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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. Bonnie,
    What a tremendously beautiful answer you gave to your son’s searching question. I wish I had been so eloquent when my children asked me such questions. So well said…..and so true that God will keep speaking to us, like He spoke to Samuel, until we stop to listen and recognize His voice. He’s speaking to me through your beautiful words today!! I could use prayer for my adult children. My daughter, who desires so much to be in a relationship (all her friends are married with children), but hasn’t found that special someone and for my son who is still searching for his direction in life. May he hear God’s voice to him….thank you.
    Bev xx

    • Bev,
      I am thinking of you and pray that all will be well for your children.
      Have a blessed day,

    • What a beautiful sermon this am. I am praying for God’s direction in my life and pray that God gives that direction to all.

    • Hi Bev! thanks so much for your sharing! Dear Jesus, a mother’s heart is very tender and you understands Bev’s burdens and heart for her children! Reassure Bev of your determination to always support her and care for her children with her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Bev,

      Praying God will soften your children’s hearts. May He bring the right person for your daughter to marry. It may be a while for He may be molding your daughter into the person He knows & wants her to be. As always praying for your son to find his way in life. I pray God’s guidance & for a discerning heart. You are a great Christian mother. Your children are blessed to have you as a parent.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. I think I will spend the rest of my days pondering the question your little theologian asked you. The voice of God comes when He wills and how He wills, and sometimes it comes through loud and strong when I’m not expecting it, other times I listen hard and hear only the static in my own head.
    And yet He is not a God we can control and who speaks on command.
    This gives us so much reason to worship — and to wait.

    • I think that is the best answer we can give each other – whether our children or each other as adults – as sisters in Christ. We are always learning and discovering how to hear God – and in accepting and listening to each other – we become God’s living prayer. I love hearing how your prayer is through worship, Michele!

  3. Bev, I pray for your daughter, that she finds contentment in her life until God’s timing brings her what he has in store for her. I pray for your son, that he be present in his life and that he finds the direction that God will continue to lay out for him. As Bonnie reminded us, He will continue to whisper, he won’t give up on him. Or any of us.

    I have so many irons in my fire these days, but I finally sense a direction. But I don’t know how to start (that is a lot of but’s). My work in progress life stopped when I needed to tend to family. I realized not long ago, that I needed not to stop working on me. So, I am working on direction. I have goals and I hope. But not sure how to even start attaining them so late in life. If you could pray for my direction. How to get started. Thank you.

    • Lord please give Andrea direction at this time and new venture- make clear your plan for her as I ask for me too! We love you God and wish to hear your voice, your direction for our lives! IJN Amen

    • Andrea, I am asking our loving Father to give you clarity on how to begin on these goals He has planted in your heart…..that His leading surprise you one day as it becomes clear that, “ahhh yes, I see Father”! I am praising Him for what He is doing in your life and in Bev’s!
      I have a son Josh, I am asking for prayer for him to not be afraid to go deeper in his relationship with Jesus, that he hungers to hear God speak to him! Thank you!

    • I will pray for wisdom and insight for you innorder to see where you need to go in life.
      I am at a major intersection in my life and the noise of all the trafficcis so overwhelming— me too cannot always hear God’s voice speaking to me. I need the courage to change the direction of my life. Please pray that i will hear God’s voice again above the noise of daily life. Tx

    • Andrea , I will pray for God to continue the great work he has begun in you, and to write His story on your heart… I prey that he gives you wisdom and clarity and Joy along the way.. I ask for prayer for my two young adult boys who are seeking but haven’t committed or allowed God to touch their lives in a profound way.. they have a foundation but have leet the world choke out God’s whispers…

    • Praying for direction for your life Andrea and that God opens the doors you are meant to walk through ❤️

    • Thanks for sharing your j ourney, Andrea. Dear Jesus, reassure Andrea of your hand as she longs for your guidance on direction, Reassure her of your love that which ever way she turns, you are always with her and you are her North Star. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Andrea,

      It is never to late in life. Don’t give up hope. God can & will work miracles in your life. If God has planted a desire in your heart He will see it to completion in His timing. Yes sweet sister please take some soul care time for yourself. I recommend Bonnie Gray’s Book Whispers of Rest 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize your Soul. Father God please give Andrea a discerning heart to know your plans for her. Help her to get started. Shower her with the love & peace she needs. Guide her steps & allow her never to give up hope.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. Andrea, I pray that God gives you a perfect peace and clear direction on which path you should choose.

