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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. As first responders and NYC citizens continue to suffer from illnesses brought on by exposure to 9/11 debris, my heart is reminded that trauma does not have an expiration date. Whatever scars our hearts–and our bodies–collect throughout life may still require healing long after everyone has else moved on.
    With that in mind, thank you for this prayer reminding us to pause, remember, and take strength from God.

  2. Beautiful prayer Holley,
    I know I remember exactly where I was when I heard and the disbelief I felt. My immediate thought was I wanted all my chicks at home where they were accounted for and I felt drawn to God as my safe place and refuge. It reminds me that He is always our safe place and refuge, even when we are not being terrified by such a disaster. He is a good, good Father. 9/11 did not catch God by surprise and He has been faithful to bring beauty from the ashes. My prayers go out to all the victims (including all first responders) families and to those who survived and wrestle with memories. Also prayers for those still fighting the war on terror and may God right the injustice. May God be their/our refuge. May we never forget…..
    Bev xx

  3. I remember I was in London home sick from work and one of my flat mates and I watched in disbelief at what unfolded on the television screen. London went into lockdown mode and many calls were made to our loved ones back home in Australia to let them know we were ok. It is a day we will never forget and I pray for all the first responders, victims and their families for peace in their hearts as they remember today. May God comfort and bless anyone who was touched by those disastrous events 17 years ago, IJN I ask these things, Amen.

  4. Beautiful, Holley. True. Good. Powerful reminder of God’s goodness and Romans 8:28 through and through. September 11, 2001 was much like today here in Saint Louis. Autumns chill nipped the air. A true-blue canopy draped overhead. I poured a cup of piping hot tea, put on Bach, and opened God’s Word to meet my Maker. I anticipated the lovely launch to the women’s ministry at our church. It was home-meeting day, and the husband of one of our women–the husband we in the Abigail Circle call our “personal chef” was preparing a beautiful brunch for us. I was anticipating a wonderful morning. I never have the television on in the morning, but for some reason I did–muted. After I finished reading and praying, and clearing my teacup from the table, I happened to look up to see alternating shots on the screen between Katie Couric on NBC and roiling smoke pouring from those once-familiar “Twin Towers” of New York City. I turned up the sound to screams, chaos, confusion, and commentary. Like every American, I was riveted to the horror in fear and disbelief. I considered not attending the home meeting of my church circle. In the end, each of us “Abigails” did attend, and we held each other close and prayed. I was to learn later that two of my cousins, one a fire chief in a precinct of NYC and the other, a volunteer, where there in the line of duty rescuing and helping. One later was to serve in the massive clean-up, and died young (in part due to lung complications). I remember masses of people pouring into churches, the moving service at the National Cathedral, people crying out to God. I remember the common fear, angst, and hope that united Americans. I remember the crying out to God. This dependent attitude on the Lord God, this common bond of love between our people exists, but it seems harder to discern. Oh dear God, may we never forget. May we always cry out to you in our pain and need. And, as Holley said, may we continue to see your beauty, goodness, and hope. There is only hope with you and our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of you may recall, as all the smoke dissipated, a building whose skeletal beams forms a makeshift steel cross. To me, it represented Christ’s Cross and hope midst destruction and despair. Each year I have published my poem, “O Say Can You See America” (describing that and 911) on my FB page. I’d love to put it here as a memorium, but it’s too long. I don’t know if you can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/lynn.morrissey.14
    May God continue to help us, and may God bless America!
    Remembering and praying with you,

  5. My husband is an airline employee and I was a travel agent on 9/11/01. He called me when the first tower was hit and we couldn’t believe how it could have happened. The second tower was hit while we were still on the telephone and then, of course, we knew. We both spent the rest of the day helping travelers whose trips would no longer happen as planned, all the while trying to wrap our own brains around the tragedy unfolding in our country. One of the most chilling moments for my husband was actually the next morning. He was at the airport, as usual, but nothing was usual. He walked outside onto the “ramp” (where the runways and taxiways are and where ear protection is always recommended)…and he heard birds chirping.

