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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. Kristen,
    I believe our most sincere prayers are those when we can only utter from the depth of our despair, “Help” or “Jesus, help,” I have been there, too, on many occasions. I recently had an injury to my back and have been laid up with terrible back pain. Alone, it would be cumbersome, but on the tail of 5 surgeries for other parts that don’t work right or have been injured and long recoveries, I beg the question, “How long, O Lord?” I could use prayers for relief of pain and for patience and trust to know that God is at work doing something miraculous even though I don’t understand His ways. Absolutely beautiful post and much needed reminders this am.
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xo

    • Father, please wrap your arms lovingly around Bev. Help her to feel relief from pain. Help her feel your presence so that the uncertainty of relief is shadowed by your presence of love and healing. I just know that you are working in all the right ways for Bev’s recovery, even though the understanding of your path for her may be unsure. Please help Bev remain sure that you are there working on the best and weakest parts of her. In your name Lord I pray, Amen

    • God is with you Bev, stay strong. I know it is hard but He our most wonderful saviour is working behind the scenes, he hears your cry, he knows your pain. Keep leaning in to him, it will be ok. I prayed for you but further down the page Xxx Will keep you in my prayers Bev! You can do this!!! Xx

      • Bev, I will pray for you. My situation is very similar. I have severe chronic back and hip pain that is effecting my quality of life. I continue to pray for guidance and answers. I know God has a plan for me, as He has a plan for you. Lord, we pray for pain relief and answers.

  2. Good Morning Beautiful Sisters!

    I definitely needed to hear this post this morning, as it has been a rough couple days for me and my family. Back in January, my fiancé received a kidney transplant. It was truly God’s wonderful work because the circumstances and timing of it all was absolutely perfect in the medical sense when it came to his care. Since then I have watched life be restored to my fiancé and us being able to look forward to the future. Unfortunately though, we received disheartening news last week after a routine biopsy and some bloodwork that his body has now begun to reject his kidney. He is undergoing treatments but they are not foolproof, and there will be changes to his medications, but again, these are no guarantees.

    We have so much ahead of us, and although I try to remind myself that this is just an obstacle in our journey, and that we are in the Lord’s care, I cannot help but still be scared. Scared for my fiancé and scared for our future. We do not have the luxury of time.. I mean who really does, but for us it’s a bit more obvious.
    With that said, (and thank you for listening to all of that) I humbly ask that you pray for his health.. that the medical staff care for him in all the best ways they can.. for his spirit to keep fighting.. and for me to continue to have the strength to endure and be the woman and fiancé that he needs me to be. From my heart, I thank you.

    Blessings to you all,

    • My Lord, please I lift up Lucia and her fiancé to you in this urgent time of need. Please Lord bless them, heal her fiancé that the kidney transplant should work, you are our creator Lord and nothing is too much for you, please have Mercy in this situation and may the transplant work and her fiancé return to good health. IJN, Amen

    • Lacia,
      Keep on praying and asking for prayer because God listens and gives us the desires of our hearts.
      My son in love had a grapefruit size tumor on his left kidney and was removed, this came as a shock because he showed no symptoms and from one visit to the doctor, my daughter and son in love’s life was turned upside down. He is 39 and she is 36 with two beautiful girls ages 4 and 2.
      This became a faith opportunity to TRUST God and LET GO! After the surgery there was a post op complication; leakage from a lymph node and again we were on our knees and counting on others to pray as we took this journey with news being grim because he might have to be on TPN for the rest of his life.
      God hears our cries and does not leave nor forsake us. He persevered and was proactive until he found a doctor in Philly who dealt with lymph nodes leakage and PRAISE GOD things started to be going in the right direction. He was in Philly for the procedure and is now back home with my daughter and their two precious daughters, and God Willing going back to work.
      I wondered why this happened to a healthy 38 year old at the time when they as a family had everything going for them; but I Praise God because I now know why to Give God the Glory, and be able to share his testimony with you. God is FAITHFUL and you and your fiance will be a testimony to God’s Miracle Working Power! God BLESS you both…..much love and blessings, Diana

    • Lord, I lift Lucia and her fiancé up to you!!! May you hold them both in your sovereign hands. Please bring healing to her fiancé ‘s body and give them both peace during this difficult time! Let them feel your presence!! Amen

    • Lacia,

      Sweet sister praying for you & your fiance. May God bring healing & restoration to his body.
      Father God,

      Please help Lucia & her fiance. They are scared, but trusting in your healing care. Guide the doctors & medical team to make right decisions. Send them a . balm to make the transplant work. Allow them to see a miracle & thus increase their faith. Send your peace & comfort to them in this journey. Your great & perfect will be done. AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Oh dear one, beloved daughter of the Almighty God. My heart aches for you. I place you and your love in the hands of our Father. He will carry you through. He never fails, just sometimes not our will nut His will and ways. I pray for healing and peace.