    I need serious prayer for the restoration of my marriage. I’ve been blindsided and told that my husband wants a divorce. I have three small children, and I am barely breathing at this point.

    • Dear Tab, I am so sorry to hear and my heart hurts for you. I am praying for you and for God’s peace and comfort with you in this time and for full restoration of your marriage. May there be a beautiful, redemptive time of hope ahead of you*

    • Tab may God bless you and be near to you, lean into him. My Lord please please be with Tab right now, show her your peace and I ask That whatever your will is for Tabs marriage that you will be right there with her, protecting and shielding her from any hurt, giving her the right tools and comfort at the same time to deal with whatever is ahead. Amen

    • Tab… I will be praying for you today and through the days ahead. I was in that place 15 years ago and can feel your pain this morning. It has been a long road, but one where God has been faithful to me at every turn – at times not seeing it until further down the road. You need to keep breathing, to keep loving on those 3 small ones who need you so much – God will give the strength to do that. I am praying for the restoration of your marriage, for a changed heart in your husband – and for you – for peace and direction, but most of all, for the knowing that God’s hand is on you – that He’s got you and this situation in his hands. Sending prayers, blessings and a hug to you today.

    • Hi Tab, thank you for sharing such a tender time on your journey of marriage of restoration and also pain as your heart moves through the uncertainty. Be sure to take care of your self – extra care and take special time to nourish your heart. If you’re looking for a devotional to bring your heart peace during this season, I think you will enjoy my devotional Whispers of Rest. I wrote it during a time I needed God’s words of love and affirmation and I hope it sparks love and peace for this journey. Dear Jesus, help Tab during this time of uncertainty. Reassure her that you will never leave her or forsake her. Give her courage to ask the tough questions with you and help her to feel your gentleness and your complete understanding. She is beloved. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Tab,

      Sweet sister praying for your breaking heart. Please take soul care time for yourself during this trying time. Be kind to yourself & do not lose hope! God can restore your marriage. Lean hard into God & seek His guidance as you travel this journey. God reassure Tab that you will never ever leave her . Give her a sense of peace & comfort no matter what happens. Give her a discerning heart to know your will in this situation. I second Bonnie’s recommendation for Whispers of Rest. It is a great book & has helped lots of women. She has many great soul care tips in there.

      Blessings 🙂

  5. Beautiful article!

    Someone said something personal to me yesterday that really hurt me and brought up painful memories that I have been trying to leave behind and beliefs that God was healing me of. I am struggling to forgive this person and to fight against the old lies resurfacing concerning my worth and identity in Christ.

    • Barbara, I pray to The Sovereign God of the Universe, Who brought out Abraham, Who anointed David, Who sent The Messiah, that He will transform His daughter into His Kingdom Warrior with Ephesians 6 Armor. Our Savior stated in no uncertain terms that you, sister, are indeed so VALUABLE to Him, that you are worth dying for….So, we walk in freedom and grace, not because we have a spotless past, but because we know our Hero personally. Psalm 119:45. And NO ONE can snatch us out of His mighty hand. John 10:28,29. So, I pray you will stand affirmed by His salvation and continuing forgiveness. Because YOU are Loved. In Jesus’ Resurrection Power! ~ Amen

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing such a tender place in your heart. I feel so happy to know today’s post brought beauty to your heart and hope it brought you comfort. I struggled with my own self-worth and during that season, I wrote a book Whispers of Rest to share of the most beautiful powerful words that I needed in that season: God’s words of love and affirmation and I hope it sparks love and peace for you too. Dear Jesus, help Barbara during this time of discovering the truth of her belovedness. Reassure her that you will never stop whispering your words of love to her. Give her courage to disocver how beloved she is, inspite of what others may have said to her and begin your work of healing in her heart, as you love her so much. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  6. Bev, you are prayed for!
    And what a beautiful devotion to read this morning. Thank you.
    My family could use prayer for a diagnosis we just received. I am pregnant with my third baby (#2 is in heaven, never made it to us). We were told last week after weeks of questioning and testing that this baby has a brain condition called agenesis of the corpus callosum. The hemispheres of his brain don’t properly meet. He may have significant developmental delays among other things. He may also not have those issues, could be entirely asymptomatic. This condition is a spectrum of outcomes and doctors can’t really pinpoint where he will fall on that spectrum.
    My family needs patience as we wait. We need peace with this diagnosis. We just need to be covered in prayer.

    • Covering your wee darling in prayer and your whole family. Lord please take this little baby in your arms and heal them. Comfort the family with your peace and help them all to trust in you, in your plan for the baby and parents and family as a whole. IJN Amen.