  6. Such a painful day! Isaiah 9:11 pronounces judgement on the nation for defy God for previous judgement., saying the bricks have fallen but we will rebuild with hewn stones, the sycamores have fallen but we will replant them with cedars. I asked the Lord why all these people who were basically good people like all my neighbors suffered this. I opened the Bible arbitrarily to read in Luke 13 where Jesus spoke about a tower that fell killing people that were basically good but he warned that such will happen to you also if you do not turn from sin and repent. After reading that I felt this day was a call to repent. It starts with His own people. We ignore the fact that 900 babies are slaughtered silently each day and that immorality parades in front of our own eyes even in the movies we chose to watch. We live for ourselves, selfishly putting ourselves first even among those we love. We complain at any discomforts or slights instead of reaching out to close the gaps between us. This is what I think of along with remembering all the suffering of lives lost too. He did a lot of miracles that day as well. It’s a day to remember for so many reasons but mostly as a call to follow Jesus and remember our Father everyday in loving those around us and serving them, as well as standing for those that have no voice and for living moral lives before our great and wonderful Creator. I don’t mean to say any of this in judgement towards anyone but this is what I think of that awful day that changed so much and how it is still so relevant today and though i hesitated to write what may be misunderstood, I felt a push to do so! I feel it starts with me. My prayers are with those that lost loved ones and especially can never forget. Some of whom I know. And there’s joy too for some I also know personally that were miraculously saved! The Lord is always good and He always intends good. I try to remember this in this very sad day. And I Pray for many to turn to Him and follow. Thank you for this wonderful prayer!

  7. Holly the prayer is beautiful. That 9-11 was my 50th birthday! I was babysitting and the baby went in for a nap as I had my second cup of coffee and sat down to catch up on news. . then it happened! I had the same feelings as Bev. . get my chicks under my roof for safety! (And half my chicks were away at college – I still got them home!) God is definitely good! And has been there beside me too many times to count. I remember wishing for a distraction (I wasn’t happy about turning 50) but that certainly wasn’t what I had in mind – but it did get my attention – to hug a little tighter, love a little more and thank God always and All Ways! Thank you Holly for what you do for so many of us!

  8. Holley,

    I, too, remember that day. I was working at university. Someone said something & everyone ran to find a TV. When we heard about the second tower they sent us home. I watched a little of it on TV in disbelief. For a short time that brought about a revival in this country. We all seemed to be in prayer for NYC, the workers, Responders & all families. Fast forward 17 years & this country has lost that revival feeling. There is so much animosity & divisiveness. We need to remember & never ever forget that God is our & strength. A very present help in trouble. The battle belongs to Him & Him alone. We need to pray hard today for all involved & their families. Life for many went on. A lot of people still live with the agony of that day. Like you said Holley God is in control. Evil never wins in the end. From what looks like utter destruction, hope can rise again. We desperately need that hope once again!

    Blessings 🙂

  9. Holley,
    This was a very touching tribute…..I remember the horror of that day, and what followed, watching from my home in Canada. The senselessness of all of the lives lost, and destruction was devastating. But yet when an image of a yellow service lab who led his master safely down the flights of stairs emerged, to me signified light. To all those of you who so bravely responded and for those of you who have suffered please know that through the darkness there is light…. I pray with my heart that one shines brightly upon you.
    Have a blessed day all,

  10. My memories of that day are tied up with losing my first husband in an accident exactly 2 weeks later. It was hard for me to concentrate on the nation’s grief when I was caught up in my own pain. But through it all God was, has been and will continue to be my faithful rock. I thank God that I’ve been able to move forward and separate these two events in my mind. Thank you for a beautiful prayer and for reminding us that He is in control and He is faithful.

  11. Our Boys were 4 and 2 years old 17 years ago. Though they did not see the TV nor know the details at that time, they did know about the tragedy, and we prayed together for those involved and affected. September the 14th was declared the National Day of Prayer. I had the day off of work, so Josh and Joel and I made cookies and took them to our local Fire Department, then went to our church to pray. It was then that Josh asked Jesus into his heart! Josh is now 21 and is a Firefighter. Joel is 19 and is studying History and education. All of our lives have been touched by 9/11. God’s Love and Grace is Amazing, just as you have shared, Holley. Thank You for encouraging our hearts and our Faith so deeply!!