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Christina is a writer, teacher, and creator of professional development content for educators. Her most treasured moments at home and abroad involve a table full of friends, family, and food. She lives with her husband and three children in San Diego, CA, where she never takes a sunset for granted.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. OH, “this apprenticeship of mothering”–what a glorious way of describing the process that seems to take a lifetime, changing us to the bone. And we also sang Numbers 6 to our kids every night at bedtime. We called it our blessing song, and now, every once in a while, I get to put a grandchild to sleep to its tune.

  2. My kids are 17 and 21. It’s been a while since tucking and nightly prayers were said together. But this brought to mind our littles prayer. First read in Guideposts. “Angels fly around my head. Angels tuck me in to bed. Angels come kiss me goodnight and stay until the dawning light. Amen.”

  3. Dear Christina, Your beautifully crafted words speak directly to my mother-heart. I have these same struggles even now with my fourteen-year-old. I tuck her in when the demands of the day have finally ended for both of us, much to late for my liking and our levels of fatigue, and face these same questions in the dark. “How do I serve the Lord well? Have I done enough? How do I respond to so much pain in the world?” There are no easy answers, and I must allow her to wrestle with the world in which we live. But how thankful I am that we are not alone and not in charge, that our Savior and Lover of our Souls carries us all.

  4. Christina,

    Children today grow up in a much more “harsh” world than when I grew up. TV & the internet are partly to blame. All the violence & “garbage” seen on these devices goes into their psyches. It’s hard to remain innocent. I would find it hard to raise good Christian children in this day & age. I applaud all the parents out there doing their best to raise Godly young people. It ‘s not easy in this time when we can’t say AMEN or take Bibles to school. Heaven forbid we say Merry Christmas. All that offends others. May God help you all to do your best. I love the idea of singing Numbers 6 to your children before bedtime. Anything to get the word stuck in their heads.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Yes, I pray the same Scripture over my boys at bedtime!

    Such beautiful words here, Christina. Thank you for inviting us into such a tender moment. It’s a joy to have your voice at the (in)courage table. xx

  6. I chose not to have children many years before I found out I couldn’t have them so I want to share a nightly ritual with my dad that created cherished memories. My dad was in the military for the first four years of my life. When he was home he came in and tucked us in and made sure we were safe for the night. After he retired from the military, he met Jesus and became a pastor and school teacher. From that point on, the nightly ritual continued until we left home. How safe, secure and loved we felt.
    God bless all of you for giving your children memories that will stay with them always.

  7. Yep, your daughter sounds like me. I too have always been an old soul, and somehow bedtime is the perfect time and the worst possible moment to go to war with Satan and wrestle with the questions of life. Thank you for showing me I’m not alone and that other people have bedtime, too.

  8. Thank you for your beautiful words of motherhood. Can this description apply to step-mama-hood? In the past 6 months I married the most amazing man and inherited two wonderful step kiddos. Step mama hood is a messy yet beautiful dance. I am trying to find my footing with these two added blessings. Most of the time I feel like I fall short with them. I place such high expectations on myself. My hubby and the kid’s mother tell me I am doing a good job. I ultimately rely on the power on the holy spirit to lead and guide me in this adventure. Oh, I prefer to use the word “bonus” instead of “step”. I am a bonus mama with bonus children. Thank you and many blessings.