      May I ask for prayer that I can finish these two assignments this week without hurting my hand (long story but an injury I am suffering at the moment) and for the Lord to reveal and provide the right practicum according to His will and that God clearly let’s me know his next steps for me to follow the Right path He has planned for me.

    • Lord Jesus have compassion and mercy on this family and precious baby you’ve created. You are in control and YOU allow all things for our good,we believe Lord, help our unbelief. Deepen the trust we have in YOU. Strengthen our faith and sustain our patience. Grant peace that surpasses all understanding to this family that your name may be glorified in them among all the hospital staff and community. Let them share that the reason for their hope and peace is You. You are our provider so we know Lord that you will give all this family needs to face each day with courage and trust. Give them wisdom as they ask You for it. Give them guidance O loving Father as they seek it. Let them lean on You and not on their own understanding or the doctor’s. Lord let your word be the final say in all matters. Amen in Jesus name.

    • Hi Marcey, I’m so happy to hear that today’s devotional brought some beauty to your soul, as you face the uncertainties of this #3 beautiful baby of yours. Dear Jesus, I lift up Marcey and her baby to you. Please help her during this hard time of confusion and also hope. I pray you provide Marcey with information that can help her in the medical decisions she needs to make – and also reassure her with your peace and your calm comfort. Help her with whatever she is asking for , as I know you love her and her baby. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Marcey,

      Sweet Marcey sending prayers up for you & your family. May God give you a sense of peace & contentment during this time. Mostly don’t worry about the what ifs. Just pray & ask God for His hand of mercy to be on the unborn baby. Father God be with Marcey & her family during this trying time. Give her wisdom to make the right medical decisions. Send your calming & comforting peace to them. Help her with the many questions she has.

      Blessings 🙂

  7. It’s beautiful thinking that God meets each of us in that special unique place by His design. Marcey, I pray for your baby boy. And Bev for your kids as they find the good paths and plans God has in store for them. My young adult son is still searching for a good job and I would covet your prayers for him.

    • Please Lord I ask that you will bring opportunities of employment to Denis es son and please bless Denise. Amen

    • Denise,

      Lord please help Denise’s son find the right job you have in store for him. Give him guidance as he searches. Help him to know if he needs to move, work part-time or perhaps temporary for a while. We know that you said: “I know the plans plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you a hope and a future.” Please send your hope to this young man. Give him encouragement & peace.

      Blessings 🙂

  8. Oh how I pondered this question way too much in my adult life! You’re words are wisdom beyond your age ! Thankful for this post as always, Denise I will pray for your sons perfect job as the Lord wills it.. happy Sunday ladies

  9. I am struggling, as a mom of 4 (my oldest being 19 years old and my youngest is 3 months old…and then a 2 and four year old as well!), to find quiet time to spend listening and waiting on God. Someone always needs me for something whether it’s late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. I hope God knows that I’m trying to find that time with Him. I pray throughout the day and am hungry for more. Life gets in the way though with the never ending loads of laundry, meals needing made, little noses wiped, somebody gets a boo boo, and just the constant care of my family members. It takes a lot out of me. Many of days I long to hear God’s voice, especially in the moments of chaos when I’m just trying to keep it altogether. I hope He knows my heart and my desire to have a deeper relationship with Him.

    My prayer request today is for my oldest son, fresh out of high school and struggling with what direction to go now with his life. He struggles with depression and has a tendency to isolate himself when things get difficult. My heart is heavy for him some days. My prayer is for him to have purpose, direction, healing for past hurts, and the freedom to move forward in God’s will.

    I have prayed for each of you ahead of me today. Many blessings to you and your familys.

    • Nicole –
      Wow! You certainly have your hands full. Know that with each load of laundry and wiped nose that you are doing God’s work.

      I pray that your son will find his way during this challenging time of transition.

    • Thanks, Michele for always listening with your soul, always thinking deeply about all God is whispering to you – and sharing your journey with us! love you and your spirit! Hugs from CA to you, friend!

  10. I’m struggling to end an unhealthy relationship. It’s hard because we have a young daughter. I’ve asked him to leave because I have nowhere else to go. Please pray that he will go so we can have the space we need to heal and co parent in a healthy manner.