    • Lacia, I’m so sorry for this turn, doubly difficult after such favorable circumstances surrounding his transplant. I pray for you and your fiancé, that you sense God’s real presence with you as you continue to walk down this road. Praying Phil. 4:19 for you right now, “My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Sending so much love, Lacia.

  3. Good morning,
    I am torn because I am contemplating retirement after completing 41 years as an educator. I feel my position as an English Language Arts Specialist working with Middle School Teachers, Administration, and students is my mission field. I am 64 years old and everyone around me keeps asking, “When are you retiring?” I want God’s Will for my life, how do I know when it’s time to give up something I enjoy and feel I have a purpose doing it. My health has suffered with the stress of the job but this is all I’ve known for 41 years. I have a husband who is also an educator and has not retired. And only child with two grand daughters who live 6 hours away and my son in love who recently had a health scare but is doing well. Am I being selfish for not wanting to retire because of fear or not knowing what my purpose will be when I retire. Please pray for clarity, wisdom, and God’s will for my situation. Thank you!

    • Lord please reveal your plan for Diana in a clear concise way on what she should do what you want her to do. Bless, protect and comfort her as you guide her in the next stages. I ask these things in Jesus name Amen

    • Jesus, please give Diana a sense of direction in her life. You are a God who brings clarity and light to our paths. If you want Diana to retire, give her the courage and faith to step out into the unknown and often very scary place of trusting fully in you for her complete fulfillment and direction in her life. If, however, your will is for her to stay teaching, please give her a sense of peace with remaining in her career. Heighten her awareness of your presence and guiding hand in her life.
      Thank you for being the God who provides, the God who directs our steps. Show Diana the way she should go and give her the courage and confidence to walk in your path for her. Thank you and Amen.

      P.s. Psalm 143:8 is a prayer I’ve often used when faced with a tough decision.

      • Thank you, Sarah, my beautiful sister in Christ……Psalm 143:8 will be my prayer and I will keep you posted. My daughter’s name is Sarah; so when you responded it was God’s confirmation of speaking to me, thank you for taking the time to listen to the Holy Spirit and responding to my plea. Much love and blessings, Diana

    • Diane,

      You are not being selfish. God knows your heart & He will give you a sense as to when you need to retire.

      Father God,

      Guide Diane in the path you would have her travel. Give her a discerning heart to know your great & perfect will for her life. Bring clarity to her mind. Illuminate the path you would have her travel. Ease any uneasiness she has about retirement. Give her the courage & strength to trust you with her future. Ease her mind & make it clear the path you want her to trod.


      Blessings 🙂

    • Diana, I can hear just how conflicted you are with this decision. Praying now for God to make it abundantly clear to you what his will is for you, and that you courageously walk forward in that will. When the time comes for you to retire, whether that’s this year or ten years from now, may the Lord give you peace about that decision. Sending love!

      • Thank you, Kristen, it was your words that prompted me to put into writing how I was feeling. Thank you for your inspirational message, May God continually Bless You as you continue to Bless others through your message! Much Love, Diana

  4. Bev praying God will continue to be with you, comfort you and ease your pain. Lord please heal Bev, never leave her side. IJN Amen

    Can I please ask for the Lord to provide me with the practicum in Melbourne and if not then to show me where he wants me to go. Can I ask for pain relief and healing in my shoulders, back and left hip. And lastly that God will continue to be close with me, teaching me to be patient in my faith and that my relationship with God and Jesus will just keep on growing! Long list I know! Thanks so much.

    • Lord, you know the next step for Jaz, and I pray that you would reveal that to her and give her peace as she waits. Please grant relief from pain and thank you that you are using these circumstances in her life (which seem like an endurance contest) to teach patience and to deepen her relationship with you.

    • Jas,

      Sweet one-praying for you now. Abba Father, Guide Jas in the next steps of her journey. Show her where the practicum will be. Give her strength to endure the waiting. Waiting is never easy. Shower her with a balm of healing from her pain. Help her to feel you close to you & hear your sweet Whispers of Rest.


      Blessings 🙂

    • Jas,
      Praying for God’s wisdom and direction as to where you need to be. He will make a way and will be go before you and prepare a place for you. I know pain so I pray for the pain you are experiencing. Praying for relief from the ultimate Healer. Our God is able….let us both claim His healing presence. As you walk through all these decisions and trials, God will continue to grow your faith. Lean into Him and utterly depend and rely upon Him. I have found that my faith has grown the most as I had to walk through not knowing and trials just holding onto His righteous right hand. As He has brought me through each season and experience my faith and relationship has grown and yours will too.
      Love to you sweet sister,
      Bev xoxo

  5. I want to thank God for the many blessings I have including this email every Sunday morning that gives me comfort! My prayers will be for the continuation of this ministry.

