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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. You spoke straight to my heart. I am about to leave my husband and three children to venture to Cambodia for 5.5 weeks for my Masters placement. I don’t know what is ahead but I believe it’s Gods plan as he provided the way and some finances. It is less than six days till I get on the plane and I still have a financial deficit in my budget for accomodation due to a quote I was given was based on low season prices and I’m heading into high season prices. I am completely stepping out in faith and not just trusting God will take care of the deficit but that He will take care of me as I deal with separation anxiety from my children. I trust he will provide and look after my children’s hearts especially my younger two daughters. I’m trusting him with everything. I don’t think I’ve taken a bigger leap and stepped out like I’m about to do. BUT God is good and I know he loves me and he is mighty in power, I hope I can please Him in my imperfect capabilities and step out of the boat to join Him in his miracles.

    • Jas… you’re the best one for that mission! I know God has you covered and your children and your selfless husband! Wish I lived closer and would bring them meals and love.. I’m guessing you’re amazing church families will be there more than you can imagine! Trust Him as you’ve been all along and we will break the backs of words with our prayers for y’all !! Answering God’s call will always be rewarded! Just yesterday at lunch with my son & daughter-in-law.. a server recognized my son saying you took me to dinner off the city’s street ( He was homeless due to employment) while evangelizing one Friday night 2 years ago and this man thanked him for saving his life! Sometimes you see your reward this side of heaven but you will see it again before Jesus! He didn’t get His reward until He got yours (& my) heart! Blessings , you go girl!!

      • I just loved & was inspired by your comment — your gentle & giving spirit really shone thru – i love that we have sisters and brothers we will probably never meet on this side, but what a glorious life we have waiting for us!

        • Yes Linnie we are so lucky to have outlet Fatger who is with us here and waiting for us when we can meet face to face!!

      • What a wonderful son you have…you raised him right! Thank you for your prayers they are much appreciated Xx

    • Jas,

      Been praying for you as you step out in faith. May God supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Glory! I pray the pain is gone. You will have a great story to tell your girls. One of God’s faithfulness & of Cambodia & the poor conditions they live in. Perhaps you can Skype your family. I know it’s not the same as being there, but you will see them & they you. This is an exciting adventure that you have been working towards. May God bless all your efforts.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Do you have connections in Cambodia? My kids are missionaries in Phnom Penh! Praying for you right now, for all that God is going to do!

    • Praying for you and your family! I’m excited for you and what God has ahead for you and your family! Growing times for all of you. On a side note, wish I could jump in your suitcase. My kids are missionaries in Phnom Penh with AIM! Wish I could connect you with them. I will certainly add you to my prayer list and commit to praying daily.

      • Debbie I will be in Siem reap but would be happy to get in contact with your kids if I end up heading to Phnom Penh one weekend?

    • Jas, oh my goodness… this is so exciting! What a wonderful example of really trusting His plan and stepping out in faith. You are right, He is good and He will see you and your family through this amazing journey. I will be praying for you as you become His hands and feet in Cambodia!

      • Thank you Jennifer your prayers and everyone’s makes me feel more comfortable as I step out on this adventure!

  2. In these middle years, my decision-making process is being formed around this same hopefulness.
    Start where I am.
    Use what I have.
    It’s all God’s, and the opportunities He is providing are like little nudges, reassuring me that He has plans that I don’t fully see.
    My gardener’s heart so appreciates your seed-planting, crop-harvesting metaphors!

  3. This article is timely for me too. I have decided to go full in following God and stop holding back on the Holy Spirit most of the time although there is no exact big change on my horizon, as of yet it is still uncharted ground that I am learning to navigate and hear or understand his leading, so thank you for the gentle nudge to be ok with letting go of waiting for perfection:)

    • I am so happy you have been encouraged, Krista. It sounds like your heart is in a beautiful place to see what kind of amazing and wonderful things He has planned for you! I am so excited for you in your journey ahead!

  4. Jennifer,
    Having been through a rough several years with surgeries, injuries, illness, etc., I admit that I keep waiting for the reprieve. I want this stretch of calm and uneventfulness. The truth is, that may not happen. Trials will still come, but tucked in among the trials are God’s jewels of joy: sitting and petting my dog who loves unconditionally, relaxing on my patio and taking ten minutes to just gaze at all the tree tops in the sunshine against the Carolina blue sky, tasting a delicious meal at a restaurant with friends (even if I’m wearing lidocaine patches and biofreeze is my perfume). When times get tough, I tend to pull away from everything and everyone including God. This is the time I need to draw near and keep taking steps, albeit baby steps, forward in faith. Needed this Jennifer…bless you!
    Bev xx

    • Oh I hear you, Bev, I sure hear you. Right there with you, sister! And I thank you for reminding me to really appreciate those jewels of joy from Him. Praying for you… for some calm.