  11. Going through a very difficult season right now. Anxiety and depression has reared its ugly head in my life. But God is faithful and he is walking with me through it and revealing things in my life that are really not necessary. I am convinced that he’s teaching me as I walk through this difficult period

  12. I am so blessed to read this today. In some ways I can’t “feel” God’s presence with me right now. Although yesterday I clearly felt him speaking to me! That was refreshing & so helpful. I need prayer for two things: my 27 yr old son is going thru a divorce. You ladies have prayed for them this year. They are both believers. And secondly one of my closest friends, J, is facing a thorny issue in her church. It’s hard for her to hear God’s voice among the many others she is hearing. I’m trying to listen well & lead her to God. Please pray for her. Thank you ever so much.

  13. Bonnie – Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I have two sons who are closecin age to yours. I can very easily sss myself having having a similar conversation with either one of them.
    In a world of go, go, go I feel like it is difficult to clearly articulate the importance of resting to listen to God. I know I struggle with that myself. Please pray for us we enter into a great opportunity to do so this week. We will be at the beach with some of our extended family and could really enjoy some down time together. Pray we would all rest and enjoy Hos presence and the presence of one another. Thanks!

  14. Bonnie, I so needed this today.
    ” Prayer is simply giving God a chance to speak to you in a personal way that is unique to your personality”. Thank you.

    I need direction in my marriage of 30 years. It has been a struggle. We need direction in our house. We may have to sell. Financial pressures are surmounting.

    • Lord, I pray for Jenn. I can see her heart through her words. I remember trying to explain the things of God to my children, praying constantly they would be the right words. Give her peace, as you look at the heart no matter how articulate we may or may not be. May her time at the beach be refreshing as she enjoys her family. In Christ’s name, Amen.

    • Mary,
      Praying for you! I pray the Lord will give you peace and rest! That you would feel His unconditional love and He would abundantly bless your finances and that He would draw you and your husband closer together. I pray you would clearly see God’s answers for you.

    • Mary,

      Sweet sister-praying for you & your family. Lord give Mary & her family the guidance they desperately need. Help them make the right decisions. Send your peace & comfort to them as they struggle. Show them the next steps to take & alleviate their uncertainties. Send them showers of blessings & help them lean into you more.

      Blessings 🙂

  15. Thank you fo this reminder that God will continue to speak to me until I hear Him. I needed that encouragement! My mom passed away April 1st from cancer and I helped care for her for 8 months living with her away from my home and husband. It was a really hard time but one I wanted to do. My mom is now with the Lord and I’m so grateful for my time with her. However, I could use prayer for this new season of my life. I feel lost and am overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about the future. I’m 60 years old with a hearing disability and last year was really hard for our small business. Hurricane Harvey hit, we had to let tow employees go and my husband just did not function well with me away so long. I know I need to grieve but I’m overcoming me with fear for our finances. I need to hear from the Lord what He wants me to do and courage to trust. Most of all I need His peace.

    • My heart lifts you up today to our gracious loving compassionate God who sees and cares. Creator sustainer, friend. Faithful provider. I give thanks for this space to pray together. I know how stressful life can be and how graciously God has provided as i learn to trust Him. I ask for prayers for family and friends who are struggling with many needs, including wisdom in decision making. I pray for reconciliation in my husband’s family and with my brother. Thank you Bonnie for sharing with us all.

    • Anita,
      He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.- Isaiah 40:29
      Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. – Psalm 105:4
      I pray that you allow God to give you the strength during this season of your life, may His peace cover at all times and saturate you when you need it the most. I pray that your family’s EVERY need is met and that you move from a place of anxiety/frear to one of great joy knowing that no matter the circumstances God is ALWAYS near and will NEVER leave nor forsake you.

    • Anita,

      Sweet sister. It was unselfish of you to go & care for your mother for eight months. Losing a parent is never easy. I pray the overwhelming feeling of uneasiness will go away & you can find peace. Caring for loved ones is hard, stressful, rewarding work. When they pass on we wonder what we will do with our days. I pray God will bless you for your obedience. Don’t worry about the future. I know God has good things in store for you. He will bless you in His timing. Father God-please bless Anita & her family. Give them a discerning heart to know what steps to take next. Send a comforting peace to Anita as she grieves the loss of her mother. Thank you for allowing her to care for her mother. Help their business rebuild after the hurricane. Send peace & contentment to this family-especially the husband. Help them to slow down & hear from you as to what they should do.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Kris! I love how we speak to same soul language – it’s a gift and encouragement to find kindred spirits! Keep blossoming and shining the words He gives you – as you share them with us!! you’re so special, kris!