    Please pray for the upcoming visit of my son and his family that all goes well. For all my family travelling to be safe and their time restful. Please pray for my son, Taylor that the project he is working on for his best friend goes well. For my other son Patrick to stay healthy living in NY. For my husband to find happiness in his current job situation and although not perfect the living situation we are in.

    Also the health of my parents and the loving care of my sibs that live nearby. I pray in thanksgiving for them.

    • Lord please look over Lynette and her family. Lord I ask my prayer covers her whole family that you will keep and comfort them providing for their individual needs. In Jesus Name, Amen

    • Lynette – praying for you and your family’s needs. Also praying that the Lord will bless you and you love and serve them!

  6. Bev-
    I pray that this extended journey of physical dysfunction and pain come to an end for you. God please bring wise practitioners into Bev’s life to treat her whole body system and move her to restored health and physical functioning, free from pain and struggle. Let her feel your presence and visualize the physical and emotional prop you provide through recovery. Lord, Bev’s pain is great and the journey exhausting. Please show her a sign of hope today. A little message that you are going working on her behalf behind the scenes and she can rest in your grace.

  7. This is perfect for me. I knew he would remind me and he has. My favorite spot if definitely my couch with my coffee, looking out the window to my back yard and even though the couch has changed from time to time the place and the heart remains the same. Thank you. Last time I came I prayed for a road to progress. I had plans I wanted to start and I had started it. But sometimes I feel like the same issues keep bubbling to the surface. I now face the very same crisis in my family life as I did 6 mos ago. There is so much uncertainty. And I feel stuck, frozen in fear. Unsure of what I need to do next….unsure if what to do differently. I thought I had done everything I could before to follow the Lord safely to the other side. But somehow I am thrust back. So, if you could help me in prayer for patience and ask that the Lord show me to the path he has. I have to do something but I am so unsure of what He wants me to do.

    • Lord I pray for Andrea tonight that you will comfort and guide her in her situation. We know that you are always with us and never leave us, as Andrea leans into you please make your plan crystal clear or what, which decisions she needs to make, help her Lord. I ask these things in Jesus precious name, Amen

    • Andrea,

      Praying for you sweet one!! God please give Andrea a discerning heart to know your great & perfect will for her life. Help her deal with the family issues & crisis. Give her your strength to endure & wait patiently on you. Make it known to her that you are enough. She needs to desperately trust in you & you alone.


    • Many prayers as you learn on Jesus. I pray for wisdom, comfort and peace in your life. Cling to Jesus no matter what.

    • Andrea, I am so sorry for what you’re going through. In those times I feel frozen in fear, I find these verses of Lamentations offer real help:

      I remember my affliction and my wandering,
      the bitterness and the gall.
      I well remember them,
      and my soul is downcast within me.
      Yet this I call to mind
      and therefore I have hope:
      Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
      for his compassions never fail.
      They are new every morning;
      great is your faithfulness.
      I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;
      therefore I will wait for him.”

      When you feel downcast or overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next, may you be able to call to mind the real hope you have in the Lord and know he WILL show up for you again within these circumstances. Sending so much love.

      • Thank you for this. It is so true. Even when it is hard to feel He is indeed my portion and He will tell me my next step. I just need to be patient.

    • Praying for guidance, perseverance and wisdom for you, Andrea.

      I see so many struggling in this these days, I wonder if it isn’t a great season to get on our hands and knees and cry out to Him, en mass?

      We know from Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows His plan for us, never to harm.

      I am also struggling with huge obstacles. I pray, I discern, I try again. I achieve, but it seems fruitless. It has become a period of great growth in Christ though. Maybe that’s the reason.

      Meanwhile, I’ve lost everything I’ve worked hard for. “Come, pick up your cross and follow me”, Christ calls.

      Be well. Keep being humble and giving it to God, He does provide!

      • Thank you so much. I need to do a better job of reminding myself he has that plan for me. I will be striving for humble patience today and every day. I also will be praying for you!

  8. Awe for God’s timing!!! I so needed this!!! Please pray I am totally sold out for Jesus and follow His way wherever He leads me. Pray my husband will become a very strong spiritual leader bringing healing to our home and our marriage. And that our precious children will grow up to be outstanding pillars in the church of Jesus. My biggest desire is to have a family totally sold out for Jesus, no questions asked. Can the world see Jesus when they look at us? Thanks for this timely writing. And thank You Jesus!!!

