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  1. And since just a moment ago, I read “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on you own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path,” I guess I am getting a very clear message from God this morning!
    Thanks for part 2 of God’s double whammy this morning. He is trustworthy, and He knows this path well.

    • This morning I was driving between committments at 2 different churches with this very questions on my lips. Choosing the “right” path is one thing, but stepping out to it is another. The soloist at the second church sung “You’ll never walk alone.” This devotion gave me answer two. Your scripture Michelle gave me answer three.

      I think that means God’s telling me to make a choice – He’s got me!


  2. Thank you Annie Downs!! I was woken up at 4:30 this morning by my grandson. Then my granddaughters both woke up after that! I read this and prayed. Lord let me be on the right path with them and guide them to follow the path. I too need to follow the path even through my rough patches!!
    God bless you. I don’t know where the path leads but I will trust in God.

    • I love that picture of following God’s path even through rough patches! And how true that is. When I look back at my previous rough patches, I see how faithful God was to walk me through those parts of the path.

    • Thank you for your words. I am so lost right now, very suddenly. I have no idea what to do. I feel like ive been dropped off in the wilderness and told to find my way out with very little supplies.

  3. Annie, God never disappoints – I am waiting and praying on where my internship will be for my Masters. After applying all over the place and receiving a lot of responses such as ‘we’re not looking for an intern right now or we don’t need an intern at this present moment’ all wishing me the best of luck with my studies – I was feeling a little stressed and dejected BUT although I do not know where my path is leading I know God is there with me and He knows. I have been led by God on this whole journey thus far calling me to change career direction and move into Peace and Conflict Studies, He has allowed me the capacity to do the Masters in the first place, blessing me with a scholarship this year so I could go full time (as I have 3 children) and yet how silly of me trying to control the outcome, feeling unworthy when each application didn’t come to fruition….your message is so timely for me and I pray that I will continue to trust God, growing closer to him in the process and that He will reveal His plans for me according to His own timing and will! Thank you for the post and verse Xx

  4. Annie,
    Your post makes me think of this scripture: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105). Not only do we need to trust the path, I think of the times I’ve walked along a path in the dark with a flashlight or lantern; I’ve had to trust the light to light each step I take. The path is to big for me to think about, I need to trust God to light each step and concentrate on taking the journey one step at a time. Walking step by step with God builds an utter reliance and dependence upon Him. It strengthens our trust muscles. Great post!
    Bev xx

  5. Annie,

    This world calls for seeing is believing. Trust is a little known & used word in society. Most people would say they don’t trust anyone or anything. I have found that in my trials trusting that God knew best was all I could do. Jeremiah 29:11 goes well with this: “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you & not to harm you. To give you a hope & a future.” If He knows the plans for us then we should trust Him with our whole hearts & not lean on our or the world’s understanding. Let’s pray hard & ask for His guidance to chart our next steps in life.

    Blessings 🙂

    • At church today our Communion meditation focused on whom to trust. Do we put our trust in people or God? Interesting. I believe God is trying to tell us all something!

      Blessings 🙂

  6. Thank you, Annie! I needed this today. I am in a similar situation and I needed confirmation to trust the path that God has me on. I don’t know where it will lead, but I know for sure that our Heavenly Father does! He is the one who orchestrated the path and I just have to listen and follow. The Lord knows what we have need of and he always comes through for us.

  7. What a strengthening post Annie, thank-you for sharing.
    ‘Guide thy way……’Trusting God, He’ll direct us to the right path, but it’s our choice to take it.
    Have a blessed day all,

    • Thank you Annie for this very timely and thought provoking post. I am on a path that seems so without light or direction. Thank you Krista Lynn for the gentle reminder that God is there directing each step even in the silence. I will trust the path.

  8. I have been reminding myself of following God’s path for my life. Sometimes I am bothered by other women who have a different looking more exciting path than me i.e. marrying a wonderful man, making lots of money etc…

  9. Annie, thank you for this! And being from Nashville, I’m dying to know which lake. Radnor? I’ve walked that lake many times and it is so peaceful and calming. God has made us some wonderful things!

  10. “God knows.” — Amen. Two of the most comforting words ever. God knows. — So thankful our paths were trampled with His feet first—that He goes before us and is our way. Also grateful He knows our hearts & knows we just want His best, even when we’re unsure of what that looks like sometimes. ♥

  11. “Trust that the path you’re on is going somewhere and wherever that is, God knows.” LOVE this!! It’s the same truth as the familiar verses in Proverbs 3:5-6, and yet worded a bit differently, the statement speaks fresh encouragement–big time. Thank you, Annie!

  12. For me, the easiest way to know the path God has for my life is to know His Word. By understanding what the Bible teaches, it makes it much easier to understand the path God has for my life. “The Biblical Path of Life” (www.biblicalpath.com) is a study that starts at the beginning, revealing God’s plan – to send Jesus. By understanding what God’s plan is and what He expects from me, I can save myself much heartache by following His plan for my life. I just have to dig into God’s Word to find that out! I love that verse, “Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.” (Psalm 25:4)