  16. That was truly beautiful! As an adult is hard to hear God’s voice, specially because we are so busy. I would like prayer for my marriage please. My husband kicked me out of our home because I have MS and he has 4 daughters of his previous marriage. He said he couldn’t handle me with my sickness and his daughters all at the same time. He said he needed space. Now I am leaving with my daughter and her husband. I miss my husband so much and I still love him. He just doesn’t want anything to do with me and it hurts so badly. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you!!!

  17. Andrea,
    Praying that you feel God’s sense of direction in your life. May your eyes be opened , your ears to hear our wonderful Father
    I pray for my one eyes to see a clear direction. I hold dear to me a desire of my heart., waiting for His mighty hand

  18. Bonnie,

    Thanks so much for sharing this sweet and powerful story! God has not only used you to speak truth into the heart of your son, but also into the heart of every reader.

    I love how you were led to use the story of Samuel; it’s one of my favorites and now I know why. My personal relationship with the Lord includes hearing from Him. I’m so encouraged by your reminder that He will continue to keep speaking until we listen and recognize it is His voice.

    God bless you and your readers. You have the heart of a Momma!


    • Aw.. Becky! It’s so sweet to meet kindred spirits on this journey with Jesus – makes the time spent sharing so much more worth it. Real people, real kinship, as we love hearing from God — He will keep speaking and never tires of creatively knowing how to reach us!! Now, that is good news! and sweeter cuz we have each other to experience it! love from CA to you!

    • Bonnie,
      You are a blessing,,thank-you for sharing such a touching moment with your son with us.

      I hope that this Scripture Prayer might be of some comfort to those of you who are struggling today,
      God of hope, you are ruler of night as well as day.
      Be new light and life for those who live in darkness and despair, for prisoners of guilt and grief,
      for victims of fantasy and depression,
      that even where death’s cold grip tightens, we may know the power of the one who conquered fear and depression.
      Have a blessed day all,

    • chad,
      I hope the prayer below is of some comfort, i am thinking and praying for you and your sister.

  19. God often speaks to me through the routine of my day. Something as simple as mislplaced eyeglasses becomes a lesson about surrendering worry. Please lift myself, my husband and our marriage in prayer. God has placed me in my husband’s life for a purpose. Often I question God’s will and daily battle the devil against allowing bitterness and unforgiveness to take root in my heart. My prayer is for God to fill my heart with kindness and love so that my words are spoken softly and gently. My desire is that my husband’s heart will soften toward me and he will see the love I have for him.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing what God had laid upon our heart, it has been a blessing to me today as well as a God moment for my spiritual journey this week as I have intentionally spent time connecting with God and putting the businesses of life on hold this week. I have enjoyed hearing his voice this week and having conversations with him. I have been blessed.

    Prayers for my children as they enter a new season in their life. The both graduated from high school this past June. My daughter planned her work and worked her plan graduating Salutatorian of the class, and will be attending a 4 year university 7.5 hours from home. Financial she is covered the first year with scholarships. My son (graduating a year early) attended class and slept the days away. He set a new personal best for out of school suspense the first half of this year. Prompting a change of plans the second half so that he could graduate a year early and change his environment. He will be attending a technical program at a local community college in the fall.

    As I welcome this new season in life, I realize that I have been blessed beyond measure, yet there are still many obstacle and hurdles to navigate, particular with my son.

    Deb I pray that God will continue to reveal himself to you as you journey on this walk, and that as you seek refuge in him that you will have peace and rest.

    As I read through the post my spirit was touch be each and everyone. Each and everyone of you will be in my thoughts and my prayers this week.

  21. I am encouraged that the Lord enables those reaching out in love for family, direction, physical healing and practical needs…to seek Him, hear Him and find Him. Provide for your beloveds, Lord!

    For me, hearing God is often a sense of Him prompting, nudging or bringing light to an otherwise dark issue. I may not hear him speak, but my sense of Him brings deep comfort, a thought of Him or an encouragement. This sense aligns with scripture and my trust in Him.

    Please pray for physical healing from critical IBS, to have sustained energy to follow the Lord in writing. I am radically changing my diet and lifestyle after two years of family crisis and overworking. Please pray the Lord’s will be done…. that I walk out this vision as He brings strength, joy and courage.

    • Mary,

      Dear sister, the Lord has got this and you in the palm of His hand!

      I, too, am seeking daily for the Lord to heal me of physical issues that I know are worsened by overworking, overworrying, and allowing stress to dictate my day. He loves to heal His kids and He does it from the inside out!