    • Praying for you and your whole family. God is great and is with you all. Lord please work in each member of their family according to your will. In Jesus Name I ask these things, Amen

  9. This article is so timely!!! Thank you Jesus!!! And I feel deep need of prayer that I be totally what God wants me to be and that I find and follow His will, that my husband becomes the true man of God and spiritual leader that God wants and that together we connect to our children’s hearts and lead them to Jesus and they become strong pillars of the church of Jesus.

    • Thank you, Lord, for M’s heart of faithful following. I pray that you would continue the good work you have begun, and that her example of patient following would woo her husband toward You, the Source of all that is good in her. Bless their children, and help them to be satisfied early with your lovingkindness that they may rejoice in you for all their days.

    • M.

      Blessed Jesus please send M a discerning heart to know your great & perfect will for her life. Change the hearts of her whole family. Allow them to see you for the great savior you are. Help her to be a great example of Christ & turn the attitudes of all to be wholly sold out for you!


  10. Kristen, what a moving and encouraging message today! Just what my heart needed as I am at this time facing discouragement for what is happening around me, at home and church. I too have fallen on my knees with tears and persistent prayer for the weight of so many personal issues that I often railed at the Lord, for not caring or hearing my prayers BUT your reminder of Luke 18, was a fresh revelation of the Lords’ love, grace and mercy and Yes, the Lords’ will be done. Thank for sharing this timely word.

    • Lord, hear our prayers.
      Thank you that you are present with Duhanne in this discouraging time, and you DO hear her prayers and see her tears. Give her strength and grace to rise above the heaviness of circumstances in her home and church. Thank you for all the ways in which you are growing her spiritually through hard times.

    • Dunhanne,

      Sweet sister. Keep on praying & crying out to God. He hears our prayers & knows our hearts.
      Be ever near Duhanne. Shower her with your love & mercy. Show her that you truly see her heart & the tears. Your will be done in her life. In the midst of these trials please give her strength & courage to patiently endure. Send your peace & comfort to her hurting heart. Reveal your will to her.


  11. We are still praying for a good job for my young adult son. Lots of interviews last week, PTL. Please pray that God give him a great opportunity. Thank you for your reminder that we are not to grow weary and perservere.

    • Lord, hear this faithful mum’s heart for her son, and we pray together that he would see fruit from all these interviews. Open doors of opportunity that will not only see him employed, but also on a path that leads him closer to you and stronger in his faith.

      • Father, we thank you for hearing our prayers. I ask for your favor upon Denise’s son. Open the doors that need to be open and keep closed those that do not. We ask for your perfect provision in this time of need. And may his faith grow stronger as a result of this testing. Encourage him, Lord. Amen.

    • Denise,

      Sweet sister. Thank you for allowing us to pray for your son. Father-please send the right job to Denise’s son. Give him a discerning heart to know your great & perfect will for His life. Thank you for this mama’s heart caring for her son. We are glad to hear he had some interviews last week. We are praying one of them is the right one. Give them patience to endure this trial. Open the right doors for him soon.


  12. Restoration for my family. Similar to widow who had been wronged, someone wronged my family a few years ago and the pain/consequences of what happened will continue to take years to repair. We lost a lot as a result and it has been deeply painful. Thank you for praying!

    • Heavenly Father, you are the one of whom your Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior was referring when He instructed us to keep praying and not give up. Denise is seeking you for justice against their adversary, justice that comes from you alone. May she and her family have a heart in which they leave vengeance in your hands, O Lord, while praying for their enemies. I pray for you to bring healing to their souls. Help them to walk faithfully like you, Lord Jesus, who didn’t revile when you were reviled, nor threatened when you suffered, but continued to entrust yourself to the one who judges justly. Let the Spirit of Christ shine through their lives in the midst of this painful betrayal. Bless your name, Lord! Amen.

  13. 2 years ago this week, we had a miscarriage. I desperately want to have children, and have been praying to the Lord consistently. Kristen, your post was perfect for today as I have been discouraged and frustrated with the Lord–I can’t understand why He seems to be delaying and not answering the “simple” day to day requests I am making to Him. What a good reminder that He sees what I don’t see, and He is always working for my good and His glory.

    • Father, as Hannah prayed so long ago, please hear the cry of Anna’s heart. Lord, children are a gift from you. And you are the giver of all good gifts. Father, please give Anna and her husband a baby. Thank you, Lord! Amen.

    • Lord, I lift Anna to you!!! I remember being in that place!! Please hear her prayers and answer her quickly. Please give her peace in the meantime and reassure her of your love for her!! Sometimes just knowing you care and are with us is enough to help us through times of waiting.

  14. This really hit home for me!!! I so needed to hear this!!! I am praying for the Lord to place me in a job that brings fulfillment and serves Him. I’m beyond burnout in my job in healthcare and praying for direction. My husband is concerned about finances and wants me to maintain my current income. I’m also dealing with mental health and physical issues. Please help me to trust you, Lord!!!! I need your encouragement!!!

