or right when Jesus was born, but I’m nowhere near an expert on this.

      From the beginning of Matthew 2, we know that the wise men definitely arrived after Jesus was born, though, because they’re asking directions *after* Jesus was born (Matthew 2:1), have to wait for the directions, and then would need to travel to Bethlehem. (so, no wise men + shepherds at the same time unless the shepherds came back to visit)

      At any rate, getting from Point A to Point B back then took… a while, anyway… especially if they were not traveling along trade routes (see: following a star). Even if they were traveling along regular trade routes, there wasn’t a road exactly (mountains! deserts! rivers!), and there weren’t regularly-spaced Motel 6s along those paths, so they’d still need to set up camp and pack up most days – and they’d likely have a whole caravan along for protection from bandits (see: strangers bearing expensive gifts) – and you can’t travel much faster than the slowest thing you have along, nor can you keep everyone at the fastest pace possible for much time at all. That said, probably not two full years? But a while, anyway.

  5. Denise,

    I have read through the Bible several times. Each time something new sticks out. I have also found that doing Bible studies & hearing several preachers can help glean more information. For instance this year I ascertained that God made the Sabbath for us. He freed us from the slavery of sin so now we need to Rest on a Sabbath. I, like most, have thought that there were just 3 wise men. Wrong. There were many & it took years to make the trek to Bethlehem. Each Bible study teaches me something new I hadn’t thought about. This was my first time seeing a live nativity-our church did one. It was awe inspiring & made it come to life. Reality set in on just what happened & the weather conditions. It is important before reading a book in Bible to know who wrote it & who was the intended audience, what it’s about, why was it written, where did the events happen, & when was it written. Keep the book in context. This year it will be fun to glean new Bible information with my hubby.

    Have a blessed & great New Year!! 🙂

  6. Denise,
    This was really helpful, thank-you for sharing your post, and for,
    Psalm 119:18- “Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wondrous things from your instruction”.
    I hope that you all have a blessed & Happy New Year