      I pray the Lord bring you a clear sense of direction for your path to greater health. It will be unique to you as you follow His leading.

      Blessings of peace, rest, and contentment,


  22. Heavenly Father, I pray for Kim and her husband today. I pray that You will bind all negative thoughts and negative influence and cast it into the lake of fire. I pray that Your good, loving, peaceful thoughts will fill both of their minds. Soften their hearts for each other and finish the mighty, healing work that you’ve already begun. Amen

  23. I just had a very involved surgery almost 3 weeks ago. I’m struggling with an Epstein Barr virus activation in my recovery as well as a bit of withdrawal as I’ve stopped the pain meds. I’m also dealing with fear, loneliness and not hearing God isn’t helping. I’m in a dark place but I know He’s here and watching but I need prayer. Thank you.

  24. I loved this! I know God is really speaking to me in this season of life and helping me to grow so much. I am so very thankful. I am a 31 year old mama of two little girls. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 10 years. I am so very blessed and enjoy this beautiful life so much. I have been dealing with really bad anxiety and some panic attacks for the past few years. Please pray that I will continue to hear God’s voice through this season and be strengthened, that I may find the healing and peace to overcome this in my life. It feels like a constant distraction from all that is important and good in life, and it just keeps me at a consistent level of being scared. Thank you.

    • Jami, I was in that place of living in anxiety for many years, I am so grateful that through Bonnie’s witness, I started my own healing journey in therapy. It took me a couple tries to find the right person. But now I am on the other side, living in peace I have never known before. I pray you would be able to work through whatever it is that is causing this fear so you can be all God made you to be!

  25. I’m so thankful that the Lord loves and treasures us enough that He speaks to us as if we are the only one in the world! I’m praying for all of us women-that we would have the courage to be still and know that He is good. As an anxious thought comes into my mind, I am practicing the discipline of casting it back on Him, trusting that He cares for me. I’m praying specifically for you, Rebecca, as you are struggling with the virus and trying to recover. May the Lord comfort you with His peace and total healing!

    • Jami,
      Praying for you that when you feel those anxiety attacks coming on, you will be able to let go and let God take over. Prayers for your emotional healing.

      this devotion touched my heart, wish I would have been a wiser mother, and knew the right things to say at the right time. Am requesting prayers for my adult son. He was a heroine addict, but been clean for three years. But he is not a happy person. I pray that people will come into his life and gently guide him back to God. that is the only way he will find peace, happiness and contentment. Am praying he will find a job he loves and be surrounded by Christian people, and that he will be able to find a good place to live where he will be more content. May God’s will be done in Troy’s life.

  26. Awesome. Bonnie Gray! Beautifully said & written! I Love when God Echoes. This devotion was an Echo from God to me! I’m So Blessed! God is So So Good! Be Blessed Bonnie Gray!

  27. Keep on blessing Arlene, Lord, and increase her joy! Please pray that God heals my heart after losing my dad to pneumonia in December and my boyfriend leaving me 3 months later. Please pray God soon fulfils his promises to me of being a wife and mother, amen.

  28. Bonnie, Tell your son that believers much older (but perhaps not much wiser!) than he have pondered and struggled with that question. It’s hard to hear God, especially when Satan fills our minds with worry and fear. I lost my job a few weeks ago, and my unemployment was denied which makes decisions necessary – so hearing from God clearly would be an amazing answer to prayer. Asking for direction, asking for peace while finances are short… asking that God will use this time to show me how to trust Him.

  29. Bonnie, thank you so much for your response to your sons question. This response was needed for me as well as my son. Thanks

    • That’s so wonderful, Michelle! I also shared with him – it sparked a conversation about the ways he experiemces joy and peace — and he likes running, soccer – and music — and I assured him, after praying the simple prayer to keep encoruaging him to be on the lookout to what God may be saying to him. Three weeks later, Josh told me he felt God touching his heart as he was listening to a new worship song!! So, praise God! He is more sensitve and aware in anticipation to ways God may be encoruaging him. I hope this will help sparek a fun conversation with your son, Dear Jesus, I pray for this conversation Michelle will have with her son. I pray as her son prays this simple prayer that Samuel prayed, that you will be faithful to answer this young boys question, Don’t leave him or Michelle in mid-air. Speak and touch his and her heart, as they are doing something that helps them relax and brings them joy and peace. I am eager and excited in anticpation for what you will whisper to Michelle and her son. For I know you will know how to reach them and you will keep speaking in a way that they will recognize it is You. In Jesus’ name, Amen. (btw, Michelle, you sparked an idea for me. I am thinking of maybe doing a FB live on this topic for parents. Would you be interested?)