    • Oh compassion holy Father, I lift up Karen’s heart and requests to you with hope in your good work to be fulfilled in her life. I pray for wisdom for her husband as the spiritual leader of the family. May you help him to discern what is in the best interest for your kingdom and for his wife. Open his ears to hear your voice, through your word, prayer and perhaps counsel from other Christians. Grant Karen patience in her affliction as she waits and trusts you to bring help and hope to her heart, mind, soul and body. Thank you, Lord, for your gracious ways! Amen.

      • Thank you so much,Diana!!! I truly appreciate your sweet prayer!! Blessings to you , my friend!!!

  15. Please pray for my family. We moved recently and the dynamic is rough. My middle son has ADHD and can be quite defiant and challenging. By the end of some days I am emotionally and physically exhausted . He is equally as sweet others. Help me not lose my patience and say/do things that are hurtful to my family.

    • Lord, please be with Nicole!! I totally understand as my son is also ADHD!! Give her strength and wisdom. Remind her you are with her and will walk with her through every challenge!!

  16. I have social phobia which effects everything you do. I am lonely even in a crowd. I do have some friends from over the years but most don’t come over mainly because I am afraid I won’t be able to keep a conversation up.. I’ve been to counseling over the years and it helps temporarily but it is expensive. Our insurance doesn’t cover much of it.
    I pray and have a husband that prays for me constantly. I am loosing hair in spots, which I was told can come from worrying. I trust in God and have tried to do for others instead of myself. It’s just painful waiting and asking . I’m 53, over half my life is gone. I’m starting to age. I’m getting frustrated waiting. I know God is present.. I need your prayers.
    I pray for all of you!

    • Heavenly Father, I pray in Your holy name for Mo. I pray that You would release her from these chains that bind her, in the name of Jesus. I pray for supernatural strength and courage to fill her body. I pray that she would receive Your healing love and care and boldly open her heart and life to others. Thank you for her believing and praying husband. I pray for a breakthrough right now. Thank you Father. In Jesus holy name I pray. For your glory alone. Amen

    • Holy and merciful Father, I come to this throne of grace with Mo’s requests for release from the bondage of social anxiety. As I have struggled with this to some degree myself, I can empathize. I also know that you have brought me freedom in degrees for which I thank you so very much. Yet, as I know the road continues toward full freedom, we continue to need your help and mercy to continue the process of liberation from this painful and lonely experience. I believe you have the power to heal us, O Lord! May we see your glory as we plead for help and healing! I thank you for what you are doing and what you are going to do. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray all these things! Amen.

  17. Hello there
    Please pray for me as I moved to VA this past Wed. and I need to find a good job soon. I also need to learn to find the post office, set up my new apt., get things squared away with my electric company, etc. and I’m feeling vulnerable, alone, and overwhelmed. I have family in VA. but I have a hard time asking for help and they seem so busy/distracted a lot of the time. This is my first time living/getting an apt. and I’m 35 years old. I don’t like sleeping alone and it’s just scary for me. I’d really appreciate your prayers: courage, wisdom, boldness and direction. Thank you!

    • Lord Jesus,

      Please be with Jessica, and comfort her. Let her know that you are ever present and with her always, and that you give every good gift from above to equip us in our daily lives. I pray that you’d increase her courage, that you’d give her wisdom, direction, and strength as she learns to navigate this new place and season of her life. Also, please allow her family nearby to be intuitive and caring enough to check in on her, and if not, that you’d give her courage to humbly ask for help. I pray that you’d ease her anxiety and fears as she presses on, putting one foot in front of the other – only tackling one new thing at a time – and that you, Holy Spirit would teach her how to fully trust in You, your leading and guiding, and your deep and abiding love for her. Please put godly women in her path in this new place to come alongside her and be loving friends and community to her.

      In Jesus mighty name I pray!
      – Tina

  18. My friend told me about this website this morning and wow the message was so fitting for my circumstances. My husband left me a little over 2 months ago. It has been the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. We have been married for 29 years and have 2 children that are grown and away from home. I’m not only dealing with the separation, but also empty nest syndrome, menopause, depression and anxiety. He keeps saying he hasn’t been the Christian husband he should have been and he doesn’t see that things will change if he comes home. He had an affair on me about 5 years ago and it’s been very difficult for me. We argued alot over it , because it’s hard for me to forget. I have forgiven him, but it seems he can’t forgive himself. I pray dailey that God will speak to him, soften his heart, and lead him back home. I pray for strength, wisdom, patients, and understanding of one another for both of us.

    • Melisa –
      I’m am praying for wisdom in your relationship with your husband. Know that you are a strong woman of God and he will give you the strength to move forward regardless of the outcome.