    • Bev, continually praying for you and your recovery. Don’t pull away from God you are his most precious daughter and He will work out all that happens in your life for your good. Life is not easy and it’s sometimes hard to understand why certain afflictions or experiences happen but God promises He would be there with you through it all and that He would not give us more than we can handle. I am no expert and my faith is not perfect but God has never left my side and I know he will never leave yours either Xxx

      • Jas,
        You are so sweet…don’t worry, I never pull back for long. Some days I just retreat from it all, but God has been SO faithful through it all!! I have built many Ebenezers to His faithfulness and His faithfulness gives me the courage and perseverance to keep going. He has never left nor forsaken me so I will not give up the fight….just sometimes I need to sit on the bench for awhile and I think God gets that. Sometimes we just need to be still and let Him fight the battle so that we can rest and refuel. So thankful His mercies are new every morning!! You leave very soon….praying for YOU sweet friend!! God will be right there faithful, as ever, on YOUR adventure!!
        Love and Hugs.
        Bev xo

  5. Jennifer.

    Life down here under sin will never ever be perfect. Only when we reach Heaven will we see perfection. If the Holy Spirit is nudging us then we should go. I have had small nudgings like text or call these people. When I get them I usually do them right away. You’d be surprised at the results. Most of us don’t want to leave our comfort zone & step out in faith. The Israelites stepped out in faith when they left Egypt & walked into the Red Sea. Joshua & Caleb stepped out in faith going against the crowd saying we can conquer the land. David stepped out in faith by taking on Goliath. They knew that with God ALL things are possible. We only need faith as small as a mustard seed. He wants us to trust Him with everything.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I just love all those examples, Beth. Isn’t it just amazing to see what one can do with God on their side?! So exciting and encouraging. Thank you for your words today!

  6. Thank you for this messsge. It encouraged me so much – and I so love the verses shared too. Those hit me this morning and reminded me of how amazing God’s word is. Thank you again!

  7. I feel this nudge, this pull, the poking, I meditate and pray. I actually see exactly what I think God wants. I have the vision. But I just don’t know how to start it. I don’t know what to do to start it. My life is in a big upheaval and it has been for the last couple years and I want what I see in my mind and heart. But I fear. I fear that I won’t be able to sustain it. I fear that it is my vision and not Gods. I have felt this bubbling for the last several years. And as the events in my life have emerged and evolved, so has my path. I just wish I knew how to jump start it. I am ready, if I just knew how. So I continue to pray about it.

    • I think that is the great big question, Andrea… how? I also think that is where we just have to step out in some small way to start and let Him guide us from there. Maybe He will put someone in your life that can help you? I pray it unfolds before you as you step out in faith! How exciting, Andrea!

    • Pray and ask him if this idea is yours or His? Continually until you know. Make small steps towards it, one day at a time and see what happens. Continually talk about it to God and wait, at some point you will know. Ask God to make your path, his path for you irrevocably clear and go for it whatever it may be!

  8. For all the times I have prayerfully waited on God to answer a prayer, bring something to pass, open a door, the truth is – I know there are also many times He is waiting on me, to take that step of faith!

    What great words of encouragement Jennifer, thank you!

  9. You spoke straight to the heart of this farm girl, my dear Jennifer! My farming and reaching community is the most faith-filled group I know, doing the work they can in the right season and trusting God with everything else. When the years are hard, the cash flow is negative, the weather is rough and the outlook bleak, still they will be out there the next year, doing the work they can and trusting God with the rest.

    Our good, good Father has such abundant blessing laid away for us if we just trust Him and step out in faith. He knows the rest of the story ~ all of it ~ and will work everything for good in His own timing. He will indeed meet us where we are and equip us to do what He calls us to. I am weak, but He is strong!

    Thank you for sharing your heart, sweet girl, and to God be the glory in every harvest! <3

    • Oh I love your heart, Jo… so much! What a powerful thought to know He has such abundant blessings laid away for us if we only trust. Yes and amen to that, friend! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us here!

  10. Good morning,
    Four years ago, I stepped out in faith to begin graduate school. I have opposition from a close family member which was heartbreaking but I still travel 4 hours a night , 2 times a week. I trust God with my studies, never to give up! God willing, I’ll be graduating December 2019. I get tired of traveling in the dark and sometimes rain , I trust God to keep me safe and He has! My goal is to have a job right after graduation to make a positive impact on others. To God be the Glory, Amen !

    • I am here cheering you on, Kamilah! Good for you! What a beautiful thing for you to trust Him and follow Him on this path for you. I can imagine the long hours, travel and opposition can take a toll. But I can hear in your words that you know His strength is enough to overcome it all! Praying for you in this wonderful and exciting journey!

  11. Jennifer,
    Thank-you not only for sharing your post but for what you do. Thank-you to the farmers for growing our food, the trucker drivers who deliver it, the road crews that build and maintain our roads, and on and on. At times we might think we are doing something insignificant, but we are all needed to do what God calls us to do, and that is anything but.
    Apostle Paul,
    “We are asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will, all wisdom and spiritual understanding.”
    Have a blessed day all,

    • I join you in thanking all those hard workers doing what God has called them to do, even though it can be draining and difficult and often thankless. It all matters so much! While I do have family, friends and neighbors farming, I do not farm. 🙂 Just wanted to clarify, Penny. But thank you for your kind words!

  12. Thank you for the lovely farming imagery. Yes! If I’d waited for perfect circumstances, I wouldn’t have my three amazing kids. But I remember how, back in the full-time mothering years, I felt other callings stirring and assumed by necessity they had to be deferred. I now encourage busy moms to at least feed their dreams, keep them alive, take steps toward them. Also, as God calls us to what’s “inconvenient,” he somehow works things out. Half the fun is watching him do the seemingly impossible.

    • Oh I agree, Kit! I love hearing stories and seeing how He does the seemingly impossible! Bless you for the encouragement you give busy moms to hold on to their dreams! That is beautiful work!

  13. Thank you, Jennifer. I know God is asking me to step out in obedience to Him into a challenging situation. I will obey Him and whatever happens is in His hands. Thank you for the encouragement!