      • Bonnie,

        It would be wonderful to hear more on how to help others “listen” to God. I lead a jr high girls Bible study at our Christian school, and every year I strive to encourage them to find their own way to do so.


  30. Agnes, I pray for your healing and wholeness in every area of your life. May God grow you during this time of singleness. You are not defined by a relationship. God has great things in store for you. His will and plan are perfect. I’m sorry for your loss. God will get you through this. I believe that everything will fall into place when you place everything in God’s hands. Speak to her heart Lord.

    • Thank you Lazondral! I pray that God also delivers and strengthens you and fills your heart with the deepened knowledge of his love, amen.

  31. My prayer request is for me to relentlessly pursue God. My relationship grows deeper with Him and I become all that He plans. My children, grandchildren and all that are far off will serve the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and might. I release people, things and ideas that keep me distracted from my destiny. I need deliverance from an unhealthy relationship. I need the strongholds of poverty and rebellion destroyed from my life in Jesus’ name.

  32. Please pray for me to be open to listening for God speaking to me. Pray that my anger be dissipated.

    Sending prayers up for your marriage Andrea!

    • Patti you have been prayed for! I pray that you find the resolution to your anger and that it will dissipate and you will feel peace!
      Much love!

  33. I would greatly appreciate y’all storming Heaven with prayers for me. I have been dealing with some terrible anxiety and lack of motivation lately. My anxiety is horrendous. I lost a friend recently to suicide and ever since then I’ve been battling this horrible anxiety. Please pray that my anxiety will be healed and I will find my motivation again.

    • Amy,

      You aren’t alone and I lift you up right now to our Lord who hears our prayers!

      Anxiety is evil and rampant. May I encourage you to be open to medicinal treatment. I and many of my loved ones have found great healing with just a little. I was hesitant for a long time, thinking I could pull myself out of what I was feeling. That is part of the deception! Prayerfully consider seeking advice from a physician. It is not a cure-all, not should it be, but can bring back a balance so you can daily deal with your life.

      God’s blessings and direction,

  34. One of the most influential things my grandmother taught me was how to be still and listen for his voice. Whenever she was upset about something, she would realize how loud her thoughts had become and would then remind herself to sit, be still and listen for His voice.

    She told me it would sometimes take a while. But eventually she would find peace and an answer. Even if it was to ‘Wait’.

    I could use some prayer for His wisdom to guide me in finding a job.

  35. What an amazing post, such wisdom for the young and for those of us older who struggle hearing God’s voice through our busyness and striving in life. I read Lourene above and others might have been overlooked for prayer. Father God, hear our specific needs. You hear and know our heart’s cry. We need your wisdom, direction, clarity in hearing your will. Help us claim your peace and trust your presence in our lives. Guard us, Father God, against anxiety, fear and worry and help us put on your Armor daily to fight the enemy from gaining access and control over our thought life. Touch our hearts with your healing, Father, and grant our requests, we fervently pray, in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

    My request for prayer is that God will give clear direction on the career path He desires for our 27 year old adult son and that He keeps whispering to John until he hears and acts in the Lord’s strength and faith and not stay stuck in fear and insecurity and fear of failing. And that my husband and I will trust God’s best for John and not try to control or advise. God Bless each person and may we all Be still and know that He is God.

    • Thank you for such an amazing prayer. I will prayer for John. My prayer request is for my family and myself. We are all in a place of transition. One child is expeiencing the pain of divorce, one is in a very dark place….he feels death is an answer, and one is helping his wife battle anxiety and depression while raising a baby….my life carries its own struggles, but i know God is in control….I know this is a growing season, and i will come out stronger, wiser, and where God wants me….I pray this for my children. They have a strong foundation, they know God…I just pray they keep sight of Him….they realize He loves them more than I ever could. They stand under His wing and weather the storms, and grow.

  36. Bonnie, this is a beautiful way to handle that question from your son. Thank you for sharing it because it spoke to my heart, too!

    I could use prayers for understanding my next steps as I enter a new season of life. There are some challenges making it difficult and changing the plans I had. (But HIS plans are better!)

  37. What a wonderful story to share with mothers. I love to see young people interested in Jesus. His journey is just beginning, and he has the Holy Spirit to guide Him and you to bless him.