  19. For a friend recently diagnosed with cancer. I will trust in You, Lord, not in myself.

    I will believe You are moving in this situation even if I can’t see how.

    I will know that no matter the outcome, You only allow pain that brings a bigger gain.

    May you and I keep on keepin’ on through our prayers, the roads we take from our low places on the ground to the heights of heaven.

    Your will be done, Lord, on earth as it is in heaven.

    • Heavenly Father, you know how personally this prayer request touches my heart. I pray Lord for strength for Christe as she walks this road with her friend. I pray for courage to lean even more into You, for courage to pray the hard prayers and do the hard things. I pray that you’ll continue to provide strength upon strength as this journey progresses. I pray for full healing and great outcomes for her friend. I pray that both of their lives are a testimony of their faith and Your grace and Your love for Your glory. Amen

  20. I am seeking God’s wisdom in my relationship with my daughter’s father. We are really struggling. I don’t know if God wants us to reconcile or for me to move on. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance and that we are the best parents for our daughter.

    • Oh holy Father, I come to you this morning on behalf of Elizabeth. She is seeking wisdom for this difficult relationship with her daughter’s father. You know the details of this situation and each person’s heart. So I pray for you to intervene in the way you know best. Please grant Elizabeth the wisdom for which she is asking. As she casts her anxieties and need upon you, may you grant her the peace which passes understanding through Christ Jesus. And may your name be glorified forever! Amen.

  21. Kristen,

    Great post! Thank you for revealing His truths to us & showing today’s relevance. This world clamors for self-reliance & doing much good works. God’s truth says the opposite. “I will trust in You, Lord, not in myself. I will believe You are moving in this situation even if I can’t see how.” That is a prayer we should all pray. Everyone will go through trials in this life. We may not see a clear end to the situation. Praise God you know the whole story. You allow us to see miracles & increase our faith. I have praises to share here: My FIL (90) had Stage III bladder cancer surgery earlier this year & is completely healed & back to his old self again. They finally hired two new CT techs at my hubby’s hospital. They have been understaffed for 5 or so months. He has had to work a lot of extra time. At the same time he was dealing with his dad’s health issues. Praise God he will get the rest he needs. God is so wonderful.

    Have a blessed day everyone!


    • Beth, thank you for sharing these praises. I rejoice in the Lord’s provision and care with you!

  22. I had surgery almost 6 weeks ago now and my body is struggling through recovery. Please pray for full healing and balancing of hormones. My thyroid issues have also flared during this as well making life even more challenging. Please pray for healing and for the meds to work as intended. I pray that these words will be true for me:
    I will trust in You, Lord, not in myself.

    I will believe You are moving in this situation even if I can’t see how.

    I will know that no matter the outcome, You only allow pain that brings a bigger gain.

    Please pray that I do not get discouraged when more pain/suffering comes my way or the prayer isn’t answered the way or time that I would choose. Thank you.

    • Please Lord, heal Rebecca’s body and take away her pain in Your perfect timing. Give Rebecca peace of mind and heart and please comfort her during this time. May she not lose heart but continue to trust in you through the pain and through the process. You will never leave us and You are always with us, may this promise comfort her at this time and always. You are greater than her pain and troubles, You are our healer and strength. May Your will be done always. In Jesus’ Name. Amen! ❤️

      “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”
      – ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.””
      – ‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”
      – ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.””
      – ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • Lord, I join the prayers for Rebecca asking you for healing, healing of her thyroid problems and balancing of her hormones. You are more than capable to bring this healing to this daughter who wants to trust you no matter the outcome. May you grant her the desires of her heart, that she displays a trust in you that shines the light of Jesus. Let this light in this broken vessel of clay shine out into the world so that your name may be exalted and praised! Thank you, O Father of compassion and God of all grace, for the hope we have in your care for us! Amen.

    • Rebecca,

      I just had parathyroid surgery and can relate to the imbalance of hormones it causes! Such a difficult time. I’m keeping you in my prayers. ❤️

  23. I need prayer for God’s power to help me in a marriage with an angry controlling ‘former’ Marine & police officer!! I’m so very weary of it all. God’s been with me in it through 36 years. I praise & thank Him.

    • Lord God Almighty who is our gracious heavenly Father, I pray for Suzy in the marriage struggle she is facing. First please remind Suzy that you see what is happening with her husband’s responses toward her. I ask you to open her husband’s eyes to see his need to bring his anger and insensitive ways to you. Show him the true gospel which can free him from the bondage in his heart which are at the root of the anger. Help Suzy to know that you care for her and will right the wrongs done against her. Guide her to bring her heart to you daily to keep vigilance on her own reactions to guard her against sinning in the midst of suffering. As you expose any sinful tendency, may she confess to you and other Christians in order to walk fully in the wonderful gift of forgiveness and promise of transformation. May her mind be renewed each day in the gospel hopes and promises. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your sacrificial love and resurrection power to enable us to walk through even very grievous trials like you! Amen.

  24. Please pray for me to keep trusting God as my family and I face a job loss and health problems. Thanks,

    • Dear Father, be with Jenn and her family. Comfort them in this hard time, fill them with peace and joy. Despite the difficulties, may this be a blessed time, may hope always remain and may their trust in You never falter. Amen

  25. I, too, am in daily need of our Lord’s help. I am grateful to read of this dependence upon Him through Kristen’s words and all these who are commenting. My prayers at the moment are wrapped around a struggle to understand how to pursue love & discipleship in community while being homebound because I experience disabling reactions when exposed to even small amounts of fragrance, sun, heat, car exhaust, just to name a few. My heart longs to gather with other believers to worship & serve God, but, my body doesn’t respond in a way that I am able to function in and around other people because of these exposures. A counselor I am seeing through video calls suggests that my longing for community is idolatrous. She may be right. I’m just confused on what is the right thing to desire. What is really needed in my life and in the body of Christ for someone who is homebound? Please pray for the Lord to make it clear to me of what to persist in prayer verses what needs to be considered sin and put to death. I truly want to pursue holiness with all that is in me, while resting in the grace given to us through Jesus Christ. It’s just hard for me to grasp this paradoxical “both”. Thanks!

    • Dear Diana,

      God made us for relationship and community. He knows that you need both. There is nothing wrong in that. I pray that God will provide you a way to have your needs met in this area. I pray for healing from these reactions and for comfort and peace for you.

      Your Sister in Christ,

      Donna N.

      • Thank you, Donna, for your kind words and especially your prayers. For I, too, believe the Lord knows what we need in regards to community. It is just so encouraging to me to know someone else is praying for this gospel-centered, Christ-exalting community with me! Bless your heart!

  26. Today was the first timeback in Church since my family left. They were not my children but I love them like my own. We had fallen apart due to personsl issues on both sides. Instead of leaning on each other we took it out on one another. Neither one of us could do right by the other. Our love is a special love. We were in counseling and when I told the counselor they had left he said “they’ll be back”. I’ve hit my knees by my bed ever night praying for my family to come back. God has shown be the beauty in the world that I was blind to by my own selfish reasons. I seem moments I wish I could share with them. I pray every day that I may get the chance to share this beautiful life with them again and be the Godly person that God has asked me to be. Please pray that God shows me a path to my family and we can live in his Glory and Love.

  27. Kristen, thank you for sharing these beautiful words…

    “He only allows pain that brings a greater gain.” So good! This really spoke to a situation in my life that I’ve brought to Jesus over and over again, but it seems to go ‘unanswered’. There was so much encouragement in your piece that helps me remember He is working and He is working it all out for His best and mine! Thank you for sharing your heart. 🙂


  28. Health issues in combination with anxiety have really been knocking me down. I’m two months post-op from parathyroid surgery and now am dealing with a new diagnosis of autoimmune difficulties. I just moved to a new state and I am trying to live my life, meet people, and start a new job and the anxiety is just crippling. Please pray for me, I’d love to pray for you too.

  29. Kristen,

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder that prayer is what gets us through our difficult circumstances. I’ve had a hard time believing in prayer lately. My husband left me for another woman a few years and I’ve been standing in faith praying for his return to the Lord. He has rebelled from God and gone down a sinful path that has significantly hurt me and wounded me. During the separation he has treated me with deep disrespect. I’ve been praying for him and things have just gotten worse. He continues to live in sin and be rewarded with job promotions and a luxury lifestyle. I’m depressed and miserable. In the last week I’ve been very depressed, feeling hopeless and discouraged. Please pray for me that I would since God‘s love and goodness in my life and have a deep peace about where God has me. And please pray for my husband’s repentance and return to the Lord. Thank you.

  30. Please pray for my family. I dont know what plans You have for us Lord. I dont know how to explain to my daughter that her father is leaving us knowing she will be heart broken. Ive been fighting à lot to restore the relationship but I feel God is asking me to let go so that I can take care of myself. Ive been looking after everyone else during all these years and neglecting myself. Pray for us please.

    • God bless you my dear Gem. May God continue to teach you how to care for yourself as well as you care for your family. Don’t stop going to Him for hope, peace, courage, comfort and love. These things hurt so so much. We often seek to understand…and don’t. It doesnt make sense. I pray your daughter will see God in you as you both go thru this. He promises to take care of you and never leave you especially when the most important people in our world do.