  38. Thanks for posting this. It spoke to me. I’ve been having a difficult time hearing God’s voice. I’m in the process of moving to Virginia far away from my parents (I’m the youngest and only daughter) and I’m really scared. I’ve moved away before but it’s never worked out before. I’ve already signed the lease on an apartment in VA but I still feel vulnerable and scared. Could you please pray that I’ll experience God’s comfort, peace, and reassurance during this move? I feel anxiety about finances too and I just don’t feel “ready” at all for this step. I’m 35 years old and yet I feel like I’m five years old just wanting to be taken care of. Two of my brothers and their families live in VA but this is still a huge step for me. Please pray also that God will let me spend time with a dear friend before I leave. If that means following her to Disneyland to get some quality time in with her before I go so be it. Thank you! Lord please help Leslie to have clarity as to her next steps in life and the courage and peace she needs to follow You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  39. Bonnie,

    How great to see & read your words here. I love your writing. Your words were spot on for your son. Loved how God brought the prophet Samuel to mind. It can be hard to hear God at times. We get so busy with life & church that we don’t take time for soul care. No one seems to be able to slow down or unplug long enough to hear His still small voice. Praise God He continues to call until we finally hear Him & answer. Loved your book Whispers of Rest & continue to recommend it to others.

    My simple prayer requests are for a co-worker still grieving the loss of her only daughter to cancer last year & having health issues. Also for my FIL. He had Stage III bladder cancer surgery back in April & survived. He seems weak, & has little appetite. Turned 90 this year. MIL has her own health issues (83). I pray I can help my hubby with them both.

    Blessings 🙂

  40. Thank you for this Priceless Message from God Through This His Site, I truly appreciate every person here.

    My Prayer request is for God to bring to me His Promises Of Real, True, Solid friends and the husband God Has Chosen for me, His Daughter In Christ Jesus. I am very much alone On Earth and have not a friend or relative or anyone to talk with and share the Many Testimonies of God’s Grace, Faithfulness and Love….. I Pray daily .. many times per day for a Child Of God’s On Earth to come/be brought into my Life to share all the Love I have been Given from God with and for somebody who Is Willing to Share and Give The Love of God Our Father to me. This World has been a lonley place to and for me In the natural world not With God In Jesus I am never alone. I have so much love yo give and want to receive In The Natural World that I am bubbling over, filled up and yet no person on Earth to Give and share with what God Has Blessed me with. Thank you for your Prayers for me In this area.
    I will certainly Pray for Beth Williams In The Mighty and Powerful Name of Our Lord Our Saviour and Our Prince Jesus Christ Amen

  41. Thank you Bonnie for the beautiful article. My prayer request is to find a church home. On Sundays I make plans to visit around and something comes up. I am helping with my 47 yr old brother who had a stoke. He is unable to care for himself. But I find that I need encouragement, positive people and God centered people in my life.
    Father, I pray for Crystal Jackman, that her prayers be answered according to your will. Cover her with peace, joy and happiness, wrap a hedge of angels around her and keep her safe.
    In Jesus Christ Name. Amen

  42. I finally, finally came into the bathroom looking for enough quiet to read this quick devotion – only to be irritated by the bathroom fan. Is there no quiet anywhere to be found??!? Nowhere quiet enough to just be with Him for a moment and search out a gem in a devotional moment?!?! I could feel my irritation and resentment growing before I ever sat down in the tiny space. . . . And then this. This! Just this. This was what I have needed to be reminded of. Somewhere along the way, I gave away my power to step away from the chaos, to hear His voice. In the midst of the fast and too busy people I live with, I am fast pulled along and yet so lonely inside I just want to cry. I can’t seem to hear Him, and it bothers me. And then, THIS, so perfectly timely.
    Thank you!
    Father, I lift Susan to you – you see her longing and need for fellowship. Provide for her, Lord. Wrap her with strength, and open her eyes to see Your hand everywhere she looks. Bless her for her graciousness towards her brother, let her not grow weary in well doing. May she continue to praise You. In the name above All names, Jesus

  43. After a week of Prayer and Fasting, to read this meditation confirms God’s ways of ‘speaking/answering us.
    It has been in my mailbox for sometime but today, only today I read it at the opportune time. I pray that God will continue to use you in a special way to spread His word and to bring others into a closer relationship with Him.
    I pray also for you Crystal that you (and me) be able to discern the distractions that attempt to confound us as we seek to have a deeper relationship with our God and Saviour. Help us to reclaim you as Lord of our lives rebuking the chaos and the noise of the world so that we are able to hear that ‘still small voice’ when You speak. Bring us to a place of peace, rejoicing and joy.