    • Oh Gem, I’m so very sorry for all your enduring. Praying for you right now, that the God Who makes the impossible possible would move this mountain from you and your beautiful girl. And whatever the future holds, that you would see in tangible ways how God will meet all your needs (Phil. 4:19). Sending so much love to you, dear one. You are loved beyond measure.

  31. Lord I lift up to You Brenda who is facing this hard situation. I understand what youre going through sweet sister. Lord give her courage through all this hardship. Help her to remember that she is so worthy and so beautiful in Your eyes. Help her to continue to pray for her husband even when she does not see things change.help her to grow in You and realise that You are working in her life for You are good Lord. No matter the outcome You are working for her good. Take care dear sister.in Jesus name I pray.

  32. After a period of many breakthroughs in my life, I am currently struggling with crippling anxiety and fear that the good things that has happened will be undone by my own faults and inadquacies (even though I know that is not true). I am longing for true freedom and joy again.

    • Father God, please put your loving arms around Barbara so that she deeply feels your love. Let the warmth of your embrace take away her anxiety. Restore to Barbara the freedom and joy she longs for. In Jesus name I pray.

    • Barbara, I too struggle with anxiety at times. I’m praying for you right now, especially the words of 2 Timothy 1:7 for you: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” As you draw near to the Lord, may you know the freedom that Scripture promises is ours. And may you know just how loved you are.

      Thanks so much for sharing here with us, Barbara. xo

  33. At times I am so broken as I am now. God knows the trials in my marriage, my heart is sore. Thank you for reminding me that He is faithful always. My place to call is the floor of my bathroom as it was this morning. The love He has is all I need when I walk down that valley I know He is with me. Thank you sister. Please keep my marriage in prayer and my softening of my heart. God’s blessings

  34. Our Father Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer . I pray your marriage and healing are bound by the grace of God and nothing of a false nature . I pray healing over your heart .

  35. I pray for Gods love and mercy to reign down on Diane and her family. Jeremiah 29:11 promises His plan are always for good, never to harm.

    I also pray for Jessicam, whom has become overwhelmed in witchcraft, it seems. Lord, remove such evil from her heart and home, dispel the work of the evil one, and let her come to know and love you and your mercies, Lord.

    Amen, amen. Thanks be to God!

  36. Dear Sisters in Christ, Would you pray with me as I cry out to the Lord for help with my health? I’m very scared and confused. I don’ know what each day will bring when I get up. I’ve recently had a health problem where I wake up dizzy in the morning when I get out of bed and then my blood pressure plummets and I pass out. My routine now is to get out of bed slowly, little by little so that my blood pressure adjusts but I’m dizzy most of the morning till the afternoon. Then it starts over again every day. Please pray that as I work with my doctor, we would find a solution during this time. The Lord knows and sees our every circumstance. Please pray as I lean on Him through this difficult time. Thank you and thank you for this post and this community of believers.

  37. Dearest Friends, Even though I don’t know you, I thank you in advance for praying for me. I am becoming an empty nester at the end of the summer. I had all these plans for what I would do in this next phase of my life. Instead, I became disabled 4 years ago and my abilities are limited. I am a single mother who homeschooled my girls their whole life. I am losing my whole identity, and direction. Most of my relationships and activities revolved around homeschool groups and my kids’ extra-curricular activities. I have no spouse to “reconnect” with. I am seeking the Lord’s direction. I have given Him my future to do with as He wishes. I just haven’t heard a response yet. I am starting to panic as the summer slips away. The last thing I want is to be shut away in my house. My girls also have been the biggest source of help around the house, with shopping, and driving me around. Losing that is also scaring me. I am trying to trust. I am clinging sometimes by my fingernails to His promises, but I could use all the prayer I can get.

  38. All, I ask for prayers for my 48 year old step daughter who is on her 3rd round of chemo for ovarian cancer. Please pray for her, she is a single mom to a beautiful 10 year old girl. We pray everyday that her disease will be cured, or that the cancer will be suppressed so she may live for many many years. I pray, I cry out to the Lord everyday. She is my husband’s only child, he has already lost his mom and two siblings to cancer. His heart is broken, our hearts are sadden. We welcome additional prayers. Thank you.

    • Robin,
      I am happy to pray for your step daughter. I pray for healing in her body and hope for her spirit. I pray for God’s comfort and peace for all of you. I pray that her daughter will have her mother around for many, many years to come. I pray for your trust in God to increase daily. May He be all of your family’s hope. I pray His presence will be felt and His blessing of healing will abound in your family. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  39. I’m asking for prayer for my family. My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We have two daughters: 12 & 13. My husband recently filed for divorce. And even more recently I found out he was cheating on me. I am praying for restoration for our marriage & family. My husband isn’t living for the Lord right now. My prayer is also for his deliverance and repentance of all iniquity in his heart. And for him to be the man that God created him to be. Thank you so much for your prayers for us.